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The Danger of Low Expectation

2017-08-20 | 🔗
We can have an idea of what our futures will look like, but there is a danger in us thinking so low. The Master has a detailed plan for your life and you must seek Him to find out the true plan. To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/973/29
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I define success as making positive impact in the world. Are the five says as being not only financially emotionally stable offer? I would find success happiness in your life, your family, your everyday life, is being happier moving up job, maybe a general level of happiness and having a unique man finds himself martyrs, mommy or a man a jerk off old ground, and when we bring more success, is where one side, but she was only outside. You are about to become more cheaply.
Coming up on the potter's tat life doesn't have to rule two, to be more than happy to be ritualistic? That's
I remember the life you expect when you have a relationship with Jesus, you learn to expect something different every day of your life, the body here who's got a relationship with god. The
hey everybody, I'm excited to be in your home to be a part of your life to have an opportunity to invade the darkness, with the possibilities, potentials and the emphasis of light itself. The word that I bring to you today is revolutionary. It is transformational any business professor who seatbelts open your heart and your bible preaches the. What we have in the texts today is a guy who's, making the best of a bad situation. He he has been lame from his mother's womb is all he's ever know.
It's all these efforts, it is one thing to have walked wants. At least you can remember what it was like. You know what the, but, when all you have ever seen, is lameness. Then you often to develop an appetite for homeless. If all you ve ever seen this poverty, if pursuing this domestic violence limited you like the of happily married, but you will somebody who mean. because a nice guy is boring. and the most girls. I know he's lying spun out. Dismount attracted to hear you attracted to what expands to
even though you say you want you want what If is how do I keep im tied up with the wrong man. That's only one that talked to you true. The job to lies, you'd come because you did not agree with them. because every time somebody lets you more than you like you, they turn you off He was from his mother's womb. Every time you have been Your life broke: I'm in love all live, intimidated, all your life, insecure, all of you in life, angry all her life, surrounded by.
Vicious people all of your life you develop I, unless this situation has your master, you become normal. He was lame all of his life, so he has built here's. My first word routine. Around His disability, routine, is what you bill around what you think you can't change. The bible says it this way daily. They laid him at the gate called beautiful.
When he woke up in the morning, he didn't expect to walk. He waited for somebody come give me come get me pick me up. Carry me out to this and they laid him at the gate called beautiful daily. Will you do some everyday? You forget what day it is. Have you ever? Is this tuesday Does it look just like fraud in it feels like the uk to thursday from waste they laid him daily and called beautiful every day he ended up at the same spot. Have you a life work every day you ended up at the same spot, you got a war greenhouse called instead of a bull house called you might have a white sousa stood a read to you
the war had the day by day, If you ended up the same spot, you different jobs, but you ended up at the same spot You bet different women, but you ended up with the same spot. You data different. Does what you end up at the same, whether one blue beard robbed him in the same spot. Is this thurston what day? Is it every day, looks the same when everyday will say the like gold, how did you. whenever they look to say To appreciate morning what, there's more women. Look just like this question are based What should I prepare for routine.
I want to know how to do this. Cure me. I'll lay may have the same spot. I don't have to think anymore. I don't have the red anymore. I don't have to dress anymore. I don't have to prepare anymore, I'm not challenged about life because daily I end up at the same slot. He was at a routine, he comes and is daily at the gate called beautiful. This gate is beautiful. Sixty feet, while some say made a goal, others a brass. It was up to date. It was designed to stand out. It was absolutely amazing, ugly problem. a beautiful place had an ugly problem at a beautiful place.
We I wish to talk about the actual, more arms of life. how can I be out a beautiful place and still have an ugly problem? How if everything so beautiful on outside and I got an ugly little secret. Oh man sat I can be the best of the worst to look at the contrast in his life. He is laid daily at a date call beautiful, but he has an ugly problem that stops him from getting beyond the gate. What does the gate a gate, access day they laid him close to something he couldn't get into. I want to talk to people who are tired of being close most delivered
The job votes. Almost godfrey, Every day he almost got through the gate. He is late daily and a beautiful gate with an ugly problem. He has hastily daily at a place of access bidding can't get into everybody else, was going and everybody else was going ear, but he was gone mere areas frustrating to see. Other people go on in Europe Meter level boy, I will see you
vowels window by god. Does this set out here with me. This is how bout with me I bother. I was sad watching up to what I only get to come on. Nobody knows about the way I wanted I'll go overboard, this route to routine a routine. Where you see other people born into things that you can get into makes. You think you cursed. And if you're, not careful, you start to believe maybe it's not for me
Maybe I'm supposed to maybe I'm are meant to be happy. Maybe I'm not meant to be low. Maybe suppose we married labour- I also have a good l'industrie, maybe they're not supposed to be calling me to breach. Maybe I'm not supposed to be evangelize, or maybe god didn't call me today, go ahead. You start making excuses because it hurts to see other people going to watch you only get near and so excuses, comfort in capacity. I would have been further my mama had done. I would have been further. If I don't know my thought, I would have been excuses. Comfort. This is excuse us comfort. Income is not laugh all
Help me baby, subordinated, lily excuses, comfort and capacity because it hurts. to see somebody come from. The neighborhood and go ahead, come from your house and go in. They went through what you went through and they made it now. You'll have to comfort your incapacity with excuses. The lord wants you to know the tour at the gate. The gate is access and opera. Eternity, oh you're, the your life doesn't have to be rude. Tee it have to be. No, it doesn't have to be realistic. The two are living the life. You expect, if you
or you can have more if you believe the more you get more if you want to abundant life you're going to have abundant life, but when you make a team out of being miserable What, if you make a lot of complaining? Some of y'all are so used to being dysfunctional and angry and frustrated. When you say something nice, you are scared of kids. Laughed Happily, the day was wrong. is you'll usual him at the go get mad at me.
Cause I'm walking through my mind you I hate to be anything else. Cover will want to every case. Give me two may in fact, I'm not to black to raise a gay and kills me back What looks like a roadblock is just redirection, the the guard fighter, but there are her thinking
in your head. Catlin for your system with feels like an obstacle, is an opportunity for surgery. While other people are fooling around with stuff, they don't have nothing to do with this. God knows exactly what has caused the thing to be shut down in your life. God is about to re route. You because you are shifting in a new direction for your gift to the ministry of any size. You will receive this encouraging for message series on cd from a lot of my apps not going to get that touch, I'm sure you're going to get there. However, when your gift is one hundred and ten dollars or more, you will receive the shifting in a new direction series on cd, dvd and usb drive, as well as the sleek travel tumbler. As our thank you allow god to shift you in a new direction. Today the rape team.
has been badly rigid. has been born early LAO poems in the cup of routine, which, You can go to that church for thirty five years and not be better than you were before you're going to be arguing about who's going to sit in this chair and who's going to sit in that chair, but you're not growing in the lord, because all you expect is a few points and yorker so routine Image in going this for years, until all of a sudden She'll come about in up in the la the bible, says, prudence, but praetor relationship
the relationship will always wear religious out will always step over. The here comes relationship process prophesied is, is common. What is what the approximately two or three years after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and here comes peter and jobs. A temple? Why peter? Why not Tom assembled?
While you will look, Why? Peter and John, because every major place, these us ever went. He always took peter
They really since, when do you have a license ship with Jesus? You learn to expect something different. Every day of your body, who's gonna live with your comes relationship. If you would do more than so that church on Sunday morning, you all level acquisitive drill sunday.
lasers. It we got you gotta. Religion would search sad schedule, monday, tuesday, where they lay man is routine he's daily at the gate. The temple is religion, all the drop coins in his cup relationship. up to him silver? Oh, how about love? now watch this he's done. In front of a law. Relationships, those I am not impressive.
What I know who I am still goal, but gotcha Lee. you are used to people a little silver? But I guess If I
Crazy people than the readmission, silver and gold about love. This. This is going to be beyond the realm of your expectations. You have been functioning at a level of expectation so you have been receiving all the of of your expectations, you to receive something you are used to get my field
silver coins. I am not going to play into your expectations. It is not about them being broke. Is it is about dimensions They would have gone to the temple blink because it was a part of the war of experience. They are to date in the understanding of paid to come true
It is about them being break. It is about dimensions. You are expecting on a lower dimension. I didn't come to give you silver. I didn't come to give you the goal. I didn't come to give you silver and gold, because silver and gold will not fix your problem. I will not give you what will not work silver and gold have none but such as I have given to the they say in the name. Of chooses. It's
Look at this look at this look at this: oh god, jackie. They didn't pray for them they didn t allow beside him so far with me. Thou bless, it will all come to you. No other about now. aw. This was a bitterly over here for a long time, but I know that the power to raise him up and touch his feeble body and then pray for him at all the talk to god about him. that to do it too has come.
as I said flies yeah I Let me show you why they that point, because if we apply over done what you can blame, why distant didn't, I guess it's not the large we'll. Maybe it's not that Maybe I didn't have enough faith, but they commanded his condition. The
yeah, ally, but you know what people do that today. Let me tell you what I'll do it suppose it don't work You just said all that stuff suppose a bulwark, supposedly a muddle, tell everybody, That I'm will get up because suppose it and what a muslim, I literally bought it I'm going to do better consoles. Don't worry, I'm not gonna. Tell anybody, I'm a christian, I'm gonna start going to church, but I'm not gonna witness, because suppose it doesn't work method. I'm not going.
go come, be respected changed my life and tat, nobody suppose an hour. prize. So sad and no one I got so much and I got to go listened. Thank you for this little bit of time assured this much truth with you and thank you to our global partners, systems that make it possible for me to have. This must travel.
the air to be in the hospitals and nursing homes, the detention centers prisons. I get to go everywhere because of you that little seeds that you sow that annual gift that you give it might not. You may have even forgotten you did it, but lizard then may. Thank you, the ailing. Thank you, the suffering. Thank you, the frustrated, the jobless. Thank you. The people who get to watch this broadcast while they're gone through things that they can't tell anybody else about. They thank you and, I think, keep on being a part of this ministry. Go to t d, J partners, dot org as fast as you can and help us be the answer that we had hoped
we get so many other places that have led us down. So many paths still. Thank you. Thank you. So much. We listen to the bishop almost every day. Every morning early and he's he's on our television and blaring through the house. We love it. Thank you for having the vision. Thank you. Thank you, so much for being obedient to what god has called you to do. Thank you. Thank you and a phenomenal job. Our various with
well, you never get you about now. You ve never get when you allow you the way may come again. Somebody's laughed tat, lamp what looks like a roadblock is just redirection, sovereign guard, but better thinking,
illuminate your hair, platinum for your sister. What feels like an obstacle is an opportunity that does a laser surgery, while other people are fooling around with stuff, they don't have nothing to do with this. God knows exactly what is offered a thing to be shut down in your life. God is about to re route. You, because you are shifting in a new direction for your gift to the ministry of any size. You will receive this encouraging for message series on CD. What I promise you a lot of my apps are going to get that touch so much that you're going to get there. However, when your gift is one hundred and ten dollars or more, you will receive the shifting in a new direction series on cd, dvd and usb drive, as well as the sleek travel tumbler, as our thank you, allow god to shift you in a new direction today.
Love to hear from you share your story on how today's message is blessed. You connect with us on facebook, twitter and instagram wheeler, Are you saying your next time on the potter's death, I define success.
As making positive impact in the world are the firefox as being not only financially emotionally stable author. I would find success happiness in your life. Your family life is being happier moving up in your job and maybe a general level of happiness. Having all you need to finance, it says, models mommy or manage a jerk off a foreign power grab and will bring more success is well. What do you see? What was his only outside? You are about to become what you see.
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