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Coming up on the butter state rice discretion to your age. This pressure, I don't know how many you got given to laugh off his pressure. When you are reading more than people off treating you create pressure the
I yeah it's plastic or jiggs coleman and you are watching the potter's touch when the lord is taking us through a crushing experience. We typically focus on the pain, the discomfort and basically the inconvenience it brings. But today my father is going to show us how to take our minds off of the pressure that we face and focus on the power of god. Take a look at my church this morning. We're dealing with This report is the epitome of strength. He is a bulwark of fate up under his ministry he has began to. Randal ass, the battles tools of christianity, having approach the Jews and largely rejecting him, and even those that accepted the other apostles were beginning
Let us just ass. He had found a fruitful place of evangelizing. The gentiles his ministry was booming, because they that signal need a physician, but it was booming and the refugees of human pay. He was flourishing in places about dollar two bigotry sexual and morality. His message was well received by broken people who is. His message. But what leave, they followed him or broken legs. And when your followers are crippled, you can feel the weight of every addition that connects with you. Oh my god, the apostle Paul was eloquent speech. He was intellectually
when he was an intelligent, he was articulate. He was well spoken. He was respected as a sage aids. philosophically astute. He ran away with other thinkers of his error was respected. For his intellectual bit and yet, in spite of his intellectual bet and his spirit, nowhere spring so strong that we can stop speaking and walked down the steps and raise a man the bad news is thought. I don't think he's a will. He was Mr dead, tat, he had with sales and came out but
we came to something that was beyond my way, blue. I don't care how strong you are. I don't care, You are, I don't care, how in l a detour, We should, for your sooner or later we will run into something for which you have not been rated homage. What would you do with certain types of pipes of certain types of holes as they have a p s operating? It is appalling square inch. How much pleasure that thing at home and if you more pressure The psr is on object, goodwill because of pressure. All of us have been ready for a certain amount of pressure or You got no bible for data due why you can
furthermore, will put more than what you can bear the there is a limit to what you can bear is an admission that there is a white law that is too much for you. There is a way below that is too much and when it is too much when it is too much that's when we really want other people to help us with lol, that's when we desperately. Want somebody to lift this up off of me and most of the time we reach to them, because we have pressure. They are our peers and win. Supporting us, it is not living without them. It is the agony of going
I pull load. I must bear alone. might have been, how Jesus felt when he went to the garden and disseminate I want to go with me. This is too much for me. Wilt, thou watch with me for one hour. how many of you have ever been disappointed because the people you account lawn to watch with you. What also left you, edit, you wouldn't mind in a hole in the bag, but the bank was too heavy and the pressures we're too great and you can open up to everybody at the fire you to tell me that you're so spiritual uk, really, because if you got spiritual you got We are also the word of god. dad it's a service.
almost me. You can't tell me it does not involve as we do. so your fans, I does a bad cycles to wake up. The go with me fell asleep on him going to terms your heart: that late when people fall asleep and leave you carry weight beyond your way blow He says I was pressed above measure. I have more pressure on me than I could count. You'd. Be surprised that people in this room who have more pressure on them and they count the smiling.
Good morning, price alone, how you did it all you look nice, a blue the color of your love. Your time, and nobody knows the top of your head is about to come off because you're up under pressure life is pressure, is pressure. We can ask for stuff and stuff is pressure oh, I would children Jesus. I wanted
don't touch it agree with me that I can have a baby. Never understand that a baby is pressure I want to be married by the time. I'm thirty! You want a husband that you don't realize that having a man is the talk to me boy took I started. I see them about I want to be the ceo and accommodate never understand and that more power is more pressure and all of a sudden without ever stopping to measure
Remember measure is slightly tell him. I want some time. We have a funny compensation, because time is always a shock to me just not supposed to be tired, messy honey. I'm tired, as you say, I guess you- and this is telling me what all I've been doing- I didn't realize that dawn as much as I was doin, because. Your door you'd all measure you just gotta, be never take a cow that you have taken on more and more and more and more without letting things go. Just now learned to just say I applause because we want, because we wouldn't come to to
expect ties to the reality that, even though your legal have gone through something here a new style ray.
The relaxing in the family. The
You won't be this dude. It's gotta do this people giving as much as they are taking up europe under pressure, various suppression and comes from the guilt of being on the press that the guilt Of being inadequate, not good enough for you took on board the gil from the entire. the guilt from being empty. we all sprint. In the original language is to analyse our power at all animal. I don't have a model com damnable, I'm a more normal.
See as an encouraging my mom, I'm no without preach love best stuff, because when I preach my best of google, Encourage this and the deeper the discouragement, the message was because courage, To you, so you got in courage, but then goes out of me. You never would Jesus said he tat. Those goes out of the cap, the receiver. So when you are given after you have given There is a depletion that is inherent being giver that you have to absorb.
The collateral damage of always being available to the people. Some real stuff on it is more social, more opulent its use of it. Somebody is the more empty they become margie, it is full of gas right now. My dream. Gas roma utilised for nobody drove it this week. The more you drive it the emptier it gets. If you ve been drove hard, you entered The problem with you is, you know how to work
You know how to cry for help, you can literally burn up around people, do love, you would never met the apostle mama, This is how mommy is lama, just like you, Bob. I used to see when you're good, at whatever you do. One of the ways we know. You're good is what people take it for granted.
So we win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win quickly, come quickly, Peter James jar. I'm going to some altered, arrested a mammal you immediately. I feel you I bless you I taught you that you are protected you I made a way for you. This is one time I need you going to somewhere come and go with me watch with me one hour and need you got back a vigil recovery lead you to cover me, I'm going through something
I'm impressed about major, I'm going to garner disseminate and our courage, because, because we got covenant. I reciprocity that if I give it to you, a cycle took you everywhere, I did everything with you. No, no I got more than an hour ago you I didn't take andrew to all of you a moment, because I took you play That didn't take nobody took on a model, transfiguration did all girls, don't you want to tell you? The truth is
when you get to the gardening, assuming you go along. The simile was a place where all of the groups. it leaves the place of pressing under pressure people. You fought I would never forsake. we would like to express to breathe turn around and get selfish and say I'm sleeping so y'all just sleep over their sleep. All dream sleep, their sleep. My crisis sleep. we just We took my circumstances their tomorrow, you manner the day was away I, my dear
sleep on humanity tabled the white one, I was walking on water sleep when I really needed the one like what I the dead. What about the alone myself the is the place suppressing what god is really the press on you? He will press on new alone the pressure cats, great Jesus had to pray,
no she's us head to pray. Three tat you will, you can deal with this without prior father should be that will pass this bitter cup from my father should be that will pass this. I just go to this and tat- I don't wanna, go so noble. I don't want to hurt anymore, I'm tired! I don't want to be humiliated anymore. The strip me naked. I don't want to go through it. They're gonna, crucify me! I don't want to go through it. I've done enough. I hill people, I help people. I don't want to put my pain on public display I want to shoulder my humanity and incomplete. If you asked me to show them a deity, but now you're going to and so my humanity, if it be thou wheel,
see that I don't have it all together. see that I don't have it all together, and so he was in the garden at the summit and the assembly someplace. Impressive and they call it the place of pressing because it was there that they turned the olives into olive oil. It was there that they crushed the aleph to get the oil out. The only way to get the oil out of the olive was to press it. For every person in this room whose every area by fall asleep on google toward more people than you got back out of them. walter deficit, burnham the at both is my mother would say about a year. You can count or as sacred you. I want you to know that when the pressing is over
Oil is gonna, fly varies, a blue go rather the reverse that comes out of the question. that comes out of the question which comes up out of the question that comes up the day. This is no man cared for my soul, the careful metabolism, the cheerful mama,
the cheerful my watch ethical, whatever these people care for you, for what do you care muscle? Q is not that we perish. countess lot. Similarly, all these hard cases and write me notes and writing on your fan page and follow the cures through marked, I'm speaking for somebody, Who is secretly suffering and wondering? Does everybody.
And I want to minister to you. Some of you are so stressed out you can see the forest for the trees. I see what's right for talking about what's wrong and you've played that movie over and over and over again, but this morning god was to cast it down. I want to make a passionate plea for people who are pressed. Above measure and beyond strength, a summary of the spirit of life itself. This, I believe in you, don't know what you stop living here. Just insisted going through the motions. We have a robot grab, your car,
it'll put a tan and green beans in that suit, you're, not even in there you're, not even there. You respond a particle. My man, your creativity, has whether your enthusiasm has withered. Your house is haunted by ghost in the pass or anxious about fears of the future either way you are pressed, and you came to church this morning You didn't come because you had a new dress, it didn't come because you had a pretty necklace. You wanna nobody's seen you didn't come because you had a brand new wit tat. You want to do away with the whites. You came because you were hoping that the man of god would say something. Just something just
something I don't know what I've got all. I don't care. What I look like. I don't care what elsewhere sit. I don't care about anyway, I'm just trying to find some less openly with the pressure. If I'm talking to you, if I'm talking to you before you flip, Before you blow up before you show out before you lose the real over the imagination had the courage to stand to your feet as a sound. Pretty you talking to write to me this morning. You talk and write to me, you're talkin write to me. you're talking to write to me when I scream and makes no noise. have you ever had one of those dreams when you punch you have no power and you fight
What you can get your power out. The windscreen have no voice if human scream image ahead low voice stamp upon your feet. If there are moments in your life, you wanted out of your own life. If you could get out of your own life, you get out of it and started all over again. You are going to be blessed by today's methods. If you seek god and trust him through your crushing, you will experience a release of god's power that will revolutionize your life, so take your focus off of the pain and instead begin praising god for the prosperity this season will produce. Speaking of producing great thing, I want to take a moment to appreciate all of you who have become members of our global partner systems because of you, souls are being won and lives are being changed here in the us and around the world if you haven't joined. Yet I want to invite you to
Do it right now just grab your phone, takes the letters gps and any amount to two eight nine five, zero. Thank you and bless you in advance. Where you see, god sees your prosperity, potential and purpose life is pressure? Is pressure, for you would give to the ministry of any amount you will receive bishop jakes, inspirational message, pressures on cd and the bonus prayer for peace. Five court said I talk to you. Are I don't care how an elegant you are. I don't care how with full you are female later you will run into something for which you have not been rated, and when you give this ninety dollars- and we would be- she was written connection that includes three dvds and britain tumblr
the pleasure. There comes a popular uprising, there's a deliberate guiding this pressure to accomplish its purpose. In your mind, even kinda visitors online- to order your digital downloads. Today, the thinking for thinking about people like us, whether we're big or small, and just having the desire to teach us and make us better. Thank you for trusting god, trusting god and pushing forward. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you is all I can say.
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