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Not Many Fathers

2023-06-18 | 🔗
There is no normal family unit. In this panel discussion, we navigate the hurt, hope, and healing in glimpses of fathers across the spectrum. To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/973/29
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The. the We are always talking about the greatest men and history, and so We set ourselves up to want to be a great man, If a man today is challenging because of the times that we're living want to be stable for yourself as a man, take full responsibility of what you have in hand being open minded thinking before we speak, Do everything that you didn't learn growing balancing? The pursuit of what I feel god is called need to do from a purpose standpoint.
but also being very present for my wife and my children, I think everything's every face today that my father, it says there are some challenges that you know my father probably wasn't able to prepare before
boomer millennials, coming up wanting to make sure that that we are providing them a clear path to success. The most about men, don't know who they are, because they didn't have a father, father home to modern, modern father in front of so I think men are having a challenge to be what women want them to be in this day and time and not really giving the permission to be who they are. So it's important to to remind us, particularly as men, it's not about what social media says. It's not about what society as a whole. It's not even about what your family says. It's really about you, discovering your voice and vision for success and leaning on god, but the challenge is blocking out all of that noise and not adopting it as your own blueprint for how you want to live your life,
yeah,. Hmm let it was a bit about- I bet I'll go first cause. I'm the only father on didn't have a father growing up. My young adults years was about mending. What I didn't have a father even though I had his name. He was still alive at the time, but he wasn't there. There's probably men and boys that can speak to go through the same thing. Just talk how you become something that wasn't model for you and how use change with the statements of your life also with their because
in the last year have gone from the outside. to a husband to a father and I am glad that I have this form because you are my spiritual bother and I have money. Thought an audience they sleep now, but I think- before this warm and this platform to be able to have a father's daylight to learn from you, but also, hopefully, tell him I thought about this one day, but something that was a model for me going on. You First of all, let me speak to the deficit. that you feel when you didn't get it and it was a model before you Some young man had it and they said I have to go and I was jealous of those me in high school. I would see boys
I'll play football or ran track see them mad at their fathers who actually active in their life I don't like you, don't know how good you done it god these people in your alive, to see. So does what she didn't get Never do you, don't you you don't have you didn't have a father, because if you didn't have a father, you wouldn't be here. He gave me the most important thing. You gave your life ok What he didn't give me was discipline, nurturing affirmation and corrects ok. and a correction is important for particularly for man- be correction shows me The mission. So's me how the man is power,
prepares me to deal with police from May the deal with teachers prepares the deal with bosses, were see correction Adam here, one, whereas once I myself, I don't like what she did so Stop here, if you don't like me, ok, For a correction becomes a normative in your life You are free to make mistakes because you learn how to repair mistakes and the pressure to be perfect you gotta get rid of it right now,. You gotta get rid of it right now. You're not gonna, be perfect, but say part the problem is, we feel, like everybody else gets up. We didn't get. At any time you feel robbed. You feel angry
deep down inside behind hurt his anger is not fair that everybody else's father came to the football game and there was nobody. A club for me is Fair that they got to go out any with their days afterwards, and I went home and a car with mamma is not fair, is not fair and you right fair, but it is true. With Jesus. You should all the truth in the trousseau such free. I think it is more than the gospel truth. You have to know the truth about you This is not true. This is my reality, and when I look at other people who became successful though they were. Others like Barack obama,.
Who ended up being the president of the united states raised about woman, it says to me that it is possible for me to succeed. with or without having had a father, my life. It's a recently made vitamins to supplement what meal. stole give you got if people in your life as vitamins and they may come from five different directions. It may be a friend over here. It may be something from me. It may be an uncle over there. It may be a schoolteacher over here, but they supplement what you didn't get in your life when you get around them. You need to tell them how important they are to you, Why so They won't spasmodically deja vu, If you tell me, I never had this before
Changing my wife, Then I will be more intentional. Giving it to you. Because you, let me know that you need that so come to me, like you already got what you got secretly, be craving something you gotta though the fruit, the truth will set you free and not be ashamed of. because he's leaving had nothing to do with you it's. Not your fault does, issue to deal with that, let that be his issue. You got a chance to correct it upload, meaning the relationships were you. Get it from him without relationships is one of the ways that you for it By yourself and begin
you yourself up wait. Number two: is you get to give your kid everything you everything you want it and it's easy. It's crazy. How this works, but when you get to them. You get it back, the bible says give and it should be given back to you again good measure press. Now it together and running over. So you go to the games. You changed the diaper, you bout, the baby you take pictures with the key is, the key no you're in the picture as him see the sleek would be a great preacher as to a good preacher is agreed.
Preacher sees every soul. That was now as then. And the reason we are compelled to keep telling you you can do. It is because, secretly talking to ourselves again. So as you give to euro zone you, Actually talking to yourself and your wool starts to close. as you give it away because you're giving him what you hunger for but doll? ingrid what he doesn't appreciate. It, like you did, because you're normal, you know, The sad fact is, though, that it is because, normal he does. What you do as exceptional, because its norm you understand what I'm saying as he gets older, where you can
or see where you can talk to them and tell I'm your story, which is for another age, stage of life. They begin stan their families he'll together. marriages, he'll, together relationships he'll together, you already the odds. you sit on this day You're not in jail you, don't have all needles in your arms. You didn't.
Suicide, you to blow your brains out you're sitting up here intelligently, had a conversation, two of us talking together when this that say that you should be locked up, be incarcerated, used to be a gang leader. You should be used to be crazy. Look at you look at what you did look at. You can look at. Let this happen that cerebellum footballs. This is celebrated. So breads away. That's that's you ready for this matter. This is a club has done a good job. This is a club exuberant here. This is a problem that firstly, poor, look at once you get what you get, what you want,
We'll see you gotta receiving you gotta received because what you promised you built up so many walls to protect yourself from paying then you won't. Let love bad either! So you
take your walls down that you built to protect you so that we clap for you. You can receive it because I see your friend receive it and you want to receive it, but your walls are built to protect your heart so long that you don't know how to get to your heart, but we're going to clap for you again, and I want you to receive the number and we need your support more vitally than we do right now, because we are on the move for god and if you have not been on the move forgot, I want to challenge you to get busy and get on the move, doing what god created you to do in whatever field you're in god planet. You therefore reason to be the solve there. All ministry is not about pulpits all ministries, not about singing in the choir all ministries, not about clap your hands at church, whatever you're doing to help may have changed for the past sprint, the people you are in the ministry, everybody who's got a ministry stand up on your feet.
The article for about a year we are labourers together with god in Christ, Jesus. How many of you are believing god to bless your ministry whatever it is it bristol, hair therapists. Putting on makeup is still a ministry as a father, has compassion on his children. So the lord has compassion on those who fear saw mental three thirteen on twenty five and growing up my father, he was present and there would survive, but there times where I was unable to have discussions with them, like the conversations will be brief, There was a lot of transparency with that. as we both got older as I got older and he started to go to of complications with cancer will be where he was
more community more forthcoming with me, there will be signs where I notice myself not being forthcoming with him will being transparent or this means short, Michael, Relates to what Why is it that, with some far They the hard time would be intransparent early on when the children are through their childhood and as they get older, will, if it's too late these one become more forthcoming with their child is never too late. It's never too The fact that the fight that your own crazy he's living it is never too late. The frightening you're uncomfortable with saving it doesn't mean it can happen. Awkward its uncomfortable, some member too late, I'm going. Spain, to you why your father was the way
he was even though I don't know him. I can't speak freedom generationally. I want you to understand, the civil rights movement happen in my parents. generous, ok, I was young, but they were Adults in the civil rights movement, when my generation came along, we have opportunities to all in homes, work and these in that parents and grandparents couldn't imagine So we women at it like the realm us be something in part to prove our other two fifths of humanity- yeah, because constitutionally they were previously woman so so wish. are you trying to prove where human
and we ve got rights we demand before and it stands to make the world better for you. So we're busy problem? The world better for you, trying to get the stuff that we just now that the right to get ok we're scotland so hard to get it with half. the pay- We were trying to get it so hot climate give you lanes impact because we don't know our generation, others play given. You me is valuable in part, because we owe it to our parents. to all what they march for ok
You must understand at the time that your father had you. He was The agency is now he was your age, so he scuffling make his mark in the world and figure out marriage and figure out relationships and make everything work. what you want it from him in terms of transparency was going to come, but it's not supposed to come when your seven eight nine ten twelve. those kinds of conversations of transparency where he becomes vulnerable and shows you what's right and what's wrong with them is the joys of having an adult son. it is amazing to have an adult son, because I'm through disciplining you, I am through training you. I can now talk to you, you overcome the
Pencil data shut down, imitate what you saw early in terms of non verbal communication. You can become best friends, you have to talk. to him cause he's in you. And he's in do and you'll never fully understand certain things about yourself and listen to him or talk to people louis, because Figured yourself out is a journey. It's not that event. is a life long journey, I still learned me, the four years old and I'm still learning me This is a life long occasional process. he will give. You is clues. But it's hard to have time to give glues and pay the rent and pay them to wish. About the clothes and
Tom with mamma and appearance or aging and their demanding from me and you're demanding from me and your mama's demanding for me and my job is demanding from me, and I've only got twenty four hours in a day Probably about twenty four twenty eight Thirty years old. He did not talk to you because of you. That's what you got a year it wasn't about you, It was about trying to be responsible. It was about primarily due to fool. it was about trying to do father if a man that home all the time And he's a breadwinner, that's a bad sign. The problem with being a father. He is
You can never get it. One hundred. If I gave you, we don't have money. If I the money you don't have me, be there, living at the same time, limited I have an obligation. To make sure your life is better than man. That's part of and I club, when I get it right. The difficult thing about being a father is that everybody wants it. Now, the kid wants it now, the war. If, once it now the job once it now, the Opportunity is now because, in your early years, are your earning years.
You're only gonna have so much health and strength before your body stars betraying you. So you're a against the clock travelling everything settled while you have the energy to get it done before your body gives out now he's wrestling with cancer, so he kit can't do it now. If he didn't do it, then, you wouldn't it so it's It's a lot that he's just now give around me. You, because you weren't important. Is that he's just now getting around the eu, because the cot was ticket. We had a farmer that we could now move into any community. We now have a house with air conditioning You don't all the things that you called normal were our miracles
we could allow herbal dishwasher. We could have a tour bail, we can have a yard with grass in it we can have a couch and a guest room. Look at us see the autopilot no attention, but we didn't have that kind of stuff growing up. I want some old folks that are clapping here with me. We did not have that kind of stuff. We could go to the grocery store and not clip coupons. We don't need top value stamps, and I know you don't know what they are to be able to get anything. We want. We, your normal, is your daddy's miracle, but the resolute all sleep is. because it's normal. So, instead of achilles heel, big I totally We want the new euro really
value it because you grew up and it is your norm. And you say why did you talk to me? I was working. I was gone. I was a slip out was negotiated as trend. Actually they did foreclose on the house. I was trying to make sure that school payments were made as trying to make sure that you had new tennis shoes. When you went to school, I was trying to make sure that we have clean diapers to put on you, but I didn't have time for conversation. It wasn't that I didn't like you. It wasn't that I didn't want to talk to you. It was that I was busy providing because I know that the clock was goals. We now have a minute If I didn't get it done in that window of youth and strength and no backache said no hip replacement, said no heart attacks and no surgery as just a little billy window. Yours red is young man hear me, please your strength is us short window.
were you maximum capacity? you could go to want to steal funds where you can function, would no sleep or you can, I did it for you you did everything, that's just a short window and every man that's worth is solved is run and in full when the trial to get it in. window cause a problem So mama and I promised my mama, and I told my grandmother that the march wasn't for nothing that the door got open. We will be something we would move here. We would have the house our grandma most dreamed about and we got it. We bought it and we owned it and you were born in it. But if you're normal- and you can't see it you all craig what you did good now, Can stop you from crazy, but I can't explain it: it wasn't dead. There was something wrong with you. It wasn't that he didn't.
It wasn't that he did love you, he expressed his love by providing for you, ok that does not replace talking to you, because you it'll be talk to, but now I the talk. Not because he has cancer his past. Window, The tall do tell us with him, but to start with because your men with him and your men with him, because thought he didn't trust you and they didn't like you that one. Why did it he was doing it boy? You love to you. Did you see that
I wanna talk to some people who have been there. I want you to get ready to rebuild. I want you to understand that a latter day shall be greater than your former life may seem full of trials and tribulations, but never forget the guide has a plan for you. Wherever you go for every night you pulled herself to sleep was watching you watch your gift of any amount experienced the fullness of your purpose with tv jake's life in reaching devotional. Sixty six ban for blessings from genesis to revelation, puts flows to replace the beer in your life with faith call or click today,
rubbed his thinking, disruptive errors. Of fact, are essential for such a time, as is the experience the Genesis is where we first are introduced to our god. He was supporter and we where the first part is guarded. Maids, god forbid, because that now that the best so much the threads,
it'll reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on the part of the the.
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