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Hatching Greatness

2018-01-14 | 🔗
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Through the whole year of pouring out to other people, I use this to come to get back into you. Don't just get one expert, you get many experts to learn what they want to teach us how to do it. It was just absolutely incredible. I really feel like they thought about every type of leader in some type of way, make plans to take your leadership to the next level by registering as pastors and leaders, dot org. We can't wait to see what god has in store for you in twenty eighteen. Coming on the matters tat, love to see the progress, admission.
you cannot be weary of wealth. If your weary in well doing you will miss your blessing. This is not your final dimension. The place you're passing through on your way to work called the hey everybody. I'm so excited to have this opportunity to bring the word of god to you. What taiwan is a really big big down into the word to discover what god is doing with us during the season
the debate is powerful. It is in fact life changing. It is called hatching great. This people think you either have it or you don't that's not true. You can have it and utilize, it maybe never even discovered it. It has to be hatched, it has to be develop couple and go with me to do the thirty two eleven thirteen and there you will find the word of the lord for you today I started studying about eagles, because I have never seen the insights of aid is only about two inches around three small for what I was gonna be when the eagle gives the wrong one wing. Is man freed law but when it comes to the holy is to it Then circumference display does not the day a small begin. what you start all this has nothing to do with what you're gonna turn out to be.
Don't allow people to measure new to appoint of victory because out of a small thing, a great thing is going to come, but you gotta hatchet somebody I blow hatchet so gods. This is exactly what is gonna, be like he says: you're gonna start up in a small way, and this amazing to me, because in order for the eagle to grow to the point that it can break out of. our case with theirs, process involved such an example to the process. In the process in the process of going through it that there is ultra sounds great. This comes along. They did let's see inside not only is the eagle the little baby eagle develop, Muscles and tissues and bones
there's. Something else is being developed in the little eagle call him too. an egg tooth is is developed in the english, while steel in the bird. Developed in england so that to camp a hardness, that is harder, then the shale that causes. I'm not the only answer gets harder. the thing on the outside. Their will a breakthrough. so this one too has to be developed about Days before the eagle it breaks ro the egg. It develops Let us call an end to this. Two primary purpose is to cause the eagle it to break through
Shale before it breaks through the shale, there is a sack of air inside a soul, when the two is develop fully. There is a process called piping. Women equal it begins to pip it still, the membrane gets us first breath of air while it steel. Oh yeah, what I'm saying. That means that equally it still there, but is really every day that you're gonna develop has to develop In a way, Behind a wall behind a barrier behind an obstacle gestation, constant frustration.
When the thing on the inside gets bigger than that going on out there, Frustrating experience, I can't move. I turn I can't get out of here. And yet there is no sign on the outside that nothing that the eagle bird is doin. The mother is working that mother eagle has to sit on, does not move in no way the tests to see if my sitting is working is is my loving working is my giving working is my teaching.
working, but the mother eagle has to sit on some less, not working and trust the process did get back for us. The process trusts process see. What we're talking about here is mentoring and when you start mentoring, someone and you start developing them and to start giving to them you putting them in a warm environment that is similar to where they came from, so that they can grow. But you will not see the progress in this area. You could not be weary and well doing. if you were well doin, you will miss your blessing. If you give up because it also move, you will miss robust if you can, Down the business, because you do not make a profit, you will miss your blessing. Sometimes you got a signal. Sup
Although this is bless you but explicitly look at some, I sit on it lower and lower the got glory. In fact, don't go after something that should not women. The signal No need to get married if you don't want to be a wife, no need to get married. If you don't want to be a husband, no need of having a baby if you're not going to raise a child lolita started a business that you're not willing to hedge, don't need to go to college if you're not willing to study not needed, though the ministry, if you don't like people if you're not willing to settle before you go down that road investigate how much sitting it takes
mentoring, is sitting all something until it hatches written. This has to be hedged rate. This has to be hit greatness. Sb hedge greatness has to be hedge greatness haste, greatness has to be hit. I got people in this room right now who been with me since I was in high school. No me, since I was in high school people with me about first church. Why? What? who were in my first church when I was twenty to be with me when I'm sick, because a settlement sitting on. Somebody produces a lot more First? If you can't get a return or you don't make an investment, so you're trying to get a return. Would you haven't made ample investment? I must say you haven't done anything, but you haven't made ample investment.
as a young pastor, I used to envy pass the maple page at some of the other people in the area I came from because they had all these loyal sons and daughters who were with them on the row, and I remember crying out to god when I go somewhere, it's just me and a couple of people and she got five or six cars go. Where am I going to have somebody that law took my visit going to support me going on a when? Am I going to air so people who love and appreciate what I do and administrate? When am I gonna, get to teach bible class be more than five people there? I didn't understand why this has to be at apple. Suffer, oh wow. You earned the right to be respected. You don't get respect just because your wallet you'll have to lay there and settled in a while. The eagle develops egg tooth
and when make two gets hard, it starts to break through an inner set, so he can breathe still trapped, still travel by air and that aid to its hard. Let me think every door that closed. Let me thank every point.
Reject. Let me thank everybody who said I'd never be method. Let me thank everybody who made fun of me and left me a total jokes cos. You help me have a leg to gave me an egg. Took you hate you made me harm will solve it made me. Tough. We're out was weak. He made me progressive where I was fearful. I got my egg to anybody. Got an aid to you, gotta aid, to do the things you supper. You don't get it to do what we like you, get an egg to do what went well until after a while, you get tough. me too go home and so forth. Still, though, heavy
so forth, but I'm learning how to survive in this encasement. This encasement was for my protection, but my protection has become my problem. What god says at one stage as a protection will become a problem at another state god sent Jacob and his sons to egypt to eat. It was a blessing at first, but several generations later they were enslaved in what was a blessing any time you stay at one stage too long. It creates a problem. Life is a series of breaking.
What was a blessing has become a burden, and now you have to have the courage to see what's in the next dimension, now not once this once we don't ultra south, so we don't answer. The equally is pecking its way out of what has become a problem, but what has become a problem used to be a place of feeding. So that means the person whose going from a job to entrepreneurship, to break away from the job. Entrepreneurship is kind of a scary because, though you know you're frustrated by the job you're packaging away into the unknown. Further Single person who's about to get married, your pack, your way into Well, no for the person who's been written. All their life get ready to buy a house you're picking your way into the unknown, but you're going to do it. You can only do it if you have an egg tooth, so the egg tooth
rights begin to scratch the ins However, the egg then pectoral force it just makes a dinner. It does make an indignant make an addendum, make him a din and make a living. Did it make it a dinner when I was studying, he's got it. I want you be sure to tell my people, because some discourage. You wanted a breakthrough, but you a dim in it hadn't fracture in Craig but should make a dent in it. The problem you have with your child had cracked it I know, but keep on keep on keep on pippin, because you you're making a dent in it
You're making a dynamic- you don't see that yet you don't see it yet it had broken through. Yet you just keep sitting on it because you make it look dinner. The hey everybody, I'm so excited to have this opportunity just to share with you a project that we've worked on with lifetime. It's called faith under fire, the latest toni braxton january. Twenty seventh check it out. We all have a top Suppose this is mine, the bible tells us respect and the lord gotta go through this, maybe get a curious to know tough, sometimes purposes purpose, just a surrender,
and so that's all, I'm going to show you today, but you're going to see the entire film a lifetime january. The twenty seventh will tell me: brexit, don't miss it. The church is going into all the world come on Go with us. Talking about process above about littering I've thought about development, I'm talking about prove I'm talkin about becoming I'm talking about making a dip in a marriage. I'm talking about making a dip in a business to make you make a dip in your ministry about making a bit in your life, and if you get frustrated in the process, you will never get to the promise after you suffered a well. God will bless you. I don't know. I don't know what this is boy delight, but the lord told me to teach it. You have to plan which need it and he told me to tell you, even though you haven't got the break to keep people he could.
Because every time the eagle it runs the egg to begin in a war of the egg, it makes a little dim in weakening the thing they stop you from Let's dimension, mercy happy all by myself. We give him the thing. The stopping me forget until the next dimension. I know you praise god for well? And you don't see a break to come in yet, but keyboard praising him, because every time you praise, if you're making a dip into the next two minutes lower somebody giving such a prey. Let's make me a secular pray make them in this. Process begins to we can but eggshell,
just weaken it begins to weaken. It gets
Would anybody who's been married longer than ten minutes? You ought to shout me down the shaft, because, whatever you're trying to accomplish as a couple it's a process, you make a dent in it. A person that change overnight you'll make a deal with a child that change overnight. You'll make a dent in a business, doesn't explode overnight. You'll make a dent in it. You don't build a church overnight. You'll make identity every bible class every sunday school, every vacasa bicycle you've, gotta just keep on making a dinner. I don't know who this is for, but our sense of spirit of frustration and discouragement has been trying to talk you out of the process, and the reason you had to be here this sunday morning is that the holy ghost has sent me to tell you. You are naked people in it, rather than pulling out a jacket on it targeted make an identity. The I want to absolve all your mentors of the guilt
and the same and the discouragement That you and the confidence you ve lost in yourself, because. You will probably had some that then the begone one of them. we points out learn is that the eagle can do nothing to help the eagle. All she could do is sit on it. the eagle it has to crack through for itself, You cannot assume the responsibility. When. The fact is there not breathing through that mean you a lot of good mental. mentoring. People is not fighting their battles, it is not solving their problems, it is not fixing their issues.
putting them in an environment where they can grow and get their egg too, so that they can make their own. Didn't you hear what I'm saying? Are you hearing? What I'm saying here I wanna go to my next point. Are you ready for this? I want you to get this. This is important to the second point. I want you to get good picture. It's out of one of your right. No one, this down don't be afraid. don't be afraid. Don't we to change, don't be afraid to tell You will change while you're still confirmed. The eagle changes while still confirm that embryo rose while still confirm the tissues grow, while still confined, don't be afraid.
to change its not just such a growing the business, the business is growing you it's not just such a growing. The merits of marriage is growing you it's not just at your raising the children, the children also raising you You become a good mother. you're not born a good mother. You become a good mother. To become a good wife, you don't start out a good way because you read a couple of books: you'll become a good husband. You don't turn out a good husband. That gestation period has to happen in your life, and you have to be willing to change. You've got to be willing to change, you gotta be willing to say. I was wrong I'm sorry, I didn't is right. You ve gotta, be willing to change because,
God is sitting you. You got hold of changes you will to to through development, because brightness has to be ass. You come here fly like your mama. You come here fly your bubble. You can't cover your flat. Like your bishop, you can't color, you gotta, go through changes at metamorphosis and changes and rearrange them as that'd, be we all go through struggles and embarrassment. You've got a class. Sometimes you gotta hurt. Sometimes you gotta go to bed wanting to quit. Some guy you've got to feel like bad, so bad you're gotta be depressed. Sometimes you've got to be spared. Sometimes you gotta be whatever it southern tai. Oh, my god, I feel like I'm talking the. such a move, a breakthrough.
Some other website break through this is a bright. message for somebody does a break Message for somebody, this is: The message from somebody does the boy to message for some, but this is a boy to message for somebody. This breakthrough message for somebody can I go look ridiculous I want to follow this thing about. What's britain into does about look like put your breaking out from. When you go into the next dimension, don't bring the rules from all demands. What works in the egg worked in the mist. Are you saying Somebody's rhythm, oh god,
somebody's in the middle of a shift. I can feel that this review of the biblical ship- god is bringing you into a strange place where the rules are changed. The order is change and structure is figuring out elements What about pay a chance to get happy to give you some content? Life is a series of birth rates, this is a birth, the ex started out in the mama first out into the best they want excellent. Well, it goes from being in egg to in the nest, none of it comes to stay it comes to pass. Everything in your life is going through a process, a birthday. In fact, you are the right now, you're in which right now you're
The world right now, this present his long are whoa? I know you're fighting to stay here. I see your jargon and exercise. You've got tummy, tucks and facelift, and everything else trying to act like you're, not changed a bunch of going through changes, because this is not your final dimension. This is just the place you're passing through on your way to work. God is trying to take. You know it's not popular people, don't hold pizza anymore, but go ahead. Grab the little car get similar. How you'll leave all of it behind the god is ready for that much better than anything you ever have before the. You can't back to the sale
a member, discover the nest. If you can't say good bye, How he used to think, You can go through the change and develop Look culture, a new thinking, a new attitude, you're gonna be stuck. On the same level to my son, will say this. I will say one thing to the eagles. Don't let. Stop you from the next summit, Because. if you don't go, you would. there is no option nor opportunity.
For the english to stay in its comfortable place. There's not enough air, there too, Spain, beyond your birthing process. You have no choice. What to grow up? You have no choice but to move forward the amount of time I've got to slept. There has been a real joy to share this work with you. I have strong conviction about it, because I really do believe that there is greatness in every human being. You need, find the right people in the right atmosphere, two hats that thing, but I believe it is down in there for you, and you can have your children get this in her heart and in their spirit.
thinking of getting it in your spirit, I'm so excited that our international pass to the leadership comforts is coming up April. Seventy through the twenty first You talk about how great this week, to allow a group of teachers at myself to hover over you and your leadership team to develop the greatness of the potential that you haven't said for more information. the first is the leaders not or I'll be waiting for you.
He's guide telling you it's time to lead the nest and saw something good. The goddess hatching fathers circumstances around. When you give to the ministries of any size, you will receive Bishop Jake's message, acting greatness on cd, as well as our french vision for two thousand eighteen calendar. Gotta just got a class of some websites. You give to seventy five dollars. You received the link between who is seriously resume. Bishop Jake's, bookstore and fresh vision for two thousand eighteen calendar amount of time to get up to venture awaits you take them legal faith and solar. Today they will bring you to another level and your charge in your ministers who have gone as far as you can go. Oh, what you're right something has got to shift. It was alive. I came here looking for something from god and I found it got to give a vision to have these all disappointment is controlled by expectation. What I have learned- and here I can take back right- a majority- bring something of the sort of like every feta cheese sector for ship. This is a place where leaders give reloaded rejuvenated, refocused, Darwin's oration or make plans to take your leadership to the next level. By registering at pastors and leaders, dot org. We can't wait to see what god has installed for you in twenty eighty
feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on the potter stout The. Through the whole year of pouring out to other people, I use this to configure the package. You don't just get one expert, you get many experts to learn what they want to teach us how to do. It was just absolutely incredible. I really feel like they thought about every type of leader in some type of way, make plans to take your leadership to the next level by registering as pastors and leaders, dot org. We can't wait to see what god has in store for you in twenty eighteen.
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