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The Famine Is Over

2018-11-11 | 🔗
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The This item deserve a married. You will find a widow, and I will see you through this woman. Can you imagine being allowed to get out of the book up budget within all you hate us talking about me? I wouldn't.
Calls right up to side and Gaza causes that she is. This was, and he says her laugh sometimes god's answers. Don't look like what we had in mind the Abhijit a widow in a mansion or widow with lots of money bentley in the driveway. You know stereo system in the house outdoor pool a go get in the pool. As we regret to begin, the pool is going to be good, is going to be flat. Her immense shack.
Only the bony legs trembling nice. She don't look like she could take care of herself. This is your answer to my droughts. You sit here and go logit. A woman who says I'm thirsty. Miracles are made out of need. The miracles are made out of need. If there is a need to challenge you, there will not be a word to stir. So when you ask god to stir your face, he'll stir, you need your story.
you and challenges in the area of your vulnerability, because you will never find out what you get into you been challenged beyond what you see so here he comes down to the house to meet the widow and he goes to the widow and says I'm thirsty and he challenges her limitations if it were within her reach. If it were easy for her to do it wouldn't be a miracle said: well, you know it normally wouldn't be no problem, but I had this situation going on. You know I'm trying to raise these two boys by myself and and and and and and we are in a drought or didn't. You was indian.
Or fox we are in a drought. The thing that I rely on that I counted on that are dependent on is gone. For me too. She said that right before you came over, I was gathered. Two sticks now. You know you broke when you counted sticks.
Two sticks to different joy from the woman next door. One stick. I got two sticks. I got just enough fire for us to have a final supper with my two boys and then I will be like the rest of those bodies down at the end of the street that are wrapped in burlap about to be buried. I watch my neighbors go. I watched friends around the corner. Go I fought it as long as I could I'm down to my last two sticks. I get a handful of meal, I get a little bit of oil and will make a little bit of bread and eat something and I'm a dad and he says okay, I guess he said what kind of property you, the woman,
if you're getting rid of that with her kids notice. How poverty is generational, it has it's own culture, it has it's own mentality and poverty is not as much about not having money. It's about a man. It's a man. It's a man said it's a mindset and watch once you get a map, poverty, mentality, money won't bring you up Because your man will always rob you of the opportunity, your money gate is set. You have to break the culture of its away, think it's the way you handle stuff is way you perceive value. Is a man set you They suffer just being raised in a house where there's a prosperity you get to hear conversations you wouldn't be here,
You get a mentality that you wouldn't get you get away, processing problems that you would get when your daddy solution for not having money is the roma. In the out the window Helen. labels how about it, As I say, as a mindset that veto were spirit, is a man said, and so, even when you start doing better, you steal acquiesce to the culture of poverty and there you are making seventy thousand out of the youthful about one called out the window, and Steel and suddenly you could pay for cover Sit It is not just made a start on this matter those affected, not true I'm going to feed them? What I eat, which is part of the problem.
because when all you see the cases what you eat, they will only think, like you, think or have what you hear so she said I'm going to see them, what I already know, while I'm true it, we go. planet salmon drought gone all I got, live resists. We're gonna bet. I know what I have Oh it's not enough. I know it will sustained me, I'm going to eat it and eating is about live. But she says I'm going to eat it and and he's ok gone phrixus. It some lunch, but just make a little king for me. First He didn't tell her
You're awesome to do this during the formative over do you're going to you're going to read so please you will likely have a rouge you're going to go through. You is ceo going to overcome glory to god. so please go ahead. Given how of life. Puts all heard the moon But before you I am not sure that god could use me in this. To be honest,
Because if I went to the love of god- and I told him, I was getting ready to eat, this cake means removing the cake we all die and that's all we can do and he said, go ahead and die, but before you die laughing what what was being tested in this woman was her respect. For god's word, what is being tested in woman is? Do you is thing your maid overhears, the colonel man says I'm not thinking about you. I'd tell you I'm already down, and now I'm a big this gig, and even that you, but now call somebody else.
Go the of massive is not enough anyway. Why would I be stingy? When is not enough. anyway, I'm hungry the key is hungry, he's hungry. This will fix it, but it will set a precedent that even about goin down put got force Here is the power of the techs. It is not just that she gave to the prophet. It is that she gave to him. First, that's what unlocked the miracle. That is, what unlocked the miracle is. Not doesn't she get she to say, okay, tell you what I'm going to eat near the kids go eat and if she got any qualms live you'll have some shit and never got her miracle. The miracle is in one thing, and this is what the texans are, but it's not about prophecy.
About, priority is not about prophecy, had it been poverty would prophesied. It's come to your house today is going from here on our turn your morning in abeyance, profit haven't you ever know prophecy, I promise he didn't say: he'll, just he'll, just gone and everything's going to be fine, he's gone and eat it and bad this baked little cakes for me for and most people would have dabbed on it right then right onto something in her background taught her cq. First,
the kingdom of god in all his righteousness, and all these things shall be It is not just seek in god is seeking god, not just sitting here is seeking a fur bout bay first go to discuss the people who seek you last after they have. aid the mess followed everybody else's advice laws the car not coming back to get the dog to, and then they call you and say what should I do you say you should call made three months ago. Gods. I'm not in the business of being sought ass. I want you to make me first come first
Where do you want me to figure more? Maybe my ball early in the morning, whatever god ass, some people always is source because god was to be the plow already live. Not after After you've talked to everybody else, he said a soda, so I woke up at the border safely or early in the morning, and I will bless you because I am somebody say he is from the the voting will fall When you are being sought, her release area has been lying. There was an experience. There was a phenomenal five hundred ripe enough. I am going to ride back. Nobody knows the shit out of threshold moment.
is that you can explain, saw I will go back, never the same. Is the international pastors and leadership conference to two thousand nineteen april, twenty fifth, through the twenty seventh and temper florida register today at pastors and leaders battle, What are you We got a bit by bit save me probably while yet near for so long
so he says one thing to the woman: he says big, a little pig he dimensions it s. All just a support is a disproportionate first and ass. She was gone To obey what he's here. He said s alone. Liveth your meal barrel, will not run out. What's this closely He did not say You're milborough will run off
He said it will run out. I want to talk to some people that you haven't learned over the years haven't run out the attack from somebody somebody, you don't have enough that I could brag. I don't have enough that I could take our word, I know that I could act crazy. I don't have a run on all my blessing, but I got something why just every time I read the tension over time time for you to stretch, I'm gonna bizarre, I'm going to design a miracle for you. That's gotta require you to stretch. In order to be able to give him, you will have to work to be able to get it.
Sid you for loaves of bread and thus it you handfuls of potential and every time you stretch give you our hands full up central god. I feel myself bound to preach this morning. You see, I can make brad if we want to become the approved for the children of Israel when they got. god. Damn sin, the male he's the man down from so I can make at what he wants to buy that's too he will give you the bread he'll, give you the meal straightforward he'll give you potential poor about region too small Besides labour, if you stretch Still you we're potential.
I will give you a minute if this were to three peoples right. What is that in Europe? What is that in your home What does that in your home? You must discover you mass. This cover the power of what you got there. Do you understand the power of what you got less, you can't say, draw situation. Presumably situated since some of your cursing yours, since or wasted consumer What do you got left as different as powerless? let me tell you that what soon left is, that will put up with this
I feel that goes back to take their place over gives you Bobo says whether gets rapid work, We will always rules. No bread and butter milk fish local. You'll see five thousand sites. You got a little bit better. he'll destroyed tell us tat gets you got a little bit about what I'm sayin slap your neighbor, I got a little bit. see. See man wanted what trees? I thank you. no bids average. Do you South.
Now. Some bad example is such a little better job right lot. Tagged that does the most when you got a little bit the abrahams a lot. You should have done this when I was young, the factory rebel, the rebel broke, the factory, it ain't never been there, but sheeter.
And if you will give us a miracle, you should have given us a miracle when we were young, you wait till I'm man and man. Here, though, I just got. well better like what I just got a little bit. What I just got a little bit of what I just got a little bit of what I just got a little bit of. What but if you got a little bit of life. bit of wisdom. They ve got a lot better strands everyone. I will get a brewery. What that silk tat! You re too, What was that that got out the window? Never have you added the a moment, but I want to show you this, because everybody who ever got bliss always got bless with not enough,
so we ve got enough. They never had enough anything to do everything but see when you get rid of that mentality. Where you push if you're a little bit, and you see your little bit as a nucleus for what god is about to do with your life. The metronome is where I got a little bit. I'm all, but I'm not there. I got a little bit of strength when I got a little bit of power I don't have the money I want, but I got a little bit. I got a little bit. I got a little bit. Gas is the principal is in the priorities. If you don't master it on a small scale, you will master it
on a large scale. You understand what I'm saying, god, let me be broke with no money. He let me be prosperous with all kinds of money and I ended up at the same place and active. What's wrong, he said is not the amount. Is your method is your method and whether it's one hundred dollars or one thousand dollars, you will always be broke because you have the methodology of poverty, you don't have your priorities in the right, place when I do give you a thousand, you buy what you want and big what you need. He said, and until you get some priorities straight, I can afford to bless, because I can't bless you if I can trust.
I said I'd take less. If I came to us, but if you saw me that's your six or method did I make an investment in your life? In fact, if you put first things first That said, the boy you out a blessing We don't want to have robot optimus, see swap somebody say, plus they force. The whole principle of tithing is not gambling at a casino. It is a commitment to priority. It is saying, god put you
Source, whenever you put god first, he will arrive and let your enemies be scattered, laughter, your figs whatnot, not test or fruit. Before that time, your leaf will not wither. Your item is lovely your footstool because your blood got the is crazy, but I'm going to. I'm gonna make a little cake for you. First mama we're hungry. She is a women, I'm making a cake for the prefers and she made a location. Brandon gave him the key and then the reason I told you that the famine is over. and not the drought is because all outside of her house
the drought persisted, it would have gotten her house, but because of the man of god,. she said I know is still bra. I'm going ahead building they re macao collapsed my sheep, they match it can be agreed it. She said, but all I know is that every time I mean a handful, see. You were shouting cover said the fireman was over. But what should be done this time is the beauty of the policy is that the famine is over the brown content. God said if I get ready to blush
outside circumstance right for you to read with a thousand ten fold. like some ten thousand, consolatory left side. But at last he sat up, bless your house, in that sense with somebody did this place. by the way with somebody did. Everyone has been left me. At last, What similarly went to school
Then, when everybody else walked away a way why your neighbor famine is over, tell you about firm, but not at all, Me the
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Today's message was wonderful. Versatile greatness is everybody needed than men in the world? To me, service was amazing. The anointing was there I feel rejuvenated. I feel revive. I've never met him. I thought maybe I did everything I left standing for my family. The cyprus today was ass. Bishop is always also versus probable virtue. about where you are. People. Tat you around a choice. may, I got such a blessing. Or a bishop
Today's message was truly transformative. Today's methods was ass. I'm only offer it was just a blessing. To my mind, this is my first time here had departed house, and I had a word just for me today. Feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life will afford it. the next time the The.
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