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2021-07-04 | 🔗
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Coming out on the parties to that goes out this handicap player, but twenty twenty one that strategies disturb you got purpose. I understand that these are about what to whip is better. And more important than where you are going now. You must realize my brothers and sisters just about the texan context. But they have come to the feast of the past and the beasts of the pass over is an annual oil moment every respectable orthodox do.
To commemorate the greatest Kate that God gave them from oppression of Egypt. This is a point of reference, the risk of their existence, not the God who brought you out of each of you, read it all to the God with my mobile and broad threw out from under very well. This is you remember where you came from, so you never forget It is a free of the pass over the celebration of the fact that it is out of all gave a prison life so that you might live issue understood. You took the cup, you broke, the Braer recognise that was slain ice or your escape. and it has become a feast, and the problem with a commemorative moment becoming a festival is that it becomes commercial, ass.
Is much like Christmas. We supposed to be celebrating the birth of Jesus. Jesus is last person all our lives. We put more digital, given that Turkey that we do all getting Jesus somehow in the process of the festivities real meaning, is off the laws. The ceremonies at the rituals other rupee than the festivities snowflakes roasting over and over the flame and all the things that we do around it sometimes subtract from it into a meeting gets asked
was it with a priest of the past, so it had become a tradition and every year they got together all their families and all our friends, and it was time for them to complicate and social ass, an indirect and meet the other people in Jerusalem and have a wonderful time. And so they came every year until the twelfth here. And the twelve year was a turning point. The family comes every year, to wash this not Jesus, verse, beast.
The first thing that I would tell the is that this is not just a national this. This is not just a tradition for believes. This is a tradition for our family ass. For me and my house, we will serve the law for every year. They came up as a ritual to Jerusalem So. First person seems to be a real mess into more. Most parents have ahead that that moment of displacement. Where you look around, and you can't friend your kid for a moment, then you panic and you get scared. And indeed is running at first. It just seems like that sort of thing, but but but but normally a moment to you, you lay hands out of or didn't see you gotta the Dublin store without me, and you get a straight. we here
I have here probably has become so engrossed in peripheral things. Did, they have forgotten lane. and the problem I have here is that in this case, not only have we forgotten their trial. Jesus is the pestle z. This is the path of why we are celebrating the shadow. They are bringing the reality to the shadow. The reality of always greater the shadow of a shadow up here, but must shadow, is not as valuable as casts a shadow. The shattered ok.
Bringing the real sober to celebrate the shadow, which was only a representative of a substitute Jesus, is a real, giving free rein, pulling the real deal he's, not a shadow he's, not a correction. To he's got a joke. If it is not. A reflection of the past must cease to bring peace to print cause. My kinsman Redeemer STAR, Bulwana matting, cod, lasting father. I was at its height but knew something praises of God. He that tub of most personally, that somebody.
It makes me from a theological perspective what they were bringing Was greater than where they were going, Think about me they were bringing we have got to the priests of a substitute. So what with was more important than where they were going, I want you to think about that because there's something I want you to go out there, what you have with you, It is more important than where you're going to say that goals are sending out player, but twenty twenty one and the certainty that strategies disturb you got purpose. I understand you're busy about what so have whipped is better. And more important. then, where are you going.
What you got after what you want, I said if you want to go and after what you want, you have these. it's going to turn into a disaster. What is it a feast if it costs what I'm going after? What I want, with those two million unscrupulous people are willing to sacrifice what you, what you want. The Bible says it this way: what does it plan for the man in the whole world and lose so what does it mean for you to France economically if we lose your soul,
What does that mean for you re run of the business? If you lose your soul, what does it mean that have a bigger house? If you lose your soul? What does it mean to collect more degrees if you lose your, so what food a value, what you're? Not just? What you're going to. But where an AIDS, people that have no appreciation for what they have. There's so excited about where they're going. But they have lost sight of But they have This family. they fall into the fallacy policy. Failing of reasoning which makes an argument and valid. They had a failure. reasoning that this is more important than that
Somebody wrestling with the decision. the large tell you that this is more important. Once you right it's better than anything you are trying to go after. In your life, you, my good right now may not see valuable right now. It may seem on important right now, because it had grown up here, he's just twelve You may not seem consequential. It may not see we're out of it may not seem. Adjusting, may not seem central to want to private created your life, but gibbons he's just well. What is placed inside of you. just twelve
You don't think is particularly important because you have evaluated premature and created a fallacy. so we have the festival we probably been the promises a bad cities, we have a festival we the family and we have the fallacy of making a bad. This is the first the family policy making a bad decision, because what God has given you needs to grow up, freelance Sab. What has really do? Needs time to grow up, in these times? just twelve
Well? What do you think this is a small but he's just he's just twelve heaters, twill You were bringing you redeemer to settle Right redemption, but Ricky does that attention is not in the way you're going. redemption is that what you already guy. This has not been small beginnings, it's just what is called grow. he's gonna grow what cod given you Is Goin to
He's going to grow not just the blessed through but bless you and your children and your children through your children, children's children heard somebody this weird say it's too late for me to oh baby girl at eight about you. What God has real is gonna generates about the generates a generation after generation, so it whatever you gotta do is this moment. This is where warship becomes real, as you prioritize recognise the relevance of God in your life, far reaching it to your stuff. It's not our singing. It's not! Our preachy is not our technology, but what will you with the Lord fall of its benefits toward me? The information is all the screen, how you can become a contributor to the Ministry of the work of the Lord, but more important than just that. How you could show got the two, a grateful that, in times like these got his steel made away four times like these use, Theo gets up that the times like these. You feel it as well as you are at times like these. You still got a place to lay your here. Oh don't take this for credit card. Has been good to you, you can't spare their bit nebulous added the shadows of not recognize him all of your ways, so do what you got to do to be a part of this Jesus have been four days
can you imagine what goes through appearance man in four days. and they found Jesus Jesus is in the Temple like YO tell trip and they see what have you done to They blame him for their negligence. I wanted To people who are angry at God, when it was your negligence besides, toddling doesn't work, but you don't admit the fact that you overboard
He lived above your means, your bob, what you want, your bag, what you need and then, when you get in trouble you say God didn't work for you and you don't have some responsibility for your own. I wanna talk to somebody who is blaming God. very drew off, but you didn't do what it took to keep the marriage go on you to put your attention on it. You didn't focus on a man. You act like the word work when I'm thrilled J thus lose lost here that the word doesn't work when your responsibilities are barely Gus not going to bless over you abandonment and yourself consume egotistical habits. Your destructive. Have
That created your own ill, the pebble didn't. Do it then do it, but payments do it the witch didn't, do it you're farmers single, also focus. Did it hurts another strong? But you did. I tell ya.
You lost sight of what was the main thing and you got all that if you don't owe that you won't get better you'll, never get better, blaming anybody, especially God for things that you, let's get out of control. Scylla sinking, blame Jesus for being lost at the feast when the truth is they lost it. They didn't even go and most of the tab value by the time you wake up. You realize what you lost in the skull. This is what we could call somebody I don't know who did it.
it's a warning sent from God himself, pussy check what you get wow you what you right now, so goal. Oriented Mitchell failed to invest card has submitted. Keeping right now and told to bad when it all falls apart. If you had kept her, what gave these only twelve, Poor quality. It was just a minute ago, but there's a guy quagmire. But the mother, mother, mother babies. My point because my subject is a turning point. So Talked about the festival and we talked about the family.
we talked about the privacy and we talked about the four days. But we have not talked about the fathers. The sea. This twelve here is the last year that we have record of Jesus until he pops up at thirty. What we are really is the last accounting of the boy Jesus before he shows up the man at the bank the Jordan River to be baptized of John the years he will go into obscurity, eighteen years, why the historical mystery tv is unaccounted for. This story is that.
And turn is in the text. Tax treated like this in the text, every one leg, Every time you will ever Lake is imitates every twist on the roads, Two destiny is always in the text. Every decision you're trying to make right now. The answer is in the text. Every change paradigm sifted your life is in the text Times worryin right now, the whole vaccine that we're talking about the whole person, the barriers, the whole plague way? It is the secret. The mystery is always in the text, but we re MR generation, but does not examine the text which,
I find the truth without the tax, and there is no truth outside that protects the truth that prevails. As always in the text. It is so cures for freedom but we almost all see it, The father and mother come rushing into the Temple and they started. First said the boy. And he turns to his mother. His father I'm serious. I must really. About my father's business, How do you tell. your father must bring my father's Brill. Don't sooner, do you know who you're too? Yes do you know who I am talking to
I know that you are not my father Don need more report which need a dna tests, know who I am, and the reason you can't stop me from my destiny is because I'm about to ship is about to shift feel a change coming. Some wants it right now is in the middle of a shift. What's you used to be satisfied with your not satisfied with it on you discover who you knew of two point is about to shift everything you do about change. New order is about a break, for the holy ghost say, get ready for the ship. Turning point is, coming, shift is coming, changes coming, reformation is coming, restructuring is coming, is between two bad is he's got his father is heavenly following detailed. If I got to go must be about my father's business, there is a shift,
what's so low who you are always a shift. You came home like you used to UK. Do we like you used to do you? Take control me like you used to control, because while you was gone figure who I was, I want some liberated people got quite a brave right now you thought you below you thought you belong to them. They had you under the grip, but they let you all, given that you found out, you could make it with. You know who you are. You never be bound used to be on talking to you. Gotta go to praise, appraise, appraise pray, holy ghost praise Euro would do so Jimmy, but pray, pray, pray right, pray. Somebody takes no comment. I know come to my cell recognise that you are the temporal. He is the eternal you of a shadow reality. You are the former about. They hit the king, the feel of a pre be thirty seconds of twenty something pray. You get what you got your like. You got me. Somebody that's got many friends tell about turn up at a rapid
You have treated movement, the enemy is planned, you'll triggers, but keep moving overcome your fears and keep moving. When you give him out, you'll receive audio efficiently, Jake's bold message, seated moving as well as this set of key deleting encouragement come prepared bedroom. You will you give to ninety dollars more learn how to reject everyday thieves and accept that give the freedom with a peer review on CD and DVD will also receive our fearless traveller. Will you give the two twenty five twenty five or more, you can help us celebrate. The twentyth anniversary of the partners will receive a commemorative twenty fifth anniversary pin and the partners how USB Flash drive, in addition to everything you see here, what my work called our goal in mind now and keep moving today. Gods
This is so strong that it. Matter how weak the circumstances are, they were gonna, get ready to make something happened. He could make that happen. Now we rhetoric, as as it was, are the children of the promise got it because gods promise was greater than your weakness effect? Is it my strength is made perfect you're a child of the promise, your child with a promise and got doesn't want to come to the flesh tablets in your abilities and reconnects? Is he waits till everything has been shut down and then he says now you're going to have this? this is a job in the coming years. We the children of the palace But his children,
you how to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how God is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on. The pot is done.
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