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2019-09-01 | 🔗
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The guard does not a rhythm. I get it back in rhythm again, Samuel was ballot, nobody, but the crowd. He trusted me because I was open towards god will bless you a pickup truck you'd. Probably like is hot, but you don't own your house, you don't have to live. The hey. Everyone has their core jake's comment. Thank you for watching the potters patch. Today our bishop begins a series called the pacemaker in the first installment. He will talk to us about our heart.
Listen envy black The The leader is hard about this organizations. A god to say that he he has he is getting rid of all- is a heart transplant is a heart transplant as a major dead gum surgery has a major surgery, a heart transplant, to put me to sleep and take my heart out. Destabilizing all activity. Don't move. Stacy ology total control.
We are going to have to go through this transition because you can't just my heart output, Baldwin here without giving a b so much. X is right in the middle of a transplant. And the reason I'm pregnant to you is that you're, going through a transplant.
Thou my god, some of you have been in a coma. You been in a financial coma. Some of you have you been in a love coma. You haven't. Had the president deleted the love that you need, the finances that you need a godhead to put you up on anesthesia, because he has to get to the heart of the matter and he's doing a heart transplant, because you will rule by the wrong stuff. You were ruled by your dysfunction. You were trying to prove things. The people that didn't even matter- and god has put you up on the anaesthesia- brought you to this church so that he could do a heart transplant in your life so that he could pull you together and do a good to shut that further. He could do a photo. He could do a new thing so that he could do a new thing. If you, the former things, are passed away, god said I will do do things. You really got rid of god. You're going to have a new heart god's about to do a transplant. Helped me preach. This word. The aw heart was the root of the problem.
but all heart has to be taken out.
That was our riddled with god. That is given a pulse beat from your child. That, oh heart, did a pulse beat from your ego. O heart is getting a pulse, beat from your most opus dei. Gown had to do a hot training where he has rejected the o r. He said I will do your life rest who preached to this morning. I couldn't wait to get to charge because I've got a word for word for you this morning. I don't care little band subtle, kapital shop. I don't expect you to win surgery. When that is about to happen, everybody you can reach a term. Some is about to happen preaching the right word to the right. People put your friends out a waiting room. They cannot go through this with you promised you'd be entertained people. You boy praise where this is not about. You wait a minute. How do I get my head he's about to pick something that's out a rhythm thirty year a year in this area, as well as progress in this area? But god is about the good bye to give it to me when you get to the heart of it, let it get to the heart of it, get to the heart of it, get to the heart of it, get to the heart of it, get to the heart of it, get to the heart of it, get to the heart of it.
Something of about to happen is because a heart transplants is a process. If a process. It's hard difficult surgery. With hours and hours of intensive care, Recovery is going to take awhile you're going to have to go through something to get one. You can't get over this in a week. This is a great surgery. This goes back to who your daddy is and who your momma is. Where you came from what your father yourself, what's a whip, ooh we're going to have to cut out the secrets that tomorrow sorrows because the set your heart of rhythm to make your call right wrong and wrong right, and I got to get to the heart of the matter. The,
Can I go deeper tents, samuel. Samuel is crying because this is gonna, be a tough surgery, shunned. I wrote down three reasons: we grieve the pass. Three reasons we re the press- I think these are worth talking about. We agree the past, because the investment seems not to yield a return. for all that. Sam you have put in to saw Knowing that sought to be key here nurtured, solid train, he poor the emphasis and invested in here spoken word at a lower to saw.
For us all to now be rejected. It makes samuel we any time you impress without A quick return: you The pass Be a child. Or marriage what job A career or D, time you say I put that much into it. And this law I get back. It makes you weep. Because a return to match the investment, as was we feel, were you to do this. I took a second job to send you to school, for you to skip.
I gave you my heart, my man myself, my body, my flesh, you live. you grieve, the press. the investment does Mass return. Samuel could not like this solves business. Because Samuel have poured in the saw you poor, miss obama care, but you can do it. There's. No trust me I to there is no safe way to do this. You have to be all in. There's no way, I can walk you through your pain in your problems in childhood, and you pass and not feel you.
I'm not lying in bed were about and not cheer up. One I'm talking to you I can't. I can't help you from a cup politically safe place,. The chair to connect. You won't let me in a final, clear. There is no way that samuel could have a knowing him and mentored him and train him and not grieve him. You agree most areas in your life. If feel cheated. Were you invest in the most.
Some of the bigger you're angry with you not really angry with them. You're hurt. Because universally. Investing in iron, your life, where you don't see return, will cause you to restock stuck in bitterness stuck in anger. stuck in pain. How could you do me like that. I gave you all. I gave you my time. I took time from my case to help you. At the time from myself to help you. I gave you my lady.
I came to your rescue at the expense of my own What famous for The Collaboration with the palace symphony or just the polish house proudly gives the gift of a musical night of compassion, I wanna personally about you.
the walls your way to the potter's house of Dallas on Friday september, the twentieth for special celebration, R and b singer anthony hamilton, is confirmed to join the musical extravaganza literally still free I'd, get my phone out right now and go the bit bright for rsvps in the spotlight. Kids. What do you think we should get your mom for breakfast in bed? How about suggestion that flowers and chocolate. The she watched the cruise give mom what she really wants to bring the whole game on the faith and family cruise november. Ninth through the sixteenth, the number two. the reason we agree,
Agonizing What we had in math Oh, that hit me this amount of stuff at his feet. Hit me. The yeah. The. agonizing slow death, What you had in mind. This is not what samuel had in mind for us. And the reason you grievous because it hurts.
To see what you had in mind. And it won't just like that, The problem with saw got rejected him, but he we're still on the throne, Israel, bribe in my car, is still going on. This show facebook, the agonizing. What you have in mind is tormented. By the survivor by the survival, The person who's been rejected.
I got to look here to kill my dream. You cure how my story was supposed to. The death of what I had in my will might be crab nobody's. Looking. you were in my story, the profit, The king and cry.
Hey there trip the guy who lost a kingdom, ankara, the its cried? Why is profit crying and king lot cry is because a profit have more vision in the key. You will give he'll when you let go of what you had in mind you, you will not be heal. Because you let the person go on, Place go or the city go or the ministry go. Only be here when you let go of what you, what in mind. I don't care how many new years you have. If you still got all ideas, you will have new year's
Bits of what I saw What samuel had in mind. And how do you personally, but what you had a man? Don't daisy A lot of the god, the president, the few are strong, willed, tenacious relentless president, and you just don't make it happen, come hell or high water. I'm a rabbit down the uk ride by yourself. So preacher don't tell that I gotta kill. What I had in mind. Tell me how to kill it,
I had this conversation about our. Maybe I should away it's interesting who are ahead with, but I won't tell that in public, but the conversation with this first and then you talked about surrender all the him To Jesus, I. Oh to him, Three other tuna: So. oh. Do we. Sir. I. Sorry.
All my life I've illness also, however,. all my life. When I hear that song, I hear involved to call. And whenever I sing and invite people to Jesus. but my friend is modest churches me. So she doesn't hear what I hear she says. I love the song because I surrender all to Jesus my future, my plans, my goals, My thoughts, I surrender what I had in mind. I've never heard this all the same again. Because my real ass, it is not just about come in Jesus
Is about giving him what I had in mind. Was The. Two. The. The. Subject, I got one more point and close the third a promise Three points: the third point is.
We greens, because of the time as we make outside his wheel. Samuel with tat somebody. That god never wanted to be king. How can it be a failure when God member even wanted him to be king in the first place? This is. If God never wanted to have, the became he's taken away became them. How can this be failure? This is Failure. Its correction. What you call failure would you call failure, is simply. Correction.
You know because you never had in the first place he was. Power. It was a substitute. there was no job that, when you play, is that what you're ministry that what we are calling on you to rules All your wise uber process is the law of this is not about this. Is that correct
The corrective god cared enough to make sure you get this right. He wanted. He loves you enough to stop you and make sure you get this right. The love he loves you enough to confront your strong stubborn will, bring you to miss him so that he could give you what he has for you. You have never had one for you all gold people and things that was supposed to go. They were not the only do you do. You rarely hear me.
So got lots of my conclusion: got lots of two samuel. God walks up to say why we weepest over. What I have rejected While you were weeping, I was searching. Well, you were weeping, what what even it anyway. Search.
go get your horn get ready. About your future, bogota warn you got some, nor do I have found the future, and I cannot give you your future if you're still married to your pants.
I pray that the seat of this word falls on fertile ground in your heart and your mind and in your spirit, don't you here are worried like this, but act on it put it into practice today and the law will produce a harvest in your life. That will surpass what you thought possible. I'd like to take one more moment to invite you to connect with that by becoming a member of the global partner system, gps members make it possible for us to fly pass the message of the gospel and touch lives around the world, your being blessed by partners right now. I want you to be a part of it. Just takes the letters, gps and any amount to two eight nine five zero and we will do the rest. Thank you and guidelines.
Records designed to guard this nodded rhythm and get it back in rhythm, again get your life back in rhythm. Today, with Bishop Jakes new pacemaker series, if you're up for god's word or any gift to the ministry, you will receive bridges to destiny on cd and romans, eight, twenty eight aren't. You gotta, see the hardship of understand that that wouldn't be fighting a lot about chocolate. When your gift is ninety dollars or more, we will add the pacemaker series on cd and dvd. Whenever you play all the celtic symbols, you're giving praise to god. It was just an amazing time- and I thank god for his glory. God others have what you're trying to tell it for your gift of one hundred and forty dollars or more will add the praying the sounds book and the hope and peace, monks and even canada. Products are only available in M p. Three and m p four format.
You are impacting so many lives in so many places in so many through through so many generations as well. You are a blessing and thanks for thanks for pouring out your heart and your mind, your spirit and not holding it all to yourself, so that others may be blessed that we administer. We love you. Thank you. The! What I want to do is the.
Feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life? We look forward to seeing you next time on the podcast of the, the.
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