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Coming out on Father's dead, you use that But it's not like that
is really, but this is not that way. And I've seen fishing boats and they're not that way. Jesus says to him. You're close to it, but you were cast your met on the wrong, sir. What that says to me onto.
Is it because, as I have already gathered, your fish yellow fever, lives must have heard of it? You heard it didn't, have already gather your fish. Your blessing is waiting. You waiting. All you he's he's got. His person is restricted. Everybody else. This he's he's got. He's been waiting all new to acknowledge.
The Bible says, acknowledge him and all that ways and be sure what path gases I'm going to show you where the Fisher prophesied somebody of Israel. Would you walk out of this bill? God is going to show you where the prison you didn t know where it is. The thing I told you I tried to get the bill had tried to teach. You get three steps, but that's it you whether this it's right through preaching.
Somebody tell of your personal Y know: you waiting on waiting on the part of the package is waiting. All waiting ode to joy increases waiting. All you want to get on top of that it is too late. It is not, God has got it right. I think that is about the right. That's why you have to be at this conference. We because that is so. You know why.
From one side of the boat but hold about toil people. But all this out of the boat is not that far but break This is the time about level things theirs. Very little difference between them. its content. And the red room. They both got a bad. They both got a bathroom. They both got a shower. They both got solely both got Taos but greatness, the term about little things. Big people about little things. Little people don't care about little things. That's why they remain little
Someone said the little things: what soldier, pillow and turn down service at six o clock revolving service leaving budget turned into a spar. Excellence is the term about little thing. You could triple the price of the ring. It responded. Take a chair, a little big church critics, pro nuclear paid attention to little Lady Middleton gives little by little. So they brought about some other side of the boat footnote. If all roads lead to you, you will, our growth, if you control everything, you will never grow.
The fishermen, who fishes with a rod and a real will never take a great crowd of fish because Control everything. The way to catch a great crowd of praise is to throw your net. That is not working relationships, connections, interweaving, Euclid, Thorn yourself, you'll, be put all your systematic with somebody hurt. You said, you'd be put all your systematic review progress this you can twice as much as you yourself so Peter Poor, Into the sea. Because this is a part of a system, it.
speculative system an assistant way through a system, because the sea of Galilee of assistance. the third pillar, Jordan, the bird see this system assistance, respect systems. People are prey to a system, you have to stop taking like a person. I've been thinking about you and he threw his mention two it was never into the sea. And he took it and I'm King James Language, a great drought of fish. And the more it meant for him to take A great rout of fish, Because what God is after it's not fish.
He wants to once and for all settle how Peter sees himself. I'm here is the challenge my friend. You cannot make a decision for Jesus Failure to be a true decision, because the one success comes, it will seduce you away from your decision So he got out what I'm saying. So he allowed him to take in a great crowd of fish have been. Having one thought bending wanted. The question then became do you really want what you got. because we ve been he stepped in a revelation. My next. My next point is revelation watch is watching, watches ITALY, the board Peter.
Get the revelation. John gotta. John, the revelation because job as a worshiper. Peter the plight of a job as a war, You do what the woman told you to do less like you could see what you ve never seen before your worship. Life is going to give you a revelation that she didn't have before and the one who is a war, super power, and so Jesus walk it s not a strike. At that stage. Gives revelation to people who was not people worry watch. This war
Troopers eminent worship either got makes a noise now here here is a good part, because your worshiper, you gonna, get revelation. but giving revelation. Giving satisfaction to different lights,. You will always know what changes as in a row. But if you're, not a person who takes action. You will also remain in the room and then never take action. Point fat reaction, John, has the revelation of who Jesus is Peter is a man of acts, John
But Peter chums everybody has been in this conference all we, you should have seen some this week that to get a move on eighty two, that is to say the two, that sexual, that's, that's, you build a watch, but if all you do, is you wait till late? We expected increase in your life. Now it sounds crazy. How can you be talking about increase with everybody? The world's talk about decrease every bicep, about downsizing ever based on throughout the continent? Everybody up about the bats, once
that's us, apart from their oh yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, because we have a god that will bless you. The Bible said that, in the days of labour, All the leprous but maybe recovered you wanna be an exception to the rule that beats the at risk: This is again at first of a just cause. It happens next door. Does that has happened to you and I want you can keep your faith highly Lou you, because we got a wolf. That's what we're gonna walk out that we're gonna walk it by paid at it's, not gonna, be best site that it's not gonna, be my feelings, we're not walking according to the press paper for the stock market Wall Street we're walking according to the word of God, because we, the people of Gaza,. Thank you so much. We listen to the bishop,
most every day every morning early and he's he's on our television and wearing through the house. Thank you for having? kitchen Thank you so much for being obedient to what I have told you to do beg you. Thank you and a nominal job.
When you're gonna be out right. The preacher The president was sitting over there.
Percent ratio was he jumps into his. its preacher treaties to me said step. He steps to observe you gotta, stop you. Your best, you got a shovel. You got a chocolate. What city marshal paying for the mother of all the personal plus black one post black one approach?
what a nice but there's one another woman in a pragmatic and we'd all right now, you're telling me that you can open your brain watching them. Also, man, you're gonna, think that's a slogan. What's up with you, you're gonna drop will weigh. What's your warning.
What what what what job problem empty boat? four, What was he said. this man. This is the moment when Peter caught up with me, calling Said yes to this step into its purpose, one job.
Prejudice but one job you one way from a make: a million dollar bill. You want Europe away from that. No peer review been tram, your walk away from it all the public service you're. One way that I was just one job at every point at every step has already been said. The prince was put on Cold and I've got this weird- Robot no form of coal.
Who do not form a coat. Why But I hope he said tell my people That's what I'm requiring a view is a job.
but I got you covered here. You know what I'm gonna do your with his coat.
For the sea and swimming in a cold. every swimmin away from the catch. And it looks like. He swam away success, but Cuba has decided. I'd rather have the saviour So that's what you wanted. You want pleaded approve motive.
does not want people who follow him for the fish we watch. People whose motors Pure hello, Peter is Swimming said. I don't care about all have fish, I don't care. If I don't have no boat, I don't care about old ketch. Anything I'd rather have Jesus then have a man. I'd rather have teach us. Then I have a boat I'd rather have jeez. I have this. I'd rather have jeez. I'd rather have I'd rather have I'd rather have visa at what well? What are? We was turning his head pickets, some air to do as much risk. Smelt fish.
With his face, I don't mean role fresh fish. the who says that led to this didn't realize real ass had in front of you.
Jesus watches: Who s been for fish already had what he asked them for the woman at the well Jesus who asked her for water already had water, whatever God ass, you for he's already tat. He just wants to rule. Are you willing to give it Abraham? Take now you'll make you my liberal sacrifice asked: did you poor sacrifice, but really gonna pick it up a fool around freely creature. You got you ve already got it prepared. What you're after something goes wrong.
God's gotta prepared place. Let me prove it to your own clothes. He said I'll, give you houses that you didn't bill I'll, give you a video search. You didn't I'll, give you positions the tubing, create open doors for you to into a problem. Bliss. Peter gets out of the water. Jesus and similar it Things tat: this was a red hot, on what was one debris
And then I had it all the time. What I have already had, I just. I wanted to know. Could I trust you. Good, I trust you that you would always choose me over what you were after.
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