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Playing Catch Up with Your Dream

2021-10-31 | 🔗
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Coming out on the partner states. Only feel safe when poor rightful shameful, folds gossip and full thought she'd Mahal among refunds, or does it feel comfortable in a big but wants to be a big girl in a small room, I just wanna know, are you or are you Ruth nobody's gonna find who sit on the council's role is in your here milk and watch him love of life. You'd think grist armaments won't come in there and friend you walking around him and move them that
raggedy house coat that you got off and it turned over house shoes that you wear around the house and you praying for the Lord to send Boaz. Why in the world, is Boaz going to come and get you out the bed with your sleeping self, you got to get rid of that fairy tale face and become deliberate about what God is going to do in your life. On purpose,
I got the instinct had got the action, something the people around. They don't leave award I've, never city. Maybe I didn't think of states that are beyond circumstance. So does this background? The prophet who was waiting on an answer from you? Don't understand? Where use you don't understand what season is in a different member state was going on in his life and got gives in simple instructions. He said right. The vision,
Not the problem, but the obstacle. not the need not to elect these. Don't write about what you like right, the vision right right. What are you see? Women got ten years from now. What do you see. What do you see in your spirit when you, when you get down on your core? What do you see if it? What would you what would you do. If money were no problem? Well, there's no problem.
I'm a dry your. What would you do if money, where no one is no, there is no problem. What would you do? What would you tell your sister has no problem. It's no problem, though not Heaven, the money brow, your pen, why but what about who's gonna pay for it. no, I am in agreement with it Who was right, the way is paying for the media
Could I get this baby to maybe I'll take it on board the business like the business, go ahead and write the purpose of visa, the preference a go, go ahead and white, the vision you have been so focus then that you can stretch. all our prayers are back baby. mercy only you know what
be what I was a child. You know what I would when I went to college all alone still get over. My first husband, you all your task, but still talking about what Sounds but get over it Why ass you didn't say why the pain. what. What This is why the vision and then to buckle, read what you write. It.
And then read it remind yourself or watch and see remained yourself of. Were you born right? It read it and then run it before the year. Sit with me before the year is right it. I will read it run. It limits is. One dream of cobblers ministries possess, not mine, run free places, ministries, there's not much of a plot of one voice. Matters ministry, this, not man. I don't have the amounting to one something that I'm not instinct.
my poor, but when it comes to tee, this is a right. It. I'm a reading. One, it I'm deleted and I'm go running, I'm going to light it, I'm going to read it and I'm going running just take a minute to praise God for that right. There I'm going to read it. run it run and made them, will bring all my efforts Why? of what are known as spam energy? That's all the pain
if it's not on the page, not one and after it is not the script say the lads I'm gonna write it read it. when you see me more than usual, What will the does my fate will? Tell you told me system to do the talking, stop stop stop What do you see We're all his change and as world saying this, both
positively and negatively god. You should opportunities. Opportunities are created from adversity. You would need a washing machine if you didn't have very close. opportunities are created from adversities. So If you have adversities you're, The first of these opportunities. whether they become opportunities remark is how you look at it. if you see it as a problem, it's a problem but if you see it as an opportunity is an opportunity, is giving you opportune. It's just like coming to this conference. God has given you an opportunity, What you do with it is up to you You can stay in your room and sleepy. Not to put all make up amended lay open debate was till we get you some rest, you, God knows, you need rest and you robot rested and empty.
Oh God gives you is an opportunity here: Not going to make you. He's not gonna force. he's, not gonna rape. That's gonna, do it gives me an opportunity when he's giving you an opportunity, is done. Up until the mumbled talk about the purpose of the town, The two, the five in the tent in the household Dave to the service too. fine, one actual one, two and five an end: It took the opportune the internal entity in no other way to take the opportunity, in turn, even before the one who had won paternity and hid it. but they might not talents, but equal opportunity.
to your bid me chopsticks but all God is going to give you Employers and sustained comedy in case I lose my job. I haven't career, we're sure along the wooden. Among you know, That's going to give you an opportunity had have not recognised opportune because they were dressed in adversity. If, You look at the close of opportunity. totally always puts on. Of course it is. not too long ago there was a tornado come through in and waste from the ocean. We're coming up on shore and houses were upon, the water in the streets were covered with water. Everybody was get out of town. It was so dramatic that they turn
waste streams in a one way street all exiting the city. Everybody trying to get out of town as quickly as possible, didn't know how the wage were born, become people could be killed or destroyed loser. Probably they were all headed out of town back to back the We look like a parking lot with car stuck on trying to get out. and in the middle there comes a bunch. Boys running in the opposite, Direction towards the store. curious surfboards,. Because what everybody else, all as an adversity, You'll get it. When you get back home, they saw it as an opportunity. a wave is an adversity if you're not prepared for it, but if you got a surfboard. This is a time of your life. I've never say, and what I'm trying to tell you it's at the blessing of the Lord comes in waves.
terms of wages, and if you stop running from the wave adjust the ways that was not the law would overtake you. If you're ready I'm ready now the word worship, maize worth should, where we think of worship. We always think of raising. I hear the comprehensive late prostrated floor. That's an aspect of wars. But is rooted in the lead word that means worth ship. How much you work for me. Malta, nor, by offering all put together by implement bakers, could really fully express how much worse but I refuse to turn my back only opportunity like you're, nothing of my life like you, We worry about life,
I got to go to revive this must stop lab rat my energy strength. my limbs, my kids, these functions, my heart beating. Well, I'm sleep here, supply at all about leads. What's up onto the Lord, for all of its fruits toward me. The world is not just you know: you're in a new war would new opportunity who problems decadence, Situations of our citizens are beyond anything your grandmother. What am I imagine if your grandmother woke up This world today. and she would run around looking for telephone booth. Nepal, you got any change.
Rather than to the phone booth, so I can also, but how would you have to bribe in Atlanta the fount of phone booth. You don't need a lot of gas if you can have when you can have the me. But if you don't understand the world Urien you on this functional you're, not just dysfunctional, because you're you're dysfunctional, when you are prepared for that which is antiquated, God save run forward. Not backwards cannot go deeper good? I got the right function here,
I got the rightful Sidney somebody you need to run in the direction of your dream and away from the direction of your disease disease how about sick disease simply means this is this? Is this Some I bring their chair, you bring a chair and, although the Junta, Brazil, single terminology, this ease what this down? This is. Thank you, minister. Thank you.
So comfortable and when I'm doin. so I can be at ease I do not know the garden, new blessings that make you uncomfortable. That you can be mad these. we'll be loved. The EU would be successful and if you are how everyone but this bet dysfunction We'll make yourself sabotage your offer, Illnesses. And you might not have approach of you. My mother have kidney failure, but you gotta disease cause you're
have trouble with you. Aubrey. so for all you want to. But if you are at this ease with your dream, you won't run after it, You shall about it. But you will run after you. Thank you. president later you're, not a progressive. Later you got this ease with your dream. You are dream of something that you won't relax. you, you walk in it you. look them in who you were. Rather than who you are you Need to go on a phone booth. Make your call. Go in there is Clark Kent
But come out a super man, woman now needs to be a phone booth. This is a point that you had a completely different way here to be lectured pain, but to call you into what you're going to catch up with your brain Touch didn't woman is a catch up with your brain. What.
Your brains in one place somewhere else you'd do enjoy one points or somewhere else. Your brains are what you gotta catch up with your brain. When you get to say why we wanted, what it read we want right, we ve touch. I ride, we sought applies. I'm not sure I read it somewhere ready somewhere over the long term. This will read it somewhere
her Mamma, was trying to call her up and miss building and colder. Oprah corporal offer, is All he could, escape the gravitational pull a worse. She came from all it's a girl who had an opportunity that was so big that she acquiesced away from it because it was unfamiliar and felt more ease in dysfunction. Did she did in her brains came right to the gate of staple past, but now ass too much for me. I must stay over here one I had been wrong for become out of my house. We have a new world. I know how to live a boy. I know what the rules are a boy. I know how to function in lower, so I'm going to sabotage my opportunity to go in the Bethlehem and I'm gonna stay in Malta because its familiar
What is the girl who went back? You don't hear anybody preaching about her everybody's preaching about Ruth nobody's preach about all its who could not escape the bread. The patient will pull a word. She came from because she found safety in this function and she had this ease with her dream. And I just want to know, are you or are you Ruth? Let me are you or, above all, you rule or only feel safe with poor right, so hateful folds, gossip and full thought she'd among reforms or doesn't feel comfortable in a big room all but wants to be a big girl in a small room.
sabotage is all of her opportunities because she has not been mentored for the opportunity that God has in front of her is afraid that you won't speak the language and she didn't have the clause as you don't know how to fit in socially goes back into the very thing that she should have got away from becoming fully is a girl who stays with the day, whose husband,
Her father had loved her brother in law and roofs. The bed bury the dead stay with the data are used with them because their save or deliberately living beyond the brief, because if you're gonna be Ruth, you're gonna be scared. But it's ok to be scared. You gonna go until you gotta go into new means that new cultures are told it you're gonna sit in place that you never set before you gotta stop done before you speak the power plant. You gotta be limited if you rose you
got to be willing check. This out To go from being respected in aware. To second class. In Brussels If you are, you Got to be willing to go back to ground level, zero on the next level of your life. If you wait you or a teacher in my lab
but you will be a student in Bethlehem if you lose you chase after your dreams with you or used to walk into a room where you already miss such much, you got the walk into a room where you get the pcb. We don't even know you up in the world would be given opportunity like this to a girl, like you, nothing and your, but well prepared for what God is about to do in your life. You try the workforce, but just stared to death and your plan and uncomfortable and say what you got me: don't want them to my region to see why you have to be a woman now to talk to. You has been talking about new ass for you hurry in this field.
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Some days can only come from God. As he said, I am a woman. Services, but have poor so before the Lord Set up praise, one Gus is the thing that brings peace to pay is making you request made known unto God.
Here's today's take away the typhoid executed agreement with it was right and then read it Remind yourself or watching, remind yourself a samurai; they want it.
to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how God is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on the Palestine.
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