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The Danger of Doing Right for the Wrong Reason

2018-10-28 | 🔗
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On the matters tat, success what's gonna happen, one working through the body sites, I'm past record, Jake's common. Today's message will cause us to take an inward looking at our heart and our motives as much
Father will show us. There is danger, doing the right thing for the wrong reasons. with regard to songs. Persons were there, Of several, do you remember Zebedee? He was the chief executive officer of efficient cooperation. don't say that lightly? Nor slightly A business, there was an entrepreneur who he was successful. The bible at another verse says had servants. to me that he was a fluid she was the wife of any leads, terrorism. Adding this development of the community
Still she had come the Jesus, I don't care, how much money you may feel. Gotta come! Oh Jesus, I don't care what you are. You still got a few matriculated up ass, a law that the greatest city in your country. Still there are some things that she came with visas, because I understand that you can go to him when you can't go in one case you're watching television, you'd, never even heard little Jesus is, you can go out. I am when you can't go Diana body else. She came to him. She must have understood something about his aids. It's dangerous some time to let people know what should me
because sometimes when people watch me value, but again that's what they said. It's almost hungry. I wouldn't tell you, because the people who are you hungry way follow your face. Such it came to Jesus you see in case you don't understand god, if, if, if it works Possible forgot that a weakness it would If I watch he loves a we all see it all. Knowing god said ass, I wash I how this is this,
this first. Lady of this operation knew about his need for worship, but when she came to him, she watched him see worshipped him, she watched him because the same but came a woman was. because the woman, whose daughter was grievously facts, what the devil wash away into a healing. Maybe she had Stop by the tomb of batteries have seen a man possessed with demons, come and fall at his feet and worship him. I don't know how to worship him, but she came and she was shipped him. She just watched
It's a dangerously from people know your weakness because they know your weakness, though give you, What do you mean. but they wouldn't payment. If people know how badly needed. what. For the wrong reasons, people do it just because I know what you mean. It gets tired, really somebody who was just doin things to play. Games. Where the warrant concerned about you didn't care about you, but they do that. You like better. I just can't get back she. She was. While she was worshipping him.
She couldn't do it lol. the forces family ambiguity, Worship, you see them two boys back there. All right, I'm a bow before you all right. I'm gonna go ahead, did in the church, but you know about my trial is coming. all right, I'm a bank, church could feel if you bring my husband back up. Hurry up and do whatever it is that you want me to do.
Three: that's: what's children office preachers cause we have to keep up and up and up and up and trying to motivate people, but you people who have a bad motives: regional self friends. You have a limit on Wednesday night and then suddenly become father. Why but they For that reason- and this start, Pretty soon have an agenda. This coming out.
how many of you know that georgia will always slip out. I got him to boys back there and you got need. The bound your right as somebody on the left, the and it might as well be my two sons, the I won't even bother the fact that these boys I worry that bother the fact this some of them today.
I've already, but I won't even its women- manipulate the roma children. Marriage is this to be a man. Mama still run and everything, I might add, a mess up you gotta get in your best is now. That is why how do you know who this is. applause. Manipulative. but let us always yes, I the process for progress.
I have always tried to find a way to get where they're trying to go. I want you to your heart. If you don't get anything else, I say that there are no short cuts. In god. S will suddenly hit now for juvenile ended up in all kinds of problems. What somebody sphere, you think so you and give you a little house. You thanks I'll, give you a morning benefit them. Fifty years to get you a five minute, you manipulator! You think that if you can repay two weeks, you think of a man of the reality of what we want to do. What you want.
people who have a people motive. People who have equal motive. People in your face, Grendel you. You never want to you. Why you, but you know you don't believe in the liver little while to find out. If you one thing you may be trying to you later. But to be manipulator You got it Later, this up. There was a time at our ministers needed alarm about. Real man is invisible. I feel. Watch out should be armor. Bear.
That's a struggling to do all these things are able to do that. I'll! Do that for you and I can this for you and I can do the other, so fathers all of us all. Thank the lord. Thank the lord thank the lord. On talking to say that I don't mind rather you, where you gotta, go unnoticed It's a soda If you like people, keep talking loudly for you see these boy, I wanted authorities as it is man really bad. I been being just that structural ministry of you're, not gonna, get off this is all well and good to hang around you If I could just gets around you, so I could get submergence nuggets my ministry No, Miss started.
because I don't watch body to do everything, for there was an ulterior motive. Anybody like that, don't appointed a body like that. Don't move everybody and proposes that this, like that, because you gotta keep reading them or their reporting. You gotta have a body. What do we do it going and they want to do it? Fulfilment from going into animal feed off santa Rosa? Tell people what you're going to get from this stop being manipulated, being manipulated manipulating, so you get out of jail. You can get out of your sale. Stop raining coffee, because one thing
I come from. background where they priest holiness or hailed and I couldn't seem to get it right. Bishop Jackson told on the concept of what grace really was I'd, never heard it taught that way and if somebody can teach with that kind of wind behind their words and have that kind of compassion for the sheet. I want to be a part of I served in Iraq in operation iraqi freedom. One of the messages I just remember playing that day and night, even when bombs would drop at night and not be able to shake I'd, had it in my ear kept me from going over the aids, if you will, I was just, could not a military and an old friend asked Have you visited jake's yet said no and upon that I said, I'm going to go and visit bishop jakes and the intent was to visit, one time and say again and
These many years later, he thought he is for people who, like I will come back and he kept coming back. The to be baptized with the baptism but as with Right now, The problem by water. this, that in water. This is not water. It is what water is a picture of water is illustration of that of all- and he said, woman, you, prime sons with me.
What's the matter with you, this is the kind of man because those who preach, but if you want what's got you won't, have to suffer. Does it think that if you don't do anything, but the bible says they live god? Let me tell you what I'll write you fast labour forgot. You got to do something. If you didn't do anything you want to have any power, you wouldn't have any you you're, just a rough ride with you
products every Quickly, I want to show you scripture surrounds it up. I want to show your script. I want to give you the whole truth, gotta mathieu for ninety four minutes. We see what Women's problems within ninety he this Jesus get starkness ministry on earth and he sat on the them, follow me and I'll. make your fishes of men and They straightway left their mentioned, followed him going on from this. We saw other two brethren. James, the son of seventy and John this problem in a ship which, neither father, mimic their nets and call them. they mediately left the ship and the father and followed him? There is a problem.
They had started the business. The husband was running this, Bring me what next in line to be successors. Fathers domain. Trees of premium, I messed the plan. Can I tell you that all god
You live all figured out what scrambled charge when you start up stuff withdrawn and now you're walking with god, and you didn't get it back to me when you were born out of service.
The heart of this report. So much I so little, but now every time you get an opportunity to find the word something. But nobody. Dave offers us. Tickets for the bible, but god is that so I will leave us alone again, but if you just go.
Even within the same fear, even wanted to see what your life is working out, even when it looks like you're going backwards instead of four. If you can stay with go- and I want to tell you something else: never let the pebbles see a sweat black like me, they think this way, while other report trying to manipulate uniform rules for the law and the way they said the spirit bay. That watch him much worse, and I cannot tell you something about sixty thousand those women in this room. But let me tell you something: go the whole lot of women one hand but they're, not nor support women. This answer the round. The room was what certainly be raised. Sixty thousand take things women that what's thought. Thank god. If women start paying one day, six women, women, the out your hard law, set me free in this room. You better give me didn't read, it was with me, didn't read, it was even watch me ray them feel we can be up in line with the main thing when the world bank bob wildly
only interested in our actions, but his desire is for us to have the white motives. God knows the truth, If you're motivation, is it right down expected blessings so take some time today, Really examine your heart, make sure that what you do for guide and for others comes from a place of genuine love and support, not manipulation, and when you act out of pure motors god will release blessings that far exceed your service. and sacrifice. I want to take another moment and think all of our global partners system members you're giving allows us to broadcast the message of that's all around the world it! This ministry has bless. You we'd, like you to consider joining us in becoming a part just text, eleven g peace, as in any given amount through the number two, eight nine, both you and you can also business as tv j partners that boy, thank god, bless me
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Today's message was a wonderful message, a great message. I think everybody needed the world to me. Service was amazing and the anointing was there. I feel rejuvenated. I feel revive mentor. I remember living in my thoughts. Everything was life changing for my family. The service today was awesome. Bishop is always also the most credible think about where you are and the people that are around the choices that you make. I got such a blessing out of the word for today from Bishop today's message was truly transformative. Today's message was absolutely awesome. It was just a blast into my life. This is my first time here at the party house, and I had a word just for me today, the
Feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on the part of the the.
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