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He Is The Great I Am

2022-08-28 | 🔗
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Coming up. potter stage, spray father. I thank you for the opportunity. sure the word with the people of Gaza. The word would be late flesh while it is being preached and that people would be blessed and strengthen gimme. Member of father clarity of man that I might have effectively espoused the word of god to the people of Gaza. thank you, lord, because I know that Each. so somebody will starve this morning so that somebody might be fed the? a flock of god, of which the holy ghost has made me overseer. For what, to do.
Jesus name, somebody shouted visas goes back down to the jordan because he has just been fighting with the fair receives, who have called him a devil, but he knew not what you say not what the circumstances in my life look like a lot, not who my friends are. Not who my enemies are, I am who guards is so I picked out briefly that I really want to focus on- and I want to really the rest of the first one
This is my father one. So since I am one with the father, I am one with the father. This is what They got ready to stone him for because he was. basically saying I am go and they said is bigger whether the stolen Jesus, for which one of my miracles are the good words do. Are you going to start? we're not stalling for the good work. You did wisdom, Here the blasphemy of saying that you are god and you is quoted in scripture and said: did not the word? to those who hear the word as being gods, gods, small g, but still gods,. Over your choices, you're dead, prisons, right now.
where you are because of the choices you made. When I started writing about entrepreneurship, I will just riding the people who have a business with the address or location or a vision, and suddenly I begin to break it. If entrepreneurship is not about a business alone is really about a mindset, Are you take responsibility? are you take ownership and where you, what are you become the sea all over you? stop allowing other people to control your work, your destiny, your presence, your purpose and your about I'm through allowing you
presence in the building. To effect to where I can do what I was created to do, because you came in the room I am taking back through over my. I will not be angry because you came to the door. That's too much power to give to somebody at old trust. So I am to see all of europe, not only what I'm saying that was better than you shouted baby it gets you would you get all Jesus is my father one, I am not simply by what you say. I pay tribute it'll change, trade drama. It is for the rest of my life to the police, that. I am a man of the citizens.
The programme? We are happy with the because Life is if somebody's mad who's, not even thinking about you, the car, because you lack the car, you got the car to drive past your ex husband's house, so he could see the car and he's not even at all, There was some body that really matter reward with paypal. You wanna be one. This I am one with the father and he, more than I am one in the sense that we want to be one with god help me his essence in his deity in his The bible will later say that he thought about robbery to be equal. We gotta made of himself no reputation
Jesus will say. If you have seen me, you have seen the father, for I, the father of the father is in me, you say you worship, god, but then what got walks in the midst of you? You rejected these You really love the father. You would love me because the father dweller in me when the one god who is above you decided to come to you, he came in the person of Jesus Christ. if you want to best understand the relationship between price and god. Next time We have a glass of water, put some isolated.
which one of them is aids to all. You could get the glass and say the ice is in the water.
You look it, you have to say what the water, the black water, the eyes. You don't understand that they put on the stall the wallet when it turns to stay. that one element be replaced:
I still pay what happens right. God, shawls young kids, dog catcher. I suppose your waters and your teapot. Identifiable in three distinct, unique definable entities
What do the chemises all aid to greece at one with the varlet pay? This flesh Norma, is just what the father is housed, Mind your where they shut tat, god with us say. We have raised the generation of people. A lot about church they don't win aware, white, What am I supposed to know where the tickets? They know what tat service parts of it all comes about chat, but they don't about what, now about.
You know, god was used rather from your gavel. So I gave you know who your god was used, rather probably. Is the body guard. a baby was it so, power bites a voice point. He is right for physician,
The way the treaty otherwise got what he is a member of a balance. Here I sit bays here. He has the creator of the universe. Has sufficient power might reply that was said about tat? I believe was gone.
Yeah average. The average travel brands across from the one that you're worried about want to upset about what that said about the I want to challenge you to continue to support the ministry, because you know as well as I do that the industry is not about peals of its about about bridges and it's not about stained glass windows of technology. You idiot, Things we see around us. This is not really strange. Men.
story is word raging here. Powered touching me mirror touching mass, that's ministry and there's nothing about this situation. Backup circumvent the middle free from reject not only you and you with you and you, but people all over the world by the power of god. If your faith invigorated. If your man is renewed pupil, watch this broadcasts of his change, your life and every kind of way that I have to tell you that ground about how to incur You do so because you're too much of a christian sheet. About a good opportunity to pour out supernatural blessings of your life, because we are coming to a time that, if god does it do it, it doesn't get that a just war weapon. the
The last thing I told my son would have brought him off. to go back to school. I looked at hey. Don't you forget who you are? I didn't see you to school to find out who you are raised so now you, don't you let none of them. Professor tell you, you are fully aware of what you got out of bed to tell your friends who they are.
Don't tell him tell him who they are a citizen who you are as important about how she could talk about the one with the action number one. Number two: the shepherd. the good shepherd and the majesty of the text. Draws us to fund since, for he goes on to say that the goods It lays down his life for the sheep, Takes us to the cross and the power of the cross, Please the authenticity of the statement when he goes to the cross and lays down his life for the sheep, instead of substitution.
takes the place of takes a it's about this, so I could have a life that was not mine that the good shepherd shares her. But it amazes me because it goes on do what Jesus is preoccupied with not too much talking about laying down his life but giving A distinction between ireland and the owner since, when the wolf comes the fleas, because they are not his sheep. He said the sheep on this. The sheep done about me Your mom.
The people are simply take care you. If the wolf comes, they may one But he says I am the shepherd, the good ship on the sheep mash. You might think about everything. Everything you gonna be The grass you eat water to drink from the wall on your back knew you are mad and these, without that's true you know my voice, a stranger. You will not follow this.
Teachers me not to try to shepherd wool. Because proof there's ownership. my reaction to his work- I was here. I was, But I was here, Why but I was being I was crazy, but I will see us I was free. But I was here when he called me words crazy, why I said
because About the fulcrum here that got step of all legal mess that soon, even when you don't wanna be snaps said you are you belong to me. You took me for you. I said my blood for you, you did to live. Your life can away you wanna live it up when you I pledge structure caught unawares about you have come on your knees. Good shepherd and I'll feed. My sheep.
I have a stranger they wilma for lady, his fitness and this guy's trying to swindle me out some money and he got your site and you got your picture. His got your name She's, a buddy, don't sound like she's up and listen to this I was a little girl. I went Talk of a move would also like to do that is not my voice and I'm just a man must feel. What will the holy ghost nor my voice. a stranger will not.
I am the good shepherd. This is what I want to get about this. is that everybody else am I wrong. When the wolf is up to you. He said, but I got an investment in you. I got an investment in new watching. I will not leave you. I won't. Forsake. I will try to do so. I will deal with your devils. I will solve your problem. I will pull europe out of the storm because most of the council, that there is the good ship Let me tell you what he said about his sheep. He said my sheep
she'll, not parents practices, but never is a double megatons away. You won't go then. This is used. Not member perish, Cause you're my sheep. You're mad you're mad, and though you have people, namely on the edge of a cliff. Oh, no, I'm coming Got to I'm worried, I am, I am the mighty go though your friends left, you do your job.
Your mama full subject, Your husband left, you they all left. Because the harmless- but I am the good shepherd- you belong to me- tat There is no worse that is found them off. Turned me back. Also you In fact, labour you'll learn the battle is my throat you boy had suddenly it didn't you fight what you are before I get to quit, designed to fight what you're trying to fight. You were little tree. You don't have the true your wolf. Shut up by government The euro cycle will finally give your big teeth, three, so you would.
Me as what david what he said about rod thus a they comfort me, Deal what the stuff I got to deal with now I am not designed to deal with the pressure. My life right now? but what I have tabled see your rod and your staff. They comfort me the staff comforts me because my stepmom acted the stuff
I have no business. The staff has a hook on it, so you can hook me and pull me out of water and destroy the fabric that got. You hooked me and pulled me out of here about a year to hear that a hook to pull Joe out my brave right now the pull you off that job I pulled. My job. I pull you away from that woman pool you out the bed of a man who brought you love. My staff that's why the mic Your home is in baku because you ain't one of em, an actor.
And that club too, and I hope to cost you belong to me and I'm not going to go to hell with your friends the I am the good shepherd I'll put my stare for the I'll put my stamp on you and I'll convert. stop you used to brag about. Could I gotcha you by and I'm a the lord and master. I got my wrong or your wulf. The thing you pay, yeah yeah oh but thing you paid the bauer.
the thing that stress you well, the thing that you don't have the teeth to fight is that I've got the stick for your work and, if you'd come over here, you lived, but because the battle is mature belongs to god preaching the somebody I don't know who you are talking to this more europeans deserve a shepherd of blood, before I would let your wolf, you admit it. I will make my life the filming you. You didn't know you had it like that. Did you
Molly love like that. Did you didn't know he covered you like there did you watch No. All the hill ubuntu and all the things that should have drove you praise and all the things that should have made. You lose your every time that your wits in did we do something or send somebody make away or bring you did they always do it? Did they always do it not what you say
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