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It will bring you to another level in your church and your ministry. It was life changing. I came here looking for something from god and I founded what I have learned here. I can take back and incorporate into my church. This is a place where leaders get reloaded rejuvenated, refocus you need to be here. It's so inspirational make plans to take your leadership to the next level by registering at pastors and leaders, dot org. We can't wait to see what god has in store for you in twenty eighteen, coming.
and the parties tat, not a footstool readings of the neighboring Jesus Christ. I'm excited to have this opportunity to bring the word of a lord to you. This is a powerful word out of my series of sword. You know about books, about ministries about teachings, have all been focusing on causing you sore in every area of your life and not just you but you're children's edward children's children do we have to have successes,
really have success. Now, let's go to the word of god, the message out of the source theories, the next generation Let us tell somebody told me all about who take away the sense of the word uk point, so self wow.
this you go with somebody today that way above the law and rebuild their multiple wings were google's. There's a word about the weary. They walk about trade. I can show you better than I can tell you. I can show you better than I could tell you touch. Everybody was votes was about what was meant there is. Let me show you: was nets. See the interesting thing about the bible, and it to bergman's room. If you six, if you tag team burglars room,
clear was room. What you see is the large the environment. The large this species therefore I go to the word of god, the b b ellie Second structures before leaving the bible Comprises three million one or two, sixteen thousand four hundred and eighty letters those letters then condensed into seven hundred and eighty three thousand one hundred thirty seven words those words. It then filleted over thirty one thousand one hundred and two verses, but then those verses are then packaged into what we call chapters eleven hundred eighty nine chapters. There are sixty six books, but your life is supposed to be the sixty seven book. Your life is supposed to be the epistle that is rid of me, but how can your life be the epistle that is rid of men? If you don't know the word, though, before we approach our texts, we see that we have skipped over the Bibi chapters of the book of genesis, which the main ports of being in genesis, one, twenty six saying that man should have dominion and power and authority. Does anybody have one?
we have moved passed a forty chapters of the book of exodus. What the shield of its worst suppose we exiting egypt but what we see is that they exited Egypt physically but mentally, they were steel, sound like you, ve been the egypt before we have moved ass, a twenty seven chapters of the book of the biblical where they learn how to live, wholly and walk according to the lord statues, and now we approached the book of numbers. What we see is this book is about this opiates. Aren't you gotta, o bay got you go to your thing: it's not! For you to know the word of god, if you're not going to obey it, when we approached thirteen chapter of the book of numbers. These thirty six chapters are really crossed into this one specific chapter. This chapter is getting ready to tell us everything. We need to know why, because the first thing that happened is that the bible says that got spoke to moses and told him to go, get twelve spies to spy out the land. So you missed it.
There, because I sit whose. Tor Moses got. It was so big if we stop is fully happier earthquake god the want of it. If you turn Debbie a tornado god, if you cleared his throat, you could create a tsunami god. If you call this, if there be snow over the continent of africa, who, I believe you make the first report, because that's why saturn has a ring around it got watch it over you've got to watch it over your children. God bless you, god who's about, to show you a brand new land. God who's about, to take you from the oh god, I didn't mean to start this quick, but somebody's about the call from Egypt too. I promised what I can't talk about egypt or talk. but the promised land because somebody is in the middle But you understand what you got Somebody's life has been spinning and spent, and spent in.
And you hear it. Everybody talk about saw, but you just trying to pay your bills and keep the mortgage right. Watch over your kid you're just trying to make sure you don't give five acute, because you're just trying to make sure you read the bible and pray. You just try to make sure you don't give up collapsed and quit costs of five. Do I have any body who was a real chris it in this place and what happens if your world is meeting its meaning and spitting this? the wilderness situated they will the desert? Imagine easy jabs trying to. the son of the grid and the dirt. But I didn't know what was in there All of a sudden Moses, the leader, Bristol Is it so you go smiled the land How in the world is he telling you to soar and you're, not even out of date, yet how worthy telling you to saw? And you still trying to keep you, you are in the middle, you you're not an employee, but should not really an employer. Georgia you're in this middle. What you hustler aside.
So when you go home and implore you to an employer there, there is no sick time. There is no actually extended lunches, though no no escher briggs, you have to make it. Oh no. I came to people who are trying to make it on their own. I have a word for you: you're in the land of confusion,. You're in the middle and your mind is confused, and I want to talk to you about the confusion that you're my face in a particular moment that I have been a lot of what happens? Is your mom, Is spinning and spinning and spinning, and what the Who is trying to do is keep you from going to the next level. confusion is the thing that the enemy users to keep you from going to the. It's your season to go to the next emitted, but how do you go to the next emitted? Well, I just want to give. one point the way you
They wrote confusion is with confrontation. You must it was. These were farmers. It was so dry the desert. They couldn't form that couldn't eat gases, don't worry about it I'll! Let quail come out in the night. Don't worry about it! Wake you up with fresh bread in the morning I'll be a pillar of a cloud in the day, I'll be fire at night gutters I got everything covered. They had no problem in the might have got their problem was, with god using them. You can believe in bishop and first lady, james and all the passes, but what we want to you, if you don't believe god for yourself. They tell you not the point in public speaking, but I'm pointing at you. You have a job to believe, god for yourself, as I try to take this to a brief clothes. I want to tell you that
god who has begun a good work in you shall perform it onto the day of Jesus Christ, I will say that no weapon formed against you shall be able to prosper. I want to tell you that there is no reason for you being confused, because god is going to confuse your enemy aircraft. Bishop out, I wasn't going to tell this story. I wasn't going to tell it. I wasn't going Tell the story, but the holy ghost drops up an army, and I got thirty seconds before they take me out here but if we praying for me a europe where, for me, Remember years ago, was a teenager me, my brother. We live in a very rough neighbourhood and one we found ourselves face to face with the gunman I looked at the barrel. Looked at my brother, he looked at me. We looked at. Well, the galaxy us any. We looked at the bare the galloped us. We look at the peril and this guy what a big gun keep pointing an
money and to him he was shooting and shooting, but I found out that the gun was that is going to confuse enemies to data. This has set us up without scriptures and my assigned this morning the talk about transition whose in transition this morning tat gap transition is a simple. It have a simple definition is passing from one state or stage to another place or state or stage simple definition Hard to do look at is a simple but power, the children of Israel or into space transition. They had left the egypt. There were around the world,
and the well- and I know what the problem is worse. They know what the problem is was, but they could not make their way through the promised land. After having been his life a four hundred years, they could not comprehend. the transition from being prisoners, the ana land to being the person that starts off a land. If, having trouble with transition? There are three things that can easily affect the success of your transition. god is trying to take you somewhere and you are pulling back. You don't want to But he's gonna, take you kicking and screaming you gonna go. You got transition or die. That's what the children of Israel discovered three things. People people will affect your successful transition. There are people who will cut you, because, when you start learning to try efficient, you're you gonna you're gonna to stumble you're gonna. Try you fail and there you understand. making moves and yours started in ground and they're going to say, you're different.
you'd size in you bet you special wanna, do the work for they're going to cut you. Then there are people who you're going to cut are going to they're going to be such a distraction to you as soon as you tell them your dream for your new baby, or the ministry that god has both in your life, they're gonna say well, that's to me. You think you got there, I don't know if you can do with they are your destiny. Blockers and your drain. Killers wanted this through the tractor, like you from the practice because you gotta go through their profits. You'd I'll. Do it I'm not gonna make it to the promised land they won't work. And you will cut them? The third person are the people who are partners. You know you already know who they are. You tell them
dream and they say I already see it. What do you need? How can I help you Have the news here everybody! This is a time of year where we start determining on new year's resolutions that, instead of making a resolution, you know you will be able to keep Y know you make this a year. You launch your business is done by the time the right now to get europe. These are the off the ground. If you have a passion and desire to start a new business to build a church to be a missionary, whatever the is don't wait any longer. My blue book sore is, for you saw, addresses the problem, our and planning, but those who seek to soar light in business and church leadership. It doesn't matter who you start by this, where euphrates I want to help. You turn your dreams into reality. So pick up.
Copy of sword today and start your new year off right. The thing that will affect your success This applies not have look up life but apply fear where your memories and your emotions collide. You know that plays when you're without one song tat you all the way back to that place. You know Aren't you were you know what what do you know who you are doing it with the bible says they left it. They said we could just go back. There were scared, we are afraid of what is ahead of us. What god says he has promised
we have to do the work we don't want to fight. We want the product we don't have to fight, wouldn't want to fight for it, so they less did after the past. Then, let's do something that wasn't even good. So what is it that in your life, that is a place in your life? It's here, it's not when you want to wonder at the cheerleader of the year. It's now when you became the first person to graduate from your from from college and your family, but it's a bad place. It's that place where they did it to you, but you're, the one that feels guilty. If that place, where you are actual executive in your company and the police. Kindly sheriff came at last on your house as that their place. So when was that, when the arrows that we looked like grasshoppers is because they were in that place, that place will affect your successful transition and the last place the left
is your point of view. You got to change that you have got their size, the where'd you The way you tat what they will think you are a grasshopper have the delegated swell spies. They saw all the same thing. They saw the promise they saw. The problems came back and said he gets a setback so I came back. You said we ve got a solution that there were gone They were ready to go and get it get you why, god please you he's dead, you are the lander, not the borrower, and not the tail that you could sides this world. Finally, I was in the car, wash our work in this week- and I had a lot- To do so, I ran through the car wash and in line with what was multitasking, I what
I'm paying- and I heard that I say lady we ve up- and because I am vertically challenge. I cannot on top of my car and it was telling me to move my wheel gears over. So we can get in alignment with the conveyor belt. ram version. You gotta get em alignment. What god is trying to do in your life, Where are your paper bag. What's that got an alignment I put my put out the break up of carbon neutral. I turned the wish your wipes out, not just sit back, and may god said we through the process, because I cannot come out. It won't be the same as when I went in one more thing: a mark, lousy. Generation. There was a cry: the car was. There was a round me and there was a car behind me got there.
It is our right to copy far you there's one cup unhappy. You gotta go by the transition back on a wide variety of forty years before that you're walking does by mark watts. What are you waiting on gas? transition, so god can change the world through you, and so the conclusion of the whole matter concerning the sore series is this: there appears to be a discrepancy between the story and the text story of light. it is thus that man begins by walking on the land accelerates down, runway and christian those in flight, as they argues the pointer and says, conversely, that the eagle begins and a high please. The mist descends down to iran and concludes walking and not fainting. This suggests to me my dearly beloved brothers and sisters of the congregation
but while the success of man is measured in his ability to fly, the eagle us touchstone is instead in his or her ability to land bishop. We saw you go to the white house for the first time, We heard you preach the gospel that snatch souls out of a burning. Hale we were born in a lovely place, is expected of us to be able to fly. The question is, as with the children of Israel who were brought out eagles wings is, can you lay? I don't know about you, but I'm trying to write books that nobody's reading. I don't wanna put another message in my liberal that nobody is listening to me. I can't. a business. That's not turn into a profit on britain alone. I thought it would be apropos that I will resist the temptation to put on my sundays finest and instead come to you as a fighter like fire pilot instructor and give you a few less.
In atlanta atlantean, if you're ready to say hey man, if you're going to do something for god, if you're going to get what god has to you, sometimes you have to do it So let me give you a couple: what tactics or binding number one you ve got to have the right value added to think it must, that people like doktor raise the dog and ice cubans and our successful as entrepreneurs, because they grew up. young men with attitudes that can't use the same tactics, but they still have to have the fighting attitude the tool We said we were grasshoppers and I all said we in theirs, but wondering if we have any the ba is in the room. That's christians with attitude
it's all made up in the mind that are born into the enemy's camp and I'm going to take back what the devil stole from me to make some noise, the Steve harvey would say it like this. You've got to be able to think like an eagle and fight. The second war tactic I want to give you is you can't just fight in the board room or the court room, but you ve got to be It'll fight in the prayer room festival, I think I figured out why we never see god's name mentioned in the book of esther. I think his name is never mentioned in the book of esther because he didn't have to be mentioned in the book of esther. they didn't even pray. You just said that they went on a three day fast and put the devil on the wrong. What they are. Story was that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty. Through god. I know it's a little old school. I know it's a little old fashioned, but we've got to go back to fasting
playing a part in all the name, when I get in trouble, I do silly stuff like start so it seems highly luger. Do we have any fighters in the room? So I think I would encourage you with a look whether with the high school one good arm and he had no, he would care of the football. in the good arm and he was still form you within the I made the mistake of trying the young fellow in practice and stiff army know, anybody not me into a concussion and broke my column. It was.
That point that I realise that there is a weapon in your weakness. They tell me bishop at the sixty point, does not qualified to land on the marine ship because their wings woeful, there's a certain bless and that you only qualify for when you broken a preacher say that he took the brave people ass, the bridge he broke through it did he gave the brief. Do I haven't you who did winged eagle in behalf, so this wanted? Which brings me to my second: do it in this do it anyway. This lesson is brought to my colleague captain sully sullen burg, who who will set out on a flight. One January afternoon at a whole risk.
And from laguardia airport and the local birds had an attitude about him flying in their territory and they flew over and took out his engines, but captain sully brings a message to my assange. My
I must say that equal this morning will develop and telling you you can't do which used to do, because you don't have what you use the hair, but captain sully looked at the birds they, I cant do what I used to do, because I don't need to do what I used to do. Take my internet land in any way take the runway landed anyway. He didn't believe that was landing gear, peaches laid down his flaps somebody's. I clap which you broke wings, you gotta some, I say on paper, but I'm flattered by creating a bad, but I'm flattered you mind I'd like a flap anyway, so mind. If I got it anyway, praise I've got about ten. Second, for you to give, and anyway what you do and I'll be raising the spectre of raising more if they are not going to stay here for landing at once, you landed that business. I don't want you to just be fruitful. I want you to multiply summertime. Do it again? The bible says that Jesus was gonna. Do energy despite our sun, had MR, but
Did it again I didn't want to hurt me since you don't ever crucified The fudge from the union carbide, the guy that did that and this morning I came to tell you- he's dead, whether to do it again, but this time not just me,
but he's not do it through you, you ve got a pretty much. What you see is the word of god made less. You saw three preachers preach, a platform that they didn't bill.
other states labour, for you saw them preach like the baby to have to pay, for he saw them reach authority of the people that they did not mind. What you saw is a policy of what is about to happen. You're gonna, give you even not puts you shouldn't even be treated, but somebody displays gonna get ready, because god is don't trust that somebody has got us happen every day that you went back to the world. Did you at a time of guns, real jordan, sure the worth of war with you you're talking about really birth rate, this giving the next generation it ready for what god is going to do to prevent your wings of exclusive power is what this is all about. The transfer of this war, universal persons, ilusha purpose, has never been more vital overboard necessary that it is right. Now I want you to meet the commitments wouldn't go. This is seventy. I believe
the protection that you love what s leaders here, you'll be blessed
he's guide telling you it's time to lead the nest and saw something the goddess hatching loveless circumstances around. Will you give to the ministry of any size? You will receive Bishop Jake's message to greatness on cd, as well as our french vision for two thousand eighteen calendar. Gotta just got a class of some websites. You give to seventy five dollars. You received the ongoing cdc resume bishop, Jake's books and fresh vision for two thousand eighteen calendar amount of time to get up to venture awaits you. Take that leap of faith and solar today they will bring you to another level and your church in your ministers who have gone as far as you can go. Oh, what you're right something has got to shift. It was a wise changing. I came here looking for something from god and I found it got to give a virgin you have. These all disappointment is controlled by expectation. What I have learned- and here I can take back right- a majority something of the sort of like every feta cheese for ship. This is a place where leaders reloaded rejuvenated refocused. You may go in a race and make plans to take your leadership to the next level by registering at pastors and leaders, dot org. We can't wait to see what god has installed for you in twenty eighty,
feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on the potter stout. the they will bring you to another level in your church and your ministry. It was life changing. I came there, looking for something from god and I founded what I have learned here. I can take back and incorporate into my church. This is a place where leaders get reloaded rejuvenated, refocus you need to be here. It's so inspirational make plans to take your leadership to the next level by registering at pastors and leaders, dot org. We can't wait to see what god has in store for you in twenty eighteen
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