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2020-05-03 | 🔗
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Everything, wonderful that ever exploded in my life came in a place of not knowing. I was willing to be scared. I was willing to have my heart beating in my chest. I was willing to walk in the room where I didn't know what to say. I'll stay up in front of people that were not just church, be willing to go. What other people had not gone before and do things about the people not done? I was willing to walk, not cite as long as you can go back to what say you will never grow more willing to be left out of nobility outside of your fans of yourself. You would never run into your miracle.
You embrace the of love. The boy is important and yet it is very painful. The period of not knowing what separates the man from the boy? Your ability to manage uncertainty. To deal with. The two was the pressure. Boy, rather than to create a loser. To call for yourselves with something that is not true,. How you manage this instability will determine the next ten years of your life. How you have about knowing how you have a lot more. I'm all devours dollars looked at our house of a particular neighbourhood overall.
Like other programme, I told me this was Four years ago, you care about house over their little by little. Houses over there and I over there, a bit more See, plus some information to be sure, That really was in fact saw benefit. Was I didn't know you can do more? What do you know? Tat would be a little people do it. So I did it, I couldn't the world pod we're centre the Philip sobering
go to a party for Christians had a pact that you didn't know. I couldn't do it You know too much, you know you too much. Too many false ideas, because the boy has rushed to a conclusion put your knowing so much from swearing other possibilities?
at the moment. Does not not knowing is much like a good Peter buffering. Almost painfully that's really a printing took back with true at the upper edge of all. Try to pick up a signal at the wheel is thoroughly It is apparent that is performing artists, neither here nor there. You can't do anything with it because it's private make makes it had the, but that's what go through private figure, it that the instability psychologists call it intellectual closer. We are so desperate to know that if we do, we will come up with the conclusion. I call it. A fat,
Oh, my god, I'm Goin were doesn't. I was desperate to make the work by anyone pick it up a signal that it picked up. The word conditioning system. But what about this? But the problem is the work This was a strong handle but I was gonna put all the fence with this work programme. Do everything will not do you? It was not till you get something
what will the weight of a good signal weight on the model of always go? I don't know how to build, but I feel that this will not be able to fulfil Mama's dog of not knowing The art of love nor the art of not knowing whether not knowing the like of this message is clear marriages. It has destroyed marriages because, no watches wildly.
Because you don't want to admit that you don't know you are giving them what they used to me. Somebody else who doesn't know vanity. Do that? comes and exposes him at all of a sudden. You can't what's out on, it was. Why
you know too much about you big curious to know him? He eats at two o clock goes to bed at eight o clock. Had no shit we're mega pillar. We can that's what's wrong. You know too much when you were curious, didn't know you were excited. You Jake, you that's the data you you are but two
You forgot them, never thought each other, but we do you know why you, why you? Why you David your wife, but now that you pay more and the marriage withers because of this Promote your boy had a to supply the fairly gossip, because not knowing
it's going to get in here a minute. Let's go get some here in a minute, It is good to hear about it, you you, you need to call. You need to know the way that you don't like, that, no coworker that has come I beg your duties more progressively, even though you bet there twenty years all they know how to do the technology in a way that you know the reason you have become a model to manipulate them until they get pushed out of the old age. It is because you are not comparable with that issue A couple of all would not knowing you could keep growing,
oh, everybody loved still hungry drama challenge you to be a fool again to come to the text with more questions than answers. Well, your business and stare at it, and so I don't know how to do this, and maybe there. By the way that I have a blog about, maybe there's a better, more work and make it maybe there's a better lower case about the beer and maybe I'll get the wrong people up front. Maybe the woman and the woman, I gotta, maybe there's a movement a my rules are not maybe
all about this would be a little bit of a mess with you a little bit of a mess with you a little bit because before it's over other challenges,. The shutter, your true the people admitted I just don't want to do more than just now, progressive, look at how your mom got a buffer and decided that youth, TAT, thou and somebody else could pick them. People build a copy. Somebody could take that business. I told them up and multiple located somewhere else.
My party, the super mad woman. Some you did me with, but not your problem is no matter what you know you can open your took a possibility that were possible, we also I believe what you through the new buildings were completely
about everything that you used to do that you used to do that when you die right now the woman lose. It is born We absolutely incredible we're going out with the bank. This is a final woman. Thou art moves will call have all coming. Women are coming from all over the world to be a part of this meeting. I am sure we're gonna run out of seats, so I don't want you to Procrastinate and I'm assuming that you're gonna sign up at the last minute hurry up and register
what we got plan for you, you're gonna love, it don't listen. Our goal in purpose in life under price is to love and to help one another and that's the Bishop of GPS. Together we can touch lives, helping the hurting, encouraging the hopeless. Feeding the hungry and so much visit GPS partner, dot, org and find out how you can help and find out how you can impact the lives of generations to come. We all one global family taking the world with idle March, twenty two to twenty six. You ready for this. This is a spree stored. That's what you're! Just somebody out of thought about! They came the best. Sarah and some people brought up like a big Jesus,
to touch they begged. He took the matter at the village, what are organised and put his Jesus is. Do you see People they look like trees, walking round was budgets put his hands Overman's, their designs were opened his sight.
Restored, and he saw every thing clearly, Jesus said Holmes, saying don't even go into the village was, what's your point and wage? Is it my point? All you need is a second we have called trade completely.
Procure. My point is this man, Jesus came to see they brought to him a letter. Jesus took him out of their sale mountains stay in people survive, but knowing very well
The people in the city- they live alone- other do they could do? I beg pay, cannot fail to make it a man. Is the house because I know ten steps to the refrigerator three steps to the stove, Five steps to the table. It is all over. I can sum up what the problem is. I cannot get out since you are trapped in what we feel the prism that suit
So, just because you have already town for sub everybody worthwhile, come on man that's Sunday, where's, the guy. With the Bible Watch night we get out of twelve per year, while rather more topical, step, Nobody data resin, where do you live on less than we have today Jesus sees us took him by the hand.
This tradition saw the river. I gotta, get out of here, I gotta get out of here Do those maybe there's no creativity dear, does not really fear power. Do about a hundred people who are ready to go somewhere press today, because, rather than I did not tell you about him up and you might have been ready to leave of him regularly.
Rather than they would get ready to me. We have with us. We get back with their business people, people people, whether Jesus webpages. You may well not familiar. We turning me out of my tribe.
About everything that you used to do that you used to do everything that was mother, you Peter so they took him, they lay the blame manner,
Can you imagine a blue Lou Place new place, women homesteads, we're I'm scared, trips, when I did notice within Europe of Jesus led him out of a say in advance in his.
He spat in his eyes and touched it and say: what do you see? I see something some of you might some of you. Some of you started. Some of you start to see some little bit alight. A little bit like is breaking through the darkness use chose you start to see. Maybe I can do some.
Maybe I can feel some, I don't see. Clearly I don't have all answers. I don't have all worked out yet, but I see something how many people see some I love her. Out. But our joy, What are used to be Jesus brings him out to give him a miracle that he could have never gotten invested. There are no miracles in the familiar.
Wait wait, wait, I do with you with you. Yet there, no miracles, it's safe places. You scared you live in, if you rip it all, but no stop you. I don't want anything. If you dont want someplace, you ve never been before meet people, you never met before region. I have a rich after before. That's why not watch you dear to me? You me too, a further your problem? Is that you, rob thing is going to happen. You're familiar God is waiting for you in your scary place. I want to pray for people who
but the more you did what you have received. Had you been praying God, where law Why does the world war- and I want you to come right now- a muddle bird levelled plead level sing, a song, a muddle club at EU level to come, because you want. You only do business with people like. What's wrong with other people's money.
Your service has a soul predictable. That's all children act out of service. In a moment. I would ask you to lift your hands like it when you left. Your has want you to leave your hand as a sad about surrendering what I told myself so that I can possess what God has for me if you're ready to surrender lip your hands here, this law, I give up my way of thinking my way of leaving my way of helping the people my way of handling situations I'm to relinquish all of that I do not. Could it invest
a comma gives every voice that has been planted inside of you to limit your growth to stop your creativity accommodates every voice. Some of them were play. All the way back in your child to terminate the possibilities are what got to do with your life outbreak.
Ever been old, more like every other word has ever been spoken over feeling about where this feeling of self sabotaging the feeling that I'm not supposed to be up here. You don't really like you do anything better than what you make, keeping that some of you, what about right now the hand of open your mouth rather than to bring about the boy
Mama, I'm! Unless you have you a little bit because before it's over another challenge you to shatter your true is ready to lead you away from the familiar and into a place of breakthrough request. Bishop Jake's shatter your truth: cd for your gift of any amount of experience, a life changing conference from the comfort of your home, with the best of twenty nineteen international pastors and leadership conference, a collection of six messages on CD from Bishop Jake's, an special guest speakers with your get of seventy five dollars or more shatter. What you know and experience the miraculous.
As long as we can that as much as we can to whatever means we can, we will continue here at the part of this house to get the word of God to you, you're out of your life. We have to have this stuff to Jesus weak everywhere, where these coming to you. What do you got your tv set, its feel the word of God. He said I am the Lord God. It's not the face of new boatyard change, not the face of tentatives start in the face of pull out above is I'd, say it's not. You can change besides God. Besides me, there is no other. I wanted Charlotte right now. Your soul is something that is not stable, solid. That's absolutely sure that tuna, but you won't break away. Is the word
feel free to reach out to some social media and share your story of how God is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing next time. On the part of states.
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