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2023-04-30 | 🔗
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Coming on the potter's touch the chance that your eyes you're still gonna make it. You still don't make it. I don't know when I dunno, where I don't know how you're gonna make it good. I know you know you're going to make it you're hurting but you're going to get your mountain there, but you're gonna make it your problem. What you're going to make it! You know what I'm talking about. This suggests that praise god. The reaction creates a response from that coming from battle. Unexpectedly,
Took a low point we're about to meet them, Maybe the women will ensue Maybe that's swell the smell press, red. venice, being put in the back yard and upon. At the close of the gatt, We are. They had no sounds of music. They saw her children running. The path women that song baby s father was killed. Espousals, but David S kill this tens of thousands of workers amusing strike up we're back. well. No sound lose when they came into the glare. Smiled smoke Smelled smoke in but it was, it was not the smoke.
Smells like food was smoke of devastation. It didn't even look like hall to the village. I thought I think, sometimes about america What happened to my country. How fire I morning. The answers are where the house's used to me. It is in this atmosphere that David returns.
You have to feel this. This is not just an ugly picture where's, my wife. Who is it. Has anybody. Now. There was no sir. Of a girl. and all the men are running through the debris looking for their children. Lifting up burning, embers trying to find songs and daughters.
And they had stepped into pay the kind of paying paralyzes. The kind of payment should know that the women and children were taken captive, their homes were destroyed. Now the man he train. The man that he Finding himself and it Stadium and poured into from nothing somethin. We're so feel with pain and anger, tat they Stoning. Now, look at the set up. David as leader. Could not go the soul.
Cosette wants to kill it. He can go to the philistines, comes a philosophical, just rejected it. He he turn to Abigail. Cause she's. if. Any time to believe that he has put so much too. and looking at him and there are reared and tears are run about their face. He sees hatred in their face. and there's nothing like seeing hatred in the face. The people you raise. I know you think I, like you, know what I'm talking about, but somebody and who knows what I'm talking about the poor locked into a person who goes into a tat mode.
You stole me, Tell me At my weakest most vulnerable moment, The paralysis, a penny. I want to speak to somebody right now. Who has been through the kind of pain created paralysis. Shut down your senses. it has limited ability to respond with retaliate. It has brought down to your knees. So upset you only inside that you don't even have words to articulate the magnitude of the problem you are experiencing. All you do is. Oh christ,. Wrong, what did the yourself.
Because it looks like everywhere you his pain Section Suffering. And who might be a leader, but you are alone. About the lonely, that's a feeling about alone. That's a fact, Lonely you get over in the battle, is no You can turn and direction and fan Nobody, no one, not an encouraging word. everybody in your life me you.
But nobody like page what, when people only wants you when you have the answer, The only wants you when you fix stuff. Would you backed up against the wall and you can fix it. They forsake you. You are very low. it was against the backdrop of this kind of atrocity. The David has to grapple with. Maybe that's all. I can't go to Israel. Solid shut the door. cobblers behaviour and his loss of ninety s main made.
And I got a clear because collisions listen and his princes and rejected me. from being amongst the philistine? where's part about it is or go home. What do you do? You can go all. You're not all is regrettable and go home. David can't go home. My god, marcus baby kit can't. Go home. My mother told me you could go. How would you take over warehouse He is paralyzed by pain and it was at this point That he made the most profound decision.
If, if Abigail doesn't encourage me.
If I hit, I am doesn't encourage me if the philistines don't encourage me, it's israelites, don't encourage me, and I don't have nobody to book me then, before I lay down and die in a spot that I will encourage the mass ave courage myself. I wonder if there's anybody on the ladder in the role or in the church or in a family or in a marriage or a business or in a situation where you couldn't get what you need it, what you're taught to be able to find it at your head to encourage yourself, because if you didn't encourage yourself, you are going to die. If you didn't encourage yourself, you are going to backslide if you admit cards, so you are going to quit. If you didn't commit yourself, you were going to fame wondering about talking to anna about it difficult for the bear with tears in your eyes that you're still going to make it you're still don't make it. I don't know when I dunno, where I don't know how I know you're gonna make it. I know you're gonna make it. I know you're going to make. You know. You're going to make it you're hurting but you're going to make it known that you're going to make it your problem, but you're going to make it but you're going to make it. You know what I'm talking about thirty seconds: praise god the need to survive must come from within you when it doesn't come from around you. It must come from within you. Out of your belly, shall flow rivers of living water outta, your soul. Out of your spirit, there has to come something that says, though he slay me yet, shall I trust that I had to fight back. That said, it was good for me that I have been afflicted. If I weren't effective I'd, never see the glory of god. There has to be something that rises up as a cancer. You ain't gonna! Let me call, then you ain't got me that that'd be something new that makes you fight baffling about somebody to tell a banker. It's the devil probably was going to kill me with all this smoke. He thought it will go private with all of this bar. He thought he was going to take me out. I lost my job, but I didn't lose my courage. I lost my house, but I didn't move my current. I lost my friend, but I did lose my courage as we prepare to worship the lord in our giving. We are cubic, as gifted people
Not desperate people not nervous people, not worried people, but gifted people, and I want to challenge you that one line god is going to create a platform for your gift to city, whether it's a business, whether it's a company, whether it's music, whether it stays, whether it's drama, whether it's chemistry, whether it's science, whether it's technology, god, is going to create a platform for your gift. You may have to go through the desert to get to the province, lay it, but the promised land is coming into your life. Can you hear what I'm saying to you and I want to pray Oprah what you have good vision? a pretty over what you have raised. And I want you to get see them on the ground. Because you care about have harvests see.
What do you mean? What you need to stop them? paralysis of paid is the tenacity to believe it will not stop right here
Through watching online there's a reason, gods got two online right now so that you can get this where you desperately need. This word you've been in a state of disappointment, something have you been in a disappointment for years. You have gone over and over how much right you have to get support from people that are no longer there and no longer with you. You cannot spend another day complaining about the paths you have to come into the present if you're going to change the future, but getting those things which are bad at reaching that one thing which are before you have to make up in your mind, if you don't encourage me I'll, encourage myself I'll hook myself at the bed, I'll lay in a bed and wrap my arms around myself and tell myself I love you. I will encourage myself. I take myself out to dinner how about myself a balance pats gear, how lift up my own head I'll, put all songs that make me feel happy. I will encourage myself and if anybody ever does come welcome to the party, but the party has already started set it off in here, set it off in here that it often hear that outfit here until payments turn, you aloof until the hell breaks loose to travel breakthrough that at all the fit business to be your turning point. This is to be your resurrection moment, visits every department to come to yourself. This is the moment to say better than this. The.
Some of you have heard me tell you about the time I walked in my house and my lights resolved, but my water was of and they repossessed my car and My house, and no by was in the house with me, and I said Talking to the house a leader, a house I told the house now you want to treat me, don't you but told the house I'll talk to the house like it was a person. so you alive, was coming off the walls The gas didn't work. The water was off. The fowl was of such a name.
I do not accept this pattern. Then this I told my sister getting up. Will you make up your mind to get up no devil in Hell can hold you down adult campus racism. Sexism government is adult. What's going on when you make up your mind, I'm going to get up, I don't know. I feel like I'm talking to somebody in this room coverage of show courage of so encourage us to stop blaming everybody who didn't have the courage and you ain't got time to be bitter. You gotta make it better. You've got to get better if you've got to crawl out your ballot, parrots the mercer it was only when he encouraged himself
Then he got a higher love to hear from god. You can give, but you cannot hear from he does see blood and urine before He encourages it himself. because he has to encourage himself. Yeah To receive a good were once it got through, encouraging So, You got to do this. I found out is too much weight to put on your made to it. The person you marry can leave you But what.
God I feel, like I'm talking to somebody god wouldn't have been preaching like this. If something wasn't about to happen in your life, something that your loss is about to come back, then a gap out from under your foot. You are about to get it back again. This is your boot camp that stupid you step by step by step by step by step, how to get back, what the devil stole from you. If I'm talking to you got thirty seconds of crazy, the kids bring you don't get yourself so broke, they don't fit. Your cod gets old. Southpaw encourage, oh, so you can spread out another year. Talk about what did I do wrong? Why do they love me? Why don't they respect me? You know you can't spend a year trying to make nobody love you. You can't make nobody with back to you naturally carried through the you can only apologise, oh lol. If I said anything, if I did whatever I did, I'm sorry, I went back how about you. This place was going through something you can only explain so lol thought later. You've got to make up your mind. Maybe that there is no is no to them, but it's still yes to me. If you don't want me, I still want me sad ass want me to fire smoke everywhere. Everything burn it up, but I stay out of the.
The the. We need to encourage self pastor, Michael S, god what say you. Go problem unless, what the law, Son.
Sarah I'll take yup, win or lose put a logo. the mod said the.
the lord said, pursue somebody's shall pursue pursue umbrella, weird crisis under attack. What I shall surely overtake them. God, thou shalt- surely not, maybe surely overtake them. Without fail. cover all
why you? I I don't know why you, I don't know why you I just I don't know why your brother, maybe it was when God stated, that permission encouragement, you getting fired from a motivational speaker, but you can only get put mess it up. I presume you that
applause, reporter was in a room. I reset your pastor, Is that what are you doin blood must fulfil? He said you got All is most welcome from the new york times best sellers with one what has gone on for sixteen weeks but still I passed.
Tablet unrealistic, but you're a pastor. He said why you brought it back the what, if god gives you the grace the you don't have to fit in the box that anybody made for you describe you and incarcerate you their opinion of what you want to do. God has, given you permission,
Shouted programmes given
God has given you permission to go after that thing. That looks impossible to find the courage to overcome any obstacle through god, for your gift of any amount. You'll receive bishop t D, jakes inspiring message. I have permission plus learn even more with the exclusive companion booklet not available in stores for you. Gift of ninety dollars or more you'll also receive the best of ios collection, featuring audio of eight of the most powerful messages from the international leadership summit to position you for maximum fruitfulness for your gift of one hundred and fifty dollars or more you'll receive the ultimate bible study, collection, featuring the ultimate bible guy ultimate bible dictionary, add the daily bible at three hundred and sixty five daily devotional, along with everything you see here, the recover. All god has for you call or click today, harry potter stretch, family. I am so excited to announce this to you within a work permit for a long time and it's finally ready I've got a new book coming out. It is to me the best book that I have ever done. It is called disruptive thinking. The reason it's better is because I'm better the reason it's broader is because I'm broader, the reason it is more developed is because I am more developed and it is important to me, because you are part of my legacy that you inherit the kind of thinking that causes you to accelerate the process to go beyond the barriers and the parameters of guard rails, that people set and impose upon you to limit you from going to the next level. If you don't like the life, you're living you've got to change the way. You're thinking kid, this book in your hand as quickly as you can disruptive thinking, may be the tool you need to defeat the giant in front of you and to escalate into the kingdom that god has promise you.
feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life? We look forward to seeing you next time on the part of the. The.
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