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and then putting start. How much more does God had? Two people feel you're not here, because somebody explain him to you are here, because he feel himself to show what he himself tat. He was to. Let you see here once later reveal to crisis to us. Ok. So when we start talking about a mystery, we're not talking about something that didn't exist were just talking about something that wasn't reveal. I have, I have a gift. I have several gifts for different ones. Are my children that they don't know anything about when the sad to let them know about it? I will let them know about it when they know about it. That does it mean that I created or I got it when they know about it. It was hidden from them, but it was they. Would you start talking about a mystery revealed? It is amazing, their levels, the rebels, every preacher, doesn't have the same level of revelation. Every person that have the same level of revelation every marriage doesn't have the same level of revelation revelation grows. You can know what on one level and not know it on another. I was thinking about this whole notion of habit. Begin to talk about the mystery reveal an cod gave me an image of a woman and she's she's. She heard her cycle has stopped at and she's getting sick in the morning. She's getting sick in the morning strangely and she's, not normally second she's sick in the morning, and she can't figure out what's wrong. What do you think might be wrong all she's pregnant she's pregnant she fainted, but she doesn't know it yet but heard not knowing it does. It mean she's, not pregnant. It hasn't been revealed to her yet, but that does not create the fact that some living thing is growing inside of her body. When she knows about it, then does it mean that it started it could have started before she knew about it, so she goes. He gets a pregnancy test and then she finds out. Indeed she is pregnant. That's a level of revelation the moment. She gets a revelation that she's pregnant. That is a level of revelation. She doesn't know what gender really is. She just no said she.
After months and months of formation. Eventually she will go and they will do an outer sound on her and reveal the gender pool. That's another revelation, ok and then she found out I'm pregnant and it's a girl like it's a boy, but she has it Madame. Yet after the third trimester is completed, she goes into labor she dilates Wanna breaks. She gives birth Intervale, she pushes for a baby and the baby is reveal. Those three revelations before she meets the baby are you here when I'm thinking now she meets the bay.
when they lay the baby in her arms and cuts accord, but she still doesn't know the baby. She doesn't know the baby just because Google, the aboriginal noble. You got to watch Google awhile before you figure out where the book it's a lie, not over the Google can be trusted and whether Bubu dependable, whether blue, is loyal. You you don't know them, but the baby has been revealed I've been age you raise them. You get to know that there are different levels of revelation from the Book of Genesis. All the way to the book of revelations. God is giving us different levels of revelations of what was hidden from the power stations that the world is coming in. Stages is coming in visas,
Coming to revelation, knowledge is coming to teaching is coming to. Word is coming to experience until quite speed form. Didn't you just because you came to altering gave you liked the cries. Does it mean that crisis in poor formation Pulsating glaciers, my little children and roadmap to reveal it birth again until Christ be form. Did you what has to be formed in you? It takes some time to Leopold. Yeah they go talk to me. I mean really live. Hold it really get down to get. What holiness is more than LOL dresses and admit that in men men not cutting your hair and Allah kind of stuff whole? It is more than that not for indicating in not drink and look good and not spoken dope for holding this is more than a whole, and this is where you don't think, evil oh yeah, you won't clapboards out we're the Bible say that.
pop UPS foolishnesses Syn, take some all here because they all over Europe but desk. You ass, nice, ass night, but if everything you thought was played on a loudspeaker right now, you put up your finger and Tipp out here right now, because because it takes a long time for Christ to come into full formation in you, are you what I'm saying A mystery is that which can only be lulled, do the revelation of God. That means that God cannot be proven. He could not be explained. He cannot be fast about. He cannot be argued about. He must be reveal the MRI ever feel this
how'd. You know it was a boy they reveal the ultrasound rather revealed. It was a boy I didn't know. I was pregnant until the test reveal, I was pregnant, I did know they will have dimples like grandma till I push out the baby. There was reveal. If you had to be reveal. How much more does cod have? Two people feel you're not here, because somebody explained him to you here because he revealed himself to me.
He showed himself too. He eats chose to. Let you see him, some of it came to preaching or some other came through a solve some of you weren't, even in church, you might have been at the house, you might have been in the club, you might have been in the car and he just aegis. He just gave you a sneak peak and he revealed himself to you and all of a sudden. You got competed about things you weren't convicted about before you decided to change our life more at the more you walk with him. You are taken all stuff, everyday change and habits of changing the Avis, because there are levels of revelation because cod is a mystery. Grave is mystery, concreteness greatest mystery. Of godly. That's why you ought not to judge one another in a great
Also babble say there are vessels of dishonour. I got bad terrorism only to over the same age because they twins tourism, different ages, at different stages at different stages of development. You don't have about twelve key is an item. Seven Church will force you to act like you, the same age as everybody else, because we do not make room for the betterment of revelation, which takes time but quite to be formed in new, so use seven haven't act like you're, twenty seven, because everybody's judge, if you like your twenty seven but you're, really steel, almost seven level, all yadda yadda went up say, go back this thing, clear,
It is this God, but has chosen to repeal himself up to us all through the old testament to shadows two types. He shows up at all kinds away. He's a fourth man in the primary authorities kinsmen, redeem for route he's
The star of the old testament he's a lover of my soul, lit the song of Solomon, he's a voice of the law and walking through the pool of the guide. All of these up quick glimpses glances of him just giving us shadows of who we is Hallelujah Tabernacle in the old testament. He is a brazen outlined, the brazen labour. He is a mercy c in the autism. He is a pale in the temple. He is the bread on the table he is out of in says. All of these are two glimpses where he giving you tested you're coming to different stages of the revelation. He is the animal that was slinging that covered Adams neck. It miss, we don't know yet bet it's a lamb is just that animal. We don't find out that the animal is a lamb until we get to the book of the exodus ever the book of exodus. We find out that the animal is a liar and a. Firstly, we banned I'll bet, it's a Lamb genesis with able, but we don't know that it's a male and it's a firstly till we get the exodus. We don't know that his sleeve and applied to the door post until exodus.
This way over in the book about zero. Before we find out that the Lamb is really a man Surely he have borne out carried out sorrow that chastisement about peace was upon it with this strikes, we ideal- and we still don't know which may. It is only when John the Baptist, whose baptizing the joint river, but we know that the Lamb, but was a cold or skin in the book of Genesis, the Lamb that was offered up by April in the book of Genesis, Lamb that was painted on the door posts in the book of exodus, is all the man then was pointed out in the Jordan River Water run it again between his legs. All of a sudden jobs has behold. This is the one this is who, as there is talk about behold, the lamp of God, which will take away the sins of the world. This is cod. Being free, veal, she's
Is God.
He'll less this outbreak before God, because we want the Lord, the Lord to have respect unto my free, I won't into honour it. I wanted to receive it. I wanted to receive. You are offering I wanted to receive your tat. We are offering the media has taken, we are offering it. That means he's going value waited at. So I give him from a sincere place, and I give him as honest reflection of the level of blessing. That's all my life, whether it has long as would also might or whether I have killed them at the cedars of love of idea about the level of the blessing of the law in all my life at all. For it up to him. It is obviously
it is obvious. It is my previous that blesses Jesus is colonnade. God was manifest in the flesh polish teaching Timothy. This is a mystery UK explain it, you can argue about. The church has been argued about the guardian produce, stop arguing about the guy did because I think it's stupid, because you cannot explain what must be reveal. If you are you with me and tell me he's one, I can show you places where he was individually: three if you tell me these three, I wanted article B sit on top of each other. They haven't convey what's wrong.
Cannot be explained. He must be reveal, he must be revealed, is not even argue about, it could not be reveal you need a doctor and to make you feel good, but it must be repealed. This is over a violation, not a doctrine. was manifest. In the flesh ball aversion debris with child. They should bring forth a channel call his name. Man, well God Tabernacle with Wait for what, haven't, was about an old testament, got play peekaboo. God showing us that's what the that was in the middle of the twelve tribes of Israel. The cabinet go is in the middle of the twelve traps. That is a pitcher of quite big. To dwell amongst us out of here
Benjamin did known of Judah did not hear them. I did know nobody could say that they all got he's a dwell amongst us. God is a carved. Couldn't say, odor he's a dwell amongst us. The fact is that were to agree a gathering, my may there, in the midst of them closely not one of them. all the peace that are dwell in your unity. We have two or three of you gathering my may I'll drop in the middle of you. The limit, your pray. If you start talking about me, I was now in the middle of your conversation.
That God would become the Vista that God would become intimately entangled with people like us out of the same mouth comes blesses cressets. Yet when we start a highly move, you he's were they to repress Hallelujah he's. Were they to be pray out about filthy about God? What comments now, in the middle of a prey, great mystery of God, was manifested in the flesh Saint John Chapter, one, So in this way I want to reverse fourteen to eighteen, and the word was made flesh. Can you imagine, saying Sansom out of your mouth that became physical. I have a word with blue grew wherever possible
The word when push it, though, Was made flesh? John One than the beginning was word at. The word was With god- and the word was God Things were made by him and without it was not everything made that was made in him was life and the life was a lie to me like sand of darkness and the darkness comprehended. It not is word all too one. Two, three, four five, forty Pope s flesh. And why would he want to be fleshed out in the first place? We can all agree is an enemy against God. Yet he took on fell so he could begin to you, so he could be touched by your moaning and grown, So that he could understand your frailties in your weakness, so he would know what tired worse.
Until he took on flesh, you didn't know what sleep well, What was he didn't know what irritated when he took out a flash now he could be touched by the feeling of our infirmity Now you can redeem us because, according to the law, has to be ten to me in order to redeem me, and he wasn't kin to me as God, he had to become man in order the Beaver kinsman. So he can repay me, but the curse of the law and from Syria and had the worst way press and twelve months does and we beheld his glow. We asked the glory as up the only be cabin up a power pool of grace and true, we that's. The only way we got to see. God was due Jesus. please us expresses job bear witness of him.
The crowd say this was he of whom are sprayed. He that come after me is preferred before me, for he was before me. He was before me, I'm gonna go, activists scripture? I want to read that again. He that come after me is referred before me for he was before me, do you know, Jesus fan before Abraham was. Are you finding what I'm saying to you tonight I'm mobile kind of deep with you both, but you can Hey Katy. And of his fulvous have all we received an craze for Greece and of these fullness we receive grace for grace, for the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came back Jesus Christ,
Now they have God it's the only. We got some, which is the proposal by the Father, had declared him. So Jesus declares card to us. He is God's declaration. Its cod reveal Philip said, show Us Father and it's a of Us Jesus Have I been so long term with you? I just do not know that I and my father one. If you have seen me you have seen the Father, Baroness God, was manifest in the flesh here. Want one two three. Let's look at this rate, quick. This guy got God, God, God he ruse one and one guy who
Sunday times and in bad manners Sprague in times past onto the Father unto the fathers by the profits, have these days spoke it onto us by his son, who had appointed air of all things by whom also he made the word watch this. This is what our who being the prime minister of his cool The fight this see see what I'm looking that light. We can see the light. I just see the brightness of the like. In fact, the brightness stops me from seeing the light. I can tell you what size Bob is up there. I can't be sure, but because all I could see a supply of the ball.
So I can see the brightness of the light, but I cannot see the light itself. I couldn't tell you whether those lights, worryin, brown, casement or white case was black casement, because all I can see is uprightness up their glow. The of his glory. We express of his person. The personality of God. And I'm holding all things by the word of his when he had himself. It starts scenes. He sat bow. the right hand of the majesty on you what I'm saying to you, this This is this, is God was made flesh? This is simple explanation of the carnation you could spin weeks on.
incarnation and not exhausted its ass. To be we deal to you, they got that Jesus. Is God in kind dwelling amongst us. Walking amongst us, rather ships with us going in deserts with us, in the wilderness with us. He twelve months, we beheld the wonder of his glow the brightness of his glory whew. They express image of I see the only way I could see the father is a light shining from him. Christ is the brightness of his brow I don't know how to make that any clearer than the brightness of that light. brightness of the sun,
what we today, the sun so bright. I put all sunglasses Can I see the sun? No, I see. The brightness. Coming from the sun That's what cheesy is the practice of the express image of his person he has. Love made flesh got nothing Who hate the only thing he wanted from Mary was a pit. He's coming. Nobody touch you yet he said. Let me get my tent from you. So he got the tent from Mary.
But tat which is worthy, her is conceived by the holy close. You came out Emmanuel blah Tabernacle with us, but ten is all human. Had the glorious all got to be the glory for the things he has is everybody could maybe revelation every here. I want to teach this till you get revelation bout, your spare Brown, who must never know whom I have a little. You see. The express image of his person and she's us when Jesus told Was a baby? Was God that wanted to stoning? But he is.
Absolutely God and yet salute me man. He is not a good man, he is the God man. He is man enough to be cancelled and to me he has got enough to redeem So the word was made flesh because the word had no blood. Without the shooting of blood, there is no remission of sin and he made it marries ten. So he could bleed out. he bled out. So I could Gideon a yard or you're what I'm I'm I'm I'm will keep on going to get it all you need it. The flesh was was so he could become a living sacrifice and when the Bible says, Then he redeemed us by himself. It means you. Offered of himself, he is both the offer and the offer ring. He is a priest and the Lamb
to the Holy of holies with himself. Every other pre Had to come in with something else to offer up, but Jesus Energy and baggage just as much lab as he is priest. Somebody lad is listening now understand more fully paper revelation up your God. So what you say you have a new year to God you go to you how they knew you do what you say all the power of Jesus day. Let us pass pray, follow you back.
Didn't want me, whatever you have to move you up for? What's next life? Have you ever been in a situation where you weren't, even God, is ready to reverse the gift of any now received the rightfully mine seedy hire a powerful message about wrestling with destiny passed along the bottom of the boat and received the bridges and blessings two thousand twenty to counter the blessing is right, for it is right to call a gold mine in this light. Giving message and gorgeous calendar could be yours. Today,
the two thousand and twenty to international leadership summit Rob March thirty, both from a second Charlotte North Carolina, learn from earlier. My need. Another compromise made another reached is determined by the level of your thought. What ready to build visit this is I, unless dot, org to register. If you took the box lawyer phrase, I know you need me round about your service. I think your privilege, quicker than other people, went to it because you are chosen. Do you want? And the word from an item you didn't take it because it was thought you'd make it, because it was better because what you play the part of the world.
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