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The End of an Era

2021-02-14 | 🔗
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Coming out, the potter. Instead, we need to make it so we don't need the wine and sad and say that we do so why those other problem is bigger than ass. I hear you say that again and right now, what's eating now, who have called you to be someone we find Jesus and John too. It is the end of an era.
Because I no longer have to be held back anymore from twelve to thirteen, we don't know what happened to Jesus, but we know that this was his first sign the beginning of his ministry, which means he spent eighteen years held back their somebody's word right now. You can be handed back we're a team minutes, but do you have eighty years and you can be held back for a moment, but do you have some useful somebody's been ale bet for years and they will think and never get release, but I had got saying that this is the end of an era. I hear that saying: don't give up right now that there is an end, an air and we ve got to see Jesus in the era of be inhaled back. It is your word. I want you to give each up and grab it. We're back. The thieves ease its end era of being held back. I don't know who you are, but hang you down in this spirit. We felt like this. In the end, the era of may be inhaled back. This is the end of the arab maple, like I don't have much like. I'm gonna lose my money. I hear that same end of an era. This is the end of an era. This is your word and I feel got on it.
Jesus and John too. Is getting ready to be released into his ministry. He's been held back, but the time is over. And ass I told you why he was hailed Beckley, increased and wisdom in stature. And in favour with God and man. The evidence of that increase. Is not just now he gathered the disciples. You easy because he was preparing for the moment. And was he would no longer be held back, Jesus gotta disciples. Before he performed a miracle.
Because just because I'm a beggar the mean I'm not preparing for when I'm no longer held back and maybe back right now, but I want to be prepared for the moment it's time for me to step into it. That means I gotta have the rights circle. That means I gotta have the right anointing. That means I gotta have the right environment Y know it doesn't make sense to you now has not there. Yet but there's gonna be a moment when us, then I went up until without all want there to be any doubt that I wasn't prepared. I've been praying. I've been studying, I've been reading books about business. I haven't got a dependency saddened that it's gonna come up and be a mentor by people who don't even know my name, because there's gonna be a moment when I step until it are you prepared for the moment when you are no longer in bed, and you want to do with the time that makes the difference being held back about preparing for the moment when I M release about Romania and for the moment one comes about one alone: that's come through your credit together. Do you have your fine, it's invective back. What are you prepared for the moment when you get release in Jesus is preparing cause? I'm gonna be released one day, I'm going for the moment when God says go, do they think I'm waiting for the moment when gases gap is I'm waiting for the moment when God step into which I gotta have the right people with me, I gotta have the right past. I gotta have the right spirit. I gotta let the holy smeared file on me because I don't want to get there and have the trauma from the generations with me. I wanna be healed when I get there, I wanna be when I get there. I want to say when I get there and the evidence of his preparation is not just an who he collected.
It's how his perspective changed about, has anointing. Because he's respect has shifted in such a way that he's no longer that a twelve year old boy look to connect with his anointing he's looking to protect. His anointing. You say Connection Is what we need? One we're desperate to be fired.
For its action as when you recognize who you are so, I can't just connect anybody anymore. That's why the ministry couldn't started its whale, because if they want to start on its soil, they would have been friends with the very temple he was meant to tear down. That's why he led the way to be increased and went them in stature and in favour with God amid using settled to low right now. If tat connection, you gotta come to a place where you're willing to protected over connection when your ways and children you understand this way, because sometimes I gotta put before I can connect with you, I gotta bring what dad in doing down on the inside of me. I can't connect one thing embodied in Jesus shifted in such a way:
That it is more important to protect his anointing. My hour has come yet I gotta protect one that until Mamma, I know you got a problem, but I gotta puts heads what God is doing for me. I'm not looking too just poor. This anointing got anywhere. I gotta protected, so its effective, I gotta protected, so we can do it gathers carded to do no. I came to go anywhere. I know I just can't connect with anyone anymore. That was twelve year old mean that one, unless a version of who was the annoying king went there, but I won T desperate for medicine. I had to come to employees who I am and when you understand who you are. You're more willing to protect it didn't connected with it.
So why can be by myself, because I'm willing to protected more than I am willing to be connected? That's while keeping in the idea inside of me, because I'm willing to protected more than unwilling to just connected with anything that passers by. Is this has come to a place where Protection is more important to him, then Connection, you know. I used to believe. That, when Mary tales Jesus that they run out of wine,. But he was being acts. Perform a miracle. But if for arms, honest. There's really nothing in the text, It suggests that she was doing anything other than stating the fact. We just
out of wine. I think there was something about the way Jesus responded that lead Mary know that Is ready to walk into a God help When the problem striking Afterwards, hating your annoying When what I used to accept is just a fact now begins Edwards hate, my annoying think like there's something in me. This should respond to the problem. That is in front of me all guy.
There have been some problems that have been presented in your life. They ve been presented is just backs. Are you then just take it and even China interest except to describe what you can do it, because its airlines, having you anointing, just accept the fact that my latter days are gonna, be greater back there. That is gonna, be a problem, for example, tried to accept it contains. Knowing think it makes me feel like a problem for us very merry just stay that way. That's that's my anointing memory, real benefits, vexing, you're anointing. Then this is a problem that only you can solve Mary. She was, she told him do whatever he says, because he's ready to step into it in a way he could have never stopped until with analysing vexes. Anointing, God help me. What have you been accepting that spreads.
That has been vexing your anointing because I had got saying that this is the end of an era for their problem That problem is coming to an end. Mary presents a problem. And the only reason why that problem comes to an end is because of how, with pools. Oh Jesus is anointing. She didn't say: diseases perform the miracle, but Jesus response. Says woman? What does it have to do with me? My hour has come. I didn't think it had anything to do with you, but now that you responded in that way, it makes me feel like maybe quite possibly, this is a problem that only your anointing console
Jesus is waiting for an hour. He doesn't realised that the hour is coming as a problem.
Most people miss their moment because they don't realize that their moment is disguised as a problem at the moment that we realise that this moment is this guy. The problem I work is this: guy has a problem he can tap into which you were a breakthrough was now come when everything looks good common, when everything is pretty comment, when everything I've land up and you're ready to step into a common when you rightly rather than a problem and one that I have learned- that I'm gonna do what must happen until with its make I'm gonna. Do it again to me to be banned sitting back, and I can only goes to the power. The annoying thing is over and that are doing wedding because we manage the married people and that it has caused you to be long enough for you to walk into within a fresh new way. This is it. This is the end. This is the engine waiting for business through human waiting, for we need to wait until the banned them, because we don't need the weight and southern side, and we know why those other web laments bigger than this. I hear that it can in right now. What do you think they'll, who have called you to be you? Jesus is absolutely more because of the prison.
The Lord there's just a glory. They come from being its presence in Warsaw began and lifting up, and why Or in his presence, we set about Clear before him empty handed we come up I have not only to receive given Jesus giving due everybody got that give me Jesus, but you can't. Just receive about give you can't just reap amount, so you cannot just be a tanker in the kingdom of God. You need to so into the kingdom of God. So we're going to give you an opportunity to one. The Lord, your giving at all from your sacrifice before this is so personal. This is this express it up your love and adoration forgot and your financial cover than that? because this is a personal became. Nobody do it for you, but you
The things we can do for you, we pray for you, we saint for you, we clap for you. We do, but when it comes to giving this is your personal sacrifice between you? What do you think about Jesus? What is it worth to you? What is it for you, this your opportunity to be like the man who walked away and say The one who came back to say thank you. Mary says to Jesus. He says to the service: do whatever. Do whatever he says. This is the moment. That we see jesus- I'm only become. Who he always knew he was destined to become. On the backdrop of a wedding.
The ultimate bridegroom. Takes his position this is the moment. Disguised as a problem- but this is a moment I want you to get your problem in your mind-
I want you to get that issue. That's plaguing you in your mind. That's your moment. You're moment isn't in the bank account your moment isn't in. Another check is in the problem is in the problem is that the problem is in the problem. The breakthrough was in the problem. The anointing, as in the problem of the miracle, is in the problem. One of the main call. If there is no problem one is there, is no break down. I hear that thing you're under estimating the problem engines and thinks that border over the problem, because the problem on second thought it over his environment, and I want you to know something like a celebration is gonna end. There was going to it because I believe it can take a thorny over the problem, and I hope that you will allow me a bribe lumber because I got bored over you asshole you laughing a broad agenda, thorny, always mine. When I hear that you ve got enough now, why do what happens in Jesus? What a thorny over that problem! You know what I was also an error: four dead. Then there was saying, and what were you mention the more I want that, whatever standing your way and for Jesus walking into his destiny, but was served notice in this moment that the king is here that the game is here, the king is here the king is here the getting is here. The king is here the king of the king s name and started trembling, one Watertown under why? Because they were one and the same as when aid bigger than women than men makes you. He is now be violent people. Well, why? Not? Only opening night, that's gonna be the later used to have access to the it still
Access to that power, Causes problems. That causes suicide. The causes depression to end. Maybe you ve been letting did irritating, but having taken priority over it. How would you be? Peter Authority over the problem, this taken authority over your marriage. Future authority over there. To take an authority over your mind. It's not bigger than you. Science, not bigger than you. Sis is not greater than you. And there were just a few things that Jesus did in that moment when he stepped into it.
And if you will allow me, I want to suggest that you do the very same thing. He took he accepted authority. Mary said whatever he says to do: do it. He accepted that I got authority over this think how I feel some real some nomadic better like some no school. I accept that I got a priority over this. I accept that I got authority over disease that I've got a thorny over this authority over this ministry that authority over this thing. Either we accept and grab your authority the Geneva wakes up and grab that could have a deal with this situation.
Then he did something now she said whatever he's saying, Do it
He started opening his map is one thing to have authority. Here is another thing: open your mouth and news that authority that God gave guy said. If you open your mouth, I feel your mouth, you won't open mouth cause, you don't know what you're going to say, but I hear that kind of you open your mouth I'll, give you the words when you get there, I don't even have vacuum. Babbled approve banks, because somebody ought to know about Moses Wooden opened his mouth and new ones. As give me your mouth I'll, give you the words when you get there, we can over that problem universe. That's over that situation, not my marriage finances home lobby.
He opened his mouth. And he doesn't have to look for anything to solve the problem. Cause everything he needed to fix the problem. Was already. And the environment: that's what happens when you don't take the authority over the problem. When you don't take authority over the problem, you can not free solution.
But when you take a thorny over the problem, you see how all of the components are already within reach. He thinks TAT water pats on even need you to go and find water pats for this miracle. I hear that thing. You already know everybody we need to know. I hear that thing. You already have the timing. Is we need? You don't need another chick, you don't need another mentor new, don't leave anyone else to come from anywhere else. You got what you need is waiting for you to take a thorny so that you can see what you have actually now that I understand the problem, and now that I have taken a thorny over the problem now I can see you this and not a miracle is already in may reach the already I have watched him at home because our water ass well ass, because the miracle allow ready under your boy. I know where you live and know how to get it to you.
This strategy. Is already there. What I found most interesting about this moment that Jesus, Doesn't ask the servants, can I tell them while for you take it all listen, There's a part of me: what did all of them instead. But before we send out there. Before I release it can I tasted
to make sure that idea what God told me to do my Jesus Crested, what God gave when you press what God gives you you don't think I'm parents to what you have tasted before you before you release it transparent because, God, David you mean better, is exactly what it is supposed to be a worthy. Is I don't know I was wont to roll out of my town, but that's what she gave me saying that that is what I gave. You knew that addressed that I thought about their income and unnecessary components for the breakthrough before you even needed. It trust trust. What I gave you, ladies This is.
The end of an era, if ever there was one. As I stand in this church in a pandemic with me, And zoom out. It is evident that an end of some type of era has come. And yet. Gotta still moving. God is still speaking. The annoying thing is still flowing we're going into all the world. But there are some of us who are called to more. Then, where we are right now. And the only thing that is keeping us from tapping into that more.
That we haven't, come to a place where we have. Decided that the problems that have irritated us must come to an end. That the issues, the Tom, the pain Depression, it has it. Come to an end yet. And I realize that Jesus new in this moment that this is not just a job for who I have been for the last thirty years. This is a job for different version. I want to challenge you watching at home. To say that this is an end of an era for that version of who I am. There is a new version of meat that is dying and get out.
It's been die into shape the Lisbon dyin to finally be alarms and I've been waiting for an hour, but I hear that thing that pregnant you even see it as a problem is a sign that the problem is coming to an end. I want to talk to somebody today was gonna, make a decision that I don't even need a new year to come. Even data, no Buddha com, all I need to do is come until a place where I realise that there is an end of an era version of me that can no longer exist, and the next thing God is calling me to this is a job for a version of me that has been anointed. This isn't my version of me that has been appointed. This is under our version of me that it has been an me since I was a little, but I didn't have the right environment to break it out at an avenue components to break it up at my here. God save you got no right now. I hear that thing. You got their vision. Now I hear that ain't, you got wisdom, you got stature, you got the phase. Where are you gonna do what? What are you gonna do to be aware that in some cases the gains made some princesses the gang need? Somebody somewhere, I wanna know someone not because we got to change. We gotta lotta chase wig, and this issue.
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Everybody's runnin away- that's what's more people running at what we have to do is find people who want to move the country of the world forward with panoramic view of thought, the walls are gone limitations or off. It's one thing to hear their for myself, but I wanted to break it down. As you read to yourself, it's a higher he'll be climbed than it was before. All of this happen, so this kind of information is vitally important.
Feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how God is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on the Pakistan.
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