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From Graves To Grace

2020-03-08 | 🔗
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Coming up on the pattern tat worked into the great asked. He got up Ask the question is: are we Valley, restaurant. Today we want understand that what he did on the cross and in the grave and Wendy rose has first of all big acted out in the water. When he was about tat, John baptized tomb, the water to give us a preview of what he would do on the cross. John
If we want to do it, but Jesus had suffered the bees so to fulfil Why is this? The Bible says they jump baptized Jesus women took the water we hear no word, but when he came up out of the way. Out of the water. The water is like coming up out of a grave worthy cable. Out of the grave a boy spoke from heavens it. This is my beloved son, in whom I will please the Holy Spirit, descended on him like a bell, and here for the first time since Genesis, we see the boldness of the God, hid dwelling in him bodily even ass. He rose up from the bed with all power in his own. All authority is in his hand the rolls pull this up his power. He rose both father son at home in the road.
From the dead. I've heard it they call it. No land takes my life, I'll. Take that back up again, the pall says he was raised. The same spirit. Quitted sees us body, so Paul says it was wholly go see the says it was It was then later he says he was raised by the glory of the holy ghost body. This of marble love will please Holy Spirit to sit and lack of the fullness of the God. Here. Everything inhibit spared no expense in his resurrection. They really did it all of you that got it boy? That's me,
payments of the God head. That's it! Let us make man, it's the same. Said the girl here that was committed to Jesus from the dead pause, For all that I know. The Hebrides talking about is a full list of God in the past. Of his resurrection. Tell you that that same folders, is ready to pay all spreads to get to
What about heads up so when Jesus went to the cross he went for me. He went ass me, so he went into the grave as me and he got up. As he likes the privilege of anything to what has been wicked.
What have they lay the who were bad impress, passes and citizens, in other words Jesus, got up as a shadow of you really. If he didn't get up, I couldn't give up with tat. That will be here with you. That's why local power, because what I said do as the bill:
You have all Jesus pay, my debt to death and rose up and pulses. You happy Quicken who were dead in the press passes, and since this is he quickened you all of this was so that you might know in the power of his resurrection. All this was done so that you might at dinner with him. He got up out of the grave pulses I got up with the question is: are we
Or are we still stuck where he was we steal where he used to be Are we still allowing ourselves to be trapped in a grave? Are we trapped in a grave that we have grace over. Are we living in a tool that we should be victims from where we are stuck in a grey? The God is calling us out all stuck it up.
Seven mentality stuff pigs because familiar and you have a quick it who would be in the town, trespasses of sea and because in times pass the book says she walked according to the guy, this world tabs pass of whom we all have our conversations. And who we all about it? They'll be looking at the party. I'm not the one who care about the grave, I hope we all had a decisive in times past. Really the lust, even others. According to that lights and the cause of this work, we were all stuck in the gray, fulfilling
the lust of the flesh boy, warping I'll, call look at that, among whom we also compensate in times past in the lust about less one to fulfilling the The first three about the man. I about nature for the children of rare, even as other It was natural, it was natural to be messed it was by nature, the children are rare, You will have to take little children taken, took I ask all lion How do you know you have to teach a real live there? cook who got the cook? Now the problem there
but we are we last day. Well, there was no holy blue ass. Look at me, like you have always been alike, about above all, I wanted to know about leeway. We owe our conversations in Times press The loss of our place, fulfilling the lands of the place about what
the two of them are rare as others. Given birth for Then tell me me me me me me me out. We say that of this waste, What do those rise level from the dead? the rise of the position of the ban. Call them out of the way?
us, a change of position. How does What's this, Let him go, I'm still Saint, Michael Jackson. That position have already been made madras position chains and his condition. Jesus raised us up in change our position, and we are here
Even this word to change our condition sees us raise them the disciples move. Lot, Ruth if God hasn't rigs I've got something. I've got that again. Wherever you run out, that's where he runs in as long as you act like you don't run out, you don't give him no place to run in, but if you open up and say I'm out of it, I don't know what to do. I can't fix it. I can't bring it together. I can't handle it
percent of release? Prisoners were arrested for new prime within five years to our Texas Offenders, reinforced initiative. You can help ex offenders move beyond their. Ass to a greater level of purpose, more than ten thousand ex officials have completed the toy at successful transition, and ass. The sun. You can be the missing piece to help. Reuniting families visit GPS partner, not to become a part of our global partners system. What's this, but God who is rich in mercy he's written person for this quite low wherewith, he loved us, come on when we were in sales.
We can thus made us alive together where Not flies by grace, you say, wait a minute. That means if we can together, crimes. If I'm serving resurrected Jesus, then we should be resurrected church if he is risen, the risen church. If IE is risen, you should be resumed. The book said he have clicking us together.
Whip twice with price. When he got up, we gotta so Charge is not on the cross. And the church is not in the grave. Because we have been quicken together with price, I tell you when quite rose from the bed. He didn't rise up to continue. It is all right. We're death was a threat. He rose up in the next dimension to that or so he raised the next dimension, we were quicken together with cries.
Why am I living in the grave dimension when I ought to be living in the resurrected dimension, technical God who is rich immersed? Take me back today, but God was rich mercy for its great love. What would they love this couple even when we were, there then says have quick enough together with quite migration, I'll, say, Google and have raised, let us set. Said A lot of heaven Yeah, what I've never.
Heavenly places, thinking heavenly places Walter had them. What I've done that this fact entail costs star wars, the dishes, but what I stopped the same lack of bacteria. They bore in heavenly places in this. My address my addresses in price Jesus. What I'm trying to get you to see.
Is it we need to be a risen church if we are ever to have a reason, Lord, we need to have arisen church. The problem with most of us is that we are still stuck in the brave stage. Not the gray stage, it was. Finally, when the Lord gave me, this message is only one letter difference, between grace and grain. You can change one thing. You didn't you just a minor adjustments and the boy you would think.
The grave you been worried The great you've been upsetting. True one lover, No, you won't stop you grace step into risen. Grace is the risen church heavier. Some that normally you what flipped out about. But for some reason. See
male than to your old address. What pseudo live here, the living amongst the bad? What used to drive you crazy you play because God has given it sets a wise. You gonna sit down either by getting warm region to every now and then the enemy was sent a letter. Who's, your old address is looking for you to be in the way,
the two already came out, but God has given to such a voice that so kindly that explains, why not upset you heard what he said, but it did the factors like I used to go on living habits The point about close, if you're going from grave to grace, you had to possess the grace. It's not gonna happen just because you go around racing places. I watch people sit in church, I know a lot about about how you received the word. These surprise. What no just by war.
You received the word. Some of you are embracing places. But you don't really see come. You don't really open up your Spirit, Europe, open up your heart, the spread. All like worry, but should, Our job to get your mouth with, everything you leaders in the world right now, but show plan your pride uterus has lost as such What's your point Won't let you seek out the same this around? That was something that could save the rest of your life.
But you are used to being in the press and of whom you used to be that's all So what we worship you the other way, what we think is not for you. Everybody who obtains a service? doesn't seek in the sir, I'm real good about being dignified. I can be dignified. Is anybody you know when it comes time I can put it on with the best of them. Trust me, but what is timeless,
stress method were mad. I'm not that I'm DR and let you know the reality that import, because what I say that to me what would pay the poles. But I want to start so. I want to start a revolution at the start of the such new trajectory. We get you in the next dimension. I'm trying get you from grave To rights
Firstly, the holy ghost got my Spirit, the Fidgit last year. I am reminded me some. I drove back and forth from Charleston tonight, comrade for ten years. Past to fifty people didn't say, like no problem cause, I had the grace. Would you got the place when you got the rise dear? What the grid Thirdly, the bother you because of that, all I want to highlight four shirt. I want you to understand race can cause you to go to
that would burn up other people and it will burn up you cause. You got the place to go to it. Try Google books, then he said his blood as appropriation of our since I always wondered what perpetuity submit. I looked it up and it gave me some revelation, but he didn't give me the fullness of the revelation. I didn't fully get it and still I started studying aerodynamics that when they take space settles into the Heavens, they have pity eight as they change atmospheres when they get ready to go from one atmosphere to them. The friction of entering into dimension, what COS asked him up to burn up capsule,
but they have appropriated for pity EVA, is designed so that the friction I do not propose creator upsides Fritz so that they ass remains a lot of you. Do some staff there sit. I tell you what we'll wait I'll go with you set up all the regions. All these years. Forty one years I've been preaching the Gus EL
I bid to how what I've been to good times too bad times. I bid to situations that I can't even explain how ass a glad it or how I came out. All I can tell you is that I had the grace if you got the way, what burned or other people, We are totally normal, It is not just about Jesus ability to do it; it is also build on their ability to carry out instructs.
Died is in the details. He has a perfect plan to turn your situation around, so you can walk in victory towards a profit for your gift. You received the powerful teaching thought in the details of the vision to ten leather. Like bookmark for your gift of ninety dollars or more, you will receive a decorative walk, brass and braves to grace About them about his table than about for your gift of one hundred and fifty dollars or more, you will also receive the three part ultimate Bible study said this: is your chance collar go online? Now, God has a plan your destiny Tell him you right now. You're best is in front of thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your. Can
thank you for your bomber ability. Thank you for your strength. Thank you so much and I will make an investment into was. It is therefore appreciate and whose definite making a difference is really open your eyes to what the law one you in your life. Others, because you're obedience. Look I've told you to do your calling people like me to be obedient to what that guy had called me to do so. Thank you. So much. What I believe is the price you pay for taking up the space on this earth moving the lives of others and the situation for the generation, the top? If we don't do that, who's gonna, do that, if you are not used for changes are occurring, you aren't you, the yard were consequence,
reach out to us on social media and share your story of how God is impacting your life. You see you next time on the Pakistan.
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