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2020-03-01 | 🔗
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You see There is something something strange going on, because Jesus is hanging out at the party. All of a sudden. His mother comes to him. I'm gonna, give you three little points and I'll be out of your way. Is his woman, his mother, comes to him and and says today this they have no. Why not? This strange problem is not like Miriam mother who came the Jesus and said my brother is dying, is not us,
is not as painful or as a fear as the widow of main, who is carrying her dead son to agree on the woman with these blood touches of its current trying to stop the hemorrhaging that has gone on so long. This is about, after running out of why this is not a life threatening such waste. It is now the fast it is not merely as paying for oil severe as leprosy.
It. Does us on the level of black bottom me. The big problem here is, in spite of the festivities Mary reveals, that the leave the job creation of the flesh of the party and the moving and the celebration which went on for days in the Bible days. They were tartarin but there I know why you might have a nice house. I admit that you might have a better call. You might have more degrees than I do, but what does it mean If you have no, why? I think that God is trying to tell us that we live in a whirl that perpetual It's about the ideology that they have a go at all
They want to seduce you into thinking that somehow you are missing something that they had, that that somehow you should emulate them, because they are so much more progressive than us. And we were kind of slow backward said antiquated, but that those babies
We should have book, thereby Spielberg's, but they have no idea. What I'm saying you know who got relatives people a day was who take this Jesus stuff is crazy, but don't let a full year with the advance of it. They have why perpetrators enable tables they stand at random. About those two you crazy, Kristof go to church had praised the law. This reminds me, that's why I love that Nowhere touch immigrants, the reason that hey those paid, our view is that they have
Why? The reason the bull is all over the internet, proud to attack to is because they have no, why they had some, why they would be hate loan you, but not others, since a tab comes, it exposes the terrible secret part, but the yeah, but what matters smuggling the cows, not the wine that changes that the wine that satisfies the word that liberates, not the one that gives us distinction. But why that sets us apart? They got, but there
why the Gaza Strip, but they do Murray causes Seville did eventually.
They have to come to the way we would leave them, but the Bible is teaching us that before they don't have to come to you, because the bug themselves up into a corner,
Hawaii Tropical, to talk to you over there today? I will talk to you about time and I'm going to talk to you about Thailand and I'm going to talk to you about tools, because between the x and the talent and the tools we're going to come to understand how to deal with a less work. This is a wise lists were this is a where this is a sea they were- this is a world who for pets who propels an idea of itself, as if celebration, is really over there, while they suicide blow, their brains out o d, feels
for the lack of what you already they had no one. So I want to talk to you a little bit of today about time, because, because Mary has come in here- and she has come out of- this, is a Capades. This is of all to visit on schedule. Mary comes to Jesus with this.
Mary, insignificant problem at the moment in which he says woman were has not come so the centrepiece of the miracle suggest that this is of schedule but let us notice the majesty of a guard who has a schedule. In order for him assume our has not yet come. It means that he's that just plan by the sea- it's his life has a time. It has a rhythm to it. It has an order to it. It has a structure to that he's, not just walking down the road, just doin stuff to be Doin, stuff, he'll people digits, be Healy people, and we
I took a lesson from she's as we learn to respect If we put our lads of schedule he's a woman has not yet come here. Some of us have no our because we have no schedule. Is you have no schedule you're not really Jesus Jesus operated on schedule. Solomons
There is a time, a purpose at this season for every purpose of under Heaven. That God has a schedule has a time. I don't care how much you want it. He has a time when he's gonna, let you have what he's got a rage. He has many set aside. That's what I love about women's my UK do women my you start with forget women back. You might well clap public when it is about what is my unstoppable when it has not yet come
not yet If you ever get in trouble, you'll never have an ex various with you about well he's. I feel I have a reply that it had. Never you about now either way may come again. Somebody's laughed lamp listen, the world's next doctors, teachers pastors president's rest in the hearts of our children through proper education, they can have that's absurd tools to reach their destiny back connecting with GPS. You can help young
around the world receives suppliers uniform and computer troika visit GPS partner that work. So, together we can fulfil gods mandate to be his hand and provide compassion to others, there is the talent well because my world. Would you looking for great leadership? Leadership solve problems, leadership, six solutions, leadership that just sit back and let the whole thing city method. Mary who took it. All has to walk over
Jesus and see him as a she. Wouldn t
is she didn't know? We don't know about. It. Bore chow like his Mamma, and the fact that is Mamma walked over them and said that no one is a sign that she knew very had the power he by law, but they say it was this fast, but he had the upside of somebody get ready to do some. That's it over his mama Lily had such goes up to it, as he says.
She says babies. Run out of what, He says to her woman Oh Mamma, I would have said Babo he's a woman. Our has not yet come now to me. That's but no longer Imelda. We have not yet come to sound. Like Michael, do
the black Sea, that sometimes you can take no MA, has not yet come. She said nothing else to do.
For this we need a new page. Take no leadership is not everybody is, I believe, a just cause. I have addressed the title but make you just gotta worry about my. Let us take our has not yet come. I fear- may be here soon to the servants and said
whatever tells you do. Do I want to tell you what do you know who I'm talking to you? You got no for an answer, but what did you do it now? I feel some about erupted this place like a bright news, this place, because we there are two the mermaids buried there.
Operating in the realm of this whole issue that this miracle, this Ok, that all these two dimensions of talent one is, the talent of leadership that takes supportive when there is a problem rather than complains about a problem. What we do also realise is that so The two or obedience is also a tab. Just because you gave an instruction that mean that the person you gave it too has the power to carry it out. It was just ass. She had faith it Jesus it's by. There is no better. It was gonna, say something whatever he tells you to do. She also spoke to the servants being fully persuaded that they have where were to carry out border, because some people you can
give a command, but they could not carry out so good servitude is that it is a fact that is necessary, and I want you to see that this miracle is suspended on the pin, the lid of the talent of leadership and servitude. If Jesus did lead, it wouldn't happen,
and if the servants did no bay, it wouldn't happen. What good is a leader without a follower? What good is a separate without a flock? What good is it prepared to play the piano in a room full of their people? What good is it for me to draw art in a room full of people every year needs a gang of both of them are out for the less three months. When I close my eyes, I keep seeing a toolbox. Nothin said disappear. To ensure close, I see, hammers screwdrivers imply riches and the two boxes open them. All tools hang about two to two girls.
Two hundred to twenty he's, going, give you everything you need to accomplish everything, trying to to summarize it too, two stools. Jesus says: go, go, get some water and put it in no stone job, and the writer John says that hill, I think it's two or three falcons, which is really twenty bit: thirty gallons of water, as that's pretty big, thirty gallons,
it is pretty big thirty talent of water. There are six, thus each holding roughly thirty gallons of water as a loud laugh. If you didn't the Brussels you see sometimes gonna, send some in your life back.
Understand. What's in your life, you don't have a useful it right now, but save jobs did make those since at first, but now now now, if, if you, if you don't, have the tools this, this miracle will not happen outside the tools. You can have great talent you every time, but if you do, Great tools, I've seen people who had talent ever had time but didn't have the tools to be effective. There are people in prison with talent, There are people sweep of other bridge with our
up on the ridge who got, but do you have the tools here? Let's mystery got collects the tools before the time So God will give you tools before your time of operation. Jesus says: go out and filled the vessels with water, thirty gallons of water, six vessels, and once you get them filled with water, pour them into serving the campus, and once you put them into serving decanters go serve the guests
We know it was water. We put it in the west. We know it was water when the party in the servant, Dickenss when we see, see, see the mark. Me when I was getting ready to preach here he said,
There is going to be a substantive change. Something that's thought about. One substance is about to turn into a completely different service. This is watches. What's this? crazy thing about, got stuff you know, even though women want to talk to somebody who, even now to somebody he even when it happened to sub region? I do know even now, when it met here
I don't know whether turned one returns wouldn't turn one. Then the pub turn why lips, but some way in the process of avoiding the process, because your miracle is in the process. If we avoid the process, you avoid the promise. So can you that go with it? Did there before you got number one. You gotta go ahead anyway, real good there's somebody in this room that the enemies told you you don't have anything, but what you don't have what it takes to do, what
I believe in God, for Euro what it takes to accomplish. What is in your spirit, you ain't got nothing, but why who am I told to
Where are the way he will turn the one in the why this word is a substantial substantive change. Coming in your line of approved three, it was exports, each one had thirty garlands. Why. I believe that thirty times six is one. Eighty people say you
but the research, but the problem with the thirty six to turn away back around a lot Sidney,
The court is not just a treatise ability to do. It is also bring other ability to carry out. This diet is in the detail. He has a perfect plan to turn your situation around, so you can walk in victory towards a profit for your gift. You received the powerful teaching God in the details of the vision to ten leather, like bookmark for your gift of ninety dollars or more, you will receive a decorative walk, Ross and Braves to grace about about for your gift of one hundred and fifty dollars or more. You will also receive the three part ultimate Bible study said this: is your chance call a go online? Now, God has plan for your destiny telling you right now your best.
FR. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your hand. There if you are you're vulnerability. Thank you for your strength. Thank you so much and I will make an investment into was. It is therefore appreciate and is thereby making a difference, really open your eyes to what the law one you in your life others, because your obedient, what God has called you to do your calling people like me to be obedient to what God has called me to do. So. Thank you. So much. There is an old saying. You hang around The barbershop long enough, sooner or later, you're gonna get a hacker to get.
Something you never had. You have to do something you never did you never did you never give. You are not in the room where changes are occurring. You are in the yard, where consequences are received in the room feel free to reach out to us social media and share your story of how God is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing next time, on the Protestant.
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