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From Guilt to Gratitude

2020-11-22 | 🔗
To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/973/29 Guilt that leads to a change of behavior is a powerful thing. Humility is a tool that can restore and revive relationships.
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Coming up on them. cotter stage, but God bless. You see this target its oppressive you'll cities is oppressing. Usually they feel better about a new city. That's a blessing you'll see these acts and let it you'll see that Jesus. I ask people questions like we'll Blount we laid hold, because Cases is not my will be like this summer. Will I didn't choose.
I didn't say I want to be an angry blackmail, One aim we write me. A white can be angry to internet. Anger is equal opportunities, response. And for that matter I have met some seriously. Angry women in my life. When you say someone judge, you don't look at no by you. Look right now. Are you hurry? Why are you angry? Why sure countenance fallen. God said to came: if thou do us not will willow
receive you are Angry about You could fix that leads to a change in behaviour. Awful day guilt, cramps about the truth? Make should call me on the phone and say: look, I'm sorry. A powerful too. It's a wonderful day for you to be guilty of too humble yourself took to pull your plaid down, pull your images down and pull all allows. You told to yourself now and say: look I miss you and I'm tired of us fight like this and whatever did man enough to look here. I say I was wrong and I'm sorry you're a big deal. You can,
you know what we don't have revivals anymore we have three days services, but we don't have revivals. We don't have reminded us, we don't have repentance, you cannot have a revival,
you cannot have repentance as long as everybody comes to church, stubborn and say this is my story, I'm sticking to it. I don't care who you are bringing the priest, you may have service, you may have charge, you may have found a you may have bad say, but you won't have revival until my people call about my name so seldom Wi Fi from their wicked wing that well, I hear from ever forget, said God set out here. It is,
Not since they kept us away from God, it is unwillingness to let them go Philip phrase about how I feel about to set. In this way, I feel a deliberate about a hit this place. It's gonna be like a normal women's rights. Should this place things that the devil has held on you for years, I've got a boy. What shames falling off for your full filled, a liberator admits place. They emancipator has come to church. He that had already been here. What the spanish saying temperature was. I had lost sight of God that would open mouth glances
I will forgive your saying: it's not the problem, I forgive you say. Oh hell, you. The problem is not what you. They is surely inability to humble yourself if, if you, if you would just humble yourself Stop making excuses for bad behaviour. Stop justifying stuff just Because you want, in future. Stop Doin things because you love them I them becomes right, because it is
the same, I can fix it. I got them I got the coup. I said the blood I got the king to. Let me go Such a free, We can just as if it didn't, have clean it up when it in your lives, I you clean up, I got the brim pad in the and water and we'll get the stain off offer. You. is he what humble yourself, but because you ve been here all physician because you been your own attorney, you didn't lease base for me,
job, you should throw yourself on the mercy of the court and sit on completely guilty. I have no right to be here: I'm a centre and a rich and done every person I ever got as the grace of God ever to have all, but was a great about every mounted the avenue what the grace of God I deserve to be burned. It fell for the visa, but thank God for every person. You see this jacket, its implicit you'll see these past is implicit. You see they shoes ass, a less but better. Yet city fate, that's a pleasant! You'll see these acts, implicit you're sitting at sea
What I'm teach me Sisters. On its agenda can and delivering attacks, I tell them never give the answer before you describe. The question Because the answer only has power in the face, the quest. If you don't describe the question answer has relevance. So if you Jump into this text to look at this text- and you see this woman just his feet with our tears. And don't see why
you could think she was rather course you could be a Marquis. She could be crazy. She could be ridiculous. She could be out of her mind why she cried. She won't stop once you can jump about the Missouri she's loud she's. No she's out of control every time the Bishop make a point. She's upbraid go jumbo jet as she lost a man. I don't want to sit beside her she'd, like she's, crazy. If you don't know the story, you don't understand mammoths somebody when you know what you know what I am about to see, why the God, because you cute private gotta, be fat. I see private gone perceive rich by the gods. Have they got a bill suit? I say that because you got a Sunday at all, but other than that way, people tell him. He took an awful needs. You took off, you took it off into it off it took it all. We took it off, we took it all. He took it off, he took it also makes it took. It also makes it took it also took it all. You can eat the pain of agony, it'll, save on each other, like other Mamma Mamma fill the boreal this morning of the holy ghost is my last I didn't say, take us. Thank you pull them out, and I think I am at your, but about the site. I read you'll get me a promotion say. Thank you. Take us. Thank you my way away again. Maybe you'll get readiness granted us. If you talk to him about it, you can reach and say he's talking to meet this morning. He told me he followed me me me me me this is my Sunday. This is my Sunday. This is my moment this moment. This is where warship becomes real. As you prioritize recognise the relevance of blood in your life by reaching to yours, dove is love. Our singing is about our preaching is not our technology, but what will you with the Lord Ball.
in of his toward me. The information is all this green. How you can become a contributor to the Ministry of the work of the Lord, but more important than just that? How you could show got that you have grateful that in times like these, got his steel bade away. Four times like these usually gets up the like these. Your field as well as you are at times like these. You still got a place to lay you're here or I'll. Take this love regret. It God has written to you. You can't stand there Reed nebulous had the shadows of about recognise all of your ways, so do what you ve got to do to be a part of this what are the things that I'm truly thankful for is just said
God has really kept my family and I think this whole pandemic guard ever left us do all the concerns we ve had this year from the fears doubts the worries Staying at home spend challenges, then a lotta losses, but that I got for the games. I still have my help. I'm still am I right my the maid, who buys worried choice. chances upwards. Doors being open for me, I create unity, love the gift, doing that
I want you to see something, my god. I feel something about teacher the launch of this site. Your neighbours I gotta get it also me I gotta get at all I gotta get. It offers good. Only two gotta get it off. I gotta get an awful me. I gotta get it also me I gotta get it also me I gotta get at all for the best I gotta get at all. I gotta get me. I gotta get it off. I gotta get it off. I gotta get are often guilt, leads me to change
But what The guilt about stuff, Can't change. I and get their baby by. I can't get this disease remitted. What about the gills? We carry. Over the things, we can change. I would fix it if I could. If to overcome
change,. I was selfish. I'm sorry. What do you do? when the mess you made cannot be clean came to it over, I brought the man in the house. The man in the house of rape, my daughter, My son got rate by my boyfriend he told me- and I called him alive.
Bishop, I would fix it, but the person I did it to us. The person who hurt me can't come back. And I feel I can say what they say: I'm sorry Well, what do you do. When you can undo horsemen done, you can't fix it. And you are standing there, We then also mappen. That cannot happen. What can wash.
We see nothing, but the of. What. Oh, nothing but the blood. All is that makes filed.
Say that again, one more time. No wonder she walked in we want. No else. What does she kissed his feet?
as. His feet with? Because it was him Then had delivered. From Gill nets to grab it My brothers and sisters. to be missed, from you, can be grateful. At the same to say,. If you did some wrong and you can fix, it fits if you can scrape about making.
If it's out of your reach, he was for our transgressions bruised deserters as peace upon him and with this stripes it's about as close no music about in this moment. In the sovereign site,. Will you come this close to redemption. And maintain your composure. And walk out of this door. Just like you came in. Will you humble yourself at the feet of Jesus. And led to. What is.
with the kind of rabbit to that. Only the forgiven can understand. Yes, it will be people who sit back and say that all of that will be people who Look at you and say: look look at him laying out before God, but they are only saying that because they have not been forgiven much but those of us who are grateful for every breath. We breathe For those of us who realise that what you been too could have killed you, you could have been murdered, it could have been stamped death. You could have been shot, you could have been destroyed, but mercy Most probably. And this is an odd message and I know it is an act of God words, but it was, but it.
Jamie. He told me. I want you to come against guilt. I am tired of my people carrying what already carry we're I'm already wounded being beaten. When I was beaten tail mob people, they are paying a bill, they don't have to pay.
he said, tell my people. There is therefore no nation to them veteran she's. Tell people that he ought to have free is free, indeed, tell people that I'm tired of weeping over what I have forgiven and what I am about. People that all we have to do is be grateful. We will give them a lot of praise for the sphere of habit. Is. To my people, people. I, every soul.
Who's ever carried sudden, that was too heavy, maybe Drake Did and anger or hidden. The mood, swings or tranquillised look at home has to till. I want. People who live here Pain, and covered it with a whole lot of religious rhetoric, but believe that all securing guild didn't shame. I want people who been messed up. stop other people's lives and messed up your kids and messed up your first married and messed up all kinds of people that hurt people along the way and you lay down every night tossing and turning with guilt. You don't have to leave here like you, I can.
make your receive it, but he told me to tell you about it. You could be happy and you could be free, And you could recall, If you would bring what you're carrying two this alter, Cast your on the hill.
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part of view. That is consistent is a part of you has been converted.
Transform badly in wrath did word ago. Now you heard the word, but the words you do with the word that stuff, the Bible sitting grabbed the word of God, is able to save yourself what does in rapidly. It leaves a word that stop the word that met to you, the word they became one with you, the one that connected with your issue, the word that became a part of your life. That's the only word you can use under attack. All at parliament allowed that you could use a word that stuff. Do you got a rapid became a part of your dna that it's a word that becomes your work, your conviction, your tenacity.
feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how God is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on the pot is done
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