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The Shock of Suffering, Matthew 21:1-10

2020-08-30 | 🔗
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Coming out. On the potter stead No, that God cares when I can't go about life as a I need to know that God cares what I'm sitting at a waiting room. I see you here waiting for workers and waiting for an answer. I need to know that God cares one apple, also, my job. I need to know that God cares what my wife has walked away. I need to know that God cares what my husband s laugh. I need to know that God cares what I don't know. I gotta pee, these kids pay the big challenge. Our pay is being challenged. The core, because suffering now seem strange to her son
We now becomes a question that I have to respond to the press because the baby, the the the complexity of how could be good and allow suffering no one escapes suffering. In fact, the Bible says that he is a present help in the time of trouble. And so what I want to suggest to you that that the crown It has a role in this liberation. But let me before the suffering the singing and the celebration their rejoicing at the celebration, but they leave before the the girl about what to submit to you for your consideration that Jesus is more powerful in his suffering, then he is a celebration and if we are really lie Jesus that means that very the power that we exude suffering.
But we do not experience and celebration job Slavey Trust to some kind of annoying p that comes out of you. Would you have pressure applied that you would not experience or any other where you do? What I'm saying, let us not allow I'll be the the oddity of the west the world of seeing a man not a donkey covered by coats and palm wretchedly mix with coats all of the ground. Let us not be sold distracted by these elements that we do not notice the fact that the crowd this nasty. I said the crowd does not state. I wonder where, where is the singing? are we
whither. He really need it took me. Wash Williams really needed, then support. I wonder where the worshippers of the birds and the celebration of the pursuit of glory at the moment of his real our suffering when we could abuse of you hold good abuse, somebody reminding you baby on a cross, but just like oh yeah, that's what faintly, who could look beyond the call of still see the king? I want that what happened to the court that in just what we, the crowd, dissipate the apostles with step back from their positions and one which closer one would start doubting and one would betray body. It is just what we see Christ starting the weak and celebration.
And the week in a place suffering now. I want to be honest. I don't like suffer, I don't want to suffer. I prefer not to suffer there never been a morning. I woke up and said. I hope this is the suffering that I want to be. I was about it. I haven't new year and say this is my year to suffer moon Lloyd, but all of us to go through periods of software.
Now, if this country, we would join the luxury of looking out of the sanctity of our democracy through the window at other countries and talk about those people are dealing with a plague, those people Billy with a disease and look at them. They have a virus at all, much praise, but this country that country map a pity that the bar as this would cross the waters and flower process plays. We have become them because
the people at the moment of their suffering look either condescending way, then, because what are suffering to euro here? What I'm saying what suffering today you can be suffering tomorrow is my God, but it'll be yours tomorrow, because my boy, because reeled out of some governments and suffering, would come to your house. And the real test is, I don't mean we tested in a moment of celebration? I need to be tested in the moment of my suffering How committed Emma when the crowd is gone. How committed by when the storms We get the rage how committed in the moment of adversity, I'm so grateful to God. While I
appreciate all the things you ve done for me, I'm so blest with common stand in discharging see people all the way up to the proper balcony and see the praising magnify God, but I want the devil below that. I'm not serve God, but if I have to stand by it build it like I did years ago, appreciable poor people got a scale as replacements, Did I lose my morning what I lose my crowded, even understand where I came from a bit too too, but to get here, although Paypal, Paypal, the Gibbet Plymouth pay about what the kid
Why do you know what I'm certainly go already got this very moment normally I'd say tat. Your neighbor say they take it over the. Maybe you gotta touch yourself and remind your cell. There came a y, a sharp, given that they can take it away. There have been moments in all of our lives of suffering where we comfort in isolation. We, without anybody know that we were suffering, We ve made up my mind all night long and put on a happy face faith in the next day, and nobody knew that you were going to a personal crisis. There is not a person in this room are once again was sitting on a couch holding in our path on looking to fold right now, who had gone to personal moments of great tragedy rate adversity.
Pressure, prussic download sleepy rage Burgess until Rastus break out of your body? Somebody knows what I'm talking about to go through personal suffering, and yet there now some fraternity and suffer very some fellowship in our suffering It's nice to know that I can pick up the phone call somebody who's going through what I'm gonna do right now. This gives some kind of comfort out annoyed that I don't have to explain to you what I'm going through, because we are suffering the same. The fellowship of suffering brought me proposals that I made no in the valley, others suffer we probably a powerful asked God, I wanna meet you in the problem of yours.
Not. The Christian there's gonna say hold on Monday, been robbed me about the wanted. All of you that I know the fellowship of suffering on the power of his resurrection. I want to talk to you this morning about a girl who will meet you in suffering we'll meet you in a crisis who will meet you at a cemetery who would meet you at the store I want to talk to you about a girl that are going to hospital room maturity, now. I want to talk to
the God who will wipe the two years away from here. I want to talk to you about a god who had been touched by the feeling about infirmity. I want to talk to you about a god who will holy man together with your marriage is falling apart. I want to talk to you about a guy that keep you from collapsing, even though you go into a personal question. I want to talk about a crisis that was show up in a crisis, price in my crisis led him about crisis more than I do my moment about sometimes led him among prostration. I meet him in my agony. I leave him amount certainty. I need him in my confusion and I need to know is Peter S need to know the God cares when the storm is rage. I need to know that God tears when the lightning is placing a need to know that God cares. When I can't go on.
Life as normal. I need to know that God cares when I'm sitting at a waiting room. I see you unit live Worse and waiting for an answer. I need to know that God cares Well, I've lost my job. I need to know that God cares when my wife and walked away. I need to know that God cares when my husband s laugh. I need to know that God cares. What don't know how I'm going to free these kids next week, the right by the way, to preach, dismissed, just because you meet me at this stage of the weak- does not mean that I have not had other stages, whether we know what it is to preach written come all to a house with low.
No, what we used to talk about got bigger provider. They have to believe in big. The wada turned back over what I'm talking about the right to press this bastard. I know what it is to swallow. My feelings, appreciable, my mother's cats. Quantity is too afflicts scale. They arrive. I'm right, because I have had fellowship with him in suffering, it hasn't just been such as I have known him through two years. I have known him through agony. I have preached in this very church. A body right with pain and pain, running up and down my legs, just coming out of surgery stood here every I've known him in suffering, and I am a witness that he will not forsake.
I gotta speak up boy. I can't let you do is talk about it. I can't let you this blog about it. I can't let you do get out there just anything about him. He will meet you at supper. He will meet your mama. Won't bigger will with daddy won't nature with such as a bridge will meet with your prayer partners. Want me to show up. Hollywood is a body that can testify that he's not a word of rare, but he ll stick by the start of the crowd. The thing today, will leave tomorrow the way Their branches, in your face so much you can't see the road and they you before the week is out there. Proud, the shots Surely you are the key without about before the week is out, be careful. You saw that point. Everybody thought rocks somebody else,
The same people who were throwing rocks it again, just wait. No you at the turn argue and grow rocks. Yes, but what they thought, a rock you gotta still be with you, That's probably there was scolded him. He would look it up. Jesus was pan, all the right hand, man still giving them a standing ovation. Why? Why why he was ribs, though, do what I'm the one thing that I want you to learn from this tax is that season strange? They don't always end up the way they started. Who can say one thing and one moment and change in the next moment, and sometimes suffering things like such a sharp because it comes out of nowhere bull. It hits face, but I want you to know that his grace is sufficient
If you ve been a testing time of tab suffering tat, sacrificed so tat meeting a touch of the Holy Spirit operated your life been now is the time to so nodded the face, but in the fireman not in the plenary, but in the leg. Not only abundance within the time of need, That's when the miracle is really needed and so now is a great tat for you to invest in the kingdom of God and does so into it, not because you appreciate me or the ministry or the people who work behind the scenes to make it happen, but too little though that you trust him beyond. Whatever mid may say, or do that he still got your bad that he's that's true covered he's gotta bring you through. I want to raise with you in prayer right quickly, father. I thank you that you're able to unlock the window
haven't I release a blessing to match the burden of the type that we're facing right now. I thank your Lord right now. You ve got the key in the lock and the windows I haven't are about to burst. Opened into the lives of people who trusts you right now. Thank you that previous blessing that it come the path at their grace. Your grace over their life would be enough to carry Do it now Jesus day. Do you believe it? I believe it? God has already done it. Hallelujah move quickly. Not definitively, say that he will always matches our supper. We like to preach, then there are some tat, God allows you to go to
hurry, that you might have been suffering that you could not away now. The best way to call the lesson is tat. You re you, but the real. The reality is sometimes he takes you through he's not always review every page, but would you pass through the water I'll be with you when you gonna be there? I thought we had a good right. The fire with because, does not run away when you suffer I am a god who would not proud to escape your pay and he has been plan, his discussions about big Jehovah being present with us in our supper,
Sir said to me, it must be shut up, have body also set up by about where you want to be with you all now be with you, some pills, Timothy. When our team to trial no food would be notwithstanding God studded with me, that's what he feels Timothy. He stood with me when I was forcibly I want to talk to you about the shock of suffering that maybe we need to adjust start the ology.
Maybe we have talked enough on fast steps to be bless and I've got the blessing of Abraham none wrong with us. Maybe we do not think you a promise, then champions in welcoming victory. Maybe we ve got enough preaching about how novel snatch you made a way. They could change the ideology and adjusted to the point that we embrace God who walks through it with you. Who goes through the final with you who goes into paying with you who goes and suffering with you? I couldn't understand preacher, I think God, how can you use me to heal other people literally lay hands and see them here and then bring me home to a mother with Alzheimer's.
How could I be so? I know that I remember leaving the church was still wet, with sweat from preachy gone in the hospital and land across a body with a sweater body laid out here. What you don't preach. I'm talking about seeing God in suffering, walking through the Aramis, have you you you? You couldn't even heal your mother? How can you spend up in front of them prisoner ass it? Not only will policemen preacher futile? and over topical, and I couldn't do it involves through, but I met him in the suffering I want to talk to you about this whole shop. We about suffering. Is not a result of our God is a result of our teacher
We have not been taught enough about suffering feed back when I came along. My grandmother's generation came out of the great depression at all the fuss about suffering. Going through I'm going to take the way with the Lord's despots view. I Jesus about mobile with the repressive was over. The revelation of suffering to dissipate out of our him books. And so, if you want to sing a song about suffering, you go back about forty years. Because our is see do the limbs of our situation so the way we see, God is a reflection of our point of view.
When things are going good, we see them in the whole valley, but would things go bad? You feel safe in the course of black Emily. Sooner or later, if you live long enough, you Both extremes. You have the background of this experience. A bit victorious over here, agonized overhear of being a whole in this area, have been prohibited deal. You begin Walk away with certain conclusions like you're the bid that bit that I can serve God like this, because I found him.
And my suffering, a law is not a seductive invitation. I know it's not as dramatic as pleasant as this world would like that. It's hard to get people to come to Jesus down, so we promise you catalogs Mercedes rolls Royce, have come to Jesus in Gaza will give you a bigger, have come to Jesus and he could bring children out of prison hundred g. Those who wish to make promises is right. Checks on somebody else's account on here right. Somebody else who write you a big check when it comes out of somebody else's occur, but he would not just be about quick preachers with slick air, say nice things to excite crap. You have a week like this.
Sort of late. If you live long enough, the pageant of your wedding will go through the pain of marriage. If you live long enough, Only a little beautiful baby in your arms there starts out in arms is on your heart lol. You will have a week like this and I came to warn you. Don't let the whole there that's food,
I cannot promise you that everybody who starts with the is gonna stay with the progress that everybody who saw the boy what what things, but when you look real familiar with what may be walking around with your right there by you, because there is something there's some kinetic energy that some connectivity there's some kinship there's some kinship that we had with him in the agony and the suffering of life, so don't be sought, would suffer incomes. Such a place, ass, Flint, because
about serving a god or faith that is built on just this is a good time just give you some shots pretty about right Just give me pleasure about be open about paying the apparently every time you see a cloth. I want you to see that God is cheaper than real, these people have one, but you suffer so now be shot. And the suffering there is a revelation. To be seen in the suffering. I thought to myself: he had the biggest crown at the most. Send moment and all that left him before the suffering. His privacy. For his finest hour is not when we lay about our coats.
We date later on I'll, probably his privacy. Our is women strip back his flesh. Commences body over to his father, All I can do They hold in down for the count say he would not be back for three days. Like he was alive, oh yeah, you want but three days you repay, given that you wanted to think what you could say, pay you wanted to say about it. You can do about it. What do you propose to fire? You couldn't you could do more?
He slept the smile of your friends. He took the green about a unity Sunday morning with no witnesses and no crowd and no palm trees. Nobody signal not one saw about a whole that everywhere, from the more about it out of his way, without getting out of the two cities over from death into. We also hear what I'm saying El into life We have overcome and said you can overcome too In order to be overcome, you gotta have some come over. Cause you're gonna, say UK been, although not have a couple,
hallelujah. You can't be a champion and you ain't been in a fight. You can't be victorious if you don't have an opponent, You have a bit, but I preach. Tell you I'm here to tell you you. Would you like to tell you that a watching all, but most of all the trail, the element? I want to tell the truth about what a priest who the devil forbid. It is clear to me that we could not strange that these fibers come again to be true.
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You have also because there is more stable bosses about stable. If your bill, your house, will say when the storm comes, is Boca feelings will vote today, I'm happy to bore. You can not feel your faith of feelings and circumstances. No, they ve got because he gave me a husband, though there is a God, because I got the mortgage approved. I know there is a God. If there is no house, though these got, it must files leaves me, though they got shut up in a huff, because my pay is not built. Almost circumstance feel bathers built on your circumstances. All the enemy has to do to kill your faith is attacked your circle. You got a bill, your face, all the equity of God,.
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