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Nothing As Powerful As A Changed Mind

2019-12-08 | 🔗
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The. the. And when it talks about porn or creators and profane filled with people who will do just anything. a I said. Madame this, I'm this breach in the book illustrates it with the goblin isa
I have been studying and thinking and meditating on esau. All we saw if you haven't been raised in church is not a common name. You don't hear much talked about. You hear preach more about Jacob Abraham Isaac and Jacob. You hear a lot about Jacob. You don't hear much about esau, but in all rights it should've been the god of Abraham, the god of isaac and the god of esau. jake one supposed to be in the list. It was supposed to be. A song was an air not only to the spiritual spiritual heritage of Israel, but also by man, so benefits are being the grandson of Abraham should, above all in the east. All with that came the combating of property rights who serve its spiritual opportunities, intellectual ism and inflooence with god that was to be gay bodies so that all cause he was hungry.
Out hunting all day he was hungry and he came back and and brother Jacob had a bow. of super bowl or it because he was hungry Jacob made a deal. With esau economy, always mosaic pricked him, but I think we give Jacob too much credit big, big big, because these almost just stupid. The couple let's just be fair if I tell you I rolled up in some big o rolls royce someone I michael outrage. It is a job for that car added. a clue
This. albert the. The boy some soup extreme for his birthright this like lights, better pigeon, all this future at all, this destiny is, is being compromised for bowl of soup. And he I took it not because Jacob was so good at the prey, but he saw was stupid because he was allowed himself to make a permanent decision over a temporary situation. The one I want to warn you against making permanent decisions over temporary situations. That's a good place for you to write. This too shall pass.
Hunger would pass you you'll get another opportunity. Prostration will pass you'll get another opportunity. Role in its will pass you'll get another opportunity, but the enemy offers you a trick. The trick is not to be glorified. Is this the predator? You have to watch out for because the trick is really not that when you consider that you are giving away your fill, given over the next thirty years for the next thirty minutes put us what the text means. The what is the most disturbing to me is not very salvage something stupid, because if the truth be told- and it seldom is.
All of us in one way or another, have done something stupid. Remember what I done something so stupid that Graduated, Nicole melodic from stupid university with honors appall myself sitting on the side of the bed saying how in the world could you do something that. Just some good point for me. What what is disturbing in the text to me. It's not that it's all do something stupid, Suggesting that masturbated vindicates years, perhaps it is the fact that misery,
Joyce company that I allowed myself to sit on the bench within, but be that as it may, I am just pointing to the fact that the that the human conundrum just that it is very difficult to be a human and live a long life and not do something stupid. That's what bothers me about the arrogance with which we talk about other people's stupidity, seemingly having seemingly having amnesia over what they just yesterday, with pictures and look three, I didn't take my meditation this morning. The rest of america is going to be rough. I didn't get to take it, but you know you saw, did something stupid and everybody in here has made a dumb choice.
About something or someone. or some moment, and you you live with the consequences that. Mammals later Months later, Three years later, we all live with the consequences of our own stupidity, What is disturbing me above takes its, not the stupidity with which he saw made the decision but it is rather that when each I'll get ready to change. The bible said he sought with repentance with many tears and found it. And lost his future, not just because did something stupid, but because he was unable to change. What he had set in motion over his life
It is that that I want to deal with today, It is not the mediocre ideology of doing something stupid, because that is common to all of us, but it is the crisis are being caught. In a system of stupidity through which You cannot escape. To seek it with many to you You feel to repeat the same mistake over and over and over again and know how to get there. Difference between us is not that we have done something stupid. We ball admitted. But some of us get stuck on stupid. And we keep going up to the same kind of person or the same.
We keep living beyond our means. We keep falling prey to the same mistake and Spite of our desire to change this, poison of light, to desire to track it is It's frustrating to be happy to be down under, but to desire to trade and not be able to do it that that scripture always bothered me that he sought repentance with many tears and brown did not and lost Heritage- and he is scarcely mentioned that all though he was destined to be in the lineage of greatness- This figure is greatest moment over. a bowl of soup and an inability to correct, pattern ology of this bunch of decision, that's what this text is all about.
and only a novice would take it anywhere else. It is there that I want to focus my attention The truth of the matter is all of us know: people who are still stuck in a you'd. Go back. Do you like to see dumb, dumb junior The four dum da dum dum, the. The real funny one or two people, but mary like four times a big man, the same person with a a different, is really button it. It's it's
didn't know what the first serial killer you man, why would you go and be attracted to another serial killer? You thought you were gonna change, able to. Tom Joad I wanted to focus on is: is east also repented. The word repentance met a lawyer in the greek. The word repentance met. A lawyer means to change so he sought a change of mind with many tears and found it marked. He sought
a change of intelligence with a lot of emotions and bounded. He sought repentance with many tears and Not so an emotional response does not equate to change. The same people. They had been done about this too, because I'm a sucker for some tease. Generally say cry only in cases of extreme and so the press when people glad and assume that they are like me at the point, like a cry and tell you, I love you I had I, you have drawn your name on the refrigerator and are probably sick, and if I get mad and start crying, you better get.
to gain time rare, but if I bought. Arab tourists are one of the don't come out different, come out the one down the side, north and south burgers rewarded as a b, but when my nose was like a rotten article is about the quiver the
if you ever get in trouble, you'll never have attics various with you about well he's a deal. If you never get you about how you ve, never you about value the way may never again, somebody's laughed tat, lamp listen the world's next doctors, teachers pastors president's rest in the hearts of our children to proper education. They can have the necessary tools to reach their destiny back. Connecting with
gps. You can help young people around the world, receive school supplies, uniforms and computer training visit gps partner, dot org. So together we can fulfill god's mandate to be his hand and provide compassion to others the If all thought. what changed? Your women, Two years and brown did not let alone The means a change, but Everything have to direction. A change of mind that is so strong that your favorite directs. It is not a principle ideology. It is not a mere notion possibility, it is
express change of mind that become saw radical. That tax behave. You will not have to do this, we will not have to do this. This is not the daily stuff. We build walls about done anything but get none. These are those quick change or you say, I'm going in the wrong way and I'm gonna have to put the whole thing around or I'm gonna lose. My future over a bowl of soup. people with this about about a month ago. The lord gave me an illustration. I thought I was gonna put it in another. Macedon didn't use it, and I say that what version of other was version was really good for what he was talking about and what an released to use it into till now, and
maybe this will help. You see what I'm, what I'm saying you see. If you go on a computer they have, a computer, what they called default settings so, whether you and my poor, unsolved or whatever it is, what a programme it is or any any kind of programme. It has a deep all the default sets in the computer, principles and values to which the computer is committed, it does not mean that you can't function outside of the default. It just means that, even if you eight from the deep all the computer will automatically take you back to default settings and if I wanted to do that. Is more than changing the plot. You have to change the default so tight from where you type.
for this reason that there is nothing as powerful as a change. My ok, let's put it in. The other way, ok, there's nothing as powerful as a change. My was changed to pop. We change and while we're typing whatever we take in this fault, will appear in this fight. And it will appear very changed, but it really has not change, because the moment you go out and combat back again, it will come back up today, for This is how most people merla, because Revolve hadn't changed
the situation hasn't changed so so, when they are in church change winter in church they they can get this going when when, when they're around certain people, they can get this going. When will you sing certain songs? They can get that going when you shout at least you can get that going. But when you go back home you go back to default, so you're going back to default over and over again and when you get around certain people, you change and you want to hang around them because as long as you're around them, you feel peace or you feel nice or you feel bad or you feel spiritual. You feel wholly. That's not the problem. The problem is when you go back to yourself or you're, stuck in the same pattern that you were before, and you can't figure out how to break it. You've quiet about it, but just keep going back. You shouted about it, but just going by you, you've even played about it, but you keep going by and you can't figure out how somebody who cried forward and shouted board and say about it. It started going to try to show did. Why does this keep happening to me? I don't know who's going to get to, but I'm breaking into somebody's prior to lord. Why do I keep going through the same things over and over again, I bought a church now now now now. For me, it's no problem with your percentage. The problem is with your default. Until you try to evolve, you will always go back to being who you were before, because you have that much saft your mind. You change your friends, change your address change, your phone number. You change the songs to say you have everything else, but you didn't change your mind. There is nothing as powerful as a change.
A change. A change. whether you do it in twelve steps. One step change, my oh god you're here when I'm saying a changed man. There are some decent people in here right now that used to do drugs. All kinds of crazy drug sprung out all up. People wouldn't believe who you used to be your old friends, never thought you would ever get away, but one day you got sick and tired of being sick and tired, and you said, wait a minute, I'm not just going to change my clothes, I'm not going to change. My address save my my face.
This woman is right. Now you used to be easy. All they had. The bill will tell you what do you say one day that it rolled up arguments, but I will say nothing about the way way way:
save my baby. I don't care what comes up with those who pretend to know one another hole tat. Somebody tell about saying nothing is possible change. Nothing is possible change. Nothing is possible. The tradesmen. Nothing is possible as a change. Nothing as possible at the trade mart nothing as powerful as a parliament, approval of the dawn, daughter, gonna, come up from home.
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I got sick of it, I don't like it, I don't want it. I don't need it trained by my default settings that don't fall back into the same type thread. I was, but by the Touch it ever tell about fill a breakthrough in here this morning,. Good read from the defaults change from the default, so I'll read: train from the balsa, how many people gold train from the default settings and will stop falling back to the same thing over and over they're, just called change tracks and I'll go back into the computer and change the settings so that I can have a new normal. The
That's a movie! No, I'm about to her no, almost stopped all bad. for the same old pattern same old default. if family been in the same old default city, get ready to change my default settings just because I got the last name that may not have the same setting ready to trade by default. Setting the span by myself mama that going to go that go a brother that go get ready to change my default. The gas follow the
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Sell match we listen to the bishop Almost every day, every morning early and he's he's on our television and wearing their the house, we love it when you will have the vision. Thank you. Thank you. So much for all being obedient to what I have called you to do.
There may be moments or a fridge that you find yourself type in your fault, The If time in your phone. The devil will come along.
And so you have been trained, bhamo help me out of here. This is how you know you ve been trade is not the true might not mess up and do what you used to do is just that is no longer your normal women is your. You will never go back through it used to have a moment to get out of this situation. You change back. Who you're supposed to be here were saving you pay and the sea Paul until the same, but the difference is that they fall. The pig is the sultan to lack the state. Has a deep. Well that's about all this mess. You pleaded
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