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2017-07-23 | 🔗
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More people than you could imagine, go a lifetime without ever stepping foot into a doctor's office. Medicare is aware of this world wide problem, doing something about it. With your financial donations or even the giving of your time by volunteering, you can join mega tears efforts and do your part to feel and given liked to suffering individuals or more information visit medicare online at w w w Dodd mega care missions, dot, org coming up
on the pattern, tat god, let's something happen every day, somebody get less. Somebody get somebody get somebody get wet. Sometimes you gotta do something radical to get out of your system, which some doubt about yourself in a corner. I say something tat. You were saying something is going to happen, but I said now someone's gotta and working through the pattern patch, I'm quite jake's common. Many
people have learned to live with and accept something that god once did deliver them from the back. well says peter tug, the lame man by the hand and lifted him up immediately. He received string And began walking, leaping and praising god. I want you to know God is getting ready to take you to the next level with his powerful here He is willing and able to lecture it was used to lay he was being carried. just sitting in the same place, while other people were mobile and he was used to big asset to give use begging is more than having money will not have the money. If a man said
give me mentality. My name is Jimmy and you oughta give. and everybody who doesn't give me something wrong with them, because I'm used to living off the benevolence No, don't give me a job. Give me some help cause I'm and I'm used to just getting over. I got a begging mentality, Peter and John came back at the hour of prayer And there he was watching the travelling over and they thought this was Another passer by just like just fly Some of you, I think this is just a mother son. You got up. Are you goin? No, are you bring me some coffee and let me see
I. ordinary. This is, is the enemy of mere ordinary this just where you get in a mundane rule of law. Expecting since just sitting around going through the motions, but there was something about when Peter and John passed by this man that he looked up x to to receive something. You know, I'm thankful for this church. And there are many others and a great change them outside with only one, but you know is so important to go place. You might not know exactly what's gonna happen.
This is the. I don't always know exactly what is going to happen, but while on the drive here expecting the happen, I don't want to be anywhere. Where nothing happens, I don't want to work a job where nothing happened, not bored too easily. If I'm going to be a salesman gimme, some customers are available dates and bitches. Give me a shovel. I gotta have some action going in my life, the levant going to be in a relationship put some magic at the god's sake, don't let me be and the whole church thing is they don't care it made my web app again where I can walk. Don't care really know where, where nothing is
I want to be worse some day. I don't know what it is, but god let something happen every day somebody get blessed somebody did have somebody get, though, is somebody get revived somebody get restored, but please laugh somebody? Throw your hands up and say something gaddafi. There are three stages. This man went through. He goes the olympic stage, the member states. Stage of this fund this war You just do the best you can with what you get this limping library. I ve, been a liberal stage from his
Mother's womb, the implication suggests that something must have happened from her womb that led to the limping in his life. Isn't it funny how things in your child You way pass away, but you still limping.
It is embarrassing when you flip it over something that happened a long time ago, because when you try to tell people the truth, thirty five years old and you're still hurting over something that happened when the that they don't have much sympathy for you. Everybody got sympathy for victims when the tsunami, because it just happened, but they better hurry up and get well quick because, twenty years from now, if you still plan over some people are challenged over, you ought to get on with your life, something that happened to you that leave you The member states here are different relationships for this money, It is an affront to the signature of the men have agent stage we're doing more. finish school, but I was limping.
We should all have by now, but we were stuck limping states. Raise my children of remorse, active life while Trying to raise them, I was limping it. So I was there could be, because I was stuck in the member states it's a mom. Are you trying to raise your daughter, you used to me about it, arrays you because you're stuck in a liberal state, but I am so glad that trouble don't. Last always he went from the member states to the myth things. We John came by him check this out preachers because you know preachers, love to preach and lifting the preacher. Everything but period John, never preach to him. breach of love to preach.
a person's minutes past us think that aids is wrong in the church. They had strained about preacher. But pretended to fix everything. It is wonderful, is great, but it then it then everything because Region, fringed everything you wouldn't have to have faith, I just jump up and fix it with the gift god gave, but there are some things that you can't fix with the gift. God gave that's why preacher new york saved us, but didn't women him? the shoe into your flesh, carnality, and instead of drawing closer you're, pushing it further away because preachers do megan, don't complain and don't argue and do bigger and don't fix everything. Sometimes you gotta be still and wait on the lord, the
when I was younger and preached this, I use a preacher and call a prayer changes. Things go that far is not preach in a bid. It was prayer. But when I got older and I looked a little closer it one pray for. They ask us, but he didn't free healy the way it was. they came together we're gonna embassy that we're gonna turn on police data. Without fast you pray, I am telling them I'll pray in English and we're going to pray over and rescue some more and put them all on his head and make a little cross on his forehead, because the devil is a lie. You get outta here today, you are going to be here. Oh no,. in fact they believe pray for him at all. The challenge to. They said in the name of the price of address. why
What met my thumbs understand? Prayer is when we communicate to god that incite father. There's a man here They don't waste time, tell him god would he already knew valence, They spoke,
The situation I gotta get out of my screen to it to the situation in your life does not work and speak to that area of this fund. Should it take to that situation where they have to be set up, will keep you open? Your mouth speak to examine livin with ruin, make due to the press, and my fear is that, madam president, is to start commanding some situation. We need to make some things moving on to the next level. Will allow you to go back to the chancellor. I get back in school, go back and get the real estate, but they said you wish you can walk, will not make you walk.
In the name of Jesus Price of measures. Rather the walk, we're not gonna, put no money in your pop. we're. Gonna put a miracle in your chance, a large amount of money,
you don't need more money to believe in hand down to use it for
move on tragedy, the testimony with tv, Jake's, classics, healed and all sides. Will you give to the ministry of any size? You will receive Bishop Jake's, liberating vantage, lift me up on cd and left me. A prayer guide know that my redeemer must come from outside of me because I, like the power inside of myself, to save myself from myself and when you,
It is sixty five dollars and more, we will add bishops, restorative poor message, sent tv, Jake's, classics, healed and whole one city issues. However, when your gift is one hundred and ten dollars a more, you will also receive these remarkable books by teaching jake's healing the wounds of the past and woman, thou art, healed and home tap into the power of expectation and be healed and whole. Today,. the bible says peter, John came by our prayers, I bet command. The liberal. In the name of Jesus Christ, of measures an immensely. What that was good, but but nothing
what do you do when you ve been challenged, but nothing happens the bomb locally radical penal john took him by the hand. This radical this manipulate these grip. He's on the ground please remember What is his mother's womb they took him by the hand and lifted him.
Sometimes you gotta do something radical to get out of your situation. Some doubt about yourself in a corner and saying now something tat. You were saying something is going to happen, but I said now: someone's gonna tell him. I'm gonna be people that live me fail me. Somebody was about to commit suicide, but he did. You must try to do that, but limited you, somebody one life, but he left the do not need an active like you. Don't remember me when nothing else did make me that maybe maybe,
The first would look like this The boy was listening: between the second and the third point, some it happened so quick. It's the same action. but a different source. When the lame man started getting up, he was getting out off the power period. John. Because about asserted took him by the hand im.
But as he was lifted he went from lifted to lately the sea when I need help just need a few minutes. If you're just left me a minute literally somebody the wait a minute this twisted. when I talk about leaks, not just so we can show I'm talking about going from dependence.
thanks, I needed that, but I don't need to know more about breaking news from welfare hillman for boyfriend, for friends for sugar, daddy, but nonetheless I needed it, but I don't need it anymore, Adrian lifted. I believe that said you didn't read it a lie. The one obvious it's about this man, is when you got the chance to be lifted. he transition to leaping. When you move from big method to leaping. If, when you announced for yourself, I'm not going
Furthermore, since I need it to get out of this situation, the bag anymore, you can't tell anybody what it was that didn't work. Everybody got encased in different places, but tat somebody tell him I'll, never go back any more. So you have to wonder what was about what Could you let him go through the limping and lifting stage if he was not ultimately end up in the leaping stage anyway? Why just by pass. All of that, and let him move normally through life. It was because god needed this man to prove to the church
folks who had seen him I talking about him and knew for sure that he was lame. Let me tell you difference between people and church people. You, Church people to say doesn't change we will have to come out and exploit night during the week is too let's sacrifice for them? You the bread and also because they get tired of standing up at their feet and they got to sit down again. You have bag charge, people come to church because they could be. What's in that debate, better to
And lift the jew up to out when you come to church you enter into his days. Would thanks giving pray? Let me pay this, can you imagine almost dignified did be truthful sidney. Look at all important and some leap pass them three
since you be somebody who so excited about Jesus, they bring all leave and feeling, because I am a member, and so they said they want. tell them about unworldly will show that the man That we pass the good call beautifully admit the wont. Let me brigida That girl I got pregnant, then the break it down the macula even unfit brother.
divorce metadata got fired on the job. That woman with just lost love one up. She would depressed. Did you see in the services more than they would have wanted evade about here that fails, then I'm almost finished Don't get me wrong, I'm not These things are moving this having things.
I don't believe the governments you haven't, things remains things avenue but see a lot of people are and go. For the car they drove in this more Other houses slippery last night the address. It was marked down. Fifty percent you caught it. Also you look like goods is born. Some of us, you wanted
did they draw up? When you see us, we still live in the same way. When you see I've got that does not become we're getting ready to get where this out, because I gotta get out of the way about it, not begging and give them the right queen.
I truly believe that something is about to happen in your life. Jesus said be it the eu, according to your faith, he tottered this makes our circumstances and expect change that has already heard your prayer, stop complaining to god and start speaking his word to yours Situation, let your faith break loose, it's time to speak, to debt, loneliness and fear it's time for your marriage ministry and finances to go to the next level. God once you too, You are not lame anymore. The master once that message to touch everyone all over the globe. He gave with a mandate to read every nation, with his love, salvation And help the global partner system is it Emily of believers from every culture community the animation. Together we have joined forces to help the hurting feed the hungry clothes, the naked minister to those in prison and much more
Help us reach and transform even more lives by visiting as treaty J partners that org and become a gps partner. Today,.
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in purpose in life under Christ, is to love and to help one another and that the submission of gps together we can touch lives, helping the hurting, encouraging the homeless, feeding the hungry and so much more. visit, T d, J, part or start a war and find out how you can help impact the lives of generations to come. We are all one global family touching the world with god's love. When hurricane katrina struck new orleans mega care was there with a restore that provided clouds, food, water and more or those who were affected, and the same was done for tornado victims in lancaster texas, with your financial donations or even the giving of your time by voluntary, you can help mega care, continue to put people's lives back together or more information visit medicare online at w w w dot mega care missions, dot org,
reader reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life. before the forward. Seeing you next time on the potters that The. more people than you could imagine. Go a lifetime without ever stepping foot into a doctor's office. Mega care is aware of this world wide problem doing something about it. With your financial donations or even the giving of your time by volunteering, you can join mega tears efforts and do your party feel and given light to suffering individuals for more information visit, medicare online at w w w Dodd mega care missions, dot, org.
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