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Following God in Transition

2020-09-13 | 🔗
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Coming out the potter stage, is not, of course, that is not. Our support is not agree that the charge of all that the reason this rule, that is a charge, is when we covered. Are you try? the fall of God and change your perspective of up who here you. Even if you are. You must understand that. God, but to proceed on the outside has to come
and well on the inside and become more intimate and more personal in your life. This is the right of the Holy Spirit as he sets up residence in the earth, rail to rule control and any time you go to the mobile service. There's gonna be a perceptible, so the wind comes first Big Cloven time come next day and you see the Holy Spirit. Homemade set now take his authority and his role and he begins to reign and he begins to take over this era. The kingdom has slipped into the spirit it has moved from the physical manifestation to the spiritual manifestation of Jesus Christ. You may say the kingdom has slipped into the spirit they were looking for early king, but the kingdom has slipped into. The sphere is not made or drink, we will letter he later here, but joy and peace in the Holy goes. A lot of people are stuck in the flesh, but got this thing over into the Spirit he said. I was with you, but I shall be you cover talk to me about it, so we are seeing the kingdom come in a spiritual way. We are seeing the disciples then having to move from
stemming the temple to be a place of worship, to understanding that their body was the temple of the Holy Spirit. The God has moved inside of you that he rains inside of you this. This is a new idea. Are you following me right? So what we are seeing is a transition and imprisoned. There stumbling their stumbling there's. This there's confused there is uncertainty, and you will see the disciples trying to figure out certain things like who is gonna be a successor. Now that says, committed suicide, whose Gobrias etc the work as well as care slots, and so they too,
one speaker made a shorter than the other of the book of acts. I begin to cancel out the lot. Fellow Matthias Matthias was abducted in as who they had chosen to be the next possible. They were choosing Matthias God was put it. I saw, but their stumbling trying to figure out their way. They figure there don't care slots and a lot of US sales in places where we're casting lots and gambling or destiny
damn little purpose play a little man made game strand to step into the purpose of God, but you never have to go back chance with debts today is already poor for pre death is not up to a lot, is not up to a game is not up to a ritual. Got already knows that he was gonna, take saw, saw, was go, have a town or on the road to bits mask, as that would turn him into Paul. That would be so transformative and he could not tell them that he was going to use all, because at that time saw was a christian killer. Some people would lead to evolve into who you're gonna be because they are so stuck Opel, you out of here this hospital, who used to be that they cannot up big their understanding of, and so we are, following God in transit. Most of the pencil, our written in transition,
started them closely. The epistles argumentative everybody has an opinion of how much do the brain of our history into our destiny, so there debates about surplussage. Should we circumcised not circumcised? Should we eat meets these types of meat are not even because their presence is informed rather this Proprietor problem of transition, because every time we are going through a transition, the we bring. You have to draw from its past references, We all know is all I know
all they knew was or the dots traditional Judaism and they were walking with Jesus, but they didn't understand how much do we brain and how much they will do really by Paul begins to make a strong argument for the grace of God, whereas James is talking about works and there's a debate, because the trend of fate that trend there, like you and me, We try to get it right. We don't really know what we're doorway and provision and we go on to know, but we stumble into destiny. You will notice in the early part of the book of acts. I won't even take the Panama heavy turned to it. They started out by command if everybody to sell everything As it we're gonna have all things in common: ok, bring it all down to a level playing.
Real, where we were gonna have all things in common and we're gonna distribute out to each man according to his knee- and this is the interesting thing about the obviously that was not God's plan, but even though it with something that they came up with. God honoured You know God will honour days, even though there are not his ultimate doesn't have you got it because I'm a mass and so far I came here to them about not bring it all the money. It was serious enough. They got heal them lying to Peter. Even though Peters Plan was blow,
I want to talk to the people that God defended you when you were wrong. We need to agree witnessing you didn't, have the full regulation, but God spirited lit the witch. Had he stated that data be head, you don't really know what she was told that about a girl protected you with your foolishness. Already I gotta stop emitted a phrase about God. Stood up for the steel would not allow the BBC respected what a month ago he was following him. We have caught up with whom we will follow and where women were footprints, we're tracing his steps and we're trying to understand this way. I get in his path, but we have not caught up with him. Nor have we overall began with stumbling. Yes, here's your past or establish stubbornly debases Dublin Good Superbissima, but its Dublin. The pope is doubly looking glass Bagua, don't know about it. No, what they talk about as much as they like to make. You think that they do because it is so you can't get over it, so you can get under his way the higher than our way. Nobody in the church, whirl there's probably fell under both civil heaven. Whatever you write about a cell it down here, because you're not gonna be teacher the ology when the master himself comes along, these teaches about how to sit sit up because all of us and our best just for the following year.
What to do now, as we call it we're coming into this spiritual with this it's a big. The spirits of the fleets to quite as birth, the church the church is paying you gonna have a mega is its spirit of pay some people later at Annie. I will call them Christians sums called it the way a bit. I can show you the credits, which is what I call them believers, because that would we go through many phases of understanding who we are
but in the whole thing that term wholly thing, I've been create that that's what they call Jesus with Mary was habit Jesus. They called it. The whole thing anytime burst somethin into its whole. Before we get a maid for before we kid inducted too, are not killer it and make it fitted to aren't the ology, we're God. First birthday, you don't even have a name for it. Is this the whole day and the church at its core is a wholly thing. It has been said today. A lot has been said today about you, know the churches and whose open and whose closed this dead mother. How we do this or that about and the problem begins when you start thinking that the churches are building
the first problem we have to get down there, because the kingdom is not me or break but joy and peace in the whole ago. It was member about a building in the first place, with Jesus upon this rug out will be my church. He went about your church, real the your reeled and committed you're Cathedral York Triple other living God. Far back, that's gotta go at all. They incorporate Tom about any of this man made stop that search that he's talking about building is wholly. Oh, my god is a wholly thing. It has no address. It has no location, gps tracking, the churches hold it get in the car with you. You ve been a shower prayer. Wherever unit of Holy Church is right, there is not a bill day. He's got a stage is not applied, poor is not. Of course, there is not a support is not agreed in committee. The charges are wholly. They re that this building is a charge is when we come in every star servant. Liquor here, put pull that it could be that this is just the building.
So don't get into a fight with somebody about whether we need a building, because, if you, if you start fighting about well patients and addresses you'd rather made back into the old testament, which is a shared of things to curb the truth of the matter is barely church did not have a building. From house to house Brad Fellowship when they women the Temple. They were going to the Temple to post Why
the olive J of the Jews to a brave Christianity they weren't going there to water. They were going there to make it the prince, but the girls were as well. Would you see later in the book about with Peter John came up at the hour? Prayer is not so much of their coming towards their coming to lay out a case to see if they can get Bert. Do they were successful, converting some of them for a while, but the book of peoples will show you that many of them with back. They went back,
It is possible for those who were once it like and tasted other heavenly give if they should fall away to renew them again to repentance thing as a crucifix, the son, a man afresh the whole Crusoe Father, sent a man. A press is a coup that this refers to the people who crucified in the first by rejecting where they backslide they go back into the past to see of rejecting and proof of the third, a man a fresh occur the above all, so that the book aromas will show it to you that that the whole of the gentle makes it is a result of the rejection of the Jews. He comes first,
The Jew, then, to the Greek: that's what the scripture says, as well as the jewels began, but reject the more and more. We see the transition overtook agenda Oh my goodness. I was so delighted to be able to share this just a little bit of time with you to encourage to join me and my husband and I posed to other people, giving your seed or planting your see into good ground. Yes, potter's tat has been on for you. In years and use its good ground, and because of your contribution we ve been able to follow, got in transition so
take your time writers to note in the contribution it doesn't matter how great or how small beer, what God has instructed due to give cheerfully and not grudgingly and you'll, learn how to follow God in transition what Jesus he's is trying to teach the disciple is that you must have them on the inside. This is: I want to send you another confident, aloes Heraclitus. One who stands alongside to help that, at any rate, Understanding of the Holy Spirit. He is your helpmate. He stands alongside you too. In power you could make you effective.
You can say you gotta, give me gotta problem. Lucas thing you can say that's my eyes, but if you Gonna be effective. You gotta go past our two anointed, because the world got talent that sets us apart is mounting other I swear I would go so far. Will you think I'm going to say this and then I'm going to take a few questions when you think about transition. I went back to the old test. About thought about how difficult it was for the old testament. Israel to come out of Egypt and make the transition and an entire generation bad in the wilderness in them transition because employers or where they came from. They came out of Egypt, but each didn't come out of them
Are you know what I'm saying and it took an entire generation to scrub Egypt out of them enough to get them ready to go into the promised land, sometimes delete your promise and This is because they still scrub out your perspective yeah? I got some debated, I see you you out and you got the promise, but your perspective is tat. By your experience. Do. You know what I'm saying you now prove it to you: win Win Moses when all as long as it was with them, they were good, but when more than one of the mouth and had to go away before today's, what became by now, they have built an image of God and the image of God look just like the egyptian God, because they bid with Egyptian so low that it affected how they oh god,
you came out. I hang around the world all the I got a good glimpse of who guarding is as we. We begin the scrubbin process. This is grandma stuff, squirreled method? Nothing now, but, but but I can see, my grandmother's shaken scrubbers, Grubbin outer space, Life was scrub out. Staying some of you right now. You think that they enemies attack is not the end of a goddess grub out a stay saying that your perspective, so that you can see them more clearly and he's got transition, because you have come out of who you were, but you ready to go into Google you're gonna be so you have to get into a wilderness at a time of transition. We see it clearly an old testament,
It is less clear, but equally true in the new testament that the epistles are written in the wilderness of becoming yet they come out of the relationship but they had with cries worthy walked amongst them, which is we was old, Testament Matthew, Mark Lou is all old testament to begin. I was an old testament, it has to be tested, because Ebro says that the testament is not in force until the testator dies? So as not divided, poor King James, divided it. What divides old testament from new is the cross, so so so Jesus under the law and rose up and under grace, that's
The transition occurs right there, but there still trying to understand what does that mean? What do we take with us? What do we do, and so there, in a wilderness where their having to disprove doubt they almost got into a fight at Annie up over? What do we take? What do we leave because, God scrubbing- I see this this uncomfortable, stage of disagreement and controversy. Now what we call haters people say, and this amendment does not Lou yeah, that's my new, that's always been is tragic, but it's true will most of most likely to be wounded barrel brethren yeah yeah, sometimes safer with the centre,
video with two things. If, as everybody knows about criticized attack, you loved it because we have different levels, we're all in one house, but we have different laws. Also of understanding. We tend to criticise, we don't understand and we tend to criticise what we can't duplicate. We tend to criticise. After what we admire, here. Criticism is often a sign of admiration, because, if it, they want to be new, embedded sinew where they see new, they wouldn't attacked you like. They attack you. So when you have haters you oughta, thank God, because you, you are significant about to be attacked because if you weren't effective, they wouldn't fight about a year ago. Nobody fight somebody who lose it.
No, nobody find fight somebody who's, failing nobody wants to stick up a bag. Lady. She walked down. The roof is part of Chicago person, her card and nobody bothers her because nobody thinks she has anything about it. I want a mug. Do they have the respect that you got something about talking to me? So you gotta begin to understand that these light afflicts is which are but for a moment, workforce are far more a ceiling way to go before we look. Look at the things that are saying for the things the same temporal and the things that say I returned, are you in transition to buy transition in your life, I'm not just about. Virus I'm talking about it in the entire jovial, with this just made it worse, but are you transition are you trying to follow God and change your perspective of of who he
is, and will you are in him? If you are, you must understand that the God, but to perceive on the outside, has to come and dwell on the inside and become more intimate and more personally your life is. This is helping somebody give em appraise right and I'm gonna take a few minutes and I'm gonna begin to answer some of the questions put to put some of the questions then come, and I will see where we go with bankruptcies. Is the corona virus part of God's plan to wake us up I am careful about definitively saying what God is doing by any partition. Thing, because I have lived long enough to see misrepresent God and crisis like this,
I remembered nine eleven and they said the girl was traveling purge. New York and people have always quick to speak or what he's doin what The truth of the matter is, I don't know whether it is part of God's plan to wake us up. But I do know that the corona virus is waking up here. Yeah yeah, I don't know whether he scented or whether he allowed the enemy. Send it whatever reason, but I know that one of the benefits of the burden of the corona virus, Is that it is waking us up. How's awaiting us up is waking us up in a lot away. Is waking us up that the silly bickering we have been doing for the last decade. Now seems foolish in the face of a real attack. It is working us up to I appreciate the work of faith
the way that we didn't appreciate it before now. You're a final warning to come the church, but before when you could you stand at home in the bay as some of the very people who complain about not have observed, one where we could offer my four minutes about it? It is Wigan because somebody we don't appreciate something until it is pull back from us. I would it is pull back from us. We have a deeper appreciation. Aid is waking us up to the perspective that we must bring our church experience into our house. Waking us up to the experience that we must read our Bible, what happens if they showed us completely, there. What happens if we get into a war and we are unable to do it and to all of you who think that the church cannot survive say we need to take
do the job.
The church was beaten. Underground baseness for years, cannot take you to the upper room where the disciple we're locked behind closed doors for fear of the Jews. The churches often had to go underground, even when they had to go underground. It has never been destroyed. Two thousand years, maybe tat. We have gone to periods of areas where the church had to go on the ground to survive. Hitler was trying to kill the church. There is always the church, but the charge is always about every attack, whether it was a virus or man. Jesus it upon this rug will build my church at the gates of ales about prevail against. What is happening now is that this new kind of sites we got now who are more church members if they are saying our having to become saints in a way they did to before because of passive fire is taken out of your mouth being able to the pin or somebody else to pray for you now you ve got to get down bizarre. Your bed, like your grandmother, pray yourself through a bribe me out of your. How now you gotta go really go fresh ideas of consecrated all military House Corona virus. You should not come at my dwelling place among the Poles load ever wall that everyone wants to your house and plead sanctify. Europe's way, since you say the way you bodies will use it to overcome this com against Roma is waken us. This is you
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If you ever found a purpose, bigger than you? God help
turn around try that here, if you ever find a purpose this bigger than you, God will help you. God is not your manager. These not promotes you need not here to make. You feel important, God help. You find your progress that is bigger than you and if you can find something, that's big enough to pray about. Half of those that were pregnant about is not big enough to play about stopping at ease the request to level stop such Charlotte, something that's bigger than.
Feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how God is impacting your life? We look forward to seeing you next time on Pakistan.
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