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Coming out. Of butter stage. You could reflect on ever say is uncomfortable. The two. Or you could recognise that protected.
I want to talk to people and thank God for what you did didn't work out like rejected due and walked out of you. I want to talk to people want to state that the steps up on it. What do you do when you get it and your goodly and you're still hidden? Do you know the gods? Hands had uncomfortable full of mother, I'm comfortable for the baby, the stage of being hidden ism com. but necessary? It depends on us. It depends on how you reflect on it.
You could reflect. All I can say is uncomfortable that you believe in. Or you could recognise that when he hid you d protected you, That lets you, given the circle. Even let them people like you. He let you be rejected, he let you lose that job over there. He let that person walk out of your life over here that God hands you, because it was protecting you. It's only in reflection that you say you know what it was good for me Thirdly, that out of the three percent rule. My wife and I applaud. where we would wish agenda for at least five different building
Loans to build, purchase and turned down. every time. I remember sitting in the driveway cry say: where are you. I'm trying to do something for you. Is it my club trying to do what I tell you up a bit with no work. I did not understand that there are some things are guarded mean for them, a word, because I want a tattoo from southern plant. Why. can someone help me? He hid me. He hit me.
Tahinli he let you walk past me. To ignore, to close doors, not invite me. He led to step over me humour to reject me. He lets you propose me. He lets you walk out on me for somebody else. You didn't even see my valued till I got was somebody else you want to talk to me. You said what you couldn't see. It got me Why, too long for the board tat other people, I walked away a blaze watch out. See everybody else in here is TAT, God for
but they got, but I want to talk to people like a gun for what you did and it didn't work out like rejected due walked out of you. I want to talk to people understand that the steps of the audit by the Lord God he delighted cities were so. I want you to six. It says to talk to his thanks here. About the hands- maybe they're not supposed to see, maybe then I suppose.
They got you he's, got protecting. For something that is less than your destiny, I wouldn't miss my destiny, but he hit me. I want to talk to people who don't feel thankful, because, u you're Upon the board and slaves. It's dark in its coal is uncomfortable and you winners in your arms and his shoulders, because you have to take place. It keeps on better than this in your right to goodly chow. I want you to understand that he hid their heads to protect
That is, protection means that you don't get credit. that you don't get recognized ass. Then you don't get appreciated the Euro validated. Then you don't get acknowledged, you don't Preferred if you don't get the business and you don't get the deal because he hit. I've got sister, you humble yourself. Humble yourself, while doors clothes in your face. Humble yourself, while loans won't come through in humble yourself, while people walk out of your life until you ain't nothing, just like your daddy and you hang on never been left it and you know they allow, but don't fight back. Because you don't mean for them to see you.
when the right one comes along they'll see, oh god, I want to sell their when a lie. One comes along, we'll see you. When the trial could no longer be hidden. The Bible says she took the baby and placed him down and the bull Russia's in the mail number to the has a place. From as it hit me too, the hands that place the hands, they said you to read to me This place, the hands said you have out wrong where you are.
Has it changes eminent in your life, the hands it miss locate, Jus, because you were allocated to another place, the hands, the placed him in the bull, Russia's in the marshal places in the now the handsome place get happy about it. The thing of absolute about the has bitten placing into his destiny, but it placed To the screen Say you will never regional destiny hidden in this house. You have now grown and gotten everything out of that situation that you can get in that situation. I'm going to place you in the street, I'm going to put you in the flow
Oh, my god, my God, my God, mug drab region will not feel Adele muscle, because I know somebody here understands that you just finally The slow volleys is guarded the flow and a new. By not see it might not yet appeared at the palace, but I'm in the flow. The very word things happen,
the movements in the play some in the right direction in the flow, if there's any body in here who feels like you're. Finally, in the flow given, three seconds of coins is placed before the flow of finally about been wasted. Violet not been overlooked in the flow of the flow of people can tell em in the floor. It does not yet appear what I saw be, but I'm in the flow what's a neck. It baby. Place than a flow weight. make it slightly baby, place them a fool for Queens Bay
You know you're, the small. Would you free allow the Euro elements in the slow with slow? I'm expose two things that I would have never been exposed to. While I was hidden in the house. Oh my god. I got to stop because it wanted to preach to the best of your turkey, but just about seven flow. I want to thank God for their hands. The place me The place we in the slow
This is the one violently to the dinner party is, is the one who who met with others to Starbucks is the one that invited me to a church. I've never been to before its was that advisedly to a meeting on them is a lie that you haven't written a means. What well about daunted here is because God will play I created for purpose that that was not reveal by why you started what I'm gonna play hue of the play, I was present at the national press, discomfort and bloggers, and I've been going up there. Candy bars. Where would we be? Over four years, trying to get Austria and forgot how to build our church. Never in my life, particularly the speech it now free of prices, I one role was new on the circuit. They remember we will sit in the back of a conference. Watch
To take an old strive to get some stranded cheap is holding a possible trying to pick most to give some, never in my life to speak it at a place,
I was sitting in the back watch and everybody else. We and we could be more thought to be at the conference. Never knowing it must sacrifice to blow the hands place a year later, so that next year I say by this time. Next year you fell in the blame you sell. It obliges the boy you fell over by you raised alone. Give thanks to the moon, for he is alone in doing this outbreak before God, because we want the Lord.
The Lord to unto my way I want him to read, I wanted to receive it. I wanted receive your operate. I want him to to receive your tat. We are offering the media's takers we are offering it up. The guy. that means he's going value, waited that's why I give him from a sincere place. Please help Reflection level a blessing. That's all my life, whether it is a small as would also might or whether kingdoms at the cedars of labour. That idea about the level of the blessing of the law in my life, and I offer it updated. It is obviously it is It is my previous that bless this topic.
from a small points for the law, Its place, every poise and sudden was bring our smart enough to be careful. And I was wise enough to be scared Because while I could feel the water flowing, I could also hero crocodiles And I know that I was makes in the water God what God place issue is bigger, so happy about the big place, the two dogs places made big date not talking to him and even when he police
how many almost feel comfortable put your baby. Was alligators and snakes and serpents. and walk away and trust God to protect. And I'm telling you that the hands a place also the hands to protect you're gonna, be it's gonna, be thankful. Norman about a car. You didn't get a car, You can't move and you had to downsize at all. Is stupid, stuff. You plan about. Thank you for the disease You didn't tell me, are you, Let me also thank him for the diseases. You didn't catch him.
but the children you been very thank him for the almost merely calls Paul's that broke loose, and if this is plagues, giving that's what's laudably pregnant for so bold sister came down. To the bosses to watch and hit a word. She here just say where we see here to open the borders to see what would happen if he ok, she was hadn't trend and check out cause. He was A dangerous place, a larger places, always a dangerous place. Never underestimate your opportunity, it's it's it's a blessing, but is also a dangerous place. I'm talking to someone maybe of internet babies criminal,
It's over baby got in the flow. The baby begun a Muslim. It was familiar. Because the baby was developed in the wool whenever God rises. You. We cannot familiar to some youve experience before so is familiar, but a strange and the baby's is rotten in the flow is in the flow sore point three. The baby work too. He found the has raised. While he was in the flow have Never women the flow he would.
never been raised, Thank you for position me in a place where I can be raised. Thank you for putting me in a place but give my role to ours. Never has there been Gimme room will grow. Applause. I do not approve of a situation like this before I'm scared about whether these powerful meal Dustily I've always like that. It is frightening and familiar. at the same time, God's. Just ITALY will never take you into a place, does not familiar. But what What is familiar, it will also beside them, but what with it baby
Rob was a baby role. Was a baby? Don't live about it one day, I'll just launched, steady and then. I want to talk about the hands they raise shed. Their key free rose. Dora was down. Measures taken by Moses would make it a baby rocket. She was the princess, he was a sleigh baby, so he thought. He really would become the prince. See you do belong where you think you don't belong caught up with do so too.
Builds a situation, looks like a slave, but you, a prince and so is wrong in the water and the princess looks out and sees the baby and she's ground to him. Why would she be drama, Himmler, kill him? Babies. The killing slave babies. But she's all the prince in him. I told you so I was no c. I tell you something was no c. I tell you won't be invisible forever forever. Almost show you something so. She went down and having raised up out of the water, his interesting thing, the hands that raised
We're not the same hands that place too. It won't leave in the hands of baby would have wanted to raise. I want my mom regard, told me to tell you. The real make somebody love that you'd, always get it from the place. You wanted it. Like I'm talking to somebody. but he ll send somebody who sees your pretence,
Go get him out of their friendship, frigid threats to fetch him. The hands raised him where the hands of God, anytime, God, make somebody love. You And I believe it makes sense that they would is always him loving you through them, Get it
the hands raised lifted him out of the Mai weekly out of the reach of the snakes and gaiters of yesterday, raised him from the floor. Process and to the satisfaction of the cept empty of the palace. from Islam to satisfy tax. We see him worries and they raised him up and put him in a place where he would be protected where there would be provisions and where there,
We preparation. He became multilingual in that place. He learned how to walk with dignity in that place. Learn how to address princess and kings and fair rules in that place. He learned the pro Because of a place that he had never been exposed to, because God raised as closely, I want you to understand whether he is raising you or placing you or hiding, whether you are I'm comfortable or slimy or satisfy whether things are going well
whether you being acknowledged or whether you are hidden in your house, you are always all your life is you always you always in his this thanks giving morning is, don't feel bad about who didn't common? Who didn't do it. you didn't say it's going to be worried about whether you got a lot of money or a little bit. What are you eating turkey or peanut butter and jelly. No matter what season of your life your here right now,.
what are you bring celebrated? Bring ignored, appreciated? Validated overlooked as a born again baptize believe. The thing that you should give thanks is sexual, always. What sort of things a lovely? What but things are pure, Several things are good report. If there be any virtue Really praise at all, if you got any kind of praise and all reflects. reflect on these things,.
For these are the things that you should reflect on. because these other things that matter.
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Got something said again. Wherever you run out, that's where you won t as long as you like, you don't want out, you don't give place to one, but if you open up its him out of it, I don't know what to do. Things like every together can analyse you'll relevant Philip. Feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how God is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing next time on Pakistan.
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