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2020-01-26 | 🔗
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When you re or something The world is a war between elements. you- are in your element. And the fish is in his element and boldly you're fighting. In Europe. You will not find what you me in your dimension.
Bless you ve been another dimension. You did that glance. You get that window, those that are being sought day, but the sad reality. People only wanted without struggle, but it is serious about real in it. You ought to put some effort. Every. We have not for everybody, but I want you to just sink your teeth: This four minute matthew, seventeen, twenty four.
Down the verse twenty seven- and I would have used a subject. It was gonna, be reality in. real it s. Okay, and when come took upon you. hey that received the half schukert came to peter and say it does not your teacher The half circle for clarity, the have simple what they tat. There was not a tyres. Will they tax that was placed on the people to take care of the needs of the temple and is equivalent to taxes. Ok, he save yea asking Peter Jesus pay taxes. Does he doesn't this up charges either bird teach him the devil Does it give anything because a year and we he came into the house?
you come into the house where Jesus speak first? Jesus saying what think of thou Simon, the all the earth from home? Do you do they were tal or tribute. Their songs or from strangers and when from strangers. Jesus said under him, therefore, the on are free, Also you'll understand them. Jesus is saying the people who make the rules, their children don't have to pay taxes because they were monarch if they were in authority. They had control, and is it in the same way that the funds will have to pay taxes Is this a rule that as a son of my father would have to pay. You understand, I'm the I'm, the God should have to pay, and then is it peters as well? The signs are free, but Jesus. But lists we call similar stumble, go well
to the sea. Now that way, a couple of things that once you notice the effects shouldn't even read it shouldn't read: it forgot lol, I read it first thing: I want you to notice when you said, I want you to notice that Jesus knew that Peter had had a conversation with. being in the world the secondary So much about something? I want you to know that is Jesus says to him. In his last words, he says gold to the sea. Go to the city and read the sea. Is ass, the hook, the fish. The first one that comes up when you opened his mouth.
you want to find the money you need to pay what europe gets now. He's here and I was gonna preach reality in this. Is the only place in the new testament that this method of fishing was used every other place. They brought nets and brought into multitude for fish, but the lord said this is it's the only. That. A fishing rod issues to real the fish in because you're, not born. I. I don't know this is for quickly you been praying for resources,
You ve been praying for resources You should pretty, for the fresh does a miser. The money's in the fish is now. Don't worry for the meal pray for the widow, the meals in the little house, our model of dark. So I want you to meditate on that we, the drugs, are doubly just a little bit First time I went deep sea fishing. I went on a boat, a boat and the fishermen on the boat. They do all the work. They really do all the work they bring the bait and everything you bring lunch and stuff like
and they brought the fishing rod out there. They they threw it out there. You know you say: well, they do all why. Why don't you go? What I'm really enjoy is real in it, It's the fight, you know what I'm saying is the fight. Is a settler burn, brooklyn yourself in the seat and pulling when will you reel something in it is a world. It is a war between elements you are in your element. And the fish is in his element at both the you're fighting.
in your element, but when you will agree with me that your blessing you ve been another dimension, you will not find what you me in your dimension.
I'll. Give it a little bit also give a little bit of a little bit. You have sweat your dimension clean, and you can't find what you need in your dimension and the lord said to me that your dimension is too small. You you're running around with people who are like you in the same circles, they're. In the same reason, what you need to do is reach over into another dimension, that you'll even live in the flat footed the reality of what I will not deficit thought. Let me tell you something about fish got into a fight My brother said to me. These will need some help to bring the procedure because the first was the figure was about, came lab, ensure You know I was over time, but let me say this: it was taller than me
It was taller than me, I'm talking about deep sea fishing, big sufficient you they bring them all in a mile in europe is real, We will fight you, so he can move and trying to get away from me. The fishing rod flipped around my arm and cut my skin and my brother federally for profit, not in this world. You got a wanted bad enough to shed some. Do people only wanted without struggle, but if this is about real, you ought to put some effort. So what happened was the
She jumped up in there. Have you ever see like a marlin or selfish trump up in there he jumped up and they're looking right at me, almost like he was trying to see who was pulling on it. The first time I didn't know what to do
so he jumped up and when he went by bound anyone under did but the second time? What it's up? That's what I realized! I need to pull him. Why? Because you got a meal, you gotta go. We can see that, but before you can get, it went back and I again next time it pops up here's what I thought he would then would you get so I don't know who do I don't know who needs but the next time you see that when you get back glance you get that window, those that are being sought. Dave me, god, said real labyrinth thing. You me everything you been flying for it had been. The fish is now almost under what motoring almost up now. Jesus.
could have freely the money He could have created the money he could well Peter here. Take this go pay. It is now I want to engage you in the process. You have praying for got to do some things, but god Commissioner, you to be engaged in the process, so I said, if not, that I'm not gonna, do it for you in fact I know how much money at the fish's mouth No, which fish it is when you go out of the sea, I want you to test. He said the swan jobs.
The Furthermore,. The lord gave me this simple subject to tell you. To reality- and you dont praying in the realm of the problem you pray in the realm of the provision. it is not more send me the money. This would only add the fish, because everything is already in the first his mouth. Subtle official common official cover the fish. The first phase of this
The first comment: the fish is the first. If you took the funds, meet me at the service of thank you, pulpits quicker than other people went to it because you chose to go on and the work that you didn't take it because it was you don't make it because it would make a because what you paid to our goal. purpose in life under Christ is to love and to help one another and that's the bishop of gps. Together we can touch lives, helping the hurting, encouraging the hopeless feeding the hungry.
Image via the gps partner, dot org and find out how you can help and find out how you can impact the lives of generations to come. We are all global family touching the world with god love! I'm gonna tell you one more thing, because this might be critical. Somebody's life. Jesus is the master of the sea. These are measures that you remember when it was sleep on the ship they will, we're more went to the ball. Please we still What manner of man is is that even the winds and the waves obeys will limit, he showed that he was the master of the sea. You remember when he rose from the dead and it came down to the fish or an
he told peter broadcasters nets only others now that one of cruise ship. He said the fish that you couldn't catch on, your all, I know exactly where they are. in the all night and you haven't got them because we'll let you catch your fish without me, no you're fish as normal one number two Look for you, you you miss your opportunity,
held about for you. You think it's time for you to do it, but I held it up for you. You beg you to step into it, but I held it up for you know exactly where your fish are know exactly which won the boy to set a deadline for you slip away. Who, We too, to let me, let me tell you this. The lord has been dealt with me About businesses will not birthday mr church there were men have been lying. Dormant hadn't worked before not said, I'm going to revive a month on a rigid limp.
I'm gonna sit and increase theatre. So the visible it just came the sunday I don't preach almost every sunday, so don't judge me about one sermon m telling you prophetically that there the dreams and visions that god is going to release your life. Go to other resources for you, and I am telling you by the holy spirit, humid waiting on somebody to hire you some of you, gotta hire yourself the dawn, he's real so funny,
Also, you forgot where you came from, but tell him I'm not active funny. Little did where I came from just listen, I'm so this stop various. Well,. About the fresh visa. the fishes. There is no question about the money, He said the money is in the fishes mouth, good question Do you have the courage to go out there to do this. I. I'm a about this on two levels? Here I'm I annoyed because god gave me this word,
actually I'm alone because he's proven it in my life. So if I start preaching about something that is proven in my life, I will go the roof, because I remember what it was like to be in a house with the lights off and the water off the gas. Oh wait! No! God to do something that my understanding that god was white. The The the I'm a reverses? There is no question about them. Read the take some money we now where the money is the money of the fishes mouth, we cannot get the money. We catch the fish because god has set your provision. the fishes mouth you been playing
the provision you need to pray for the fish, various specific fish with a specific provision you drop met. why it's gonna come to one fish, one Who one never could understand why in malaga gods bringing all the tabs and offerings into the store house I believe in my house, and he said we now hear with. If I won't, open up to you, the windows of Heaven. Windows, which is actually translated, flood gates of habit. Open up all of these dates are very serious.
You tell us about leaders want me. Let me so. This week I want you to read this text- I want you to of discouragement bout, depression, bitterness, distraction. foolishness sam. You want into a season? What's that Has come you ve got down to the sea said to me, you going? To
What are you gonna do? What are you long ago? The on your freedom. I'm really. It's not too far away. for me to real area. You pay to the pacific and fish at the atlantic. You'll closer than you think you are it's a war between dimensions is dimensions, dimensions as why, like two faces dimensions, the fishes comfortable, I hid environment and I'm comfortable in my. It is the collision of two worlds I can breathe the mile limit, but I can't breathe than he is:
We then his element, but I can't breathe ma, am its fighting is because it doesn't want like the transition into the mix dimension, This city is right with opportunities. But I don't want to make the transition to handle this. It's not like you, ve gotta be created. Is there is another dimension, but got gonna? Give you the power, striven europe's, because you didn't ready to reality I was so big draw almost pull me out of my c, but ass, a map- Now that I'm not going anywhere Lily I swear. I finally got that thing up on that boat.
He was bleed them. I was too, but I pulled it into mad damage, We impatiently yoda midge Whatever you not pull it. Every autumn, healing for your body politic bewilderment, The republic of poland, a real dimension. Time is integrated, pull it at the moment. The.
Your support is small to good. you mean you, the region to the next dimension or your needs won't be met. Peter are provided for you, but if, in the next dimension it is not in your dimension, you have to go on to another element today get out of your conference all out or your confidant. This is your season. Rich stretch into the next minute, you think god hadn't, provided it because you don't see it in your dimension.
but he is forcing you to go down to the sea. I want you to This text, I have explained, explain a little bit, but I want you to read this text all this. We
the future, the past, it's time to start two thousand and twenty strong, it doesn't matter which sets itself against. You were created to rise above today for your gift of any amount. You will receive a twenty twenty one calendar and rise above the powerful to dvd teaching or as in people, whereas in canada and rise above bishop jakes will teach you how to achieve your greatest victory by defying the urge to quit feel the urge still defy, and by leaving the past behind you, the don't wait, call or go online today, it's time for you to rise above that that yeah, thank you
How much we listen to the bishop almost every day every morning early and he's he's on our television and blaring through the house. We love it. When you have the vision, bang, bang, how much poorer being obedient to what that have caused you to do beg you pay. You end a nominal job. I feel like we all have a candle. We all have this light that were given to carry light? Is your destiny is what I tell people exposure so important. If you see it, that means you can do a meeting
If you are not in the room where changes are occurring, you are in the yard, where consequences are see. The thank you, lord, that you died for our sins. And as we bow our heads in this church at this moment,. we confer. So since we repent of little sense Should have come into our life is only you can do what you do little come into the darkness and bring light come into the despair and bring deliberate. come into the shame and bring hope somebody is guilt, ridden bring your life into their heart right now, the name of somebody that addicted somebody's bound, somebody that bondage bring deliverance right, man, the name of the app free lord today that the people-
came the default de gaulle said yes, just a feeble years. Just a week is just privileges I pray. They would never be the same again. The sum amazing, something spectacular somebody just beyond normal, what happened in their life today that you would come into their hard wash them in the blood and give them a piece. you can buy, but you can't buy a piece give them a piece as is all understanding give them a call. A similar spirited in their heart and lower Should we give them a sense of purpose and direction we would member we alone here, because this moment this day this spot, you pay into, and you gave us something that no man, no woman, no break. My club, no bar, no joy, no don't know back, could ever give. Very well. live, the Let it manifested, alas,
Jesus, they feel free to reach out to us on social india, and share your story of how god is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing next time. the pakistan.
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