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Grounded In Finances

2019-02-03 | 🔗
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Coming up on those matters. The purpose of this initial classic getting you're grounded in the fund is I'm trying to get you out of it. I'm trying to get your heart out of your money. This point one. The other point. get your money to your money
we have paid is not a miracle you this need money really able to get a car is not a miracle. You just made money, you don't need a miracle miracles offered tumors that won't go away. What I'm saying to rebuild, cancel out of your system and the only the second wave that made a miracle that make a payment. Are these the money to buy some kids or bibles? ok ecclesiastical transverse, like team. I've just want one's country ecclesiastes these ten worst nineteen, some of you
a babel scholars, village, church alone. Tat might be familiar with description, but I bet you. Eighty percent of people in this church have never heard description, your life ecclesiastical chapter, ten verse, nineteen and they say of priest is made for laughter. and make of mary but money answer of All things a visa waiver lab is eaten, haven't people over this good terms and why, mary, but money serve, All things fifty six percent of europe's earliest could be cut off with a good check You wanna, go right over you, always all those miracles. You don't need miracles of aid money getting.
Well played is not a miracle you just meet mother. Being able to get a car is not a miracle. You just made money, you don't need a miracle. Miracles are for tumors that won't go away here. What I'm saying miracles, auto reboot, transfer out of your system, miracle or healing the sick. Raising the dead, don't need a miracle to make a car payment, at least the money, the money for all things. If it's the thing money can do it. There are some things that money can do because there's a lot of thing, it will buy love. The wall, barbarous, it won't break, could do better to uphold. It will pay you'll soon, all at all,
People are going to right where I am so tired of you'll be a deeper spiritual and then we have to pay for your funeral, the I have erase all from the postpone the field or do all kinds of stuff, because you would not be practical enough and your dad is dead lifted that all the kids and all the kids, kids and all the kids care. Let me taste there's nothing holy about that is this. Being blinded please answer these seven verse burst. We'll get you good today. Because, as the seven words toil c4 wisdom is a defence wisdom is the friend,
what you are was you save yourself, some trouble a lot of them, What are you wouldn't have to go to war wisdom? Can't you see, Wisdom is a defence, so bad So what did we wisdom Whether our give me wisdom, though I don't love the wrong people, give me wisdom so that I don't trust the wrong people. Give me wisdom so that I don't make bad choices. Give me wisdom, so I know when to say no, because wisdom is a defense. Somebody, lord, give me wisdom, Israel's lobby is other. France is a new friends when you under attack,
Isabel friends, when the enemy is coming to his defense, when he's out to your children, it's a defense. When you have money, you can get more educated. Would you have money? You could get more representation. When you have money, you can send them to better schools. When you have money, you can get up to the right hospital rather than the hospital that will accept you. When you have money, you can make better choices to save money as a defense. If somebody Was it really to get to another part of the country? You don't have to run around there and start a fund me program to get there when they have money you're going to have to go there. Somebody save money as a defense lawyer lord, give me somebody, though yeah yeah, so that I could have a defense so that I can have with the friends so that I can have a defense so that I could help it is important to have a defense.
I don't believe that is god's will for his children to have to ask the children of the world for help everytime we get ready to do something. I don't believe that the devil will take better care of his kids. That god takes care. He is. I don't believe that I should have to go to something pimp to be able to pay off. The church is real. The devil is law, whatever my god orders, he can pay for the money is a defence. It gives us a moment. We need clear and no clear request, cleared you'll understand you don't allow your religiosity to devour you ability to be specific. With your boy, you're gonna miss what god ass for you, because some of the things that god has given you the basis that is given you there These global view the poverty that is given here.
The business that is given to the children that is given to the wife. that is good of you. You always muddy opera. They hear what you got, much is given to require. You got more given to you, boys report. we need more resources more resources to undermine somebody. There is. I how it's is not just about getting it because of getting it, we're the only thing to do run out of employing the lottery throughout all of us. Maybe we'd hid it or somewhere. Although we better tat we could do that, but we also have to as understanding what to do with money because if you don't know what to do with it, you won't keep it. It is
statistical fact that most people who hit the lottery go broke in two years. Clearly, soldiers are getting a lot of money does not cure. What causes us not to have money. Can I get into this a little bit about culture and courage. I want to ran about culture and careers that there is a correlation between culture and cash eating. Our aid in habits. What we eat, I don't eat what we like, what we think tastes good. What we enjoy, whether we gave friday die as a low fat, does, whether we eat healthy or don't eat healthy is somebody that is handed down to us as children from the family. We came from I don't know about you, but a house where my mother was walking around the sale restricted about food is so slow. A soldier, good food was silvery, sticks or care, It's
mama walked mobile, the house, he grew about two places: care. I don't see one, one one one we did so. What we think is good food is handed down to us from the culture of our problem exercise. Habits are handed down, do love, wake up in the morning the bailiff five mile wrought the other day, he wanted to train me and said I'll train you as it is Sarah. I got to all this a lot. I got over this five o'clock in the morning after the committed but not committed. You know I'm serious, but not five o'clock in the morning. You can, video you wanted one. While I see that you get away from the door sleep but
Remember this name what other people so that they employ set as a natural. I must say that I could learn to do it, but it is not a part of my cultural make up and when I say culture, I'm not just about ethnicity, everything can produce a culture. Families have cultures, christianity is culture, generational culture all have influence and yes visit. He has to do with events. Will our medical habits are shaped by fabulous? How we respond to how we deal that's? Why would you go to the doktor now, your grandmother's dear? These still wants to know. Did your grandmother have diabetes? Most grab removed from about investments support for ngos. Most of us just stop market. Our prayers did. We did culture has impact on how we handle money. Culture has impact on how we handle money, which is your parents do what they value, what they put stockier
now when you take it, family. Culture knew at all historical background. Many of us are african americans, not all, but my of this city, we were the first people to come to this country. What this up fears will work for food that will slavery, sway We want to work for a It was worth it was big proud. Nor did we did pay. You got to be So when we finally got freed from slavery, we entered into an economic system for which we had no generational training, the now your sleep walking for money money. What is money? What what do you do with money
Hundreds of years of working for food, what do you do with money when you money. I don't know what to do with money. The forcing you do is spend it. So you develop a generalizable of excessive spending. I am also available culture that what you want I what you need I got gucci watches on people who can't skateboard for kids, so you got more money in tennis shoes than you do. A lot of laughs, trains, a culture of spending blessed over people
you may have to compromise or router bless to you, you oughta, be it before. We see it we're goin on a cruise joys. About overboard live through the sixteen twenty nineteen, as we set sail from fort lauderdale to the bahamas. Jamaica, the grand gave an alibi, at key west. We have an itinerary refilled with fun events created with you in mind. I hope we take over our pope reserve your spot debate.
Because the nineteen tv jinx bathed in family could we be increase. Feeding our goal in purpose in life under price, is to love and to help one another and that's the bishop of cheaper. Yes, together we can touch, loves, helping the herd in encouraging the hopeless feeding, the hungry and so much visit tv J partners. Double war had found out how you can help packed the lapse of generations to come. We are all one global family touching the world. with god's love. One side now therefore say of the lord of holes. Consider your ways consider what's going on with you, is it you have so much. Bring bringing a little
in other words, for the love of see that you have put in around this farce. Your harvested and looking good But you have lobbied murphy drink. What you feel would treat you called but there's not warm, and he that wages aren't of wages to put it into a full of holes. This is the low levels. Is it no matter how much a working overtime another time still have and so forth? Consider your wings. You want your after death, I have left but what I am talking about is what you get blessed.
You have less work, more harvests toy more I've always had a woman is gonna. Have a witness? Have somebody to have access to these two poor blessedness somebody does weakening blesses is way better. This way with ease the reason that you are not poverty but you're working order and save less results. You! Let me out so I can hold in your pockets. give it to me, but you give it to the mechanic you'd give its approval to the braided better suited, give it to me, but you have to pay the thought you steal and profit from it. Hold your pocket read. It your bible verse. Seven, thus saved a lot of holes, consider new ways.
Consider you once more to the mountain and bring wood and build a house, and I will take pleasure in it We do also several more he's a bill. My house I'll take pleasure in it I'll be glorified z, look for much lower too little and when you bought Oh bull on it, I made work. She said. Why did I do because of my own house ways of ways, and you weren't, every man unto your house, you don't care about me! You we care about two so what you heard about? So you would understand how I feel when you ignore what I care about. I didn't write this added. Why this this happens over, you is paid from. Do ass shut up, the heavens, the person who was supposed to get shut. It now is David
stayed from our fruit, the plot god I stepped from common. I call for dwelled upon the land. I pulled them out of the court and upon the new one and upon the oil and upon that which the ground bringeth forth and upon men and upon cattle and upon all the labor of our hands, because you ignored me, I ignored you, you look not to my house, I looked. If you turn your back on what I said before I term my? I want to ask you in order to have less, to show for us. shut up? The heavens you can. We'd be blessed by divine permission. and if you lose your permission, God has shut up. They haven't you been workin under closed heavens, we're about to open
without open, I'm gonna go deeper. I wanna hear it again today. Really this is the best part to me. I want to just oppose this whole notion that I've tried to build up about bringing your emotions out of money and not levin money, but I want to go to another level with this in the area of you, bring in emotions into how you handle money, Heaven s most of experience with how you handle money put wants above me. is emotions, putting your heart in the money and because your heart is out of the heart, closer issues of life. So all of us, cultural issues are common, your decisions. I want us to go deep sea. All of this is
All of this is connected everything else. It is connected all of those cultural influences from your environment, your community, your parents, your circumstances, the situation in Portugal, view and forms what do you care about and when you bring your heart to your money, all of those issues are coming with it and that's why you're, making emotional choices? Consider your ways? Is it if its not working? Consider your ways don't. Look, I'm not given it, I'm looking for somebody to bliss sitter your ways love! Now. I want you to understand this. If you approach your future from an emotional perspective,
rather than an intellectual one. You will stop this year from being everything that it could be. You want to give you want to move, intellectual, where you want to bring up limit. I wanted lily super goin out what this, if I can bring your heart out of your decisions, were you born things from a place of this function. Well, you're not doing things to make yourself look at important where you not spent days trying to impress people they don't matter, we will you not overburden so that you get video with jobs. Is so you stop make an emotional decisions. Calls you to end up in their first us.
Personality will go matter for people who are going to leave you anyway for people who aren't going to like you, no matter what you do when you get to bad stuff, they're not going to be any more than they were before. I have a witness who can help people? Sometimes people you help the most are the very same people that stab you in the throat I could die. If I was just shocked dislike the way it was you just sit up or trying to figure out. How could it be you? Anybody I understand what I'm talking about. You have understood, and people who are the most successful in life, don't make decisions out of there motions because out of your emotions, have all your issues all your issues in it, so what we ve put the
this initial classic getting you grounded in the farmers as I'm trying to get your heart out of it. I'm trying to get your heart out of your money as point one. The other point I'm trying to get your man to your money Bring your you to your money. Sorry, It works for me, bringing your mind to it, brings in tipp to it. So you don't bring intent and you're gonna bring intelligence. And you're gonna set priorities that are not. only emotional places. Where I am at this season. In my life, young man, I got whole life in front of me. I need to make certain choices that are different than a more seasoned person, who's getting ready to retire. This might not be the best time for me to buy a house
Making decisions that are based on intellect Hard will bring the debt down and the plaza and I kind of go a little bit deeper into that because I want. I want you to see this see see what I'm trying to get you to do is watch award is what god was. I believe, god what is for you to maximize what he's given me, I had a brother years ago if I called his name. You know exactly what you're talking about, and I had this year is about thirty. Go about thirty years ago, growth rates of you know exactly what I'm talkin about about thirty years: cod, liver oil, while road had this burgundy pinstripes, who it was Graham once it was bergamo, it was clean. It was
It was clean, I was clean and one of the brothers meters didn't have any clothes, good, clothes and stuff like that, and I hit the zoo and- and I couldn't wear it anymore, I gave it to him. I gave a damning really mean to collectively they close by, and I was happy to give it to him when I saw him I'll cut grass in less playfully still have only been giza thirty years later. Can you believe it? in my asked our proposal. You know why I was angry it maximized. What I gave you you didn't value. What I you you didn't appreciate what I gave you that's what god wants to know
you're asking for more easily what have you done with what I met this man, you want this man, you want a man said to be the sober, strong man. This deal with facts and not feelings. You can. Your money by feelings. You can't work out a depression, that's why, whenever the enemy was to bring a person, you he's a spirit of depression.
Because every time you started depressed about some, you can fix it, you lose your script. Would you get the press? You lose your encouragement. Would you give the prince? You lose your creativity when you get the prince the enemy, they have to do anything, but the pursuit and frustrated, and you can think of a way out- and some of you have been a kind of politics- take five minutes for years, but take over your life in the name of somebody, it's a team that tells you can't get up it's a day when they tend to be better. It's a david says: you take the devil plus next to you that you can get to go about it tat. You will get a rival to show you. What we'll get you take tat make. It will kill somebody, lorries breach of a body who feel you know about it. You never users who are you testify. Somebody tell em up. Lesson has come about because of its coming for you, you're gonna make have control over your future. Neighbours have control over your future, you're, probably that control the future data data. It is good that gives you the power to get well. Somebody's got the power that has come about that.
Everything you practiced on was preparation for what he is about to release in your life. You already have the paper manager position to receive and everything that you have secretly whispered. about my mother, my family were exactly you gave to the ministry of india. Now you'll receive basic jigs practical teaching, grounded in finances on CD as well as it can season, a favor journal, he'll successes in your struggle. When you, everything you build comes with and when you get is one hundred dollars or more. You will receive this outstanding. Seven message: series position for favour on dvd for subjects book the great investment grounded. In finance is on cd and the season of vapor journal of turkey, I see that Mr Concannon
Is it us online or call to order your digital downloads? Today, the voting will fall not when you are being sir, it was released. Various? Why had mine? There was an experience that was running a phenomenal five hundred right back or not. I am going to ride back. Nobody knows the fun, though a special moment, just in case that you can't explain. I will go back, never the same step again.
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