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The Mysterious Wedding At Cana

2023-03-26 | 🔗
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Coming out on Instead, what what did it do so that is about to get a heap right, but it was not the right place at the right time. What do people do it till it has raised? A very has taken us to the principle of a mountain tops of a greater understanding of that which we shall be holding. Is god and not just men. That's why the wedding is so strange,
because of the frost first chapter job establishes, Jesus is being god. rob to put flesh and bid It's so strange that the second chapter we go from the divinity of Christ himself, the incarnate god wrapped up in the flesh we go from there and all of a sudden in chapter two we are slammed into hey. Oh, hey, hey we're at a party. How did we get from the remedy?
then Jesus we just saw sitting on the circle of the earth with all power in his head is now hanging out at a party. Look at the answer. More of a hard look at the gig at the yang. Look at the divide, the natural that next time we see him he's not just got wrapped up in the flesh, he's hanging out. The point is a bit in the steering the mysterious waving a caregiver does not seem to fit with the auspicious power of the first chapter.
It would not chronologically be the discussion that I brought up in the second chapter, and yet it stands from the lofty peaks of chapter one to the lower valleys of chapter two in the abyss of chapter two. The probably is we party in We ran out of work? the. so my brothers and sisters are came to talk to you today about the mysterious wedding at china that the bible says That Jesus and his disciples are not out healing the signal raising the dead. Now
That is this just to reconsider that that Jesus is at a party to be a priority, Is he in fact trying to teach us something? Already. you see. There is something something strange going on, because Jesus is hanging out at the party and all of a sudden his mother comes to him. I'm gonna give you three little points
And I'll be out of your way is his woman? His mother comes to him and says Jesus. they have no. Why. Now? That's a strange problem is like my mother, who came the Jesus and said mama there is dying. is that this is not. painful or as a fear as the widow of main who was carrying her dead son to agree on the woman with it it's the little touches the hem of his garment, trying to stop the hemorrhaging that has gone on so long as she is about to die after all, running out of wine is not a life threatening? waste
it is now ass. It is not merely as paying for oil severe as leprosy, those of us on the level of blue water. May this, the britain blow me here is in spite of the festivities very reveals that leave the job of the flesh of the party and the moving and the celebration which went on four days in the bible days we're. But they had no. you might have a nice house, I admit that you might have,
a better call, my that you might have more degrees than I do, but what does it mean if you have no? Why? I think that god is trying to tell us that we live in a whirl, that pressure weights- ideology that they have a go at
that they want to seduce you into thinking that somehow you are missing, something that they have, that that somehow you should emulate them, because they are so much more progressive than us and we are kind of slow and backwards at antiquated, but the bible says they might still be shaken, but nowhere they may still be separate, but they have no way to hear what I'm saying to you. You got relatives and kill people and neighbors who take this Jesus stuff is crazy, but don't let them fool you with their plants in the murray.
Causes of seville that eventually they have to come to The way we would leave them, but the bible is teaching us because they don't have to come to you because they were themselves up into a corner. Some of them. with today talk to you about tat and I'm gonna talk to you about parliament, and I will talk to you about tools, because today the time and the talent and the two
we're going to come to understand do what they want less work this is a word lists, were perpetrated where this is deceiving were so talk to you a little bit of today about time we colors, Mary has come in here and and has come out of tat, This is a paid it still. This is, stop This is our schedule. mary- comes to Jesus with this
my very significant problem at the moment in which he says, woman were has not come so the syncopation of the miracle, just that this is of schedule an hour, but let us notice the majesty of a god who has a schedule, in order for him assume our has not yet come. It means that he's that just plan by the city of its debt, his life.
for the time being, it has a rhythm to it. It has an order to it. It has a structure to it that he's not just walking down the road just doing stuff to be doing stuff. He'll have people, digit should be healing people, and I thought we might learn a lesson from She's as we learn to respect? If we put our schedule, is a woman has come here? Some of us have. No, our because we have no schedule no schedule you're, not really like Jesus Jesus operated on schedule.
Solomon says that there is a time of a purpose, and this ever sees that for every purpose of under Heaven that god heads a schedule has a time. I don't care how much you wanted. He has a time when he's gonna, let you have what he's got a rage. He has very set aside. That's what I love about women's matter. You can do with women my! U pace. We forget women, bad! You might well clap public when it is about what is my months. What is that com-
Our has not yet come this just shows that every man got something
scared, every man, they're gonna break his own room. They gotta come here, do something that would not be a deep blue. What non scheduled one always plenty, and what about to happen? Didn't look like it was gone from the past, but it is infinite. Wisdom is maybe every now and then we'll been the rule. Just do it because you asked I don't make no sense and it might be a big deal yo, but is a big deal, a bad man away as we refer to
Nor the lord, in our giving we are giving as gifted people, not desperate people, not nervous people, not worried people, but people, and I want to challenge you that online god is going to create a platform for you the city, whether it's a business, whether its accompanying weather, music, whether a stage whether as Robert weathers, demonstrate whether sides weathers technology. God is going to create a platform for your give. You may have to go through the desert to get to the promised land, but the promised land is coming into your life. Can you hear what I'm saying to you and I want to pray over what you have good vision? I want to pray over what you have envisioned and I want you to get seated on the ground Because you care about her purpose without see,
all this there is the talent well because in my world. You always looking for great leadership. Leadership. Solve problems lie, six solutions, leadership that just sit back
the whole thing shut down and thus method. Look at Mary who did took it in her own hands to walk over to Jesus and see him as an answer. She wouldn't still is she didn't know? We don't know about it. More chow, like his mama fact that is mamma, walked over it in and said they have. No. Why is this new betty had the ebay that I have had the day was this fast, but he had that's what I'm saying somebody get ready to do. So, that's it ever did his mama lily had such goes up to it, as he says she says,
babies. run out of here. to her woman, Oh mamma, I would have said Babo he's a woman Has not yet come me that's about I wasn't melt away from us like I'm, not gonna. Do.
but she did the? U k. Take no one has not yet come. She said ass. She turned to the servant. See if you can take. No leadership is not. Everybody is leaving just put this title but make just cause. You got a degree that make you let us take. Our has not yet come as I see it. Maybe she turns to the servants. Whatever tells you do, do you coming into a season,
then, if you don't have the talent of obedience you're going to miss the mirror, what I don't know who this is for whatever he tells you to do, it might be something stupid like march around a wall and then on the several times, starts shouting. It might be something as dumb as touch the hem of his garment, but whatever he tells you to do. It might be crazy, like given two fish and five loaves of bread, but whatever he tells you to do it might be so we're not scripted, but whatever he tells it to do something bad is about to get a super. The right place at the right time, whatever he tells it to do slap three people say: do it do it the you, don't have to understand that just do it, you don't have to feel it just do it. You don't have the just. Do it, you don't have to feel it just do it. You have to agree with the price drop. Do it. You are coming into a season of joy.
I but none of that is really the mystery. That is why I call this mysterious wedding came It is really in this is whole thing about the tools, because if we have the knees and if we had the two, the talent and we demand the tools, the mere
wouldn't happen for the last three months. When I close my eyes, I keep seeing the tool box. The mother said this toolbox every time I close as he hammers and screwdrivers and play riches and the two boxes open and all tools are hanging out two to two girls give you to suit his hold you b. F!
you mean to accomplish everything you're trying to do to summarize it to those tools, tools, Jesus says: go, go, get some water. And put it in mostar job. And the writer john spheres, hill? I think it's two or three fortunes which is really twenty to thirty gallons of water. As that's pretty big Third gallons of water is pretty big. Thirty talent- water, there are six stone vessels each holding roughly thirty gallons of water as a loud laugh
If you did the best sometime, gonna, send someone your life, but you will understand why I saved your life. You know have no use for right now, but save jobs did make no sense at first, but now now now if you don't have the tools this this miracle will not happen outside. tools. You can a great talent. You could have returned, but if you don't have great tools upstream people tablet
but didn't have the tools to be effective. There are people in prison with talent, There are people sleep it off the bridge with our I people sleeping under the bridge who got but do you have the tools. Here lies: the mystery got, collects the tools before the time the oh god will give you tools with or your type operates you can tell when he watches watches. This is real import. You can tell when he's about to do some of your life
because he starts to bring into, cannot teach this event a mobile service, but just to subdue called, the mysterious wedding cake. We know it was water when they put it in the west. We know it was water when they put it in the servant, can win win c c c them tell me when I was getting ready to preach set here
He said there is going to be a substantive change. Something that's thought about. One substance is about to turn into a completely different, and this is what is watching. This is crazy thing about got stuff. You know, even though women want to talk to somebody who deal even now to somebody who, even now, when it happened, somebody raven- I do know even now when it met here somewhere. What
somewhere in the pouring out.
Such were the cuban own, keep somewhere in the boy did they way somewhere to which, a few years ago I had to get up here this morning and the devil said you pay for each euro have about voiced, operates, watch my self again, a pre. You got what you are representing. All that falls that blood that fail at every drop of every gesture redeem debris this month, recapture the joy of your salvation in Christ, we'll give any amount learn how Jesus has the power to bring mankind together and tv Jake's groundbreaking book. Are you ready nothing but the blood of Jesus for you?
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