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The Toll Road

2018-07-29 | 🔗
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Today on the pattern. Tat is to say that all people ever they were you all, came without price you already now. This is not a free. Why is it that I see somebody south lover ass? They sat body of Paul ass. This I got a bad said all that I take up many ways. I was up everybody. Let me say that I had the chance to share the word of the law with you. It is powerful, it is life changing the flower
it's a brass withers, but the word of the lord shall stand for ever this way. Yesterday was right to your life. I called, the tall robe Cause to pay on the road to greatness. Are you prepared? Take a look well, the say: I would love to cut the bulbs and leave the bow before him and on the back of the donkey he walked into his destiny. I I call it the toll road, because. They started celebrating him on the back of a donkey by the time everything is finished in the book. Revelations, he's riding a white horse.
The tax, when we really about him all the tall road he starts with children, wavin palms, but it regulates the angels testing prowls holy of holies is the Lord god impose from the cold to the horse. He wrote from the call to the horse? He rides for face to faith he robbed from gallery to who he be wrong. They started singing. About solving was called We turned into, Force and the lamb turned into a lion Flesh man turned it took a god man and it happened- oh.
I can see the beginning I can see the inn. but have you ever gotten on a toll road drove so far as if it were free. I bid you got up their little ways. And he ran into the tone. they were saying hosanna over here. And they were saying how I moved up here. but they did not know that friday. They come to the tone and they but have to pay the bill on the toll road, there's, always a price to be paid. Don't let the rest fool. You know, don't let the lamp fool. You know get too excited because you got on free.
Some of them off your keyboard lagging to pay the PA. people who get on free, giggling, I think where you are cable without price, and so they've got the radio blasting their lead and under cleveland down the road. But you already know this is not a freeway though, Would you touch a moment you got a place on the road. You gotta pay something abroad, you don't you, don't you don't get to ride this road for nothing? You don't get to ride this road for free. You don't just drop it and laugh at jump on this road at play. Peter's wall without any replies.
the fool you, this I start outlining a pauper, but your boy in the mail to cross. Plan wording of all your wise. But before you get to your fifty wedding anniversary, you're out. There's a little road trip last mad at your local library, pretty little baby. But before you get to live, you'll find out. there's a tall. go ahead as unacceptable position and take your wife have the data I gotta do the job, but well, that's all Everything
Everything's, saying The tall role: and if you go right. if you go if you go if you're going to ride, you gotta understand that. Just because you didn't see it in the first hundred feet- maybe there's not a boost down the road somewhere. Because you are living on the tall road If your linger here with me just a moment or two, I I There really is that that the cold- ass. If you will. Carrying Seeing as the beast burden some Hundreds of truce for our consideration, perhaps The burden has the truth, he brings to us too stan.
The crisis our scapegoat, he he is sacrificial lamb that, with that born our griefs and carried our souls and that that he d have laid upon him, the iniquity of that's all, maybe that's why they put the coat solely him. It was their coats, but there s head and Jesus had to cover it and they Who's got on the full role together. maybe the council for identified with. I couldn't go, but I put my cologne to identify with the journey and looks, carry the weight and Jesus. covered it up. and we all went down the toll road together. But I thought to myself.
creatures. What. This cold, but never a man had ever sat upon. What does what is the significance? So the packaging brings: what truth does he brain We must We must know Y know he brings to us. a suffering savior I know that he brings to have a message of the messiah I know that he brings to us connectivity between the old testament king in the new testament king, and I know that he has set crisis position to be to inherit the kingdom. I know that he is. He is a first step, That will end with the opening of the eastern gate on a horse. I'm clean about that. But I wondered what did. what did the little ass carry for me. For my life right now, what
teach me And, of course, to be number one. the ass teaching us the message of discipline. Because this completeness learn when go from freedom to servitude. You remember that Jesus said ass and let him go. I've thought about that's what you did for me. You need me. From seven tat was tied to her that I could It loose on pace twisted turn. I could be free me, but I did not get to enjoy the liberty. Because, like the dancing called, whose excited? Because he's loosed.
He's only loose to serve. don't you think for one minute, Christ liberated you to run while. That he snatch you out of the clutches of the things he snatched you from. So you could do your thing. You could drop it like it's hot. You can do whatever you want to do whatever you want to do it. However, you want to do now Calling us. From freedom to serve to A french, so I could use I didn't say so, you could go, do whatever you want to do, miss him, but tell him the lord has need of him. I'm gonna catch you off drugs, but I'm a tiger by a complicated.
the bird. You know the level of discipline you have but how much weight I can put on. will you can stand up to the weight of the plants ability of purpose. Oh you're, about those visible because you oughta be worry. what do you want to do? You wanna be free that we say that fraid of a red frayed, a big valleys right now, baby This region. So you could serve him. He did not free us so we can do our own thing. He freed us, so you could write in on us.
And ass he rise in on your life, Is this nebulous script thing called favor. And you see people standing Back out of your way, dropping their branches before you. when you see them singing out praises while you walk member, foolish enough to think that the prices are going to you? It is the one who's wording all knew that they have by now. The wonder of this raid. The only began mother, father full of wise, untrue. And as long as you will let him run, he will make your pathway.
Story as long as you will let it ride he'll, let you ride through it. The carpet you'll make your enemies, your footstool you'll be able to waffle black ground. Even if you're in a wet place. Can I get to witness the one of the things I like about. This is that it defies any category as it relates to black women brown, women, white women, young women, older women, will all find some reflection at the masterclass of themselves. Don't come if you're a woman full of excuses, because this will leave you with no excuse. You've got the burning and you've got the anointing, but you don't have the structure, and so many many times you are locked out twenty years and ended up wandering in the wilderness for forty years, when you got to the promised land in a year, had you had an opportunity to sit with somebody who did it and they showed you how to avoid some of the pitfalls and the delays that are set. But there are some of us at all ages who don't have time to make mistakes? Very few of us will ever get an opportunity to sit in the room with somebody who's, a master of the monitoring they asked brought to me. He taught me
the frivolty tea of frivolty afraid. ass teachers me not to be excited About those who say, hosanna. We Don't say that they will say hosanna today I put to find tomorrow, but I want to put that saying in a biblical com They will say hosanna today they won't even be, tomorrow, the children who said hosanna choir crucify him. they didn't even show up at the cross. The closer you gotta, the tall robe, the more people. Fell away
perhaps that Its own toll. The people you lost. Along the way. perhaps that is one of the ways to pay the price to be who you are. I heard a man say something that I cannot forget. He was talking about business when he said he The problem is not determining what, do you want to go the real, Problem to life is what are you willing to leave behind to get there he's tried with crowds and fray holes. That's a pretty wrong. Star seems done before here closer. He got.
Where are the children of the crops? The crowd turn into a group and the group turn into a cluster, and it is here that he teaches we not To allow myself to be defined by those who react to me, I because the frivolty frame is not just for people you see on tv. It is the vision the grandeur that you have seduce you into thinking that people won't change. and the foolishness, wherewith you have allowed yours. of awareness to be based on their recognition of you. In other words, you only think that you,
Our great when they say so, The. You only think that you are valuable when they We acknowledge value so We have quite done that he would have. We ve been the messiah for a moment. Because a further he went down the road, the more or they trains. I understand why people, people up under pressure and threaten always live. I understand why he did not understand what thomas ran off and here I understand why Judas hung himself, but this crowd just dissipated, no threats People just fall away, so if you. Do not find out who you are
our parts of them when they go. They take you with them, because you were only valuable They were around cannot go on further within the other thing, you taught me, though, thought: if, if it's too Ass, if you set your face, to go to Jerusalem and the cross was essential and if it an important nature, get there to redeem us from the courts of law firms and in depth why would you rat in on him ass. When I saw you in revelations on a horse a horse, Is faster than ever and then he spoke, my answer, but ascension takes time watch out,
watch out for machines that private give to their to flourish. get the rhythm of the master and, if you think yourself to be great Stand that ascension always takes tat. It is the taking of time that develops the strength of patients. It is the taking of time that develops a bill, to discern who was just saying, hosanna. All the highway but not really with you for the long way, if you got there too quick, you couldn't our group is but down the road you're mad he's wealthier, but he moves on to what I'm saying.
gonna. Get me to put more, not a lot, also this way. He said they came out from us that I bid made manifest that they were not us forehead. They ve been of us. No doubt they would have continued with Zero learn another bubble burst of your life. You oughta learn that they came out from us that it might be made manifest that they were not us four: had they been of us? No doubt they would have continued with us now you up, about, where ever you need it, Everybody Came out from you that came out from you, Because they were not of you for had they been of you.
There is no doubt they would have continued with so stop breathing Who lets you? What have they been? You could never have left. nobody? They sing a whole no that how they sounded bad. If you knew my god, I feel like preaching this more. I feel I preach in this field. A programme is more touch and I will tell him some is going to happen and it is more than I thought got it forgotten me. Probably they do at what I thought I was gonna. Do I've got it all, but let me covered
and when I was twenty all that happened when I bought it. But now I know he's right on the advice. God points the. What'll tat every day when you want to read and for every day that tell you what you ask: why
fuck that that got us the dunno. What that meant to you, but I think it meant something I dunno why the lord wanted you to be here, but I think he got some fire this morning. Hallelujah god. I see somebody shouting on the phone. I see somebody running on the road. I see somebody that the matter was that the well, the well was down the aisle. What's amazing to me is all you had to pay for. A breakthrough was
place. Some here and not I laughed. I will give you lots of ways when when when when when, when I don't know who does this but the law, while you was placed him, the gate just went up. That was your dad we're out of turn like you for joining me. I've seen some of the most amazing naturally give to people give up their dreams, because life is them in the mouth and they did not
fight for it. Same, is not going to sit back and watch. You be amazing. There is a bird, That comes with your blessing. god will always provide the strength, favour and grace to sustain. So don't worry about what it calls, because in the end he's got to govern when I give a quick shot out. Also to my members, my global, system members, your faithful giving makes possible for us to broadcast possible here at home. Around the world you helping to make an eternal impacted. I'm no god is blessing You for that commitment to give all you gotta boost x, the letters ps and any giving amount to two eight lan five zero You can also visit us at any j partners: dot org The phone right now affects, let me hear from you and thank god, bless you
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The I think, one of the powerful things they exploded the whole woman, though I was number one model number to a male mailman. The I'm just amazed at how this conference brings so many women together she's from Atlanta and we became sisters instantly change, transform the.
feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life will afford to sing next time on the part of the the.
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