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Singing In the Dark

2022-10-09 | 🔗
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The. That's what I'll teach you tonight is how to break out of captivity, because the enemy is sin in captivity. Just shut your mouth, but the devil is alive. There's a great group covered for the people of god. If you learn how to ignore the environment around you and open your mouth and say the institute of the ark of the covenant being brought into captivity, the people of the covenant have gone into captivity. which one is more astounding that the arc of the covenant would go into captivity up under the philistines, or that the people of the covenant would go up under captivity, babylonian captivity.
It was not until they got to the rivers of Babylon that they wept and they wept because they said how can we see the lord's song in a strange land, and I want to talk to you about this today, because I think it's important give me a little time with just let me play around with this just a little bit. You have to and and the music itself is captivity that way? Music is written. It is written in such a way that, we have a signature on the music that tells you what key the song is in and when this is, when the music signature tissue, what key the song in it holds you captive to what you can do in that key. the notes defined the parameters with which the melody can flow. In contrast with the key signature, the key
signature it lets. You know whether you and be flat or f orgy, I, where you are and what is flat and what is sharp in that key, and it sets the stage for you to function in a particular way, because the music at it's best is captivity out of eighty eight keys is telling you which one the touch which one to stay away from what you can use But you can't you, the key signature sets the guard rails or what you can do in that key. Are you know what I'm saying and so it- A condition for the melody and whoever is writing the melody they can put all the notes as long as they obeyed the signature, because the key signature tells you what is lawful, to do in that situation. So what I understand that about music, you begin I understand that music blows with laws and principles.
and the key signature sets the tone of what all you can do in that particular he and the uk. Break out of it, you can marginally you can move, you can digress, you can go up, you can go but you have to do is strategically because there are parameters with which you can move now. Music has laws and people have laws and sit, wages have laws that mean we don't get the bee lawless. Certain laws that you cannot break, even though you have freedom, for instance, alive
evidence you can be as free as you want to be. You can be free go when you want to go. Do what you want to do, but that doesn't mean you ve been to defy the law gravity. If you jump up you coming back down again whether you black, whether you white, whether you rich, whether you poor, when you got long hair short hair, stroll about here in a kind of here, you still have to obey certain rules and certain principles. Those cannot be broke it now. They have asked them to sing the lord song in a strange land. And now Judah is say: how can we sing lord saw even though Nebuchadnezzar has been ruthless, even though it has been mattie, even though we they the exiled there it member together, has been there for eighteen years and even though they ve been in power and income oh and done whatever they wanted to do whatever they wanted to do when they asked similar sing. The lord saw the chill of Israel said I could do it
I was in jerusalem, but I can't do it in Babylon, because I'm in captivity and to me that the way we worship force for some of us depends on here. We are.
Oh y'all, don't hear what I'm saying to you the way we wash it depends on where we are I'm not talking about geographical locations, I'm talking about where you are in life. What's going on with you at that time, whether it's a good season or a bad season, whether you are captive or free, whether you feel blessed or whether you're in the mood for a nodded move forward and when the conditions are not right and the key signature. If you don't know how to get out of a key out of pitch out of the range you don't know how to pad the environment that you're locked into and break into the next dimension, and you think it is impossible to sing the lord soul because you're in a strange land- and I want to teach on this tonight because we are in a strange land now. Yes, there are still in our country, and I hope you in yours too many people are not, but that is not the only issue you can be in your own country and still be in a strange land.
You can be on your old job and still be in a strangely. Thank you for the three people that understand what I'm saying you you can be at your own house and be in a strange land. Is there anybody in here? That knows what I'm talking about what it means to be in a strange layer if you are spiritual. You recognise that we are in a strange land right now. We are in strange times. We are in a strange place, We are a strange situation. We, I am a time where the enemy is defines us to see. The lord saw because we're in a strange land at a strange tat, daily, strange issues and strange plagues as strange news and strange issues, and it's not just what's happening globally. It's what's happening in your own life. I don't know whether you've noticed it or not, but hill has turned up the heat. Y'all gonna say nothing to me:
I don't know whether you realize that allowed, but hell his loose blue demons. Some of your forty or fifty years- oh, you never saw the demons you deal with right now. You ve done a hand to hand combat and their enemies attack in places you ve never been attacked before, and you find yourself in a strange land and you almost enough power in your man in your emotions, in your spirit and the enemy was, should lose your soul.
We want you to lose your soul, because the song is just strip. It is your joy. It is your piece, it is a pal. He wants you to lose your soul until you're, looking like you're standing outside of your own life, looking through the window at your own life like you're, really not there, it's so strange people act, strange friends, act, strange relatives act, stray strange situations breaking out in July. You feel kind of strange in your body everybody's walking around in a fog. It almost feel, like your life, is a movie that played late at night when you was a child and you're having to deal with situations. You've never had to deal with before and you're trying to figure out. What do I need to kill it with? What does it take for me to get a breakthrough? What do I do? Who do I need to call? Where do I need to go, and you do understand that the power of life and death is in your tongue, that the power of life and death is in your mouth? That, if you would open your mouth and cry out that god would break yolks off of your life and off of your spirit and off of your soul, that you don't have to submit to the enemy. Just because there's a strangeness in the atmosphere, you don't have to succumb to the strangeness around you. You don't have to have your heart about the willow tree and sit down and cry and forget everything. You know you might be in Babylon, but you are still jewish. You might be in Babylon, but you're still a child of god. You might be backed up on your car payments, but you're still washed in the blood you might be in foreclosure, but you still got the power the holy ghost, and until you learn how to use what you do have against what you don't have. You will never get out of captivity, and so what I'll teach you tonight is how to break out of captivity, because the enemy is sin in captivity to shut your mouth, but the devil is a lie. There's a breakthrough! Coming for the people of god! If you learn how to ignore the environment around here and open your mouth and say open your mouth and shout open your mouth and praise god open your mouth and give god glory. That was not the case for Babylon they set by the willow trees and they wept when they remembered zion. You see they had to pitch their song to a city.
Bad attach there so to a place. You'd be surprised at the people who can only say when they are in love. I won't sit there almost upon you to just sit right there, I'm kind of thinking, seeing through a divorce. They can't seem to a crisis. They can't see to loneliness. They can't seem to do a test and all of a sudden instead of things getting better. They prolong the captivity because they lose sales to their environment and they don't know how. I was saying the lord saw in a strange land, but I think that tell you tonight that the land does not control the lord.
don't hear what I'm saying, but I will keep grabbing until I get it all. The land does not control the lord. If god is god in Jerusalem, he's god in Babylon, if god is god, when things are going well, he's god, when things are going bad? If god is god what you on the mountaintop he's still god what is in the valley and if you would break pass your environment at what you see around you at the strangeness of the tire and the weird things people say to you and weird things that they're doing right now and the weird things that are jumping off in your life. The lord sent me here tonight to teach a class to arm you with the weapons that are necessary to get the breakthrough, that you lie to move into the area that you're trying to move here, because what god has for you. You have to release it out of your mouth and when you open your mouth and you begin to rejoice under god, you you're going to wait. I want to. I want to explain to see when you proud for the choir or the praise team. They do auditions. But with god
it's a
it doesn't do an audition because, god is not saying say according to how melodious your voice is and how well trained you are and how well you can do rift when the bible says sing, unto the lord a new song, he doesn't talk to you about what key urea and whether you can hold a tune or not, because god is not measuring the song by the melody he's measured by the intensity around here. What I'm saying this is an equal opportunity thing now, when you talk about singing one stay, some folks got it. Some folks do some folks can some false wall, but when it comes to singing before the lord, even the folks who sing well don't have any more opportunity to please him. Did the people who sing attitude, because the kind of singing that god is talking about your daughter has nothing to do with pitch and tone and frame and structure and order. It is the prions, it isn't a finance to sing the lord, so in a strange land that matter about the key flat or sharp off pitch on the pitch. It is defiant to see the lord psalm says I refused to succumb to the environment around me. I'm going to bless the lord at all times and praise him anyway. In fact, you won't get out to you. Learn. Let's say you won't get a breakthrough until you learn how to save the lord saw in a strange land. Crying won't get you out of trouble. We will get you out of trouble going into the present. Won't get you out of trouble. Pulling up your hands, won't get you out of trouble, but I dare you to open your mouth, to grip, your boy and spat figured out god. God does something with you see a so. She could be thing of the day and she could be singing cigarettes see and he can be singing it up and together. It just sounds like noise, but that's, ok, he says he'll make the noise make a joyful noise and the god make a joy for what noise under god, because god says what
This is me, is not your talent
It is your spirit, it is your heart, it is your fire, your singing breaks through something pierces, something in the spirit world gives you a break over the Nebuchadnezzar best friend a whole new capital. Everybody in here has a nebuchadnezzar that drags you into captivity. That changes your mood that brings tears to your eyes that every time you try to stand up, Nebuchadnezzar comes along and wants to bring you back into captivity and find you and make fun of you and saying: where is your god now? Where is your soul? Now how you going to sing now how you going to praise him for every now and then I don't just praise god because he's good. I don't just praise god because he's great, I don't just praise god, because he may sometimes praise god just to get all the devils learn to let him know I still still go crazy. Everything might be right. All my bills might not be paid. Everything might not be an order and may not even be happy, but in the midst of all of this, if you think I'm going to lay here and cry and hang my heart by the willow tree, I got news for you tonight. I woke up I gotta quit. I don't want to get that far woo shop. I will bless the lord at all times. His prey show continually it'll be in my mouth at Babylon, it'll be in my mouth and jerusalem it'll be in my mouth. It's a deal, it'll be in my mouth in crisis, it'll be in my mouth, with the bills to pay it'll be in, my mouth would walk up and leave me it'll, be in my mouth. What my feelings are hurt it'll, be in my mouth when I lose my job it'll be in my mouth, when I got a boo boo with my baba, it'll still be in my mouth, because I'm a soldier thank he's Jesus. He is absolutely marvellous at feel the presence of the lord after just a glory that comes from being in his presence of worshipping him and lifting him up, and while we're in
presence we shall about, appeared before him empty handed. We come before him not only to receive gibbey. Gene give it is everybody got like giving, but you can't just receive a lot of uk just report love, so you get about this we take, the kingdom of god, you need to so until the kingdom of god, so we're going to give you an opportunity to wash the lord it you're giving at the offer of your sacrifice before this is so personal. This is, This is an expression of your love and admiration for god and your financial complement the too. But this is a personal became. Nobody do it for you, but you everything else we can do for. You will pray for you we saved for you, we clap, for you, but when it comes to giving this is your personal sacrifice between you got? What are you think about Jesus. What is it worth to you? What is it for you? This is wrong. The data, be like the walked away and said nothing about the one who came back to sleep like you,
The jerusalem in dire straits, the crisis is momentous. It is not comfortable It is painful they away from their homes their weight everything that is familiar. They are away from everything that defines him, but not away from col. David said, if I make my bed in Hell. Thou art there. He said if I think the wings of the morning and assent to the uttermost parts of their value. I want to talk to somebody whose life is inconsistent and
Everything around you is inconsistent and you can't find anything solid to nail into everything around. You is inconsistent. The only thing that is consisted is god: God doesn't change, god doesn't move god the loop, because you boo god that move, because your conditions change and if you learn to be like god, that means you gotta, be steadfast unmovable, always abounding in the work at the lower uk, I deliberately from moody christians people there one day with this way, the next day there this way the next day. This way, god is calling for consistency. God is calling for people who can sing in the dark. God is calling for people who will open their mouth and praise him, no matter what's going on in your life, no matter what is running through your mind, no matter, what's going on in your body, you gotta find a way to praise god because things are not going to get better until you open your mouth and learn how to sing in the midst of adversity.
We had our hearts rather willow, trees with web. We remembered sire. If Africa Jerusalem led my tongue cleave to the roots of my mouth, Jerusalem is not just a geographical location. Jerusalem is a centered centred play, in your soul, if I forget who I am let my tongue cleave to the roof, my mouth You got to know who you are.
Even when you're in a strange lay you got to know what your center ears, even when it's a strange tab. You gotta know what your center he is. Even when you lost your job, you gotta know what your center. He is, even when you're destabilized by people, you thought you could trust, and you couldn't people you thought you could count on and you care people who said they'd be with you and they left. But you got to stabilize yourself by your jerusalem. Jerusalem is your spiritual epicenter. It is a place from which you draw strip, it is a place from which you draw bigger. It is a place from which you draw identity. Our jerusalem is not a physical jerusalem. There is a jerusalem that comes down out of Heaven. There is a jerusalem on earth. In your heart. There is a jerusalem. There is a spiritual, epicenter called a pavilion god had you in a secret place, you go into the secret place with god when all hell is breaking loose. There is a secret place that anchors you, so that you are not at the mercy of the environment to control the intensity of the power with which you operate. If that were true, if I set you in a situation where there were witches, you would lose your glory god's got to have a power that transcends an environment. God's got to have a power that will work in a hospital room. Gods got to have a power that are working on unemployment, lack guts got to have a power that will work. I don't care where you are,
only thing that is unstable, exam. because god is able to do what is this exceedingly abundantly above all that you may ask or thing hold up according to the power that worketh, where he you, according to the power that work continue not not in your church, not in your business, not in your denominator, not in your city, not in your town, gossip. I could do exceedingly abundantly above all, ye may ask or think, according to the power that workers in you now they got taken away from Jerusalem, but you can't take the away from me,
and you cannot take me away from me, god said- is not according to what river you're sitting the sat is not according to where you're working is not according to how you feel in your body is according to the power that works in you, and god said: if you work at work, if you, if you move active bull, if you look up, I can look up if you reach out, I can reach through. I can only do it according to the power, so hell watch you to hang your heart by the willow, trees and forget who you are. I think that you can't do it because you don't get what you want, and so you have just like a baby crying because god will win you from this and put you over in bed and say: will you praise me now? Can you praise me now? Can you praise me in this situation? You love me like this. Have I still got in this situation? Can you glorify me now and if you are well taught in the word of god, you will offer up to him thus sacrifice of praise from the fruit of your lips continually with thanksgiving the sacrifice of practical. You don't feel like it. You don't have to do it. You can stay about all you want to. But if you give up the sacrifice of praise, if you give him the sacrifice of praise from the fruit of your lips, your lips, your choir can't do that for your praise. They can't do that, for you bad can't do that for you, because god is what's in your mouth, you say I can't even say I don't even care. God says with your little ballots were blue when you open up your mouth I'll, open my mouth. When you start thinking about me I'll start thinking about you are watching your live. Average it'll take about fifteen seconds and just open your mouth and make any kind of joyful noise. Anything you've got the shaft anything anything you any key to any kind of sad. Oh, oh! Oh, oh yeah! I remember the old folk used to walk the floor and they just say: oh, oh, oh, oh yeah, ugh see we'll just start. Opening your mouth yoke start falling change, start falling barrier start falling problems, start falling it. Don't matter what river you sitting beside it! Don't matter what willow tree your stand about! You don't even have to have no heart. If you've got a mouth, let the redeemed of the lord, the yay yay yay yay yay, yay, yay, yay yay, the devil will defy you. He'll! Try to shut you down. He'll! Try to shut your mouth he'll! Try to shut you up, he'll try to make you be still, but the devil is alive. We are in a fight tonight show we are in a fight. Tonight, you listen to me online. We are in a fight tonight. You can take the blow cute shoes off. We are in a fight tonight, glory to god. You better! Take the males of the poor, your earrings are. We are in a fight tonight and you gotta learn how to go into spiritual warfare and see and shout and dance and pray and drive back. The forces of the enemy, because there's something that we got a grab bag and we got to drive it back with our mouth and we got to drive it back with our saw that we got to grab it back with our prey. We got to drive it back if you'd rather bag. If you drive it back, if you push it it boo, if you push posted it abou, if you push it it'll boo, if you posted it about, if you positive move, if you push irritable, if you push it a book.
The dance in the world and, as you lead Hell, no, I don't believe this. This won't last because if you will give god your dance, he will give you his water, keep praising god and he will deliver you through the toughest of times, for your gift of any amount, learn how god provides shade and life's desert with audio bishop td jakes eye opening message dancing in the desert, while you're dancing your devils or die while you're dancing your diseases or die while you're dancing, your pet is dying for your gift of one hundred and twenty five dollars or more gain a deeper understanding of two of the most beloved books in the bible with the psalms and proverbs the passion translation book, as well as the wisdom and praise journal and pen set whatever thought that god you're sure what that what was there sit on top of you call or click today.
Things can only come from god. As he said, I am a woman on the surface, poured out bus. So before the lord set up one gases, the thing that brings peace to pay is making you request made known unto god.
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