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Lord, Make Me an Answer,

2017-09-03 | 🔗
You are an answer to someone else’s circumstances. The only problem you’re having is that you just might be praying for the wrong thing. Watch as the Master makes us an answer for someone else! To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/973/29
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I define success as making a positive impact in the world. I define success as being not only financially but emotionally stable happiness in your life. Success is what you see on the side. The trigger allows us only outside The building your vision about to become Fortunately,. The I'm sorry,
it will have an opportunity to be with you today, project ploughed into chaos of situation. Circumstances may be going, Your life right now is marching for joy, and so it affords me a measure for saying this, but I think you were with you, because I know that the interests of a word give up like that. Joseph brothers, soil as a problem. whenever he was seen as a probable he went down, they put him in the past Because they saw him as a problem, the people who rejected you David, Did you because they see you as a problem
If you're walking around in that france with cold all in many colors three when ever you're getting bless, there are always somebody who sees your blessing, the as a playable,
I will tell you this before. I've never had a hater that was doing better than me. The I've never had anybody do better than me, though, and walked down at me tried to kill me. No, it's always somebody up under me, though, and rocks of the day, see my blessing as the all about talk, the all the y'all alive, all y'all haters, always subway bother you try to lock you out of your possess. The. because I have a problem. Your blessing I have a problem with your. automatic colors they have album
If you're, all your life, they have a problem with the gifts centre in your sphere. They have a problem with the blessing. So your sadly, they have a problem with the birth of this in your house. They have a problem because you gotta do car. They got a problem because you bought a house. They got a problem because your kids went to school. They always have a problem with your blessing. The people who will tell you in a pit what throw you and because I see you The problem Materialise came along down in the pit and they saw him as an answer Women? Really nice, look down in the pit they saw and answer so there pull them out because I saw a man, so they said we should make money off here, we can do some with that. We can use in the boys for gm, because I see you as a problem the middle
I support because they say you as an answer They saw him upon offered as an answer. If you give something for him, part. I mother, because he saw him as an you been for money, you don't have to pay for money anymore. All you gotta do is save Lord make me an answer so you're not serious about it. This was not gonna work for you, you're, not serious about you would rather play for money. You don't have to pray for money. If you become an answer, people will start to earn money at you because you are the That's why you got the review is to show the balls the true an answer.
You sure you're an answer. I will pay to have you. because, as I told you a few weeks ago, sacrifice always determines by you you have a problem, but what you have as an opportunity to show you our lives This approach, relics or somebody shall buckled take issue. Some is about to happen. Visualize things are getting ready to shift and radical way. Part of her is Joseph as an answer. and now Joseph is welcome a man, s house, with
I'll pay for the house's running that favour. We got you into a situation and you get to lead that bear live in that house and enjoy that bless. You didn't have the word for I don't know whether your faith is ready for this, but god will give you houses that you didn't real. Did david grow he'll, give your opportunities that don't let's go back while you're agitated your pedigree, it's not, or rather by by what god opens up a he's got you two are super blessing deal that applies to receive it. Jimmy thirty seconds, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. I'm trying to tell you you don't have to look for the blessing the blessing it's gonna come looking for you and stop looking for the blessing the problem. It's got all that click.
Elizabeth Elizabeth, What I click
I will no longer despise all the prints in me because I understand his deaths of me. That made me fit the situation. So I'll start saying it was good for me that I was afflicted, because if I wasn't afflicted like this, I couldn't open up this opportunity. Like this slap, your labour telling me you're about to open up something the. as long as part of resolve Joseph As an answer, that's a stay at my house. Until his wife fell in love with him The became problem.
and when Potus looked at him saw him as a problem a lot of answer. He goes back there so Somebody's problem. His somebody's answer, but me just because you say I'm a problem doesn't I could be somebody else's s, so I can't let how you see me determine value just because you see me as a problem doesn't mean I can be in any way way way way way is about to get. This is about to get this. I came in here that they brought my grand cases because they were
as do my family was here they had a bunch of friends with them. I took them on a tour, showed them the new building and then we came here and all I want to know A pitch. The problem was our life hormone: intersects were so try, maternal some lights, but the most like to give it the pitcher. Now my grand baby, kids, how with kids Six kids, six years: oh all ok. Kids only stuff right here about to take a picture and we're getting ready, take the picture, but the pit Don't be progress in principle be dark. Because we will have all the lights all kills. ran down there and found a flashlight. So she ran up here. two flashlight as too Here hold of a flashlight, so we could take the pitcher, so somebody said Kennedy: don't you want to get in the purchase is now I don't want to be in a picture. I want to hold the light.
she understood
does she have to be in the picture? Is he was holding a light? It was more important, a whole a light in the bay. The pleasure you plan to be in the picture, but that's all you tat, your name is a name. Tell us stop hiding me. You need me to hold
negative like in my mind, like I can't do this now, that stuff from firms, it comes income stances the problems that they encounter in life. I think don't make me want a fear of failure, fear of failure, money and time, I'm, but more and more people who come up and they see things happening in life in the world in the city on the stage and they wanted the goal as what it calls god's vision, and you run into trouble that doesn't mean that the vision wasn't real. It just means that much is required of you to get to the next level the
so saying I've never met Joseph very well, never married, so He didn't know anything about what is brother said all over. He didn't know anything about what policies wife said about it. Farewell heard a joseph, of Joseph as an answer. the butler thou say when we were in prison. We had a dream. That was the problem. We want This guy who's also imprisoned. It gave us the answer Pray well now says sin for him send him so
I didn't raise sent for you, you been surrounded by late. You been surrounded by the prisoners units around about you. but you are not one of them. God has given rise to a rigid. Why deliver that sit eliza? Who are free to do so? Go get Joseph. because Joseph is answer The famine was a blessing. the firm and was a blessing.
If it wants a farmer joseph whether tat a jail, created a lead? The firewall couldn't supply Joseph an opportunity for years. it has to operate because god blew the gifts, will make room for a man, bring it before great man see about the problem. What do you appreciate your gift to understand that what god gave you don't care? What your brother sapphire. That's gonna put you in the situation somebody seizures an answer and don't you what's up gus picture of the situation we're. Gonna issue has an answer and don't talk them out of it goes gonna put
a situation where they see you as an answer, but let your insecurity say suppose Dana turf, I don't know, then work like that. I've ever tried to do that in the palace. I've never been in a palace in my life. I hear that the where they told Joseph, This, if they were watching Joseph doubt,. he doesn't argue either drawer, What he does intimidated what I'm saying how does Joseph not intimidated Joseph, has never been in a palace in his life. driving forward. He has now well for but Joseph is in all the right places. Change is now recognises.
from the time he was a kid worm, cope. It was preparing him, sort of. we all know here, one of these is when I was rapporteur for this house Was me, To run the nation Joseph Now understands what I'm gonna tell you: that he lost, he was supposed to lose because everything he was him for this has been successful.
had stayed and part of this house. He went to sign up for something that was this is where the somebody, although what do because it is less than what is allowed to do a lot, in school, we teach children How. But we may get older I teach them algebra from this amount. Algebra audition
The problem is looking for algebra, is a last look here. travel success was. I knew you are a problem for an answer. but you are really an. He's with me them everything. Every you plan to store was believed. You. The practice or was primitive, it would be a real destiny, What do you plan to store? Was preparation? what he is about to release it lies.
I know I'm preaching to. But whoever it is, a play right now: you're getting ready larger neighbours. I gotta get ready, get ready, listen. Really. the bible say. Joseph saved himself it says: garments.
he saved himself saves his garments wet before payroll. He saved himself says garments, whip of all fable. You gotta get ready for what god is about to do. I want to cut off everything that looks like Themselves, because safe place, everything you want them
that's. Hang onto you. That's why I'm your man, that's all that you say that you are present by then.
I'm gonna put this. I Somebody might be an answer. what I want to see At the moment they saw a muslim ass. He went from being a prisoner. To being a prince from, Late, Truly the ways laszlo plot out of tire come here, Two final answer: it took his loss, on him. I am a chariot. Right behind. He is. this about
because this is a prophetic utterance. Guy either has or is about to. Put you into a situation where you, Completely out of your element. To do something that you have never done like. You have never done in your life Illuminate is gonna. Try to get you to reject the position, because your condition, but if you submit to your condition. You're gonna moves the palace and find yourself in a prison
is gonna such went to a situation that fails to. for you because He has made you an answer now. Listen to this you see how broken you are. We're curtis accumulate, keep back you, you see, you see how broken you are and all your takes all your crazy ways of what happened to you and what you were doing, How do you feel that what you think but god was shapen you to fit. Every place you try this key before.
Have you ever stuck a key a lock and it william, but it wouldn't turn every Listen you, hedge away, never turn because it practice. This is the season. For you to come into the place, You will never forfeit, but you have to see your you, nicholas. As an answer. and not a problem, because if you keep seeing it as a problem, you will keep staying in the prison. You gotta say. Oh god, thank you that I want
where we do not want to, because it prepared me, you're about to do in my life. the amount of time I've got to stop right there. But it's been a real joy to share the word of the lord with you. I want you to be in I just want you to hang in there, and I appreciate those of you that support this us, for your support makes a difference to all that. We have to do- and I am only here only here, because you have, if you've, never thought about helping me to do what I do to reach your average. Give it a thought, I'm not asking for the mortgage sale, the car sale, the kids and crazy, just go to tv partner, dot, org and see what's coming,
just re apart a part of the solution, rather than this, with your energy complain. About
everything you practice was the lights of what he is about to release life favor. Now he position to receiving everything that you have frequently whispered to me about. My mother died so big it for you give to the ministry of any size. You will receive a piece of cake, then lagging methods, position on cd and kissed him paper. Frankly, you'll successes in your struggle when you everything you been comes with, and when your gift is ninety dollars or more, we will add bishop seven message: serious position for favour on dvd. You had a season of turkey as a series of its term. However, when your gift is one hundred and twenty dollars or more, you will also receive, is beautiful leather favour journal. There is no limit to a guy with you in your life when your position for facing say
Jeremiah twenty nine eleven, for I know the plans I have for you declares the lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you. In the future. The data travel you'll, never have an experience with god how you know he's on the wrong side of the map. I've had a go at you about value. The way my cock again somebody slaps the flap is a sat up.
due to run me. Thirty one sex be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or terrified because of them were the lord. Your guy goes with you. He will never leave you nor forsaking filled to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life before the seeing you next time on the potters that. I define success as making our past
Impact in the world, I define success as being not only financially but emotionally stable happiness in your life. Success is real. What you see on the side, the trigger laws is on the outside. You have to be on your beach about come what usually.
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