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2017-11-12 | 🔗
We are the body of Christ and that means that each of us have a specific function. God forms us, fills us with his Spirit, and then sends us into the world to function. To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/973/29
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Babies were afraid to fail. They would never walk if eagles were afraid to fail. They would never flat areas flapping of the desperate wings of the eagle, the cause of it. To begin to see or they ban their wings, while they're trying to stop themselves from going down failure. You could do it over and over. Over again. You only have to win wants. coming up. On the potter's touch to do before I formed the belly, I knew the biggest shit before I made your box. I moved your content formed you filled, you valuable function.
you can't function. Color form, do you can Sanctions are what our food from the best on earth, but he couldn't function because he was for function. Willie was feel the divinity field where we feel they, madam, but give everyone. My name is passed on terrio, green and welcome to the potter's touch. We are the body of christ, and that means that each of us have a specific function. Today, Bishop Jake's will talk to us about how got forms us fills us with his spirit and then send us into the world to function. Take a look at this message
the first thing that we see god doing in and the spirit of the lord mood upon the face of the day. First thing that we see got doin as he begins. His creative process is forming man. Did you meet thing that he did about? Man got everything Scotch spoke to. Let there be like there was light, since I got should have the voice. I don't know where they live. He might have said. Let there be light, and the ground trimble, but it just seemed likely ought to have a fiddle derby like to get we have about, I have met through the but I just thought:
about it. Let us hear his voice. I just give me the boys. I voted neither be light and there was lighted. It will good and then separated the firmament. There were above the water for the firmament. There were beneath the water they gods. Yet it was good, and the evening in the morning was the first day of evening in the morning was the second. By an evening in the morning, with the third day and even on the morning, was the fourth day on a four day: greeted they bless her lights and the greater lights and the less alights through the night, the greater light to rule the day and then on the fifth day he spoke to the creepy things you said bring thought. Then everything begin to move here, they're needed and on the sixth day he does not speak to the man he forms. Man is the first thing in the creation they got touches. Everything else he stood back from it, so it looked to be and it became what he said, but when it came to man he touched it and we have been eating
it'll, be touched ever since the leaving to be tough. If not a lot. let me touch stimulus, so opportunely your turn glamour causes us to grow. and formed formed from somewhere. Where the dust of the earth he formed now did he form,
is content or the container your wife I got to go now form. The container is someone the tamer breathed into him. You're with me. He read to him the content that was blown into the container. that same. It's the same, you see on the day of pentecost
God is filling up what he has said. We are understanding about our god to things that he is a former here before he forms things every feels. What for. For the sea And filled it with fish the air and filled it with birds, he formed the man and filled him with breadth. He formed the tabernacle and filled it with furniture. He forms and he feels he forms and he feels he forms, and he feels so once we understand this pattern whenever we see them stoop to form no he's gonna, feel
whatever got forms club feel why that's why we all this church got course: warner, palms, their former. Oh my god, potter's former star of france. What potters do Jeremiah go down to the potter's house and there I will show you a work on the wheel, and so I went down to the potter's house and there he worked to work on the field and the vessel that he made of clay. Oh, my god, the vessel is what he for all Jeremiah Jeremiah. If you go down to the potter's house, you will They are what I did to you
because the term of one chapter, four, this chapter, one verse seven before I formed the in the belly, I knew the so look at god. The potter has set the prophet to the potter's house. Go down to the porters house and you will understand what I believe in you do field. You saw him and you feel do before I formed the underbelly. I knew the biggest ship before I made your box. I knew your content. The show then what lou, into what I had a new became
What I could not god, that much good. Marries fragment and go into tat. Oh the good man good and then all of a sudden hey. This is a mirror You been how it favoured amongst women, so bring forth a son and his name to be called Jesus, and he shall save his people from theirs is what did they say? Marry you? been said to be filled with the sun. Everything hole, the wedding, stop the rice,
That's not what I formed. You for you, you could be fuel the holy ghost and his name shall be call, Well God tabernacle with us. What is it tabernacle. Is the house what either ass, a body. god in a body guard tabernacle with us That's what do you mean you well? Is god walking around? in so he go Mary says: schools, mary. I want to argue flesh cos. it is a spirit and they that worship him must worship him in
piss before anybody else gets to form an around with it's less. The first touch the so he he says as formed. You show that I could feel you know looking at how that ties into Jeremiah. He says to Jeremiah before I formed the. I knew the so gossip I hated going on with you before you had a body, so god says Mary, I'm going to take part of my essence. My is this man.
infinity ma. I am that I am stuff and I'm going to blow it into one. I formed a new and all of a sudden she's pregnant described this. The holy ghost came up on her formed you to feel that that is within. You is conceived by the holy ghosts conceived by the whole conceive concepts, conception. The root word of conception is concept.
concept is an idea and the idea was made flesh. The abstract was made concrete. The intangible was made tangible, the invisible a visible god took what he thought a boot into what he formed and the word was made flesh, but among us and we beheld the window of his glory, the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth to the cross. They took the flesh trying to stop the word They make the container but not the content
hello. Toronto parameter, I'm so excited to have the opportunity to be able to share all the things that I believe are necessary to help you to go to the next dimension. In spite of the turbulence of our times, we can still use it to become the wind beneath our wings, starting a business starting a vision, starting enough the I've got a word for you. We shall mount on wings like eagles. We saw run and not be weary with walked and not frank, come on meat may canada see you in Toronto less or have you ever thought god may have answer here present. You don't recognize it because you been praying and your vision, says harvests and you're gonna say see your businesses, airplane and your god says: bicycles, take the shop and build the plane Whatever got thought, he will speak about it. God speaks, it will be
So that's it. I'm not think it will again too. So, I'm not not speaking evil against you, so there's going be evil against you hear what I said anyway, the ok so Just read down to their just reading without further steps to their word, pulling it just about men of every nation under Heaven, This was a noise to brought the multitude came together and we're component, because that every man heard speak and evolving. We're all means I almost went to another. Behold are not all these which speak galileans, nobody taught them this link or we remain in our own term. For you, we were born parthians and medes, and elements of the dwellers of mesopotamia judea coupled to a cup of dosia, then Pontus Asia, singular and powerfully in Egypt and in the parts of libya and about Irene Libya's, and strangers.
Jews postulates creature, the arabians we do here than speaking to us, a wonderful works They were all amazed and were endowed said one to another. What they were never like this in my life, these men are walking around like the drought, these men about drunk Peter standing up with the eleven lifted up his voice and said unto them ye maybe. Oh Jeremy, peters. tina children, this shrunken to cry warm yourself about as far as the enemy with as you did, you know, Jesus. You said you didn't, no Jesus. What The world has happened to Peter that he's gotten so ball.
she's, really peter speaking its goal. Speaking to him, he's not bring in its own action is moving in the agenda of the one that feel that same spirit that is in seas. Us is bound, peter. This change is pursued that day, giving all this took them the same people. There really was a fair and with you I feel with the holy ghost it will change jobs per cent now did you may only read the euro is because you are filled up with yourself, but when you get filled up with them, you will not be.
I fear the result of self dwelling. Aid is being worried about self Will they think of me? What will they say about me? They will laugh at me, but when you get filled with laughter all the call for more but Peter standing up with the eleven lifted this voice, my god, it's only the boiler drew me to my work. Progresses of all three goes. It is but this
is the shadow. This is that his for profit, small ball, that can shoot god that is the border This apology, disabled disappointment, southern border, your daughter show, she'll, see reasons, and your own show dream dreams. The not yeah, that's where I'm going right now, you're going to function. The function. You don't sanction of sand dune field, you know you're going to go, read it fuck you filled you now you will function,
You can't function. Color form. Do you can always what our food for that I am from the best there, but he couldn't function because he was form the function where he was feel the field when he filled him out of the game away from him when he failed him. He begin the way. Let's stop at a visual thirty. Second for a moment and run down to the drop all that about it and all of a sudden, the doors and all of a sudden. There was a shower and the bulbs came together to his bowl and he formed him, and then there was a way of cain, do and feel worried for and who comes to function as a student exceeding great army form fill function, shared with me for sale function, say it again formed field
and they were in one place with one accord. This form. Suddenly there came a sound from Heaven feel all of a sudden peter begin to preach function for feel songs. These ease, acts of the apostles or really the acts of the holy ghost through the apostles because they are functioning as a result of the philly. They are functioning as a result of the feeling. While you will go through a stage in your life being formed, oh god,
What are you doin to me? Why are you taking me to early? We feel will change. going crazy. That's on the wheel, informing you, I'm saving you, I'm takin stuff away from me baby new places you ve never been there before before me, stay sir, going into the state, and when I get the feeling you goin entered. you functions from the sun, shone from sight. A win win all function.
you cannot function. If you don't have. The answer is the feeling and once you get feel you can function well, we step into the new testing. we see the body of price man, you know what I mean when I say the body of cries functioning, there. It's in seventy or one is feel the body of price. If there is no difference in the feeling, there should be no difference in the function.
Oh god. I say there is no difference in the feeling. There should be no difference in the function, your goodness. If there is no difference in the ceiling, there should be no difference in the function. Have you been feel video to function? Gotta function, not a puncture function, got a function. You have been around a long time. You heard me say this voice, just a personal proclivity. I can't stand things broken in my house. I just can't stand it either we going to fix it or replace it or some little if we're capable, Is it let's throw it out? I just can't stand to have a broken toaster sitting up or gotta clean, something that old folks
all in the way an adult function, ass, a gift it both function and put the breed in it be weighed nor the bread to pop up the braer don't come up. I catch all fire got a fire in the kitchen is a mess, Something to take up space that don't function. That's why Jesus posed for fig tree that corporate world. He said if it's not going to function credit through the sanction, sanction everything's got the same. Things got to have a function. The puzzles got to have a function. They've got to have a function. I won't give the clippers if they don't function, give your balls to fill up your trash or put them in there for a purpose. The chimp, the body works,
Or with the world's function, the body works better when the kid and saw the body works better with the level of the body was better with the legs fog. So every day the body has evolved. you about my god, I don't know where the eyeballs kidneys livers of naples, but you've got to have a function. When Peter got field, he went to function when you get feel you're supposed to function. While you me you out of service, the server no purpose brings purchase the serving no purpose rooms.
since he passed the surgery. What the fig tree, the wall that Shawn he was a whack the ground. While you stand here, bro. Said the words sanctions. This is about his shout out. Thanks the what don't you
me, you have no need of it. Just We ve got. Being shaped like we would move out what like you, but it's though, to try to make my jaw look like my thumb, different, because I'm full. I have a different function. If my jaw look like my thumb, it would defeat its purpose, and not function so stop acting like other people. Would you, like other people you miss the norwegian for women, some say it again yeah
Third, again said again what a dynamic message I know go throughout your day, knowing the goddess called you to do something special, something specific data, father body prized your valuable and absolutely necessary. We pray that you will get a physician to walk boldly. Gotta hold you to do less, you have a griffin fuels lies because you don't have everything together. People walk him with your stuff, so you're not take comfort in knowing we. I want for your gifted ministry of size. You will receive Bishop Jake's three method series on CD. We are one everything
the body of a fine sir. Are you about you about and when your gift is one hundred dollars a mood, we will be Jake's christmas collection. That includes the miracle still happen. Dvd series don't be afraid to give. Guy gives dvd theory and finally, the storm book, my tv jake's. What's that match clouds, The whole year, however, when you gift is one hundred and forty dollars or more. You will also receive this eye catching joshua. Twenty four aren't displaying. We can go higher than ever before when we realize that we are one. If you do what others have done, you will go where others are a bit, but if you slack up- and you lay down- and you think.
The world, owes you something as you think that you could ride in on your beautiful face and you're gifted whatever it is. You are in for a rude awakening, hard work pays off. If you don't, do you think you'll find that you are much broader, your much deeper that you have more going for you than you think it's a wonderful opportunity to be able to speak, like leaders who are attempting to do the right thing do and do it well, so we can go to our congregation and be full so that we can give them more make plans to take your leadership to the next level by registering at pastors and leaders, dot org. We can't wait de what god has installed review in twenty eighty feel free to He came to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life will afford this.
Next time on the potter stuff. the. Babies were afraid to fail. They would never walk if eagles were afraid to fail. They would never flat It is flapping of the desperate wings of the eagle, the cause of it to begin the sword they ban their wings while they're trying to stop themselves from going down failure, you could do it over and over Over again, you only have to wear wants
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