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Coming out on the potter's touch on the inside and a pipe on the outside at the same time and every now and then I'd need a break. Let me get away, let me regroup, let me run into a cave. Let me get my head together cause. I don't know what to do next. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do. The end up in a doula doula by the way means refugee. And you find yourself in a place living. like a refugee.
Running from a king kingdom that doesn't want you. And an enemy this trying to kill you. He is in the uk alone, a ruler without a domain it might not You may not follow me, but I'm a leader. You may not acknowledge me, but I'm a leader you can call me about. My jake's agents was going to say whatever you.
I want to say, but I'm a, It's in you, it's I am not talking of what's around you I'm talking to what is in you. I don't care what you had. Even if you are you are what you are in the middle of it all David. knowing tat the sitcoms can, I go deeper, isn't, enough here. But he has no experience. All education, Doesn't come in institute some education comes to experience and you can be anointed to peace.
Thing, but have an early the experience to be established on the level that you're in the distance between his anointing and him actually acquiring that which he is anointed to run requires that he has a body of experiences that for him in such a way that he learns like Paul how to a base and about how to have lag and how to have plenty. He has learned that the state he's in does not define who he is so we meet him in the cave. His head freshly boughs with oil but his man is void of experience, experience is no small thing
you're anointing is powerful. Europe apprenticeship will be painful
the what I'm saying when you're anointing is powerful. Your apprenticeship will be painful because god won't give that kind of power and not balance it with that kind of pain, the greater the pain, the greater the power. If you're going to have the power you gotta be prepared to deal with the pain, the pain is a part of the power, and you will understand who you are by who hates you. The David is hated by a key, because he is a thing you're going to have pain, that's commensurate not to your situation, but to your identity. When you are king, your name will be brought up amongst ks and don't be surprised if your enemies, don't graduate with your anointing to another level of frustration, is commensurate to your anointing. Let me break it down. Play new levels, bring blue devils when you get to another level. You've got another level of devil to fight the.
But you wouldn't run for refuge. If you didn't have figure, So there has to be some element of truth to the fag the presence of fear or doubt does not But you don't have faith, let me the babble, what I believe but help believe do because because believe, but I have elements
The unbelief stretched out on your word and I walked on water, but when I saw the winter waves as oh, my god, I'm walking on water and I begin to sink so I have both things living in me at the same time, and I don't know whether to fight the philistines or fight the other voices that are coming up in my head, because I got a fight on the inside and a type on the outside at the same time and every now and then I need a break. Let me get away, let the regroup, let me run into a cave. Let me get my head together cause, I don't know what to do next. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do. The crisis is not the current because I have survive the present danger, the I'm not so worried about this present danger. I got out of it. It was klaus exactly, but I made it. They tried to kill me, but I made it it broke. My heart, but I made I hid amongst my enemies, but I needed to go cray that, but I made it happen, but I'd made, but that has baffled
The problem is not what I survived, because I made it to save. A doula is safe. You can have refuge at a place, is not safe. How many folks believe you're safe? You may not be satisfied, but to safe. You might not have obtain what you hope to attain, but to say you count later apprehended but to safe. I want you to rub that in the devil's face, because he didn't want you to be safe. If you made it to say, I want to take the roof off of this building. The.
As we all my knees. It is not my. Is my: it is the uncertainty. the instability The fragility, and the ability of not knowing. What's next to see anybody here, Better wonders: what's next. But the king that got promised me Is trying to kill me. The man that trade trained under lol habit, I am running from achieving two a chain.
Here. and I'm safe. But what keeps me up in that. Pretty mobiles, I'm ok, I'm safe I got some food in the I'm saying wouldn't whether trade that turn they eat all I'm safe. But what worries me is the crisis of adults is a good place.
Four hang over a mail, but I can't live in a lay over and avoid told me to tell you why he put you in a dual: only went to versus. because that's all I need adullam is when you find out who you are without them.
Yeah good region is, one of them is the place a peculiar of self discovery. Were you learn to appreciate who you are? Apart from all the people you were going to go with you to place. Put you in. That makes it a king. If I don't have a k, a grown woman, a brown may bring some to the table, the sea be executive officer. Tell them is where you learn to have confidence and poland, as suffers paid to them, is where you get some tyrants back to where you come out of your papa. Have you come to yourself? I got has proven that it. Nobody is still fire. Yours I saw a billion is where you get three things. First, you get you back. Adullam is where you find out, you are in love. Adieu members were got, puts you in a place that you never thought you could get too in all the world and a new normal emerges in your life. I got didn't let you get the kingdom the way you thought you were gonna get the kingdom because you weren't ready yet it god would have given you the kingdom. The way you thought you were gonna get the kingdom. You would appraise the kingdom, but god put you in a tool so that when you do get the kingdom you will praise god or the kingdom, because you will understand that if it had not been for the law that would solve your appeal creature. I would bet swallowed up thanks, be under way under the taxpayer, who give us a victory. Somebody south gave me the victory
You are about to mentality with god, you don't instead, who god is you have a want to medicines? with god. If you come out to your wife say I don't have to kiss you, we still going to be married, whether it's you or not- no you don't have to, but you supposed to won't, do because love is about Giving love is about sewing, have laws about, love is about understanding. Reciprocity is not just give me, god give me god Here we gotta go, asked me for every day. Real love, makes you want to give stuff that makes you want to do something makes you want to say some as well. Little kids come up and they have bama drawing and don't nobody know what it is, but mama and god, but she pins it up on the refrigerator, because love will find something to give. It must express itself always
but legitimate everybody tells you they love you and they don't ever give you any day be suspicious. So the scripture only says three important things: one david fled and escape to a doolan too. His brothers and sisters and family came to where he was don't read over that. Because they were so folks.
I never met him into their circle, but god has so turned it around the. Why David couldn't get in they had to turn around and come to where he was, and I don't know who I'm talking to, but whatever you're worried about god said your family will turn it around turn it around. You just stay right where I am going to bring them to you, I'm gonna, let Matthew I'm going to validate. You got to restore to you the years that tiger had the power from the locusts ate up a beauteous, still laughed they're going to come to you.
When you have grown enough better, Trust you to bring them. When you aren't so bitter. then you cannot bring better. So he put you in the cave Would they come? You would act out of them over what they took you through.
Oh, my god, who am I preach it to. He said I gotta give you a layover because you're not ready to land. Yet I gotta give you a layover, so you can get your head together so that when I start pulling your life together, you will be healed enough to receive the people who rejected you right now, you're in a state of rejection, and you have anger and hostility about how they treated you. But I have to take you to our worst enemy to bring you to a place that you could deal with a lesser enemy. So I let the other folk cradek kill you so that you could measure what they did against what your family did. You'd open up your cave slap somebody say: open up your cape equipment back open up your cave, open up your safe place, open it up, they're coming back, albeit it up they're, coming back open it up, they're, coming back open it up, open it up, open it up! Open it up open it up, albany laughed.
So number one he frowned You found new number to your. You found your family number three one. I love this There were men, insults army that want really with saw. Sometimes, the horse betting camps, around. You is. really in agreement.
With the attack against you, and god has to let you survive long enough for them to recognize that I've been on the wrong side of this story. The David gathered. That does not allow you to gather them. They came to him. That's what the text four hundred men came to him. And the bible says they were in three categories: they were stress they were in debts and they were discontent and they came to him. What comes to you will always be a reflection of where you are.
You will always attracts watch because It was in distress and payment was in debt and david was discontented. He drew her. He was Gotta don't get how good areas. four hundred times got multiplied four hundred times of what david worse. Distress, debt and discontentment
I recognized him because they could relate to him and they You'd all this, what you gotta, let me make sure you did it. You know,
After, what's next, the mod said was mix is common to the span right there in a duel of knowledge, you can be yourself, stop trying to figure it out, stop trying to work it out, stop trying to make it happen or just stand right there in the cave, god. Sarah, whatever is yours- I will send it to you worry about that player is going to come right to you. You ain't glad to fight, though you ain't gotta prove nothing though all you gotta do is that going to find the soul. His self found him his
family found him his people. him? a hundred times Where you are. Four hundred times more. What are you and the Bible save when they found him they made him then what is some almost on his majesty the moment David was alone, and now in a cave, which really want the cave, but that's another lesson in in a cave. He now Pass
the family has come back together. so the worse circumstances. Uses the worst stuff to bring about the best results We have common to real life in a way they ve never been in alignment before wait a minute and at four hundred times where he was these men left so heard were david worse. And came to him would at this point, so is the greater and pay. It is the lesser gods. Is I'm gonna brown people, whose decisions don't make sense. They're gonna leave greater opportunities for connectivity.
It's not going to be about. Tash is going to be about connectivity because of all the things you build through. They know you can relate to them. They are going to come to you and make them your leader, not because of the oil on your head, but because of the experiences you endured, you have earned the right to lead by the things you support. Who am I talking to? I got an anointing on me for leaders. I got an unknown you're going to be for people who don't even recognize that you're a leader because all you can see is your cave and your situation and your circumstance. But that's where you get your credentials. Three one would think refinish shadow.
Got it before I show you this here, I want you to emphasise this point because I don't get it yet make sure they get that I am drawing them now they're coming up, Paths are coming over: the rocks they're coming over the heels they're coming they're coming they're coming they're coming they're coming they're coming, some people are following you who never followed you before. Some people are listening at you who never listened to before. Some people are hooking up with you who were on the other side attacking you, they're switching sides right now, god said he's going to be your vindicator he's going to be your defense attorney he's going to stand up for you, you don't have to fight the battle. The battle is not yours. The battle belongs to god, the distance
just as Lord does, everything I built my ministry on this, while most called it a duly because I'm anointed to minister to peace, in distress anointed to minister to people. Whose hearts are overwhelmed, knowing anointed to minister to people only that are in distress but are in debt. I will turn somebody in debt into a business owner into an entrepreneur into a leader in their community. All gone are not made of water all dollars, don't have those but all doors to access, something that you were locked out from before Add some revelation to your resolutions in twenty twenty three for you,
gift of any amount experience god in a new way, with audio a bishop t D, jakes powerful message: the door of expansion, the door is always the goal, it might be a poster that might be a job. It might be an opportunity, because what Jesus says I have the door is the door handle is a place of access to the next dimension, plus get a new word from god. Every month of the year, with a twenty twenty three surrounded by favorite calendar, the guide guide your path to doing, embrace the opportunity to step through each call or click today. Created always comes out of chaos, because god said to me: would you ask me for growth expect disruption, because you cannot growth without disruption,
by major is disruptive replant roles. It will disrupt the soil. the rohingya will disrupt your clothes, though the view I read a disruption are afraid of growth. If you're going to grow, there's got to be disrupted at any time. You see disruption. It's sad that there's going to be growth to all of you who are going through a stage of disruption to all of us who have been in a state of disruption for two and a half years, we've been at a state of disruption, systems are crumbling at institutions, and public and companies are having to repeat themselves because whatever there is disrupted, there is growth and wherever there is growth there is opportunity and all god will give you his opportunity. The few freedom.
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