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Rightfully Mine

2022-01-30 | 🔗
Stop wrestling and find revelation. Sit with your blessing and make yourself at home there. It is rightfully yours! To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/973/29
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Coming up, On the matter that the more full of tell you, feelings of shame because of the states of Europe has regarding what he's about to do with your life right now. The law told me that tell you that the blessing is right for legal nature. History teaches the period teaches that the first born should have the right to life. and so with a broad, is to his father Isaac
as a loved he saw, but God hated it put appeared right. There is the easy. That's a strong word is that to take up is put limiting coming out of the water and they called him Jacob because he had his and on the heel of first born, and the old man has purple to place his first born, but the problems who said that the blessing would be on the younger of them. I've been in a situation where you even line for the bliss. What way didn't look like it was going to be you you weren't lot.
The favoured you would not least most likely you would not the preferred. You would not the one, not only the family, the neighbourhood, it just school in your house in July. Have you ever believe God, possibly at the odds, were again. They saw a good. Yes, but they for that old Jacob is a fighter and the fights In the wool and what we do not know is what happened in the world. We all know who was supposed to be first. We only know. Who came out first. as we know, we know who came out for us.
Now, when we look at this next deposit that we're gonna make me this vets phase, we're gonna give them to the birthright and Genesis twenty five: twenty nine thirty. Or we're gonna begin to understand that the fight that started in the warm now continues outside the wool. Jacob say right over somebody over. once you Jake was cooking sums to ease our came in from the open country famished. He said to Jacob Let me have some of that rich to premise. That is why. It was also call Edam. Jacob, replied, Ferris, Selby, birthright list. That is what we started Look, I am about to say is the birthright to me.
but take them said schwaiger me first, so wore an oath to selling his birthright to Jacob. the Jacob S, also rated at some levels. As a corn, rare and some I agree rise of asylum as The period of a bright I got up and left so easy despite his birthright. He gave away his birthright, but the Bible said that it wasn't. He is in the first place. Then why the Bible says: ethos repentance with many tears and frowned did not. See some times Somebody else has that's something.
That is rightfully yours. Can it in a minute. let me put it a biblical terms, I'll give you a houses that you did bill I'll, give you vineyards, that's you didn't grow. Somebody may be living. What's gonna, be your out. Somebody baby driving. What's gonna, be your somebody, maybe in an office it's gotta be yours, they just go no idea, you may have to fight for it, but God said it's rightfully.
I don't know I don't know I don't know. All I know is what the wage gap handled. It is totally opposite to what the angel said to Rebecca, for the angel said Rebecca that the younger one that the older one would serve the younger one and that we purse to hear me right now. God is getting ready to reverse. you. You got to be terrible abysses who you walk, pass. Because God is getting ready to reverse the order, you got it
you gotta be terrible, you look down because God is getting ready to reverse order. Just cover those same added that mean that are about to get. It shall be first, and that should be. The guy is about. Over. I never really my drink about. The agenda was an embarrassment to the family. always priest Brigham from a negative perspective, because Jacob Jacob It's pretty poor Mamma got together and no way out. right she had in dress like he was airy. she had in changes boys and come into the room. An old man couldn't have see Around a blessed
son, or was it the wrong. funny how will move what every has to move liberally? Whatever you have to manipulate put you in the place to live you up for what's next your life, I want to talk to some folks. They got a strange test about it. I want to talk to people that what born to be what you ended up being, but this kind of started, moving around and switch things up. Have you ended up subway Jacob Jacob friends himself in place with his brother that, even though he has a birth right, it doesn't feel right.
He has worked right, but it doesn't three all right, because Esau hated Jacob. Over what happen which put a cloud over the birthright and he also got a blessing, and the problem with the blessing is Jacob was dying when it gave him the blessing Emmy gave him the blessing, and he told you saw only One further Jacob that we see in our tax has The birthright. The blessing, but he hasn't, loss to struggle.
Because he had up a cloud of is often authentic,. Is it right from yours confused because we all have some stuff right now, that's a is not rightfully. J debris still trying to figure out is, is this me or is this? Is this man manipulation oil oil? Is this divine intervention bearing man Jacob, never heard The angel told his mama, so I call upon the mountain. Every climbed upon the mountain top Makes a his mom I'm not coming down. Until outfield justified.
there is nothing more for him to get there. birthright and the blessing only thing left. The good is to implicate the blessing and only com. Have you ever gotten into something. Let me talk to the focus on results. have you forgotten something God could only real. I want to find some people who Cried the prayer law- if you get me out of this promise people are able to Bucharest. Get me out of this promise. Jacob rashly,
but rustling of the wool ways, but rustly because brother now has gone from roughly two rubbing. he is running from Esau, because it's always trying to kill you, His mother has to get him out of the house because his brothers private kill you. You thought you have problems of your family You're doing we are, About to see. The fear of came unable rip itself, I believe so That's what your brother tries to kill you, because your blessing. Usually flavour, that have new tricks, all the old tricks. You may have long about view. Starred promoters.
absolutely before that may have changed, but this has five all devil. I had five years ago because the devil is not to create, or he is a fatal Another word worship means worth sure, but we think of water. We always think of raising our heads cobbling. I hear the late prostrated floor. That's an aspect of worship but is rooted in the lead. The word that means worth ship. How much you are worth. Now my nor, by offering all put together by empty my bank, account, could really fully express how your work, but I refuse to turn my back on their opportunity like here to give my life like yours, see zero in my life. Whatever everything I got, you gave it to me that this must stop my breath.
My energy strength activity about limbs. My kid that's for my heart beating! Well, I'm sleep here, supply all about leaves. What's elaborate unto the Lord for all of its benefits toward me and cod is visited KISS day has been born of a war, And he said, let me go. For the day, break up. Take that go, you bless what, two already bless.
You already have the birthright: do you know you could be blessed know not know that the enemy can make. You feel in such a way that you don't really know that's what Listen at the schizophrenia, their compensation. Jacob Brussels with angle, but when I say that the day break up. Hey man says: let me go. But the break up. Jacob says I won't let you go to you bless me The angel says what it who wrote this. What does what what does
What is more, we fight we fight me baby in a fight we roll it all over the pulpit and I started to build a fight as what is your name What do you think I was pretty stupid to stop in a fight as the angel ass to who is actually crimes. and already knows what is your name and he answers. I am what they call me. I am Jacob. C c the blessing was now who he was.
But the blessed it wasn't the bold it wasn't the car it wasn't the house it what the candle it. What does she want the poverty it what the land it? What is one area that the pleasant was? Do you now? Will you. What's wrong. Do we have come to this mountain to wrestle with God and the first thing he tells it? Is you who you think your name shall no more.
call cheek, then the man said your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have problems with God and with humans and have over Israel, Europe, France, not a model Five are not a wrestling, not trickster, not a calm waters. not about you bid. Some of that you did it you you did it. You'd. Do you But you are not it. This is, Higher comin. I toward the mark higher call on my life.
But the gravitational pull my history press toward the higher call my destiny moving towards something but you may not even see it made up of a prince without a palace of a prince without a throne. I'm a prince without a princess prince, President look like a rabbit, don't you, but I'm a prince. You don't treat me like, but I am wrestling with God to find out what is any smouldering made, his hip joy and Jacob never screened, and in every year he just come up and down the mountain. He never cried out. He'd have a holler, you know why,
It is worth the struggle. It is worth what ever the struggle was to find out who you are watching and what you can do. What can be an comes down of Israel, Israel, Israel is route, comes down Jacob Israel Jacob at Israel, Israel, Jacob Israel, comes down he's weapon of the mountain top. only one leg, only one leg the Jackal Only one part of it is is limit. Its would Jacob will never recover full strength because Israel,
what what got smiled? What's that Jacob sat, that's gotta food! We feel that appeal. I feel a preacher villa prison. What what got small is Jacobs he hit upon a maybe that was control. It may not get out a drawing, so it would not have the power that are used not arrive. So Jacob Israel, all throughout the rest of his life, the names change back and forth. All the way. The gray sometimes The same since one woman, call him Jacob mimics moment the column, Israel, because he still has a Jacob background. but he has it. Israel future.
you better get back, would tear this place up. Somebody tried I'd like you to understand. You know you still got that Jacob background, but you got that Israel future. You just drag that Jacob huge Dragonette Jacob cannot take cover. Go this way. We might go that way. We go this way of about daybreak. ass. The night fighters of every Friday over here was a nightmare fighting and of all fighting in the dark. Night, frightening by head nitrites, winter tired, woke up tired night flights fights night flights.
We all things that could talk to me about some night flights, three o clock in the morning and you haven't night fight for fifteen. If you just look at the clock, you up, you don't even know why you love what Jacob Minute, Israel s hand and a fight at four o clock in the morning and it's been a night fight and it was because we can only do a fortnight jaw, In the morning and what what is the point, if you give me a minute, what's important for you to see, is this boat Came down after amount,
one, I'm happy smote Jacob, never fully recovered his strength in Israel's light. There are some things that are still there The word beer, like used to be. because God smote the hip zones. And he walked with a limp. what you been through, came from and how The wrestle with God, wrestle with man but
still moving forward? That's why you prevail because you bet you hail, but she still move and forwarded it you're. Quite all right, but you still moving forward you alone. We have the time, but you still moving forward at God, gave you only to show the world that Europe finally Abed would and furs persons he runs into when you get to the bottom of the mountain is, is that which he has been running from? He is now ready to confront. It becomes, becomes limpid down off them out to say I'm not scared.
I'm not going to run from you no more because I found out who I am, and I know who I am and I know what I can be I know what I can do
I know where I can go and I know what he's done in my life, and I know that I have a destiny, and I know that, what's in front of me is greater than what is behind me, and I know that nations slow come out of my body that my twelve some still become the twelve tribes of Israel and out of the twelve tribes of Israel she'll come the lie of the tribe of Judah at I know who I am you pay messing with me, cause a what God put now. It saddens me now realize what a birthright really bad away. You ain't got, no blessedly, give me no way. Man bled I've been less by car, then call back on the rag bag then sent back can now take up of power.
The Maud told me to tell you to stop struggling with what he's, given you just stop feeling unworthy of what he has given. You just drop wrestling with what he's about to release your life. The Lord told me to tell you just stop feeling a shame because of the mistakes of the past. Regarding what he's about to do with your life right now, the law told me to tell you that the blessing right from the EU
It is right for somebody Holly's rightfully, so I won't be bold in it. Those stand up in it, I'm gonna walk, I'm gonna live because today, Have real ass? if God would want to do so on the mountain police all about it. I've got what I wanted to give. You saw the blessing he gonna give it to. You saw the blessing they ve got. What I wanted. He saw the habit, he would, he would have given it to him and he would have never allowed the trick for work. It is life but chose me, I'm a sort of late, but he chose
How well me, whatever you have to move you up for? What's next life, have you ever been in a situation where you weren't, even from God, is ready to reverse the wheel gifted any now you'll receive their rightfully mine seedy. This is a powerful message about wrestling with destiny passed along the bottom of the boat and received the bridges and blessings two thousand twenty to counter. The blessing is right for this right collar go online in this light. Giving message and gorgeous calendar could be yours today,
Don't you thousands? What do you do? International leadership summit will learn from meeting theological my whatever the political sphere got leaders thinkers created so hard to pull back from railway ready to visit this is I, unless dot org, to register your job? I get up throb our job, at variance with you about well he's. I gave up if you ever tell you about how he had never had a heart of allowing the way my cup never again somebody's laughed but tat. Lamp.
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