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Gleanings from the Well, John 4:20-24

2020-08-16 | 🔗
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Coming out on the matters tat. The water that existed jerk off swell, would suffice. But the water that exists with Jesus would satisfy. What are you drinking water? The path for the water that said We both for that which we are, if we don't get that which we are we'd, be hydrate, but the lack of what we are now. Ok. So, though, I'm comprised of water, I still need one. I want to talk a little bit about this water because Atherstone. He says. I first to start this conversation
a member here, mitten his thirst again until he's hanging from a tree. With male than his hair. The males in its free stretched Was there? In the lurch is a better life and stands between time and Here again, we will hear him utter what he whispered to this woman, With raises wonder what does their support, I understand that at first water, Watercolor made a water than the need water to irrigate the water to keep the water moving inside of me less, I dehydrate and begin began to pass out. Certainly we label M. God is a spirit. The spirits get thirsty, so I want to talk about
is water, because our having this conversation that we make an assumption that they both have the same kind of water but they're not talking about the same thing. So this is you don't have anything to grow with in Europe? You come down for this. Will you must be transparent me? You must be transferred were made because you can grant. Will you got nothin abroad with speeches here You know who I was you what s me for water? If I give you the brink, the water that you will never. Firstly, lizard. So about the water. This will cause you. The water, those in the world you're gonna thirst idea, but he said. You got a water that you will never thirst again and then she began a long road to
Well, it is. The road to humility is a long road. It starts with compression, and she confess give me this water that actors that the humility of asking Have you ever have you ever seen, people who needed something when they're asking forward. Aquarium me, but just just just not going to ask you rather past slap out in the floor than to ask you, because they were they never learn how to hum themselves to say: give me this water that I but Jesus sir, not just a revelation of who what one or two years before Regulation that makes her humble enough to put her in the vulnerable puts vulnerable position of requesting giving this water. There is something this.
Give Gimme this water, then first, not leader, come hither to drink and coming down. I want everybody was tired of making the same trip to the same places, to get the same way that you will meet again next week. I wonder those everybody's of the cycle of your life the morning you gotta get up, go to the same thing over and over and over the world. So where'd you go Same thing here, I wonder: if anybody's got us, I call a cyclist destroying them, because you keep coming to get somethin. Let's put a band aid on something that that doesn't get better. We all Or will we have the places that we go to get some time Really leaving something much deeper dissatisfied, but this
only pass upon the water that existed Jacobs well with Patsy, but What's that exists with Jesus would satisfy what are you drinking? The water that testifies or the water that satisfies so how will these gleaming that the well- because I don't want to really involves the pact- does want to glean a few principle that the text to tell you that there are two waters. They coexisted the time saying tat a natural water at a spiritual water are are both present in this text. A natural will ever spiritual will are both present in this text. This woman has come in front of both the bill is almost like a cold complexity. Is it tasted? Ok? She standing in front of a natural
and a spiritual g is Jacobs, whale and see look well Jacobs been. She can look at Jesus, look at Jacobs where this Jacobs Well and Jacob Soil and there's water and there's water, and she stand in front of them. After all this when she comes face to face with the water, she said the well. We talked about the water mass starts making all these always excuses. You know at all at all, although this and I don't know about your doctrine- and I don't know about you- theology and people have how can excuses various churches of Mega church. I don't go to their churches. Storefront that's her sir homeless people out, although at church the church of God, we all religious, though Google who got I problem struggle.
Rose Roma to pour out referred to at about, but but they ve got all these religious reasons to stop them from getting something that would quit your purse. As see stars cover with all their that you tat Where is she We simply want to say which one Where is she? Lord. For you, she did Considerable, how much you know. Because he was in a situation some Watson right value in a situation here.
Complicated as waded is not exactly my husband, Zimbabwe, where you the.
I want to talk to you about a God. Better understand tat. I would have told you about a girl that when you come, then you got some porn on in your life. The ceremony, maybe I want you to know that the married then stop talking to you that is still worth to you was ever conversations with the body was to show you some about yourself, but you need to see through woman. You do not have wondered what you're dead now is yours, so that takes me from the whale and I talked about the world talked about the water, and that takes me to the word. He told something about her south
It was classified information. The word of God doesn't just reveal, go. The word of God reveals you the word of God, just up you, the word of God, helps you to see yourself, but why
absolutely for your temper, the word of God, have suited for your pride. The word of God helps you to see your holidays where to go to see yourself rights agenda. What have you to say? Your arrogance, the word of God, helps you to see your bigotry as well. I understand how you can stay at the church where you are truly get the word of God and yet be a big it, because I want to sell proposition, see everybody films, but though the latter, God will show you Jesus voters, truce, woman, you you have you heard of husbands and one you get now is not you and the thing got me? It wasn't the well but gotta the mouse, the water they gathered got her the most. It was the word. Because she didn't say come see, a will
Come here for water, she brought one That's it ran through the trees to say, come see a man who
gave me a word. He told me every day I have ever done the thing: that's her was not the world or the water. It was the word. So you take charge had not a word. You gotta have a good time, but I think the word you don't have anything to shed light on you and you'll never drop your water pots just sing it. You gotta go deeper than that and get down to a word. They sped up a new phase of good fraud. Shoe who gave me wait a minute witness the woman S was forbidden amount for years. Could you be was submitted about for you? You have no word. What was never reveal deal you you that was submitted about Jesus said you know, because you been was to prevent amount for years
and you never got to work and what is warship without a word, One of the things I love about this word is that there is an exchange. What initiated the entire conversation? Is it Jesus ass, the woman for water, the process of starting with what he is, she able to make a request and receive what he does what song is all about, If we were to ask you right now to sew into the kidnap, what would your response? We? Would you just walk away and ignore it? Would you take advantage to release what's in your head, so that release was then he is. I guarantee you his water, better than yours, his harvest, is better than your seed. His answer is better than your question his support. That's better than your need! You Harry right now dip your bucket
come into the will of your reservoir and quench the thirst of minutes. By so into the kingdom of God, moves supernaturally, I give you the living water. The living. Water will quench the thirst and you will never thirst again father. I pray right now, for person that plants so's that believes that needs that has a third they're, like that. Only God can quit that as you open up the bow, their on to so under this ministry that would release from the portals of glory that shattering blessing? That would change. Mesmerized their lives? That thank you Lord, because it's nothing to art for you, then I thank you all. You can bring food out of a drug place and I thank you. What did you were roots ring it about a dry ground, and I thank you all that with you. Nothing absolutely. Nothing is possible.
Let that thing that seem impossible manner. Just as they give right now in the name of Jesus, we pray a man, a man, a man, I wish you would Jesus as well I'll, be made whole move right now about the word increase at the disciples multiply for it The word increases the disciples will multiply and who would have thought that this forgive me this tramp, this woman avail repute, this husband, snatching tramp of a woman who would have thought that the word would hit her too,
This she would be the best she bade, the Cyber, a woman and all the other women work whispered about a woman than she did even one in town or other women. I don't want to be around a common and our other women about down at the whale and a woman would become a disciple, because the word, though, who were they in fact, whoever opens up to receive it romantic touched with the powers we like you touch it. Somebody right he's touchy. I do not have right an essentially with the word of God. If you would just lower your pride and admit Gimme that water, that actors, that some of us are so proud and some of us have been hurts bear and we use that as a camouflage not to come the church, but I'm not people got beat up in the clear, but they still win back.
Come on people got ripped off, will it for deal, but they still smoking briefly, but what The church, you thought you paid come back to two people got ripped off the despair, but they still with my but to take charge has kit. From what the charge is cool?
you gotta meet him at the challenge. Is to provide a simple Jesus going toward the church of the calls all over the country, but we could not calls out Jesus Jesus. Don't wait to come to a church. People will come down to the will have a conversation with you about water ring the word to you like me, but I feel like preacher. This automatic this place right now, little church, real, the caprice were priest. The word on the back of trucks preach a word on the front, porch preacher word or basketball courts would mega pull the priests were about. It creates what God call me the priest, preacher Mama Jesus did me the pulpit or mine.
He will and preach word that was the beginning of the transformation of the entire city of severe that ultimately would break the hex and the spoils of salmon. The saucer and liberates Amerika from witchcraft is tied in with the woman at the whale who hum of herself enough to say, thirsty this woman. What's a beginning, the reformation, above all, Sumeria. It started with a woman. This woman was, she was a sea he sold by Philip. What harvest lay their eggs chapter? Eight worse, one of them.
A third point persecution arose in Jerusalem, Philip went down to some areas where they got sitting to some area. Harvest of seed Jesus had planted about ten years before so I talked a little bit about the will and I talk to little bit about the water, and I talk to little back to work and my fourth on and I'll be finished. Is I want to talk about the wash because I really didn't read my tax about the will and I didn't read in Manual- takes about the water and added new supported the takes about the word. Our use of part of the text about the wash, because the argument she's having with Jesus is: how do we wash.
As argument we still have today, we don't wash with instruments that aren't church we wash with Israel is at our church. We have a hammer than our church. Uk have turgenev you don't ever heavenly three. We have a pipe oriented archers, all of it all those on the metallic somewhat. That's not this. Your people watch mountain. You know about what can ignore its worship and not because your people have been watching put in the mouth.
He is and never knew who you was worse. Ignorance can carpets, hey ignorance, can dance and say areas can run up and down. Just because you make a noise than me. You are a true worship, then Jesus validates adjuvants is my people know who watch for salvation over the juice. Is it we we had it right. We will also be the right guy he's but the issue
He is looking to free the cover, and now you, how could it be coming now is Jesus of our problem, and now is it was it was coming because a new cars, powerful spirits was coming, but he had to say now is because he is for the cause he's my piece of every here's, my peace, that we hear my sacrificial lab is last day stop. So I couldn't say he was just covered because he is now that that also go that they pay. That was they that wash much worse in period and they must watch
and spirit, because he is a spear, and I tell you at the beginning, you thirst for what you are and if I am water and yet thirst for water then got his spirit? And yet he thirst for Spirit Power, cometh Amelia said David was: must worship him in spirit and a true if I must worship, human spirit and yet got is a spirit of thirst for what I am your God is spirit, and they that was Must watch in spirit and in truth now you can praise them.
You can private you get prizes. You pray that, with your present with a free, you praise them. Other high sounding symbols of you comprise him with her full stop putting people lots of them. Worship goes beyond the dimension of the physical worship is found, or a noise or a job or clap. All of that is how you enter into the gates. You enter into the gates
thanks given and the courts with praise, but in order to worship you gotta go in into the place where no sound is needed in for the place where no harps are played into the place, where your spirit, committals would cut the thing I could understand. When I got around homeless people, I was used to people show, but imagine I grew up. We shouted. Could somebody saying what somebody priestess happy, but a good, a fresh and Picasso service. They can start shout and able by saying they do called a shout, and additives We ve all the way across the church and a month ago, at all, and I couldn't figure out. What is that thing
nobody's fair method. What is that pay but makes him run up about about a figure, but what are they gonna sweep over the charge is gone over? The course of a tragic mother about they're all over the church,
everybody. We all women corners, show the sleigh wholly go. The president presented, why didn't see, but some swept the place, is spirit. Shunned must worship in Spirit and in spirit and in truth, and that's why we can preach in an empty room and not be with a handful of people and not be because what I didn't come from the people. What we didn't come from the pews come from the crowd, the income from the noise of the temporary one.
From the Holy go near it and washed up here. This is a bit like group of people. It's not my praise. Praise invite! Everybody live everything that have bread praising the Lord, but worship is excuse, was ablaze exclusive. They that worship him means is not everybody. Mass wash has a criterion. Mass is not about breathing. Now they that worship him mass worship him Why? Because it is a threat and in order to watch you gotta give him what he is come on. Come on, come on.
Quit his third, you gotta, given what here you lead watercourse, you pay for water and you are water, but God is a spirit of people which is first, have to watch him in spirit and in truth, for the sick such would make God seek. God is on this field on this side of all sizes size see knowing all knowing. God knows, we had the same in every sense.
Six, the seeking got rid of August the seeking got the first reading. Genesis teaches us about God. After you created men there, a God seeking God I'm looking for you will lose all knowing all was ancient days, the giving of wisdom, the God who knows the issue from the beginning, its powers seeking injustices he still seeking in the gospel of Saint John, for the Father, sick of such too
Shook him he's searching from the angels of Cavalry, laying on cavalry looking up toward Heaven with the ground shaking and the sun. Refusing the sad and the re illimitable ripped from top to bottom Jesus, still serious adverse. What does either so that the woman in the world didn't giving a sick of such me as you to wash. Spirit and no matter what your circumstances, maybe God breaking away for you for anything you receive a CD, a bishop, Jake's message a brighter day
many job earlier will itself for you give to seventy five dollars. More, you will also receive the work on usb as that of seven promised cars, and the book planted by Bishop Tv Jinx call go online today and celebrate gods, promise of a brighter day, said again and your power issue the enemy them at the point of view. If we can get you to think the right stuff, you will think yourself. That worry is a tactic that uses not only to rob you of the moment but to stop you from the creativity to state that this way than your worn down is because of what you say about the enemy was to cure me was my web fairly will have challenges. You say that you are so
What's wrong with your message, what never out of focus- and would you get got word the brain. The focus it will focus on what I tol you do. What do ass? You please feel free to reach out to us. Social media and share your story of how God is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time. On the Pakistan.
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