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Scandalous Grace

2023-03-19 | 🔗
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The. Coming up on the pattern? Stags how'd, you find ways to survive a divorce and acts of incidents of moment. A badge is: how do you find the grace man the contradicts when bad good live in the same house. How do you manage conflict with the farmers, swayed farmers of gray with the sweet surveys real. Murder took a man's wife had took a man's wife.
trusted him and that was so loyal to him. He would rather sleep on the porch bed, sleep with his wife, because he was loyal to David's vision and david betrayed somebody who was loyal to him and that's what calcutta angry, because when Nathan comes to judge,
if he doesn't just judge him over the adultery, he judges him over the fact that David you had all of these lambs. I knew a man who had all of these lands, and I know a man who had only one and he took the one lamb from the one man. What should be done to him. Davis said: why is the man that he might be killed and later said? Thou art, the man, because it is easier to judge other people than to accept our own mistakes. as long as Nathan. Katz did as if it were somebody else babe. It was judging him until he found out. He was the man and that's why I don't pay people any about what they say because their wonderful it see what's wrong with you, but terrible, I think, was wrong with them and then, when you find
something about me or you or you or you are you, you are ready to kill us, but no, not you because it's hard to get you to realize that when David's paneling To see himself the david who was ready to judge a man over Annabelle Was the man who had committed matter without eleven.
Why is it that we're so much harder on other people about this stuff than we are our own? That is the conflict in the texts today and we find David, the powerful warrior, who rode on the backs of horses and ran into was asleep thousands of philistines. We found David crawling on the floor, covered with mud like a child playing in the dirt, begging, god in mud and tears for mercy and a gasping child who cannot catch his breath time fading away.
Wow David was pray that David, who prayed down the glory of god that David, who had a special anointing on his life, the david who had walked with god, since he was a child, while David was praying for god to give life to the child. While he was praying the child What are you god? His answer? Two hundred prayers, but not this one. A god has opened one hundred doors, and not this with a god has made one hundred ways, but not this one, and god has blessed you one hundred times one hundred, but not this time and and while David was praying, the child said now the problem.
I switch from how do I keep the child alive to now? His men are trying to figure out if he is acting, this upset and the child is yet a lab. What will he do if we tell him that the child is dead over there whispering because they don't know what the king is going to do and if we tell him that the child is dead, is going to be proper. Order to be at the bible said that when David told him over the corner whispering he perceived that the child was dead.
And he asked is a child that minute you, the father of this child, and he still has no name is the child did and then said he is dead and when answered that he is dead. The reaction of David is where the grace of god comes in. He immediately he did not frame, he did not collapse. He did not commit suicide, he did not die. He did not wither into a hole. He got up washed his face and changed his clothes and went into the house of god, and they say what mean this as long as the child was literally, you are crying and having a fit and rolling around in the dirt and screaming and beaten up.
Best everywhere, ass god deal and value from out he's dead and they will see. There is nothing I can do about this. I'm wondering if there are things in your life, they did not turn out the way that they were supposed to turn out and have you come to a point in your life that you have forgiven yourself? We love to say there is nothing I can do about that. right, I'm wrong. You're up, I'm down, you ran out. There is nothing I can do about it.
So this message is not just about scandalous grace. It's about having a plan the grace to go on when your life has turned into a scandal. Having found the grace to keep on living when you've made mess after mess and bad choice after bedroom, how do you find the grace to survive a divorce, a travesty, amidst the moment a bed just how do you find the grace and they re gets up off the ground, and the lord sent me here to tell somebody you bid on the ground I do have cried enough. I do have. The flow of you bid, the president blame yourself long enough. It's time for you to get up off, the ground
And all of that dirt and all of that dusted all of the guild and all of that shame guts. It is time to wash your face to wash it out of your spirit and washed it out of your mind, wash it out of your heart and wash it out of your behavior and wash it out of your soul, then wash it out of your attitude. Is that to wash your face, you can't go into the presence of god carrying the dust of yesterday. You can't go into the presence of god with your head down feeling ashamed of yourself. You can go into the president. Is that to wash your face, the bible says David washed, his face and anointed himself. He refreshed himself and he went in. The house of god- and I came to tell you this sunday morning- that there is
way back from a file that there is a way back from a crash that there is a way back from a disaster that there is a way back from a country that there is a way back from occurring. That there is a way back from divorce, that there is a way back from a disgrace that there is a way back from embarrassment to care about your way back if you A measure how calls back you are too god by how people talk, because this is not about people. This is about and it's about what god has to say, and it is not about what they have to say, because they have something that if they were honest about, they would be laying on their face before god to stop allowing your destiny to lay in the hands of men who are dirtier than you.
See david meeting with people or reading the bog sites and trying to see what they're saying about him, because the truth of the matter is his, whether they say hosanna or crucify him. Your destiny is not in the hands of men, it is in the hands of god and if god is for, you can be against you and, if God says, live, none of what they said can kill you, but if gutters die, none of them altogether can make you so David saw a moment and a chance and an opportunity to take god up on a second chance and he washes the dirt off of his face and he anoints himself with all and he changes his garment because David better than anybody else knows that in order to enter into his gates, you have to come here with thanksgiving and into his courts. You have to come with praise. You cannot enter into his gates with guilt.
Condemnation- and some of you are trying to access god, but you have not watched your face. You have to enter into his gates with thanksgiving and his courts will pray and it's hard to get your praise back when you're laying in your predicament, so David watched his face and hidden on it himself, though,. They changed his comments and some theologians say it was at this moment that he wrote the text. I was glad when they set up. Let us go back into the house.
The lord. I was glad to hear that I hadn't gotten so far away from god that god would not bring me back home, and I am here to tell you that you have not gotten so far away from god that god would not take back home. The question is: do you have the courage to wash your face? Do you have the courage to anoint yourself with, or do you have the courage to change your garments and walk past all the whisperers who think they have the right to whisper about you, but actually are no better than you at all?
Do you have the courage to war pass all of them and to it into his gates with basically and its course praise? Because if you do, you will understand scandal as we prefer to offer up before god, in the spirit of thanksgiving with cheerfulness of heart, and a purity of my hat into that presents we now come
Oh, oh, oh, you have been so the activity that explain how good you bid. You goodnight every thing, my everything as I lift up something before you. I realize that whatever I have given does not compare to your everything, but I want to. I want to have reciprocity. I cannot let you be this good to me while I nor my responsibility to reciprocate back to you and anybody that old god appraise. I don't know about the perfect people, and I don't know about the self righteous people, and I don't know about the people who would never protrude or ran around within that. Do I don't know about them, but to all
plus who have ever gotten it wrong and ever messed up. It ever made mistakes and never had regrets. If there's anybody that has a right to give god the praise, it ought to be you that's what the bible says. Let the redeemed of the lord is so because you don't really have a praise and you gotta praise you don't deserve. You, don't really have a praise until he prays that has come from sackcloth and ashes. You don't really have a praise until you have been pressed above measure and shaken down and at the end of your rope and you're ready to die, you don't really have a praise until you open up your mouth to say if it had not been for the lord. That was one mass that would have been swallowed. The person sitting next to you might not understand it, but there's some people that are watching right now that know that you are eating by his grace. You are living by his grace. You are moving by his grace. You are walking by his grave. You are talking by his grace and if nobody else gives god the praise, it ought to be you let the redeemed of the lord say so at the subreddit who messed up that will open their mouths and pay. God was scandalous. Grace I need somebody in this room, who'd been there hell and back then that god has given you a second chance to open your mouth and give god the praise ooh. I need somebody that don't care what you got, one don't care what you look like. I don't care what people say about you, but you've made up your mind. I will bless the lord at all times at his cray is so continually be in my mouth, I'm going to give you about thirty seconds to open your mouth and give god a praise. I'm going to give you about twenty two seconds to make some noise in this place and give god a praise, I'm going to give you about ten seconds for your self righteous this and give god praise god that is about to give you a second chance. At a new beginning, somebody shout hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah. Thank you for a fresh start. Thank you for spotting me over. Thank you, lord, for giving me life. Thank you laugh and make it a way out of you laugh and I'm so glad about it playing culo and you did it again. Thank you. Thank you for your favor. Somebody shouted lulea the favor. Nobody will say the bible says
but when they got to praise- and he goes and fives bathsheba and he comforts you comfortable what he said, but nobody can compromise like somebody, who's messed up to nobody can convert you. Let somebody has experienced scandalous grace. Nobody
comfort you, like somebody, who's been there and done that nobody can comfort. You, like somebody, who's taken a class and humility and learn how to humble themselves up under the mighty hand of god, nobody can comfort. You like somebody who, seen god, dig them out of a ditch and they're, not ashamed to say. I owe him the praise and honor and the glory. Nobody can comfort. You like somebody, who's been a patient, who's been a client who's been a recipient, who's been a prisoner, who's, been handcuffed and chained, and appendages of seeing and seeing god give them a second chance. Nobody.
can comfort you like them. David came in and comforted pesci and somewhere along the way in the process of comforting her. He went in and slept with her and out of David's gross dark, depraved softly. The butters sin and god's amazing scandalous grace bathsheba was with child. I want to speak to somebody, who's lost something, and you think your life is over and god is saying, I'm gonna do it again and there she is, and our ankles are swollen and her belly's getting big and she got a little mask on her face and she's pregnant and she's gone from birthing a child to having the next king of Israel this time Bathsheba. Who was your at his way to imagine that god would allow solomon, the wisest man in the world, the successor.
David's throne to be born out of David's failure if there is not a message hidden that post not a message in anything at all that god would use pavements mistake to birth David's miracle. Nine months later, your righteous wife pushed out of her body when the next king of Israel and I'm telling you that god can still get some good out of them, we're smaller than your life better. If you will allow you to get you
the dirt and the ashes and the despair? Well, for you been that there is yet a king at a common woman who got herself into debauchery situation at the hands of a weak and selfish man, that out of your coupling and coming together would come and mix king of is today is that there is a key issue. You. Let nothing take you out in this present moment
you see, what's necks in your eyes out, want to pray for And I don't want to pray for. Sayers, we're gonna, say whatever naysayers. I don't wanna brave, followed the spectators poetry I figure out how to couch the conversation as if you understand what's going on and that's why. I want to pray for you right away that you can finally walk away from your guilt and shame and fat when David found the place that washes your face and takes away your shame.
That allows you to push on your king because you're gonna have a king that meets the needs for council benito judgment. You're going to have a king that you're going to write him a letter, that's going to be quoted all over the world, that's going to tell him how to select a pri You're going to write a word that teaches him who serve offended the white friends, a good thing, you're, going to the establish what the proverbs thirty one woman ought to be, and you cannot do that if you still think you're a trap, you're going to be the woman that solomon comes
to put counsel when his life is going crazy and you won't be there if you are forever seeing yourself through the lens of what you've been through. So when god writes the gospel of ST matthew and includes the lineage of Jesus Christ, I think is Matthew might be married and he writes down the lineage of Jesus Christ when it comes to Bathsheba. He calls her uriah way, because god wants us to understand that in the dna
grace is grace for the scandalous. Now we live in a world where there exists no grace libraries for the scandalous. We are more rights than god self, righteous, more judge mental, then the righteous church for christ himself. His lineage comes out of mass at us.
And they write it down in the minutes that, in your bloodline, Shariah s, wife,. Whither writer says we have to appreciate feeling about firmer, depicted at all points like to reorient without sin. He does so so that you- and I can come only to the throne of grace and fan grace In the time, Find it if you are right,
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The reason is broader is because I'm brought the reason it is more develop its because I am more developed and it is important to me, because you are part of my legacy that you inherit the kind of thinking that causes you to accelerate the process to go beyond the barriers and the parameters and guard rails. It people set and impose upon you to limit you from going to the next level. If you dont, like them life you're living, you ve got to change the way. You're thinking kid this, Look in your hair as quickly as you can disruptive thinking may be the tool you lead to the The giant in front of you and too collate into the kingdom that god has promise you play this role, we re, not lord Jesus. I confess my sense I'm tired of blame and other people. for my dolls
selfishness, I was wrong just plain wrong and observed. I don't wanna be a better place. Spare your blood set me free, clean meal. Straighten me out give me a second chance. I accept you as my savior. And lord, in my life. In Jesus' name, amen.
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