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The Mess In The Progress

2019-06-30 | 🔗
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Coming up. on the butter staked everything failing. Where's, the shattering concrete bursting steel being built, marriage, distorted, kids.
It's crazy, chant from your parents, don't know who your daddy is lost your job, evicted out of your apartment, going through a crisis, emotional meltdown and then the stand in the middle of all of it and say lord. I trust the hi everyone, I'm past record jake's comment and you are watching the planet's edge guy. I did not let you go through difficult experiences to kill or traumatize you. He allowed you to endure it, so he could use shoe My father will explain in his method today. Mess and progress go hand in hand.
and looked twenty two He's us reinforces the same principle. and it is a principle that that I think you need to understand. He gets a halt to the life of a guy. Then he's gonna? U use a man way. Name is Peter Simon paper, but is also in a mess. Luke, twenty to thirty one and Lord said, Simon Simon, the whole Say them has desire to have you. very nice. If you as sweet
Molly shoe it wants to demolish, it, wants to. Your party wants to sift, do as sweet. But for the. The last fail. With our converted. Strengthen the brother. Oh, my god is good. This phone number game from again becomes. I want you to see out of it so Simon behold say them has just Have you been
Whites, if you fewest, I want to say, wait a minute. You know. I'm sure it s a bad thing to sift me as sweet. Because when you sit wheat. You separate the chaff from we is messy process could be used, I said. I'm going to be treated like we did not a bad thing, because Jesus identified himself ass, wheat aces, if a grain of wheat fall into the ground and died about a low, but if it does, it brings forth much fruit is not a bad thing to be identified with we cook. We use in Sweden.
to demolish what has to be torn down. So that he can resurrect what he has promised to happen in your life this was a point. way to stop the sifting. Jesus, you couldn't stop the mass Always lived by the almost every time there, the catastrophe in this country, I am invited by the media to explain how god could allow that to happen. How could a good god that sure, god, let's be sleep at the wheel, to allow it to happen. And every time you look at your life like complete, So a puzzle And you want to explain the picture, but the peace, you're gonna fail, because You cannot see the picture.
Please. But when you take the peace I put up with all the other pieces, then you begin to understand why it was necessary to have this funny. Looking thing happen in your life, to get you to work, god is trying to take you all talk about a good old messy bullets of the day, glory to god. Satanists desire to have you they might surface we pray for you Not that the sifting wouldn't happen. At that point that he. Access. I didn't say that you wouldn't be hurt I didn't play that you, wouldn't I didn't private, you wouldn't get upset pray that you wouldn't cos.
Because you know Peter had a little problem. As much as god cares about your morality, heathen pray for his morality. He prayed for his mentality. Pray virtue saying fail. Rima. Leaving that you wouldn't fail In fact, if you read one down in reverse, the profits that before the court crows you're gonna failed three times is a bridge. The pact is not a clue. You're going call this thing three times.
and I'm not plan that you won't fail. I'm not praying that it won't get messy, I'm not praying that you won't get upset, I'm not praying that the won't be dust and salt dust and bricks and mortar I'm not praying that there won't be debris. I'm not praying that you won't be shattered. I'm praying that your fate
doesn't fail and I want to know: can you have faith in the middle of a mess? Because if you can have faith in the middle of a mess that we need to close this place down, we could do something a lot more fun. We could. We could just lay by law if we're not going to believe god when all hell is breaking loose. Coins on overhead at the dust is flawed and the glass is shattered. We're not going to stand flat footed in the middle of the mess. I'd say though he slay me, the show had flushed him. Oh my god, laughs. The hypno, our trust, god. Wherever it may be,. Whether I'm on them all
The raging see. I'm trying to get you to see the value of trust and god in messy places to just believe, everything, everything's, failing glass shattering, concrete bursting steel being bit. Distorted, kids active crazy care. friend your parents, don't know who your daddy is lost your job.
It did out in your parliament going to a crisis emotional melt down and then the stand in the middle of all women as a law that all things are going to work together for the good work, the more appalling to his purpose. If everybody understands and hands as assign, you did.
I don't know what it is, but I feel I can talk to somebody. I don't even know who it is we who are there and I'm not even sure exactly what I'm referred to, but I feel, like god, is using me to speak to you specifically about somebody you might be dealing with Y know. three tell him I'm under construction, I wonder. I'm under construction, I'm under construction, I'm under construction.
Thus a bridge play sargassum windows shudder. My heart is real. Good mamma is confused. I haven't slept for three days, but I got a feeling of being out of everything suddenly
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it's close to phrase close we're going to have a good time and we're going to replace the no one escapes the mess. Rich folk. Don't escape the mess. so stop being Haider. Three. Poor folks not escape the mess, It may be indifferent com, the mess. but it still mass. Black folks have a mess, I'll tell them ass to, Folks have a what moves lowered malaria.
What can I tell you? All full term amounts to we might dress different. We might look different, but we just as crazy as you are in another kind of way. It takes a long time to get this crazy right about now being only a year ago, but I know everybody limited the glad to get this grave. You need to understand that the details of what happened to you might be different from the details that what happened to me But still poor, my house now. Is still broke out, my windows and puts it must deal broke. My heart.
Christmas through nobody, Escapes sources: when thou art converted You have been cheated, stop feeling! Sorry for you, sir. everybody went through some. It don't matter whether you leave sally and get married. mary crazy, too. Drug free, also bill bill, just another kind, Do you not more for people start working for yourself, because you say I'm trying to work for the people who work for myself. I think it would be easier is. Is this another kind of crazy? Is this a mother I'm trying to get your lunch. Thank you didn't miss anything. So stop run it.
I it and deal with your mess cause. At least you know what kind of mess the you understand. This mess you had years to look at this mess and you could get a strategy for your mess when you asked me to get a strategy for somebody else as a man, this is when thou art converted strengthen your brother help. You. Get out the best understand wise move and slow. understand why screen when you touch tat spot right there, I understand why can't hold is food them you'll be a much better physician when you ve been a patient, three Finally, got says I will give it to you.
If I can get it through We know this is true about finance. We. We know that we understand Biomass is currency and that it flows and anything You break the flow you lose. so power, whether you About global economy, national economy or household economy it so bad, the movement stagnation stops the flow. and ultimately is the detriment of any organization. We know that about finance. Do we know that about mercy there, God will give it to you if we can get it through. You.
The bottles bliss about the merciful for that I shall obtain mercy. God see if I can get it through you, I will give it to you if I can get you to help somebody else. If I could, if I can get you to love on somebody else, gas is more here. The more you give it away. the more I'll give it to you if this is, and it shall be given to you again good major, pressed down shake it together and running over, but because you point the fallen start focusing all you, you move the ability To receive the very thing you're after. because, in order to receive it, You gotta give it away.
you'll give away all come back to. You wanna tension gibbeted. You want france be friendly you want a smile, give a smile. Do you know how hard it is not dismantle is somebody who smile and a jew they make. You smile, you always feel like smiling, but you'll give them equipment. You gotta do flash my real quick. It is hard to be in the presence of somebody who is giving something reciprocal If you're not getting it back, could it be possible that you block the flow? got a temporary break through and ran away from the very source it was given to you in the first place, break the flow you got what you are needed in the moment walked away, broke the flow.
when you get involved administrate, you get minister to win. give mercy, you get mercy when you give love you get out. I can hear somebody you don't know. I gave Henry LU. I was good to hear you don't know what I went through when hear gave her. That know. I know I. You might not get it back from weren't, you jake, but you will always have been about it today. It occurs to me. It occurs to me. Our problem. In the loss of flow. I want him from pay another day, molly real monthly was.
Well enough enacting crazy and doctors to get an mri bossy, I was complaining about the swell it and the discomfort. there was run unaware my leg model, What I am concerned about the discomfort about my leg she was concerned about my circulation because She knew that the leg would get better if the blood flow The body gifts in trouble when the flow is broken. The marriage gives in trouble when the floors The family gets in trouble when the flow is broken. When you give what you got and it stops with you.
You stop the circulation and there's gonna be swelling somewhere. gonna be paying somewhere. There's going to be some, some miss figure meant somewhere because you got it, but you didn't give it When thou art converted. from being the patient. To bring the physician, keep the flow. because if you will just imitate you have received. It will continue. To circulate in your life, giving get bless. this is almost a shame. The church preachers only
about giving in terms of money because sometimes we don't get the big principle that- I was outside of money. Givers get bliss givers of love. Her of attention give her love affection. Givers of talent, give her the resources give her the finance. I don't care what it is. If you are stingy in any area of your life, you break the flow and you cannot receive because a break the flow, and maybe the devil, Certain things happen to you, I encourage you to break the flow because of the fool. You curse yourself. China go deeper, here's the truth. If your blood was born again, spirit feel christian. The intimate chant pursue
because you don't belong to him and he cannot furs another man's poverty. The only hope he has Stop you industry it shouldn't make a decision that causes yourself hear what I'm saying. Isn't that good? Isn't that good, since he doesn't have power over you, the only thing he can hope to do is to get you to break the flow because, The fool you begin to get problems are there is not because the enemy did it, but because you bro, flow, so Jesus says. Well. Converted divert the flow bless you blow somebody else? If I do you give back to me
If I saw in the eu Am I kidding me it's not that I need what you got. It is a new me to give watch, because every time you give what you got, you increase your capacity to get more like the very that you're not getting any more because you run out of capacity Totally people say you need to give something away. You will need to give something away. You need to give it away, give it away give it away give it away give it away. You need to give it away. You need to give the one you need to give it away, give it away. You need to give away the very thing you want. You need to give it away everything you need. You need to give it away. The god is making a message out of your mouth. How cool is that? And if you are still going through your messy period, I pray blessing.
Over your life that when the law pulls you out, you won't look like what you ve been through. You had to show people pictures to believe it. God is only going to bring you out, he's gone to do more than you could even asked him to do or imagine in Jesus' name I want to take another moment and thank our global partners. You are fake we'll giving allows us to continue sharing the gospel on the air and how parting people around the world, but we to do more. If you're listening today, and you are not a partner. Nine join us by simply texting the letters. Gps, in any amount to two eight nine, five, zero. You can also find out. About all the great partner benefits by visiting t d, J partners, dot org through gps. We are changing lives together, god bless you.
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I would have been stay there as long as I could. Where do you turn when your plans to work out the way you thought I went straight home and I went matthew, six Jesus says. Do not worry, wait for my wife to come home and I have That to me now, why did I read them because I just got fired today should look back and she said for some reason. I still feel good. God will take lights pressures that turn them. And that was a huge moment, our marriage, after thirty some years ago, when we were starting to communicate again, and that has helped me. and I want to be a that kind of help colleges If you please,
reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on the pakistan, The.
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