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The Union between Stability and Fruitfulness

2020-11-08 | 🔗
To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/973/29 God allows unfavorable conditions that we think will cut us down for good, to purge us so that we can bear more fruit later. God is close to you in the midst of those trials, so seek refuge in His word! If God abides in you, He will supply all that you need for a lifetime of stability and fruitfulness!
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they prepared for you to be here. You acts of it. Maybe you about! the rejected you. Maybe your father would now you maybe they did so. you baby. So my live Yoda dumpster, maybe you press care. Maybe you will put up for adoption how your mother felt about you. You are about to accept it. God, God prayed death, predetermine preordained for you to be in the You accident? Father is the women major been planted right about. What we begin to talk about. This is interesting. Less, let's go a bit further. Could I think I think this will be good. these diseases gets to is this, I believe, is every branch me that bear fruit.
take it away. Every branch me that bear not fruit. He take it away every branch in me. First of all, Jesus In order for you and me to hang out, you can't just re around me, you have to be in me. You have to be in granting. You have to be connected every branch, me the bear fruit. He being the father, away because it away. So you have to worry about. The father will cut it away all those people in your life that are not really real. All those people, teachers have not really we're all those free tourism about really connected. You die business people away, you're on but you don't you cutaway somebody they got wallets. Always by this attack the boy they got worms bigger disease, whether that maybe they're not real, so so
tat. When you feel like you, but deputize too, could people out you made a mistake as the fathers job to have other peoples who to cut out those who to letting it Jesus at every branch of me that bear fruit, he cut it away What does he do? He cuts it away. I regret to me that we're through he purges it that it might reinforced more fruit. So this. categories is, if you are fruitful, you go through cuttings, now support for you to understand because a lot of you remember the disciples, Cambridge, those who say this voice, nor is whether there very should be borne by Jesus it lay there, but for the gory, we're always looking for somebody to blame. I would, rather than putting an ally for their the cutting back at our like somebody,
Our lives are about a leaves at our like somebody, the voices that are less about it hurts as we always leads about it, a blame, because we are always trying to intellectual ass, divine Providence problem this could not be intellectual as it is, is what it is. Jesus. Every branch of me that bear fruit. He, then it may bring for more fruit. Now I want to stop for a moment. I want to deal with something that is pervasive amongst people that hang out together, groups clubs, families, churches, committees, sororities offices, That is a thing called jealousy. Jealousy is born when one person feel like they go through things that other people to go through. They feel like life of unfair to them, but this Texas, why Everybody gets cut, some people get completely all some people get cut.
but nobody in the story goes without being cut. Everybody goes through cuttings and life. so every browser me that bear fruit, he pages it. Then it may bring for more food now both of them got cut, but I'm going to kill us to increase our right, so you're gonna grow. You got a girl. Do the cutting to increase you're gonna go ro, because you been purge. You're gonna grow because every time that you're, like the german cut- but I hate to tell you this dance and I'll make you grow. Shall make you grow rejoicing in the Lord that make you grow, everybody's vertiginous would praise God does not make you wrote what
only causes you to grow with you in their chests task, but when you are being cut back when you do be imperfect, that's what causes grow. It is not the good times that make you grow. It's a bad times that make you grow the hard times, a painful so lonely, I'm so frustrated by the tearful tabs, those other times. It really cause you to grow. God says if you are growing at your door, pretty good the reward. It is not a culture that as everyone I'm not gonna, let you stay at the level. You can't do that. You might bring forth more fruit. Now The world s first failed on over that normally use Toby would do because I love your time with their color, but if you really love me, you would put that's why it's ok, but God is basically saying this day. He said
love me. What what do you mean by that country here? Because I love you too well for you to be satisfied with producing this level when I created you to produce at that level, as have the courage to back up the level that you're producing or so that you could discover that you can do more there, where you are as good it. they give us about right now. I think about There are already says: unto you cause you to grow, because we, the tendency to become satisfied with average, but Jesus at every branch of me that bears fruit purge it. Then it might bring forth more fruit. your friends, you want to bring forth more fruit, to be willing to go to cuttings in order to get to the place that you become more fruitful. Let's talk about through. My children, I have five children, they are the fruit of our marriage.
There are the fruit of a marriage there about disapproved of labour, the fruit of the marriage thither fruit. Www between my wife for the US ring is through new, though there has been freed, there has been relationship. Unless you are the virgin Mary, if you're pregnant, there's been relationship even nature, there you're gonna be page trees, there's gonna be peaches. Although the bees are bottom of parliament, the true one, but also to the other, because fruitful this is a result that relationship you cannot be free. pull about be relational. Ok, so if you're gonna be as a child. You have I relationship with not with church, not with your pastor but the bishop, but our relationship with God, where you are familiar with the offspring community is through My children,
I can hear them talking. I can hear my wife and I get to hear me talk it. Sometimes. I found this like their mother, so does this I'll. Just like me. You know why we didn't do it by our sails. so there is a little better hurry. Burma there's a little bit of me a man, and so it is with relationship, as God Spirit this, together with your spirit, the Frank that is in your life is gonna have a little bit about that in order for it to be effective. We this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellent say, maybe of God and not of us, are you What I'm saying so you may think that it's gonna, be all God not. Are you or all you, and not a God, the fruitfulness that occurs in your life required the collaborative effort between the two big. You cannot sit back and do absolutely nothing. pray and say a prison lords? Will I'm gonna have it now? This is fruit. You have to
wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up! Wake up, you have to be have to be connected, God is not, God is not going to do it arbitrarily without you he's going to do it with you, these I gotta be boy. Do the union between you and they are fruit, now If you don't care about you, I will close about everything else and God and a lot of Christians are dismayed at bay. throughout all their low prattle to pray to God, God to do things better either way by God. God is waiting, all live because God is replying something up you in order for you to be fruitful, ever branch in me that bears fruit purged. maybe the father that it might reform more fruits but it's a more fruit, We want more fruit All we want to avoid stop,
people to you feel bad, because you want more, if you suspect potentials exceed your position right now. the jury more potential then go to the next level. There were. You are right now shout more fruit. Will you shut bore fruit years two years? I want my capacity to grow the level of my vision. what I believe are one level and live on another level. I want more food, not because I'm gravy lab America, because I'm selfish, so not because of sulphur grown ego is not because Robin Arzon. Maybe I want more fruit. I would hate to leave and never reach the potential I was created to that's where we're all right now, David says just because you're connected doesn't matter Walcott, I will cut you back. You will suffer laws,
not just laws of pigs, balls and lies and things I don't want to lose when you perch the new cut back, even some of the fruit. Some of lots of things you know, God gave you have come out for the life of you forgot the world. Could God take away something like that when I know it with a garden and gave it to me you're right, you're right, you dig, but he take us away that it might bring forth more fruit. There's more coming. I know you grieving. I know you're hurting, I know you're, how this robot, I know your emotions are confused. You may even be angry. I got I get that understand it, but God wouldn't be cutting you back. If it did not have or for you, are you didn't matter this word to those of you just joining us where the girls will say. John counterfeiting verse won through TED These two versions we are discussing the union
between stability and fruitful there right now we're just talking about fruitfulness we're talking about what it takes to be fruitful, we're time about this. should that we have to have two: the cutting process Everybody has risen to this and says barred to the car. Part. We all say yes to the cutting part. We now I don't want that part. God says you How about beer conqueror? If you cannot endure the cutting my book, I call it the question There are crushing moments in life right now. America is going through a crushing ITALY. it's going to a crushing China is going. crushing LOS Angeles is going through a crushing New York is going to request individuals in this we are going through a classic nobody. Joys going through a crushing, but at the end of the crossing we
come out better than we were born about equal to where we were before. We want to go from through to bore fruit. Ultimately too much are you with me. So far, Jesus. He is absolutely marvellous appeal: the prison The Lord birds just took glory that come from being in his presence of worship, examine lifting up and while we're in his presence We should not appear before him empty handed. We come before him. only to receive Gimme Jesus give it is everybody got that give me Jesus, but you can't just receive a lot of UK does reap love, so you cannot just be a take her in the kingdom of God. You re too so into the kingdom of God. So we're gonna give you an opportunity to one of the lower in your giving an offer of your sacrifice. This is so personal. This is this. Is it for us it up your love and adoration forgot and your financial covenant there
because this is a personal became? Nobody do it for you, but you everything else. We for you, we preach for you, we saved for your wig club for you winter, but when it comes to giving this is Europe. Personal sacrifice between you: what do you think about Jesus? What is it worth you? What is it for you This is our opportunity to be like the man who walked away and say method are the one who came back to say. Thank you. It's good to the good stuff now. very says about me and you, as a bridge came about bear fruit of itself accepted a bad and the normal. we can accept me, I want underlines every time you see the word about me. New The bridge could not bear fruit of itself accepted about
no more. me except me about a bad bad. We it all over again about to be stable, to be spared France to be unmovable to get the one places stay there. I can't many people ass. They who are successful today because They try everything but would love. Google people's rampage reader bow I prefer a biologist chemist. artists, preacher, motivator, how you gonna be all of added twenty one. They have more titles, There's? U care, be everything: You have to know about something. You can't be everything. Why do you keep jump from
budget photographer? Now you take in psychology now you're gonna do motivational. So now you're gonna do opera. All in a minute said you can't be Malta, talented, but I'm saying jumping from thing did thing. Look avoid beat it Success will always lead to fail. You you have to stick to while being aware that up to be fruitful Because you start it badly immediately respond to you. The way you imagine for do. but maybe it will pursue bureau invested it every time Money, training preparing us to be as excellent as you think you are, there is often a, between how good you think you are how good you really are backing we did it. We used was value for what your work as you for what your work, I can live off the profit, the rest of my life. I love it will save the sales figures about their better.
but remember, really are as well you these people in your life who can t the true that was not that good. You the work that you could be better than that might sound harsh, but in the end, its a favor, Rather, you hurt my feelings and private did for me to go. There get bears a public, so Jesus saying this is something that we need to pay attention to me, you as a branch given where food of itself accepted a bad and the bad, no more kidney, exemplary about me notice, Jesus doesn't talk about stability by looking at him Chile's wrought up cutting. He knows you're good. stay as long as your blossoming. He knows stay a while with all your bills are paid and everything's followed into the place. He said,
I need you to be stable when you're confuse disappointed I heard you don't see the benefit. like all the other class as and everybody Because to lead us all in the choir, but you and everybody, because called please would you do RO. I would first of all we preach twice in seven years, twice its avenue what are the most clean it up? on Saturday by clean out the baptism pool shampooed arose Bishop Jake's. Yes, I should improve the rose for seventy. You have to endure those tabs you're alive with your gives celebrated recently there have been fully developed. The proof, then I would the servant girl for the stage
do or the fact that I wasn't in the spotlight. You are really good. Preacher, too, you can less about another preacher. always watch how other preachers receive whether breaches Do you remember somebody else? I want to say WWW potter, Mobility requires a Jew need to be able to appreciate. Somebody has been allowed to stay. I'm amazed at the people who get on the stage and struggle there all the studies they won't help. The person who is on the stage is made. B, whether you re winter said about their better. How helpful you can be a big up here, what the whole church to explode. I go with you, you. You have to learn how to be stable and be steadfast. I gotta say need you to be the most They with life is the most painful.
that's what I need you to be the most stable through the divorce. I want you to restate. To lay off, I need you to be stable through the browsing of your home. I want you to be stable with your hard work and I want you to be stable. We do not being what you're worth I want you to be. So. Charlotte. Sometimes time is to be so committed and so focused on what call you to do better stay at this is but that is a thought after that's why we have people or twenty three years, all a bit married three tabs because, Ro Ro we're out of there years ago, while I would regard years ago, a race to see you get out the door for it we live the return of someone wrong. You stay. You a bad throughout all you do you fight back, because you cannot be fruitful if you're about stable,
Ok, we're time about the union between stability fruitfulness. You cannot be fruitful if we're flighty, that's what I'm saying That's what I said. Are you getting what I'm saying? I don't mean to get on maybe get only to get on you right. the Jesus I'm the year, the branches About me, I have the same, bring a fourth, much fruit. Without me, you could do nothing, What you wrote about. We went from fruit more fruit too much through a just a few versus we kept graduating exponentially from fruit to both. too much, and we can only get from food to more fruit too much fruit. If we were stable.
You will never see what you could be a few quit you we'll never see what you could have. If you quit. you will never lose weight. If you quit, you were never our house. If you quit, you will never have good credit. If you quit, you will never get your degree. If you quit, you will never firmly stated they give you quit. You have to stay with it when you feel like I'm, a failure, Have about smart enough to all up to late to whatever the devil says you're too much of you would never get to what you're trying to get too. If you quit, the goal of a deeper with this. Are you ready for me. Ok, we want to go deeper because I will get something here that I think is really important, and I want to come down here. so I can look you right in the face and you can get one teacher to you today I am glad you are the judges who either
better than me and him the same rigour for most fruit. For without me, you can do better now. This is a party. Wants you to stay here and give away. So you can't do this. you can't run it by you, so you can raise those keys were yourself, you can merged together by yourself you, my department about you, so you can build a house about user. He says without me. You can all data The Lord Amadeo say bad bury our school and I got a degree green, I would say. By did I bought a house. I would say my bit used building, do it by you, so you might not have a knowledge to, but
you get where you go. I mean that a shame that we have to get there and you gave all your strive to somebody who did it. for then he added you where you are in life, knowledge. People who left you cheated argue lad on. You betrayed you destroyed I'm the one who's been closer than a brother. You pay him no attention at all. He says without me. You can do nothing. This is why, whatever you do whatever you, so, whenever you play whoever you help, however, you love you, only giving out of the abundance of what was given to you. Because without him you, be able to be a giver without him You could do, but you would have anything we give you. I don't give me money,
I don't just mean money, I mean talent, wisdom, I mean concept I mean involves. I mean I mean creativity with out here you who do nothing so he's a report thing for you to maintain is not to become more attached. the gifts. Video, Are the giver. Now more tests over healing video that you're not to become more that's true the blessing. Maybe you are the bless her not to become more attached to them. I gave you, the one who gave it to you without me, you Do what nothing at all that bad admission, of humility, is worship. That is why should right there, that is the parallel. That's a good way to start one alone without you I could do nothing
I leave you to give me wisdom. Onto a leading to do I want it me what I have said too much. I want report of birds around matter. I would It does lead to the most important things to say. Promise you Lord. If I give the victory in this, I will give you the brains for with you can do nothing what I want for people who no out a prey is a meeting. you're all limitations, humbly yourself before God, opening Your heart before him and say God, I'm ready to hear from you that this is Jesus. Remember that remember, don't forget this. Don't forget this This is Jesus salary to his disciples. He's getting ready to meet them physically. without me? You can do about it.
the same breath he away. So what does it mean do. You know I'm gonna be with you in this Spirit. I won't be The way that I was with you but I will be with you at work. Your job is, you are not supposed to make yourself growth, You have to make yourself be fruitful. You'll have to do the euro. make yourself be tall or you don't have to do that. You make yourself be richer. You'll have to do that. You have to do, is about me, a word about it? You and I get the rest of it. Cub.
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We can have as much as we can to whatever means we can. We will continue here at the part of this house to get the word of God to you in your house. In your life. We have this stopped Jeez weak everywhere about whether you come to Europe. What your tv set is still the word of God. He said I am the Lord God. It's not the face of low boatyard change, not the face of tenants. I'd say it's not the place of pull out above and start. You can change sides that besides me, there is no other that I wanted to right now. Your soul is something that is not stable, solid. That's absolutely sure that tuna, but you won't break away. Is the word of God completely channel
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