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Table Talk

2020-10-25 | 🔗
To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/973/29 When was the last time you invited Jesus to sit down at your table? When we sit down with Jesus, we get the one-on-one time that’s necessary to elevate us to then next level that God us calling us to.
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When was the last time, Jesus came up
Your team, when was the last time you drove to work, I just hate it Jesus for all of you, that's been in the back seat, watching everybody rushing past you and you wondered. If God forget you, this message is to you. God has not forgotten you to all of you that felt like you've been cast aside, and you think you got more in you than your circumstances reflect this. One is for you, God is getting ready to give you a promotion and he's trying to show you how to handle it. That can nothing about a pandemic. If God gets ready to promote you he'll promote you in Fight Spala Pandem, it was at the table, God does some of his best work at the table. No wonder the song was sent out, prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemy. So annoying is my head, my cup and run it over, but he did it at the table at all. It all happens at the table. Peter was criticized in the book of AC because they criticized him for sitting at the table with uncircumcised people tension at the table. I tension at the table. It is interesting to know that Luke who writes the gospel of St Luke is also the author of the book of acts and over and over again he brings us to the table. He tells us that the early church continued steadfast in the apostles doctrine in breaking a bread and fellowship going from house to House Luke is taking us back to the table to the table to the table and once again we are at the table at the table
Now, for all about drew to eat at the table is more difficult, subset of food. It is a of a fellowship. They did not with gentiles, they did not eat with heathers. They did not eat with Samaritans. If a gentile was to eat at the table, they would break the plate. That was considered that unclean that filthy eating was a sign of covenant and close relationship. It could take hours to consume a meal because it was a big deal to sit at the table. The fellowship of the covenant of the relationship between you at Ththe table is probably more important than the food itself. The food takes a backdrop. It all all occurs at the table. I and she's at the dinner party Is lawful for me to do my thing at your house. that's what he's asking you.
For me to do my thing, your house. I know your house. But I want you back a beaver, sir. If you, let me be myself, I can bring them Miracle into this house, if you live, Be myself, I can bring a miracle to your table. If you, let me be myself, I can deal with your child, but I want to know: is it lower or do you have a long that exact Jesus from big at your house. You all the christian church. my God, my God, my God, and their silence open up a for God to move it opened up a door forgot to work. And the Bible says that we call the ban was dropsy. him and the moment the man
I'm gonna deal He sent him away for him. The dinner is over, Once I get what I want from the Lord, you can have the food. I never came from the food in the first place I came to call. I was hoping that I'd get something more than I could get by myself, and once I get what I need, I can go on my way. I didn't come to be seen by you. I didn't come to be in fellowship with you. I didn't come for a photo of. I didn't come so I hand you to my resume. I came that I might see Jesus once he got his feeling. He got a and he left to take Leaving Jesus with his enemies, and the Bible says at this point, It introduces the next point that I think is profound. It's as
Jesus noticed how they were fighting for the best seats. yeah. So this says to me While they are watching Jesus Jesus is watching them. This is, and while he's watching him, he noticed him Russian to get the now. The high seas, in case you don't know, is to sit closer to the house. And whenever you go to a dinner table, whoever sits on the right or the left of the house is the power and influence. And so they wanted to be seen as being powerful people and they were fighting to sit at the head of the table as close as it could the house. Jesus is sitting back, wait a minute
If anybody had a right to sit at the table. and sit in that seat in the place of the highest order. It should have been ged nobody in there. We Good as Jesus are people that are fighting I may get into a position that even Jesus himself interested, but he just by looking at a distance if the war glass looking like this. You'd be looking sometime, you don't say, method used,
to yourself nobody to say nothing too. No, no friend, with him to whisper in his ear, no Peter James and John there none of his circle, none of his boys, none of it. He comes in look at Jesus. How strong he! Then he comes into a room full of enemies without bringing any back up with him because he's bad all by himself. He doesn't need the disciples to support him. He doesn't need his in a circle to have his back. He doesn't need his best friend to cover here. He said, I'm God enough- that if I get myself into it, I could get myself out of it and he walked into the room and sat down by himself and he, the watch him as if they have the power. To decide whether it be it's right or not Is watching. To all of you who are trying to decide whether Christian
and it is relevant or not to all of you who are trying to decide whether there's any room in a controversy society for the church. Today, for all of you who are trying to decide in a postmodern society, it's the church still relevant. While you are sitting up with your fair cuticle self trying to decide whether the church has any relevant or not, you are looking at it, but it is also looking at you watching you fight for power and positioned, watching you being judgmental and critical watching you being self righteous watching you tear down people in the name of being right and better and superior and smarter and Jesus is watching them and all of a sudden at the table. He started talking. The change. Because he's a set aside, man,
Having a wedding now, Baron man, he is not a wedding he's at a dinner. But his his story is about a wedding supper and he says when you go where you are invited to a wedding, the first now. I want to start with invited fact that you have been in been invited as a privilege I want to speak to all the arrogant people who get offended because you didn't get the best seat and you didn't get to sit up front and nobody call your name on the program. Nobody did this or that the very fact that you're invited is an honor you've been invited to the wedding. He said, but when you I invited to the wedding the beast self in granting don't be so Self Enthrone, don't be so egoistic, its don't be so egotistical, don't be so self promoting self, be so aggressive, don't be
so a sight of that. You push yourself in beyond where you need to be Jesus, this the wisest thing to do. When you come into a great house, isn't to push yourself into a realm where you such yourself up to be embarrassed He says because somebody were more honour could come in and the host that invited you may have to walk up to you with them and say: excuse me: do you sitting over here, the governor, the so and so whether this or that has come and you what, then I have to get up and pack up your little stuff and have the embarrassment of having everybody wants you go down It is wise to pump yourself up and inflate yourself to impress people that really don't matter.
Is much wiser for you not to inflate your image. Primary oppressed impress people that don't matter because then all they can feel is disappointment. When you come back instead, Jesus says when you come into a situation that you have been invited into? Oh god, I don't know who I'm preaching to but you're about to be invited into a new realm, a new audience, a new stage, a new place, and God is trying to get you ready for the new realm that you're getting ready to step in this is not that you can't handle this like you handle that, just because you were big stuff over here, don't mean you're, gonna be big stuff over there and God is getting ready to take your tour, a whole nother level and he's trying to train you how you supposed to act. When you walk in the room, he says: don't walk in the room and trying to push yourself a close to the top. He says
It is far better to take the backseat. He says, because if you take the back seat, if you just take the max seat, if you just take the max seat, you open yourself up to the possibility code mercy when have yourself, you become a candidate for promotion. I, If you just lower your noise and your name and you're bragging about yourself, some of you got your entire resume on Instagram. If you didn't low it down, you can't be all of that. I'm an architect, I'm a hairdresser, I'm an artist, I'm a designer and I'm also a student, a political science and also do tax return. So that's too much.
Now your seat bring yourself down, bring yourself down. Let people be surprised that you know more than they expected, rather than I bet you said more than you do Your legal talk, timidity. Jesus says I want you to take the back seat. so that when the house comes in, he can say: you all know. I don't want you back there. I want you to come I want to challenge you to continue to support the ministry, because you know as well as I do that the ministry is not about pus and it's not about benches, and it's not about staying glass, windows or technology or any of the things you see around us. This is not. Ministry ministry is word reaching ear, Touching me.
Miracles, touching mass, that's ministry and there's nothing about this situation that can circumvent the ministry from reaching. Not only you with you with you and you, but people all over the world by the power of God. If you are Faith is invigorated if your mind is renewed. If you watch this broadcast and this change your life in any kind of way that I don't have to tell you that it's good ground- and I don't have to encourage you to so because you're too much of a christian she's got out of the opportunity to pour out supernatural blessings of your light, because we are coming to a time that, if God does it do it, it doesn't get that a just war weaponry. The Holocaust told me to tell you to get ready for propose, get ready. bullshit, all of you that have hampered yourself get ready for proposed, followed.
You that's been in the vaccine, watching everybody rushing past you and you're wondering if God forget you, this message is to you. God has not forgotten you to all of you that felt like you've been cast aside and they never asked you to sing and they never asked you to sing anything and they never asked you to do anything and you never get the appropriate, and you think you got more in you than your circumstances reflect this wire is for you, oligos promotion, promotion, promotion, promotion, promotion, promotion, promotion, promotion, promotion, promotion that somebody say, promotion, promotion, promotion, promotion, promotion, promotion. God is getting ready to give you promotion and he's trying to show you how to handle it because you're about to go
to a room. That's gonna open up a door for promotion. I feel the holy God speaking in this place today he says promotion, promotion, promotion and you say, oh god, I can't be in a promotion right now, I'm in a pandemic. God then can nothing about a pandemic. If God gets ready to promote you he'll promote you. In spite, in spite of a pen, He'll sue, Another store while other people are falling? the pole, may fall in the right. Pin powder may follow Jalessa, but if God gets ready to take you up, God knows how to take you off but look at somebody scream at somebody and tell him I'm coming up. They bid or could pass me for years, but I
coming up. They've been making fun of me for years, but I'm coming up. They've been Astra ostracizing me, but I'm coming up they've been talking about me like a dog, but I'm coming up. I sat there and watched people with less talent. Walk past me like I was a dog, but I stayed where I was and I kept on praying. I knew that weeping major and for night, but joy is coming in the morning totalk this morning in somebody's life and God is getting ready to raise you into a place that you've never been before. I came to prophesy our promotion over your life. I came to prophesy our promotion over your life because you didn't murmur because you didn't complain because your crop for other people's successes, because your hello peace God said I have not forgotten you. I'm getting ready to tap you on the shoulder and bring you into another dimension. Who am I preaching to I'm talking to somebody here that God is getting ready to take you out of your element, you're used to being in in the back you're comfortable with being in the back? It's normal to be in the back. The God is getting ready to take you to the next level pack, your bags you're, leaving, I said pack, your bags you're leaving you're going to the next level, and God is going to raise you up m
the presence of those who walk past you the best part of promotion, is that God won't promote you secretly, he's gonna, promote you publicly right in the faces of all the people. That said, you were nothing said you weren't, gonna ever be nothing said you weren't, gonna ever have nothing when God gets ready to raise you, he will raise you anyway. Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, let me back I'm getting ready to rise to another level. Oh, my god, my God, my God, it's coming out of the table talk because you're sat at the table and you've been soaking in wisdom and you've been soaking in revelation and you've been soaking in knowledge. God is getting ready to raise you up. Pack, your bag get your stuff together. Together, you get ready to move. Now. When you move you must.
understand that a move up for you will cause dissension among those around you. What Jesus is preparing them to understand is that of all the things that God hates. It is pride. I said it's pride, he hates pride, he hates a proud look. He hates condescending attitude. He hates self righteous this position. What Jesus is trying to teach the overseas look at, but teacher teaching. The teacher.
At the rabbi teaching the rabbis look at the author teaching the teachers. He said, if you humble yourself in due time, God will exalt you, but if you exhale yourself, you got nowhere to go but down here, God hates pride. We don't preach about it, often, but God hates pride. There are three things that are in the world of the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. Almost any time you hear preachers preaching they're, always preaching about the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eye, because those are things that manifest themselves in tangible ways, but pride is invisible, pride can wear long dresses, pride can wear hey in a in a bun pride can put on a Brioni suit. Pride can hide in secret places. Pride does not announce itself, it's an attitude of your heart, and God said: if you don't get that pride out of you, I'm going to have to bring you down humble me long at your feet. Humble me long at your feet. Don't let me wear not, and that's too good for me to humble myself at your feet. So let me drive nothing that makes me so high minded that I stop humbling myself at your feet. Got you I'm going to put you in a new job, but I still want you to praise me like you did when you were on unemployment, I'm getting ready to raise you up, but I want you to stay humble in your spirit, because pride is something that God he it's not just pride. He said I hate a proud look.
he said I hate a proud look. I don't even want you to look like you're, proud. I want you to go out of your way. The higher I take you, the more humble I want you to be the more. I bless you, the more. I want you to bring yourself down the more. I give you the more. I want you to get down at my feet and humble yourself. This is the kind of thing that you learn in table talk. This is, is not a sermon. This is not Jesus preaching. This is not to be attitude. This is not the amount of all of this is not the amount of transfiguration. This is the kind of stuff you learn when your fellowship with Jesus. So tonight I want you to make it your business to go out to dinner with Jesus. I know you go to church, but you need to go to dinner with Jesus. Is my friends tell me I better at the table than I am at the pool it there's something that happens at the table? That's a completely different anointing to all of you that only experience Jesus on Sunday morning, you're missing the best part of Jesus until you up with him until you sit down with him until you include him on Monday, Tuesday, we, Thursday Friday Saturday yeah, you can see him once a week and get the kinds of things that change your heart. It might change your habits, but it won't change your heart. It may make you break up with your girlfriend, but it won't change. Your heart. Humbleness is something that happens in your heart. Humbleness is where God deals with your attitude. Humbless is how you see yourself and the world around you and it all happened at the table. Have you been to the table with Jesus? Have you ever sat down
With him, have you allowed him to speak into your life? Do you see at the table? That's ordinary stuff in in midst of everyday everyday life wants to seat at the table. He wants to invade our normal. to get into your everyday. He doesn't want to be segregated. to an hour and a half on Sunday morning. He wants to get into your normal life. When was the last time, Jesus came up and your taste When was the last time you drove to work, just chat, nudity
When was the last time that he got soul in your conversation that people knew you were here in the course of a few hours at dinner, he can shut the mouths of the Pharisees. He has healed a man sick of palsy. He has taught a class on humility and they still haven't served. My my my my my my. Let us have a little talk with Jesus. Tell him all about. Here
Fran is cry. He will answer a man when you feel a little bar will turn, and you know a little power is burning. You'll find just a little talk with you. Make it right lets have a little talk with Jesus. about our truth. He will He trailers crop love he had to be by when you feel Hopewell. Turning. You do a little. Just a little talk with you etc
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I'm gonna turn around. Try that again, if you ever find a purpose, that's bigger than you, God will help you. God is not your manager he's not here to promote you he's not here to make. You feel important. God is here to help you find your purpose that is bigger than you, and if you can find something, that's big enough to pray about, see happen to stop on our list that we're praying about is not big enough to pray about. Stop bringing these some penny any request to God. It's an insult to it's a great man to be little stuff. God needs a challenge. God needs a big tree. God needs something, that's bigger than you
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