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It’s all about the Stones, Joshua 4:6-11

2020-08-23 | 🔗
To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/973/29 We are in a season of difficulty and treading uncharted waters. We must decide at this critical point, are we going to fight or turn back?
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Will back street strain stand when such a strange longer stay and stand what you scared to death, the state and the people He is uncertain and together he is unproven and he comes Onto the Jordan River. And he has to fight, which is what God promised.
Most so, shall I be with you. So he comes down to the joy This time it's a Jordan, not the Red Sea. The traditions have changed, but it's still the same though butter obstacle any down to the water with the promise of cod and hake. To the Jordan River and nothing happens. This is the moment. This is the moment that proves that authenticity of his leadership. This is a moment. Then he gets a public validation of
just call move God that shot several mouth ass to the authenticity of his colleagues and it comes down to the break up of swallowing and nothing happens. The priest, Ober Home and the people are behind, and the promise of God is four and nothing happens. What did your mom? Nothing happens?. Here too the plan
two would ensure moment and it doesn't work. This tax is not about what were it's about. What didn. If God was going to do with him what he did with Moses, he should have gotten to that. Of the Jordan Ray stop his rod and the waters when hither and thither he walked to the edge. The swelling Jordan and nothing can you imagine, What the crowd was saying behind The true almost feel the beating of his heart. Add the rushing of blood to his face, because I told him that God was with still, there is no move from Heaven, there is a will. There is no blowing.
There is no water party. Everything is acting as if He had no anointing at all. It is this that we must decide. What you must decide right now. This moment in your life that you have come down to a critical point and nothing has happened. Are you gonna talk your tail and turn your head in your tail in turn your head and go back Oh, are you going to town into the water. Not set as I walls we moses social I'll, be with you, But he didn't say I'm going to do with you what I did with Moses. He just said, I'm gonna be with you as our,
as with most so he had to step down into the water. My god look in his fate suppose method. He went down into the Jordan. And the priests followed him into the immovable swelling tide of the join this whoever and preach into you're, getting ready to walk in the sum that aim, You didn't get it a walk in the sum this stand up in the face and laughing at your faith and tell you that your God don't work and you in it by yourself and if God was with you, your husband would live here and if God, what's with you with a brute lucid you're, like God,
with you, you wouldn't have to test the store, and if caught was with you, you wouldn't have paid off the enemy, but the devil. It's a lie. I said the devil is alive. I said the devil is said: the devil is alive. I said the devil is allow hire. Somebody give a thirty second request. Pull at this stage. Since taxi hee, hee, hee, hee. Now in one his feed, our wit. If it was with it, if God was but I'm not gonna, stop see the devil I wanted to go for. The devil is alive and I'm
Increases in a way I will reach it anyway. I have appreciated anyway, because this is gonna love someone for somebody. This is gonna break a Europe for somebody. This is gonna open, a door for somebody. This is gonna released, somebody's gonna set, you free you and the Miller transition you in the middle of change in the middle of obstacles, and you thought got what's gonna work at one way and they did work like you thought I was gonna work and you think that the fact that it did work the way you thought it was gonna work means got said no, but the devil is just because the waters, no part at the bank that mean that won't open in the middle. Please go to the wall and there he is the water all ready. The type is shattered because Moses is people brag because their feet never get wet? Can you imagine the people come down into the water San?
as you know, this right, some as raw, what is because Mamma said that when they step down into the water, their feet didn't get wet, and now this man got us walk in water, that a move. Do you have got and it looks like? God is not with us and he kept on walking in the murmuring and the complaints he kept on walking in the controversy. The cap on walking a country has a controversy. Our world is a controversy, as some people are trying to figure out. What to do. You gotta keep boardwalk bakers, or else they can say whatever they want to say they can do whatever they wanted to make us feel. However, they want to feel, but you gotta keep our walk it. When you know, God is the sad you gotta keep boardwalk wanted, but no matter what your position is, you got an opposition,
I said, no matter what your position is. You got an opposition and if you feel like your position is really gotta get to keep on Walker, they can't walk stepped out into the water and nothing moved and the priest when, you gotta have somebody who will get in trouble with you. If you know I have somebody with you better get in trouble with you you about yourself,
You gotta have somebody who is so committed to you, but they will step down into waters that I move with, as if you say, go, I'm goin. If perish, perish goodness king, we might have to drown out, but I'm going to suit. We might get swallowed a good news. We might bear a study humiliated, but I'm goin anyway. I left to watch me. Mister rabbit go back where I came from and I made up here. You have a prayer, its good, and that is why my feet my get wet, but I was seven- is wanna. Make us like a step in this water monies might be wet, but other stepper, this water, he trusted member, were wholly go. Sit me here to tell you to step in any way at all. They don't like your bus stipulated everywhere. I go there talking about your bus deputy, really way, though they are against US stability anyway. I believe in Texas about your bus tepid it anyway that talking about your facebook and grant but step into it anyway. It's a balloon and how all of a sudden Joshua and his priest step down into the water and when they got in the middle of
would they got We love it when they stepped into the middle of a mess. God showed up. God told me to tell you he's not gonna. Do nothing. If you don't do that, he's not gonna move reviewed. All mobile he's not gonna show up if you don't show up, but if you saw the loud Sarah meter half way.
Why do I give everything you, but we will never get peak, were snap pillar? Why me why Sir Joshua stripped down into the water? Because this was the moment and what is your moment uk go back with Israel moment? You can google up with Israel moment, Uk Gibbey and I came to tell America. This is the moment. This is your monitor this issue, this it's a kind the moment the changes, the world the trajectory of our reality. This is our moment. This step down into the water step into the controversy step, to confuse step into the massiveness. Get mud in between the old Toller, kill, kill, choose all get down in the mood in the best of it and say ass for me, I will allow I'm talkin to, but I feel like I've talk to somebody tell your neighbor stone, step by step out in the Methodist. Your marriage is in trouble. It I never get better. As long as you stand on the banks, you got a step down into the midst of it. You got a step down and take it shall be thirty. Get mud in between your toes mess up your computer do tell the devil. Uk have my marriage. You saw UK him. I thought you, you wanna, take just a moment of your time and challenge you to understand
there. We are living at a time where we have to live out that we have no choice If we're going to really see the power of God moving our lives, we're going to have to get like Joshua and we're go Really go out in the water and watch the hand of God move in our lives move as he did for a father, your grandfather, we may after really blew further enterprise that we were before. I challenge you to so seeds, to play them to the kingdom of God to watch God. The rest of your life, not Because the cookie, not just because of our ministry but because you have to get out of the Jordan heavier Stones are sacrifice bill, your own faith toward God, accuracy we're on the verge of a promise. So I so many problems so much chaos so much good views. But if you take an opportunity right down so under the kingdom of God, I believe in God with you for an increase on your seat. Preston. Shake it together and running over and when
children s you how you waited, I didn't make it make it both sides make it by about technology made it by walking by faith. This is just to test, will get through this. Let's face it right now, so until the capable God what guy? closely supernaturally. I agree with you and Jesus shape for turn on your see what should happen, and it's gonna happen soon.
God will make the waters roll back out of your way of saying that all of a sudden the people had to come to quickly. You gotta understand what the walk into it looks like the walk into one, but because a priest was in place they would walk into water. There was walk to pray with fear at cop, their lack of spare us a plan that gets there. That's why the precept of flash, because a priest always represent praise where praise is, go up? Blessings come down. I don't know what you're in the middle of right now, but you data drop your pay to go into a crazy praise. You data praise, immature pajamas, Unita, praise him in your house coach. You data presented your slip, it down you data praise, immature lower Unita properly or for praise of Unita put down your coffee cup appraisal, whether I think up a good this achieved at all. That is done for me. My soul cries out. They got for say remaining raise a boy. You signal that back Deca praise of right, where you are because, if you want to throw up, you gotta learn how to give it the praise somebody of Israel me so praise of right now praise it like you, have a fight, Praiser Black, you in a storm praise it like you in a battle razor back. You want a breakthrough. Came here. You open your mouth at the gods.
The priests were standing, steel and the children of Israel were coming through the priests and they were coming to friends and they were coming in an area where the beat of the priest stood firm. God said, wherever you span firm, wherever you take us stay in whatever you stop being wishy washy, whenever you stop being to face, did whatever your feet stand? Firm, gossip? I want you to take us stole from the place where the beat of the priests stood firm. That means you gotta stay in what it looks like he's about work it you gotta stay when it looks like God been here, you gotta stay with everybody's ostracize at you. You got a stand with lifeless complicated and the priest just stood there. They stood till the wind. Came, they stood till the waters parted they stood till away was made. They stood till the children of Israel start coming through they just to slap, your baby say just stay, you don't know what to do. Just stay him. Just stay and flat put it on the rock. This rock is cheese. Us spend all the promises of God. Oh, my god is my bet, he's or the southern that he should repay. This is what about do haven't all this time. Therefore, what is good about we have true for somebody, says, look at somebody as they stand by that somebody says TAT had happened and so right where they still got. So I don't want a rock
Stable. Water rock that you're, not stamina. I pay you rock, but you didn't stand all it is not the rock by itself, but it is a combination of work and feed. The van conviction every place where the priests feet stood firm, take a rock, so what all of the children of Israel had passed over to the other side, God said: take a rock where the beat of the priest stood. Firm, am gonna. Turn your moment into a bubble.
A boy is something you remember. A boy is something you teach our children. A memorial is a standard that such you, apart from other people, a boil use your story, your history, your destiny, you'll legacy, is all tat up to a butcher. Rocks. Look at some, as is all about the stone, the stove stones, to leave it to you, get your stone. Don't leave it to you get your stowed. You need something to prove to the world. I was there with God made aware that was there with a tad begin, was there when they fail offered an apology? Was there with the statues begin fall was whether the confederate was tat. I was I was right there. I was right to say that the priests were forbidden to leave the Jordan without the stone
many times we leave
Jordan without getting are still too many times, would just glad to get back and we don't get nothing out of it. Don't go into a meaning. You don't get nothing, don't let anybody take up your time with some euro given up another got said. I didn't take you through all of this, for you too, about get something out of it. Get something out of it before you leave manage the waters, a stand at all here, we're running out of time and the pre so already got a load gotta reached out and get a stone the stones out so important that God add more weight. This is the weight of glory glory course use something glorious heavy on your shoulders Gloria I get to quit. Glory add to your load, hardly Louis, but they carried it out. The carrion stones in the curious stones, low with religious artifacts, their periods, stones weighted down with the armor of their government, but they carried it anyway, because God said your children need to see your story. Even allow preach here today my youngest son standing here to Mass, wanted the seamen who shot one. It would seem ass stones know that your daddy is paid out, though, that showed that it was a built in a fight. Burma, silver watch it on the stand, that a crowd does not define you that if caught before you he's more than the world a kid civil and when all hell is break it loose, you just play and some other Hollis. This is some you take it out of a book has got to be modeled in front of you. You gotta see it in your life. You gotta be able appointed. You gotta, have a sister recognises that it must also be the books, but they teach other class. Take these steps.
And power come up where you live. So that with the old we drove past. What means these?
You tell baby is all about. The stone is not about. The jewelry is not about. The goal is not about the bikers out is not about. The silver is not about. The money is not about. The house is about the stones they forgot bestowed. You can build a house. If you got the stones, you could get the girl you forgot, the sculls you can get. The silver is all about is all about the stones. This stone she got is a fight. You got the stand up, you ve got is a force, you cut its massive ague cat is a fight to suppress, do relentlessness, you can and you got to spend their fell. They keep slap at all of your pocket, batch production and now you're trying to kill you. You just priestess message today.
It's all about the stones. Because the by when your children, s shoe what means these stones. Tell them how the Lord was with them. When you were in the middle and the middle of a job. That is the message the stones The message that a trance generational it is. The stones of the sixties, better twenty twenty stand on, If we had done what we beg, you couldn't do what you do
History is a muddy business. Hallelujah, it's only clean when you wash it off to make yourself look good history. It's always been a messy business. It's always been rough for the rugged and the ragged. It's always had an extenuating circumstances and backroom meetings to get us to where we are. They stole safeguards. This is about these tones. It's all about bedded. Your knee on a football field being castigated mental somebody principally or somebody's neck is all about is all about it's all about the progression of a conversation that they create
The controversy confusion caused jobs it on following people and rejected on people and the price people paid for the freedom we have and that's why the freedoms must be precious. Because they are so experts. There are so so Spencer. That's why you're here to vote, because it was so. It was so expensive. I know you're frustrated if you're, lucky Bordeaux cabinet that work and are making to harbour illicit. It was so expensive, A respectable Johannes US is that the blame for Suffer for don't do that, but
Please them to see you go down their case about cars, to watch, no matter what your circumstances, maybe God is making away for you for any gift. You receive a CD, a bishop, Jake's message a brighter day for your gift of seventy five dollars more. You will also receive the work on usb as that of seven promised guys and the book planted by Bishop Tv James Comical online today and celebrate gods promise of a brighter day. I wanna play about fear loudly and as long as the pilots from other that door white Ass, a sheet was the today the public about the vote. As we got a problem, I don't know what you're talking about, but I'm worried about it as a driver. As leader you can read all your children.
You had to be spent press, because when you are not step prayers, you represent the whole world for this is a great opportunity to treat them about like that things come out of nowhere Teach your children a lot of life lessons and how to be happy in confinement. So you begin to teach the children. This is a trial of our faith, and this is a season that we're going through right now and we're going to lean and trust God to take us through those circumstances and to bring us out safely.
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