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The Odds Against Wholeness

2018-07-15 | 🔗
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Coming out.
On the pattern tat you come to church you only worse because in order to worship you have to give everything, but have you been so long? You sing, but you won't. You will open up your belly open up your belly up, your sister, you put a water. Those places you does will stay because you have an open up for years, but Jesus do these things you got to think you got to go to. Everybody excited, have opportunity to share the word of a war with you today. I'm excited because I believe this message is gonna bring healing. into your spirit,
Your fragments into your marriage into your life, what Area that ITALY has caused this ease. Disease can be healed by the bureau. Are you. beg your brave or forward and you're here the message today the odds against some older people
the color by hearing and hearing by the word when the work is down in the sculpture, do some faith even if it's just a little bit of faith, just a little bit is all you need. Somebody say a little bit is all you need a little bit ugly to get through life, just a little bit of faith, just a little bit just a little bit of faith faith besides a grain of mustard seed has just a little bit of faith. You ain't gonna, have no whole mountain, no tree amount of faith. You just gotta see a sea just a little drop of face of mustard seed faith. Just a little bit of faith. You can keep a little bit of faith in the middle. I told you if you lived next door and now lives across the street and weaknesses around the corner and seeing lives in the apartment garage apartment up on the rooftop, but in the middle all that craziness in your community. If you can hold onto just a little bit of fame a little bit afraid to pull you out all kinds of trouble, all kinds of pay, all kinds of turmoil, just a little bit afraid just a little bit. All you need is a little bit to say. Oh you need is a little bit just a little bit of fray. You can do all kinds of amazing stuff. Jesus said eucharist, you can deal with the sycamore tree.
The face of a must see three c. Tree see, trees seated right only about three see he said you can tell our tree with we'll. I don't want you to see you used to preach about. If you have a phrase of the brain, I must see you speak to the mountain and mounted shall be removed into the sea and that's a great tax would Jesus was speaking about mountains and the ability to speak. The amount of the costs will be more is totally different from this text because he uses a tree for a reason. A tree has to grow. And this time about the stuff that grows inside you, dear son,. These
whatever you do, grew in turn into a tree. Jesus calls it a sycamore tree. Why did he say circumlocutory, I'm so glad you asked me that I was count on. You Give me that when I came here today, I will tell you what the sick man tree had a very large and deep roots structure, It was very unique tree. Primarily in the Middle east, live in various types of climate throughout the Middle east, because. it was a sick man tree. Superman. Trees have been roots deep roots routes. Amanda name movie with Alex Hayley rules, alex Haley call the movie routes with deep.
And they say what you deal with now: has deep roots. I bet you by the time you get choice. What we deal with now has deep roots. The fear I got has deep roots. As well as a supplementary was hard to kill. Had they rose, you could cut it all went down to the ground its brought back up again because you cut the, Above it off. but the sick man tree has deep roots. Your superman tree has deep roots. You didn't come here like that. He's got look at that.
As what are you going to kill. The roots. I've got it so deep down in there. That it has a system That's ok saw it now. You came now, you can. It from now you Cut it down, you cut down the manifestation but you never got down to the route. The tree gives thirty feet tall. The tree is thirty sweet all images fairly tall tree, but is not as tall what's up, is not as tall as what's underground tree hastily routes.
You got a liar tree has deep roots. It was interesting to find out the sick man tree was used. Indeed the day, to build caskets. The sick man tree was the most popular tree to build caskets, Jesus users, the sick man tree What makes you bitter or protective or disconnected. that's what they might caskets out. If you know too, The sick man tree. The sick man tree. will kill you. They bill caskets out.
Britain is unresolved. we should be lifespan. Kill your creativity She'll your potentials of loving or being love, it will kill it every time they build gates. I of man treats. What you got ruin a new right now they got bury you in it. They're gonna bury you in it. If you don t bother You're gonna be in change in it, it will destroy you. The sick man tree early club, it was accessible to all people. Early body could get it. Everybody had access to the sick man tree is equal opportunities. Employee is the.
Such an oversized d. the other thing about the tree. It rose quickly. That's what was calm and less widely used it for caskets. You can grow in any climate. The girl size could grow, quick, you'll, get better quit it'll be married, my for three years of the bitter about it for the next thirty quit. Don't need no further didn't have to have a certain climate to grow operating. It grows quick. It can mess up your your entire future, destroy. God busy trying to bless you blazing cancelling out. whatever you do, some. Whatever it was, they did
quicker than what it cost. The after effects of what you did. I literally messed up for years, and so it grew the tree group and it went deep I had to go to church and listen to the bishop, say What I will not resolve and when I will not let go. We'll kill me. it will kill my opportunities. It will kill what god has given me. We'll kill my future, it will cure. Destiny. we'll kill my love, it will You're, my piece, it will kill my power A man tree was For half a billion caskeys because it needs
no rain. It could grow. And dropped places. Can't have let you drive places this morning. Just drive parts needy needy. places. Sycamore flourishes in what you didn't get. What you don't know how to do. Excuses you make to remain Bitter. Such a man thrives clamour. Flourishes in that Yeah All aware, She'll kids Opportunities.
A re so far to touch what you could have been. you could have been, but the roots got it You could have been happy, but the roots got it. You could have been free, but the roots got it. You could have been blessed financially, but your roots. that's why they, let's go your room, scan you scared, If you permit the divinity forgiveness to grow with their life, it won't be long until their attitudes of kill you joy stolen, peace. council about the spiritual life. She'll, your morale, your excitement, your enthusiasm, your commitment, your tenacity, you can't focus you can't focus and when you, Jim, focus. You can't win
And when you can't win your watch other people, when did you start to become bitter about other people? Success? You can't celebrate everybody else's success because you didn't get that route.
One of the things I like about this is that it defies any category as it relates to black women brown, women, white women, young women, older women, will all find some reflection at the masterclass of themselves. Don't come if you're a woman full of excuses, because this will leave you with no excuse. You've got the burning and you got the anointing, but you don't have the structure, and so many many times you're locked out twenty you'd end up wandering in the wilderness. For forty years, when you got to the promised land in a year, had you had an opportunity to sit with somebody who did it and they showed you how to avoid some of the pitfalls and the delays that are set by there are some of us at all ages who don't have time to make mistakes? Very few of us will ever get an opportunity to sit in the room with somebody who's, a master, the piano teacher just a little bit more. The second tree was pollinated by wasp.
It was pollinated by wars. Finally, loss. Is the thing that connects what happened to you to what? The mix it was pollinated was yeah. It was, it was a naturally pollinated about the babies up is to show you what you were, so you could compared with what you became. You come here like that. You became like there. Am I talking to some of it? Is.
What was your was. You see, the worse was only one who could pollinate the sick. country, because in order to pollinate the sycamore. The tree to have a stinger: Strong enough to to its fruit. Some really ask of you was stung. Because, whatever stung you got to you fruit, your possibilities. This matter must to get to them up possibilities. Because a lose hope and if I lose hope. Whilst life.
That means that whatever become is less than what was intended. Part of my bitterness is. In the back of my mind, I wonder what I would have been I've been through what I went through And my success that feels successful because. You stole, have you ever been stopped. I remember the has gone down the path of the road behind the house and garden business or something. They still hope, oh god, it hurt when they start, I her screaming and and jumper than a holiday stanley. But women things are swollen. It went to another level.
I don't think the sting was as bad as the after effects. The swelling in your hand, gets all hot and it swells up and it becomes disfigured. You can't move. I couldn't move my fingers good because I'd been stung so bad. I want to reach, but. So That my ability to Hey ellie paying or alien body is difficult to. You have come up against you touch you touch for others.
Rarely no more, you touch me we're I'm stung the sick man tree pollinated by wars, time you been stunned and light. Demand something from you in a place. Where you are stone, you get mad, you get mad, You ask me to do what I can do. You ask me. How there how very greatly. Grab, my hair was preaching good to you grab, my dear. it my hand, you know I've been stung.
Was he wrong for grab in it. Or was it wrong that I was done? You made the wrong person Are you angry at the person touch too. Are you angry at the was that done? You. Miss place reigns angry at you for reminding me was
How many times she'd been still wonder how many times a visitor, your your springer is fasting us. If you pull out your resume to justify your bitterness, it would be a long resume. It ain't just willie, it was Bobby, it was susie. May it was cousin johnson, and you remember what aunt cera did and all you gotta do resume of stuff that you've collected by the time you get thirty. Your train feels the temple you a train baby of all kinds of stuff, and you just wait. No, that is, I wish I wish. I wish but in another case.
All of it with the, stacked up a gauge Our deep. You've been carrying it for years. Your twenties and authorities, I got into your forties and fifties it ruined your childhood and teenage years and with all of those arts, a good show I did it reach out of affected the way you parent to reach out and affected the way you performance, a wife reach out and affected the way you relate as us, but with all of those branches. The odds are gives wholeness. And when Jesus is still the challenge is not to be a relationship with god. He challenged them and their relationship with people.
Because you know what to think about just me, which is too tough, takes up. Jesus said that the laws and the commandments, MR o, that gun book could be concluded in two things: if you love the lord thy god with all your heart, your mind and your soul,. And love your neighbor, like you, love yourself, Jesus said you got the whole book. You get. These two scriptures you've got the whole book down. The whole book is down. If you give god your everything, your heart, your mind, your soul, give him everything the way you think the way you function the way you feel if you open up all your heart and give it to god and that's the first problem, see you come to church, you only worship.
Because, in order to worship you have to give everything the guy, had you been so long, you saying, but you won't work. You will open up your belly open up your appeal root system. You put a water, those places. You too will stay there because you have an open up for years, but do you really think you got to think you got to think they got to. and then, if you would just. Love me. Like I love you. You love, you was all your craziness,
The lovely was the love you with all the craziness you can lately with all of my craziness Jesus said: if you love your neighbor, like you love your phrase itself, the world would be a better place. The world would be a better place. Your house would be a better place. Your heart would be a better place. Your job would be a better place. If you were the you find a way to love. You See how your love for you could be so strong that you climb over every day to get you out And leave me screaming. the pit. Jesus. they will now, you are my.
When you find a way to love them, locked away crazy silks and all of this all you need is a little bit. To balance out the just to are. Three, the seller, seven, though angels to phrixus. I'm a cinema angels to come down and rescue you, you
It needs to stop asking me to fix your mess. You have the power within yourself to rise above the storm. In this situation. I gave you enough faith to get out of trouble you're in right now, the what are you didn't get a little bit of faith. Obama got a little bit of faith that a little bit of the british about agree, but I got a little bit afraid that the room got a little bit of the joy to bring the word of god to you today. Don't give your energy to your history. Put your energy into your destiny,
If pull that face off by it's roots, throw it into the sea and allow god to restore and reveal what he has in store for you, I want to say a quick thank you also to all of you that have chosen to become members of the global partner systems. God's desire is for everyone to come into the knowledge of his son and live their god ordained purpose, and because of your giving and your sewing, we are partnering to get that To join just takes the letters gps. Elite, giving them out to two eight nine five zero. You could also visit us at the d J partners, dot org either way. Thank you and god bless.
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The I think, one of the powerful things that exploded the whole woman. Now I was number one model number to a male map. The I'm just amazed at how this conference brings so many women together, the atlanta, Houston new york and we became sisters instantly change. The.
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