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The Battle is Not Yours

2020-07-26 | 🔗
To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/973/29 Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you have to fight a battle that you didn't have anything to do with. But don't waste your time trying to convince your Goliath and your friends that you're enough! God will give you the strength to fight the battles that come your way.
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Coming up on the potter stage- it is not about how well you fight it, is about what you are fighting. You cannot defeat your giant and do you believe that what you got is love
Somebody- and I want you to shovel until your devil years until you until you come stance here until you down here and there for timely seventeen. Twenty one to twenty four Israel in the Philistines had put the battle in a way. Army against army or me that's a babel. Me our me. That's the set this that that was the strategy.
That is relied on my hand in the Philistines Army had they will go, go army against Army and David lift his carriage in the hands of the keeper of the carriage and ran into the army and came and saluted his, The rim and as he talk with them behold there came up the champion consumers. Can you wouldn't, even in the plan. Up there. One man daily hidden, publicly levels, all my fault. I was supposed to bring lunch to a fight between armies and armies, and here comes this big joker. Everybody in here got a big ol. Suddenly you got your
I have your giant, your devil, your thing and you know just stated when things are bad. You find that when things are good you'll find that when you're about to get a proposal, you find that when the door is open, you'll find it would take the wonderful you find that when all hell is breaking new tabs go, I'm Goin began. But gap came the shore can't friend Goliath by name and out of the armies of the Philistines and speak according to the same work David heard and they were scared to death. They were sore of free. Certain things make me saw or free, and the men of Israel said: have you seen?
man that is, have you seen dismantled? come up. Surely to define is he come up and it should be that the man who killed The king will reach him with great riches and will give him his taller and make his father's house three in Israel free means no taxes. You live there, you don't have to pay taxes. And you an acute bit You kill, you, can change your family's environment. You kill this. You can break the over your gender. You killed is going to put you in a completely different trajectory. It will
flew from taking shape to walk around in a palace. If you can just kill this does really was, I hope we kill it. Helped me kill me, kill, kill it children and they will say what should be done to the man the killer. This fills them and taken away. The reproach from Israel Fool is this: who is This circumstance Phyllis that he's in the armies of the living yes, Sir does should define the army's among destiny. The Amazon last future
is a piece of some southern sat Phyllis TAT. Every time I take to strip for nuts three steps, but this circle Sat Phyllis that will come in I married tat. Them sat. Tell us tat that once supper right now, when you see David talking, look at his resistance to accepting what others ran. Not let s, try
This risk, my god, I will not let this Chinese leave mud daddy in debt. You mean I got a chance to have another, come alive Thank you. I was I'm in trouble, Would this Obama wholly circles Phyllis though he should do? We certainly do not understand some women will armor,
this guy. You don't know him. I saw you know. I will soon be available. Who is uncertain us? It was found that he should defer the armies of the living God and the people answered him after this matter, since social it be done to the man that kill him. If you kill me get at killing, him will affect. You married killing him will affect. Where you sleep, kill him will change. How? U story ends. Children have will open up new doors for you.
To enable change your dad is situated. Killing him will affect your entire family. Killing him will apply to entice, raised one job description, you you won't have to shovel she dog boy. If you could just in time, if you could just, I don't know, but I don't think I'm all. We won the suddenness ten, but we will not go through. It comes from turn the maximum level. Move of the trouble is
Those two marietta they lie of his eldest brother heard when he spoke to the men and they lad was angry. His anger was kindled against David. Is it? What are you doing down here? You know handle business down here. I came down hither and with who has now left those two sheep in the wilderness You know, every time you get ready to do so great, there's, always somebody who reminds you of your place, and this is how they said that they they don't say that King James Langley, they say and do you win He will have to that. The real or you know like a book,
my soul, that's right! Death, as long as we can that as much as we can do whatever means we can. We will continue here at the parties house to get the word of God to
Is your house in your life. We don't have to have none of this stuff to have Jesus. We can have our faith anytime anywhere, for they come through your phone to your Ipad, the word of God, please that I'm the Lord God it's not the place of blue boatyard change, not place alternatives. Besides not the face of revolvers. Scott you can change. Say besides way, there is no other that I wanted to write about. Your soul is something that is not stable, followed. That's salute,
the budget while break away the word of God to bring us some lunch. And sent them to fight fire because a double put thirty though Simon,
But when we get to the top of the rule of law, principles not resembled. He's gonna handle this gotta go fields, because because the phone disciples didn't do they thought he had come to overthrow Caesar and take care of their concerns. They hit the fan him by what they eat it from him.
He loves anger, looks like Tito's trend. Key Jesus back from the cross. He defies Jesus as a political reformation, never understanding that until Jesus for this cross thing he couldn't get to the greater dimension of we was oh, yes, he did come to bring the lunch. That's not, alas,
when you gotta fight on this kind of true, is easy to find someplace of women. When it's true, I did come to bring the lunch, but there's more in me that what you see there are more than a political leader. My kingdom is not of this world. You trying to hold me down to this level of definition. But I have a higher purpose, then must say to you say the victory was one cavalry. Say the victory was warm. I guess symphony. Larry.
Do we know what he said about me No, he didn't want, do it, because it's as if it be that this brutal cut from me
don't play, or will we don't sit when they? Let me talk to go, get talk to these three things. You see I'm trying to figure out about preaching about David, or am I preach about Jesus. With the sum of David, or am I preach about you, for You see if it's true about david- and this is true about Jesus.
This is true about you. You got some big she's coming down out of gas, to tell you what you can do it? What you gave me a new you by your childhood. A boy.
Calling you less than ten. What three things that I got out of the texts that I want you to get better important. It is at the point of decision that three things had to be decided number one. I want to write down eclipse because until you're calling eclipse your circumstance. Seek is its cause that brings about a fact. If you don't have a cause, you don't have an effect. Can I take some time ago carried, cannot take some time. It is the reason we are losing our young boys.
Is that in the absence of a cause, circumstances will always prevail. If you give a man, something that is more important than how it feels he will always digress back to this feeling. Is there not a call for David was and then more until he came down to the battle we saw what was at stake? I've been calling clips the conflict of God, Greece's? Have you been scared of some until we had a witness.
Some too, it was from. What Ghana, woman woman turned towards the Roma, Kosovo is an almost with much is applause. Means you're calling must eclipse your circumstance or you will go back to being who you were
Whenever, what's in front of you becomes more important than what was behind you. You will, please get away whenever one is in front of you becomes more important than what, was behind you. You will always get away. Is there not a cause? The calls eclipse the circle space you data, it is not about. How will you fight it is about what you are fighting for?
So I want you to find the thing that eclipses what you're afraid for you. We don't even understand what quips tis feelings until the writer in April says, but this the shame of the cross, but for the Jew here come better before we will you and I slipped the clause, to fill you eclipse number one you gotta have an eclipse,
Two is a worthy laugh. You cannot defeat your giant, and do you believe that what you got is not until you believe Who you are is enough shout The to help me. You lie to believe them. The site with. What But What is it
No wonder the devil spent so much time and energy trying to convince you that you were not enough because until you decide that who you are and what you have is ignored, you could never defeated It is not so important. What's in your bag like it's, what you think about what simply obey Do you become overly impressed with the well because the work should not been able to tell them but because they, the Gatt what do you think
Britain is what you think about the global courts. Is what you look like. If what you think about what somebody was gone. I was that the people who shouted believe I will do I want more trade, and I want you to do so until your devil use do you ever tell you about some stance here?
until you're here will will well well. Well. Well. Well, well, well, well, Don T like Mon Preacher, because when I think about all the things that ferry wooden enough he's got, it didn't think it was about. You ve, never brought him down to be no in it when the profits. Your came to I'm going to contrived annoying somebody else, because he didn't see David as enough, one day,
bring the loves. Said he what my mouth and when he said he, what Mamma he was in love was better than those in them we have a problem, You got a devil to fight. Even roaring. Holler
Even everything allowed. Who does not confirm that you are health. You got me, Goliath to believe you are. You have wasted too much. Vince. The brothers you have everything all suitable, Pooh Pooh, trying to get your savings to see what it is. Let us turn into a new job
all of you that all business Holly enough of you than highly enough Is that what you wanted I swear to, God is getting ready to make some changes in your life with a gift of any amount you will receive. The victory is yours. Three cd bundle, for your gift of seventy five dollars. A more you will receive more like changing resources for transforming your spiritual, like Russia. Could change your perspective with a guy, doesn't know what happened to you. Do you, God does not realise the injustices of the pain and the probable you bids collar go online today, victory is just a spectre- you God doesn't know what happened to you. Do you think God does not.
Last week. Is this? Is it the case that the tribal you bids any collar go online today, Geary is just around the corner. You can build a house I'll say it, because there is not stable and emotions about stable, and if you do, you have a sad when the storm comes is welcome. Dial feelings will vote today are happy to bar, but you cannot build your faith of feelings and circumstances, though there is a God, because he gave me a husband, though there is a God, because I got the board it approves of another know. There is a god, yet there is no house, God must files leaves me, though they got up shut up in a hostile, because my family is not built almost circumstances.
Your buddy, those under circumstances. All the enemy has reduced the kill. Your faith is a pact recycled. You got a bill your, albeit with the gods, feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how God is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on Palestine.
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