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The Legacy of Fatherhood

2022-06-19 | 🔗
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Coming up. on the patterns, tat. There's something in his sales of use, something of his strength. This.
you need to try and understand and realize tat should never forgive the flowers. You forgive the flows because he sees you as his chow as you could come only to the throne of grace of fine grace at the time of day we're gonna, get ready to make. His first saw his first mates He created at about the dust of the earth with his own hand, everything else. he created with his mouth by speaking, but when the man he formed from the dust on earth? Every demand, the breath of life, and that's what the vanity but humanity man food by all who created there. They are different.
Now you must begin to understand if you take a flawed man and you take a flawed woman, you put them into a marriage. The question becomes, can use of long enough to make this work, brings me to my text today. Is today. The reason I wanted to use jacob to preach about father is is because Jake it was a jerk yeah jake, just like that make another that Jacob was a jerk you and I so they about father, because True, though that you can you can start out a jerk and end yellow go talk to you you could start out. You can start out misguided, feels dawn, jobs, make mistakes and still in a great bed just because you came from this fund, should does it mean
you can learn the function was a jerk degrees to jerk who ok His grandfather, whether europe, but not merely as much of a jerk as he was abraham, was jerky, laugh about sir. He made some mistakes in his life. He may submit choices. He carried terror that he didn't need to carry uk largely didn't need to. He had to shed a lot of things along the way we got. Abrams out of mesopotamia. He was not the man of faith that he became later. It is light he had to get rid of his father in law had to get rid of lot. It was a journey, it was a process, it is life. Lots wife had to die here to make some choices of grit little by little, he had to become a better man, and even then he had come.
You back at a whole set of families. It came. We don't want to talk about their, they grew up out of his life and he still was able to get Sarah pregnant to a god. Given seed and produce holy men is out of a flawed man. You can't be of reject. Make mistakes have fail, bearded prison been locked up done dirt
Deals got somebody pregnant bit on the wrong side of price and steal. Your life is recyclable. It is possible for you to be healed and restored bill. Your way at work. Your way, forgive your way and cry away and apologize your way into an effective relationship euro have to allow the gravitational pull of your pass to pull you further and further to the abyss of obscurity. You can't resist that gravitational pull and rise above the vicissitudes of life at your life around feel, like some witness you're, a witness we're with nobody comes here without a story it and it's just resisting your story, pulling out your above from Abraham, lincoln, better aid, jewels and begin to evolve and Abraham did that any visually. But rewarded with this. But he was oh, he was
before god rewarded with me, god let abraham get all before. I gave him a son to give him time to be a better image. Teresa happens a father faith; ok, here's a father, What is the father of the progenitor of of the three Biggest religions in the world today tracer routes by David, whether you crystal whether you do or whether you muzzle you all trace your roots back to Abraham and Abraham has some issues. Ok, here's emissions In fact, all the men in the bible had issues women in the bible had too, and yet it is possible for this. story to continue
abraham was a liar. He had a son who was a liar Abraham lad about his wife and his as a lad about his wife in the same way in the same place. At the same time, Though he wasn't born when its father lad, he still told his father's la without having experienced his father's laugh because he was a reflection of his father. Can I go there with it. So Abraham was alive when asked about the weather, borneo them as it was born and as it had a bad wise like his father. Did he married a fine woman like his father, the because he ended up Marian his marvel at most in that way to somebody who has some reflection, other mother, and he married somebody who was like his mother, and she was fast. She was found that, as it was afraid to tell anybody that she was his wife and a tall and steer this. She was his sister
just like his father dear without learning the la it, Pow Google legacy Jesus the legacy of his father told sir, but his father do later. He will on big all of his father's wills, because, is credited joy, the legacy of his father. He will dig bodes well what is senator rogers, where he is pray. God said Abraham believe it was counted on the heavens, righteous abraham. So much praise better, cancel out all his mistake, gossip. I don't care what it is. I don't know how you lad. Abraham is still fresh in calabria, believe me and I will give him righteousness credit
my seventh point o score I'll? Give you a score that either because he believes we have is counted on the human rights issues, Because of that righteousness, Abraham is declared, rights is read, the book of rome was Abraham is declare rights is robust, they impudent righteousness and they have their rights, as this may have as a kid a heritage that rights. If I want to do that, righteousness amid hee hee he married rebecca and at her side of the family, guided the blunt lad and they were tricksters schemers, steamers and coronavirus and rebecca occurs, had uncle name laban, who was a trick tyrannicon. Honest is a liar and and mama. Be careful who you makes you see with you came I will get it out. As well as mixed is see with rebecca and they had Jacob
And all of the generational curses that were in their blood, lad, got in April bled land and produce Jacob. So Jacob was a trickster in the con artists in the liar and a whole lot of stuff, and he had a whole lot of problems and they had a whole lot of his name means trickster his name. Maize, con artist, Jacob would tell a lie before it all true. He was slick. He was greece. like his uncle labour. He was alive, lack is mamma and he was Abraham grandchild. What carbonate. Wherever he went, he stared us. He stole the birthright. He ripped off his position He made a mess of every situation with his brother. They didn't speak for. Over twenty years there were mass of his life, he went up the mountain.
Got to a fight with god. He had to fight with god to got problems and got toll of your name. Is Israel. Your name. Is Israel you're not who like the play, Started you, Israel, beads press there, the prince spouted, you? U dont is tat. All you are, but I've got away you do it anyway grant says they do. Your main should no longer be call Jacob but So we call Israel because you are a prince and you have power with god and yet. Years later, we got would be moses. The burning both got would say I of the god of Abraham as egg and Jacob god of Abraham as ec israel.
So, even though god said his made should no longer be call. Jacob eventually got called in Jacob Jacob audacious, and yet Jacob was the son that produce the twelve. paths of Israel Abraham, produces see as pass the sea jacob multiplied the seed Joseph nice to see you. You say everybody has a role to play:
in order to become the man you're supposed to be left out of this outbreak before god, because we want the lord, the lord have respect unto my way I won't into honour it. I wanted to receive it. I want to receive your operate. I want him to receive your tat. We are offering the media has stated we are offering it up. That means he's going value waited at. So I give him from a sincere and place, and I give him as honest reflection of the level of blessing. That's all my life, whether is as small as would also might, or whether him kingdoms and the leaders of love- and I agree about the level of the blessing of the law in all my life, and I offer it up to him. It is honestly
it is. My previous that blesses fatherhood has definitely taught me to be the main that I am today have led my children by good and bad examples, not ashamed to say, and I ve learned tat. I may not have been that perfect father, but it didn't stop me from striving to be that perfect father. It has been my duty to show my children how important it is to honour guide and the benefits of doing so have definitely been rewarding it's a blessing. When you can see your reflection in your children with also gives me a great sense of how must feels when he looks at me through all the fathers I saved up, your father, stating the father of a righteous child, has great joy. Man who fathers ally's son, rejoices proverbs twenty three twenty four and take up lives is life and he lives is life like all men live their lives were strengths and weaknesses
And rolls and powers and failures and flows of human moment centre. Moment sends its life is like helter skelter, sometimes up it, sometimes that's right. It sometimes raw. Sometimes he added sometimes buddy steel cuts The cost of labour has Jacob there. My text And my text has come down to the of his life and the deaf angel standing over in the corner and he has come to take him away. And stood died. He hailed death at bay and the bible Jacob set up in the bay of Israel set up in the bed and strengthen himself. He said, I'm not leaving.
Till all my son's gather around the bed there man legacy. So when the current rules back in the same begins, we Not the young man Jacob, not the trickster, Jacob not the confused and angry Jacob, not the jacob over. With god, on the mountain Jacob. But in the old days we see Jacob the Jacob who had lost his son Joseph and found his son Joseph the take up we ve gone through such deep depression that he said my sorrows had brought me down to the grey hair was to the depression. And live to see the Duration with his son, when Jacob walks Egypt and he sees Joseph his son
the lack of love story Jacob spitten hears of depression because totally. My son was there and they Oh him that his son was alive. He came to Egypt and The reconciliation was love story of the whole test, the of story of europe. Life is to cut back to your son, he's out there and he found his legacy. His shirt and once he got it back, never lost it gets your child back. I don't care what you out
I don't care how a greedy is. I don't care. How said he is. I don't care how Cries, I don't care how she rejects ok, how they put up a fight triangular? They don't care, they do care fight for them and get them back your son, Your and connect with them, and so the same. Look sad to you, because the current rules back at all matters that the ban, but it's really not a sad story- is a moment of victory. because all of his sound again the power to do what they leave? Have these everything that the devil trying to steal from him as a man, God gave it back to him and he told tat weight in the corner, be with you direct,
And he sat up in bed and he stretched himself and the. Oh man, prophesied today, unethical and this and benjamin and Judah Simeon. And they were all gathered around the and he was telling them they were. And when he finished he said, let me tell you who I my grandfather was a Double woe: skews rooms are well my grandfather and they it him right here is. what
buried, her laugh. Other was has had a very My mother was rebecca, they buried her rachel and they buried right there and he went down through the line and he said I've about to join my fault. But before I go as I my father's I speak to your future. You shall prevail, benjamin but rather as a war in them. What you said about the prey. The EU should not about the support shooter, Loved your power should not depart from your feet. Until shallow cups, yeah. I guess so
shallow, which and when, you got finish talking to the old man all this leads up in bed- and back out on the pillow and with his father, He went to the land of his father's because it took All of his life to be agreed that'll, be honest. I tell you, fix your whole life to be a good mama. It takes your whole life. You don't be a good mom because you had a baby and you came home with a carriage. You don't you're, not a good mama. Just cuz, you drop him off at school. It takes your whole life to be a good mama
you're good mama. Your knees are given our and your backing they start calling you stuff like big mama, I'm great mama grandmama. It takes your whole life to be a good mama. So it takes a whole ice. Depute good mama, give us what give us some time to be good, If we celebrate you, while you grow. Celebrate us, while we grow to either the weak point in different areas what was easy, for you was hard for me. But what was hard for you? I catch you, Art stay to cover is this One. So this father, I wanted play the fathers dog.
On yourself costs the story is complicated. I want to say to the mothers: don't give the fathers because stories, a conflict. I want to say to the sounds. What is angry at your dad asked, you are hurt. I stopped taking the cheap way out and I can like you angry when the truth is, you heard be strong enough to come now. About broke it and find out how he's broken, because wherever you're broke, it he's broken close to it to And you'll never understand yourself until you and us your father.
because you are a legacy you have had legacy of father, there's something in his sick. That's a sales of your skin. of his strength. That's me. And you need to find him and understand. And realise that you never forgive the flowers you. Do you forget the flaws in here. This is like a father, and so I thought to myself on this file
I would not preach about all the perfect men with all the perfect grades thought the perfect lives without the perfect habit would never broke rule honoured in their community than ever made a mistake. I thought I would appeal pass all it had pony of large and do with the youth a crack at night. And wonders why you're, even This does anybody. I understand the pain. And wondered if you can carry a load of the way. The big you while you The load of helping them to prepare our speak to the eu, but seldom gets feared. Seldom gets water seldom gets touched it. I want to speak.
The part of you there was to fall apart. But if you for who would catch this father, you can simply say our backing them, we'll be back on earth ass. It is. Give us hope so hungry, I'm hungry has a man, I'm hungry ass, a father I'm hungry at the hungry, I'm hungry as a worker, give us and so hungry people, but I'm hungry, give us with africa.
Trespass, I guess mess. Africa trespass keep at the club. this spot legacy from Son of a daughter grants for ever and ever body to repeat it
I am right up?
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You have not seen nor your years heard the things that god has in store in tat town and you have worked towards curses generational blessing. I want to talk to some real women rising like you, I got a lot worse was.
feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on the pakistan.
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