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Coming up on the potter ted is about olympic is about sweating, is about working, is it pain? Am I having impact at while you are busy putting energy into the area where there is no impact? You are doing it at the expense of missing other areas where you could really be grateful. If this strikes stop crying over your experience, experience gets you ready to be victorious. This is not the year for you to beat the air. This is not the year for you to shadow pop. This is your year to make contact to have it back in the saddle. If you dead at the wheel jealousy to grant more than we can maintain.
See more than we can We're always taking on more and more and more and more and more things, because we think more is better We love, or so myself, more. So we say for everything we commit to everything said by say more: we take more jobs, we take every opportunity, everything does bidding on everything that we go out to some I say more, but the most powerful people in earth are people who have learned the ability to say no. Oh world is not good grove. The fact that you have more doesn't mean that you're any better sometimes can take any more than you have the capacity to maintain I want to do this morning the ministry of no. This is the ministry of low.
Look, as I myself have the ministry of no. the ministry of low in that's hard ministry. Firstly, I want to talk to all you, nice people. because you master people already have this master, but I want to talk to you, a nice people who allow your congeniality to override your common sense put. A place where you are said: yes, yes, yes, everybody until you are totally exhausted. The pleaded deteriorated frustrated, which
I don't know, what do you feel like everybody's pulling out to everybody throughout the year everybody's calling you everybody's leaving you everybody's pregnant, you nobody appreciates you, nobody appreciates you. Nobody appreciates you. I hate to tell you this. You did this to you. Three, to yourself, because culture that existed with your family or your company or in your office. You helped to create it. You know, why would you the job we didn't know you. When you marry that man even know you, when you add those children, they didn't know you We ever learned about you, you to others. While our debts is so wait I'll be ever
thing we ever learn about you? You taught us. So you can't get to be the victim. I well understand why these cars going so furnace. when you got your foot only accelerate. While people use it because you, colleagues in years. would you you said yes, I should do what you said, etc. Then something you said. Yes, you said. Yes, you have your foot on the Accelerator. And all of a sudden, you know, everything about how much you split you look it up the thousands of car. You know how much gas is writ. You know how much or use rent you know how many Opium shiro brother, that you know everything about what it costs you, but you cannot measure impact. If you don't learn to major impact, is gonna fact how you do everything.
If you don't learn to think differently about the choices you make it The things that remain we're gonna do some trimmin today. we're gonna do some trimming based on a methodology that you may not have bother before we're gonna trim, some things where we are. Spending energy into areas where we are not compatible where we have a vital, not maybe gifted in that area. Everything that you enjoy doesn't mean is a thing you oughta do. there are some things that it's ok to be a spectator. You can allow my gift this area to seduce you. Functioning in a rule that you are not equipped bore.
I'll share with those girls will figure is my limited reading. I thought I could hit that note. I thought it. I felt that I felt it. I felt I felt it, but in reality it's probably better for me to enjoy them. Then join them, because I am not equipped at some people's eaglewood bomb allowed them to say what they are not good at you'll get burned alive. What you are not good at, you cannot focus on what you are good at, as you say, the impact that you need to be because, quite frankly, you don't need to be required. I know you love me, you got everybody's herbal, but I hate to be the one to tell you that you can see. the more energy are put into an area where I'm having moved by the more I'm starving above it
area were needed at work on the directive at we're out equipped and where I could do amazing things: You don't know the metric whereby you are being measured. How Feel successful. So a lot of us never feel successful. We're just there. What were you it's? Like? I said the princess before you came back. My wife and I when we first got married, the. The If we come in the house. the house is co. She terms thermostat All the way Is it
to turn at a mouth is I pressed maybe that's not how it works. Turn up. How you just determines how wall is gonna work to get to that number, but is not Make the house he any faster the premise that is designed to determine the rate of impact? It does not tell me, What's it then tell me how much how many kilowatts into it does theirs, On the premise that tell me how many kilowatts, if I go outside, read the meter, it will tell me how much energy expending but thermostat will tell me how much impact details. It is possible for you. More kilowatts, then you have On the burma's that come on top Somebody. We have a meter, but let's
Mohammed kilowatts call tiredness depletion, Exhaust party that- tells me how much energy spending how much effort unexpected, but the measure that kilowatts- and I don't the thermostat to measure the impact I will Applause reading as to whether a directive or not, it could be possible that the energy is going War is never being targeted at the go. The way of a thermostat is important is because a thermostat come pro when to tell a kilowatts that's about what, There is the thermostat turn all the way up and the kilowatts are just burn a burning burden? That means the motor remember shuts down, because it never feels like it
area wicked today that a lot of you are just burn em up. It murder- because Image or the matrix of impact to know that you're there, so you keep pumping and pumping, have public, have public and private or public public and you'd never get the feeling of satiety of accomplishment, because you have never had a thermostat to say you were there look at gar in the beginning, god created the Heaven and earth the earth was without form and void. Darkness covered the face of the spirit of the lord moved to become a place. Where was god said, let there be light and there was light It was good and the evening, and the morning was the first day at god said it was good, wait a minute more. You have you have no pal you behind most power, you have been created.
It's, what are you saying it's good. It was good for that day. such a cool, you just go to relax. Toolbar go hid it again. If the thermal service broke, it will burn up the motor because it just keeps spinning and spin and spinning and expanding kilowatts, because there's nothing in your life to say you have an impact. Imagine that scenario placed on your marriage. So you keep giving and giving and giving and giving and giving and giving and giving and giving and giving. But you married somebody who doesn't communicate. so you don't have a thermostat to feel like you have
Anything and a vigil, motor burns out. Because you cannot measure you can measure what you're spending, but you can't measure your impact. reason you might be so miserable today. The reason you might be so depressed or discours. Today it We because you do not have quantifiable measurements of impact to our matter
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we're goin on a cruise joy is really about overboard, light through the sixteen twenty my team, as we set sail from fort louder, they'll to the bahamas, jamaica, the grand jury than ours and key west. We have maintained only filled with funding beds created with you in mind. We take over the pope reserve your speech today to tell the nineteen tv jake spent in family. Could we be increase feeling this report shows the cable, Then I am I going to do is to them that are under the law, as under the law. them better. Under the law today, without law as without love, you also many people. They got one gear talking to the man at the boat
I got one came in because I believe that in this house and the law, Hopefully the house was my and our marked around that The warm language best Language. If you're gonna be successful, you had to be multilingual, to be able to speak in more than one leg. it's get what you want. you're about to have an impact was pulses became when I got with the Jews. I became a jew when I got up It also that the law as smokers, those who had no laugh when I got amongst the gentiles I spoke like a pal, the more versatile you are in your language, the more impact you have in your life from People always speak. One way, your mother, you talk mother, you and aboard road talk to me, like I'm, your kids. Now I'm freaking out, because you at the world language for the opera. You have a given,
Did you operate tuna? These were you, don't have the right leg with you can't figure out why you would not have an impact because a lot paul you it was all but you're not gonna, get. It causes rigid, fridge and you're in italy, people This threat to them that without the laws, without the lobbying, not without love of god but under the law to price, then I my day that I might have changed. they couldn't find trains. The jail was gonna, be the jew. The lawless, we're gonna be long. Just tell me the guitar. I couldn't spent my life waiting, all them the trade trade so that I could go pact. It is we are for you to change. then to demand that the world change to fit. What you want to be.
Somebody shouting about human rights attached to them But without the laws with double up do that's right to the weak look at it. So the week I became as well. So I walk there were weak people intimidate them about. How could you do their best ass? This. I wanted to get down to. We preserve made some mistakes too. understand what it's like to be in that situation to the weak. I became as weak that I might Go away. But our minds impact may all things to all men. Then
By all means, I won't get a ball, but I'm gonna get a whole lot of guys get caught for myself. What you are doing is wanting. Why do you boy? No I'm serious! I want you back with them. Is Why. You have a job to work. You have one that offers him to the ground with your ever do not work. time to change this. Say hello to you has turned the chain
You spoke about one in eight as one of its as we shall receive our after that. The holy ghost has come upon. You. You shall receive power does not mean you shall receive impact. use, oversee power is not a thermostat. Praise is kilowatt phrase It means you brought about power to attack the rome, but it didn't listen. It's not gonna work. somebody. Big alone is not enough. Some of the most more people, I've ever met my life or in storefront, pluck up with hails from people call them power
like god, like never legacy, but can't figure out how to get out of the building. The fact that you have the power doesn't mean you have an impact. As what I one is, you shall receive power. You know what god gives you the holy ghosts to help you to be effective. The power comes to do something not to sit and just go hang out with you for the next thirty years, so you can have goose pimples. When the past is preaching and every now and then you can speak to jabba dancer and I'm just going to keep you company, because I know you lol. No god, yes, power to people who were planet all impact so that when you get in the thick of it, you will have enough power level. I gotta know pablo right now I will not run out a pal. I will run out of scriptures. I will run out a light. I will run out of breath before
I don't know into the spirit of the law. Down inside of me to get me. the power to do everything to do. I don't care how good you are. I don't care how you or you will never be able to outdo me because By the power of the holy cow, that's an accurate than me, The. Almost nobody, I'm not a proud of low modern amounted to about either by it about what the stubble somebody cell. What
I was thirty years old. My hair was black. I was half the size. I am right back over to god. Now at sixty, a lot of things have changed, but one thing remains the same goals. So you can have power, but you gotta take was in kilowatts. I get it all a thermostat so that you can regulate what you have been given before you burn up. Before you burn out before you get compassion, fatigue.
you know why people fall out of love is compassion, fatigue. You ve got the thermostat turn up. My injures. Never get to cool off of three. This grid to put must go to redesign papa. and this I do What's it for the gospel sake,. but I may be way apart. Take her thereof with you. No you're, not that ye will run in a race run. but one receive the prize, so run that we may have paying you goin. And every man that strive for the master is temperate and all things now they do. It. To obtain a corruptible crown, but wheeling crop corruptible
other fossil run. Not is uncertainty, sulfide, I'd love as one that's what I want that being that the shadow marks. Best cardio here was on life. You do it right best carter. heart racing, I certainly wouldn't leave. Only problem is nobody there. They call it shall box. Some of you in this room are finding things on Ebay,
You're still trying to prove something to your dead father. And he's gone and still swinging something that ain't even fear, no more. What's your bucket for the shadow. Buzz of voices, o ghost insecurities that make them but your decisions shadow, but you can't. then to measure impact You start at least sparring with
now, you ve got a partner. They had to mix up, and now we can see how much impact and then you go from aspiring pardon to where he puts a box and on and he hits your bag David did not pick up a rag in Iraq. I'll kill a liar. You To take the regular rough and just So one did it matter, and sling nothing and travel over a care the shadow box there To the land and the bear he's mouse, boring. when a party starts, despairing he's ready to go and ring. Now he has gone from energy shadow boxing to impact, because now
boring and the next thing is he's going to get in the ring where the blows have come in both ways. Okay, may I suggest to you that the last fight you fought were not the fight, They were the press for the file. You follow me every day. Every day I breathe, I cod for all the time. bought in west Virginia got me ready for the fight.
In dallas, the time gap got in the ring in Dallas, oh yeah, baby. You know what you experience, matters stop plan over your experience. Express gets you ready to be to be. Experience makes a difference in light of all talk from somebody. This is not the year for you to beat the air
It's not the year for you to shadow ball. This is your year to make contact. This is your year to have impact. I don't know who I'm preaching to the saddle bing roof of the pilot, how people looked at you at a restaurant if the sea? Clearly, he must have the lever you for your gift to the ministry of any amount. You will receive bishop's, enlightening message on the human cd as well as his custom, two thousand and nineteen calendar the reason the animal watch, the intimacy, because this is a place for your blessings of birth, and when you get this ninety dollars or more, you will receive the all eyes on him. Five part series on cd and dvd. If you keep going through the same thing over and over again the demise. However, when you give is one hundred and fifty dollars or more, we will add this attractive. Decorative wall, plaques stop crying over your experience. Experience gets you ready to be victorious. This is not the year for you to shadow box. This is your year to make contact. When you have all eyes on him. He illuminates your path. Even canada visit us online or call to order your digital downloads today.
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