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They Don’t See the Ashes

2021-01-03 | 🔗
To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/973/29 Many will celebrate your accomplishments yet pay little attention to what got you there. The accolades are nice, but they don’t see the ashes of trial and tribulation! When they ask you how you did it, will you share how much was built on the ashes?
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wanna talk to some accepts this boy who see the gets. We also see the gifts, rules will witty and where others went out would finish school where others did not. Who accomplish heights of that will be on your imagination. Now that there have been telling you haven't time, survey of the limitations of is that account number out many times tat out how many times you walked out of the transit. God gave you opportunity that you didn't even deserve proud of the fact that God Roger the places that one man blowing and you don't even know how you got there, but God, just rights, do with an ability to pass knowledge. God, just handed down to cover up the tabs, got caught up the tab, for God gave you booty fresh, but they did not.
C S, success. Solomon, build the tube. and the walls went up and the steeples were built. And it was constructed- and it was absolutely amazing, but it might tex It's not the opulent said the building. It is not the architectural desire that the temple- it is not the goal materials that are used in the building. It is not the granite floors nor the marble. Colleagues that causes them to be- and I know all that was wonderful. Two guards glory sat down on the building when God School radiate Man's word. All of a sudden I could see was
sit down on their efforts, that's what I want got to do. I want him to annoy when I'm workin on. I want to know what I'm doin. I want him to sit down and what I'm proud of you want to build it. If he's not go sit out when got down on the table, oh religious, or to stop the priest doing what they would do, it all the leeway to was standing there at all They were ready to play the instruments that David had created David was so creative. Not only did he play S room ass, he made instruments and the instruments. It now lived him and now we're seeing the second generation of Levi's that are continuing the legacy of the music of David, who has gone all his solves steel, filling the air.
What the other Lord fail if fell on them, because they were praising God they were worse, a bigger, it didn't follow them because they had go. They didn't follow them because they had columns. It'd follow live because they had granted because they pray. And when the praises, whether the glory, Kate, now and the boy came down so strongly the priest had to be steel. I believe ice head to stop because gotta take over the role Freedom of the temple
Every room every called aside every avenue closet caught. What's with the Grand Prix that right now, the boy, oh God would get in your house, pray it would get it you're living room, I pray would get in your daddy will probably end up in your kitchen appeared. Would overflow into your bedroom. I get an oleo Claude. I pray that the girl was settled your house who, through their call they couldn't get near your house because the house was the house was feel with glory, though your hands up a safe fill it with lower gots gotta. Fill it with lower he's gonna feel your business with glory. Go free, a family with global political failure. Pockets will go ahead of us. They fill it with Glowworm Gloria down on mass and field.
Old house got always feels whatever he forms. people on the earth and filled it with vegetation, Form, the sea and building with fish he form the air and filled it with birds. He formed Tabernacle and field. It was furniture. He formed the Holy of holies and filled it with glory he for man and failed him. We're breath when you see God thing way feel whatever you for what we are looking at this Texas that that appeared that moment but Crystal Ass, teller, significant unforgivable movement. With the divan touches the human when the celestial touches the terrestrial when
which is above us comes and sits down amongst us when grace and truth met together, When I see him, peace have come together, when the holy the human exodus appraise so powerful that it could shut all through the trap was so solemn gets Kirby might lose it. I want bless people that a blessed but scared you gonna lose. It Became a god if this is so amazing what happened If I lose it,
Happens if you shut up the Heavens, the noble Ray, what happens if it then work anymore? I want to talk to people that are anxious because their enemies, mentality, Ugo, lose everything. You got that the devil is a solemn is what happens if you shut up their Evans, various noble raid, the crop stop and the glory that floor. What happens if it all breakdown David Marquis, said: if people who felt afraid phase that would get way been, did they lived in Libya been slept, the neighbors they did? Will I hear from Heaven I will This means we will heal their.
he'll I've got you Our land he'll lan- oh god, he allow, lay with the girl we came here, the priestly prostrate, the worst gross collapse people all over. Israel was deafening Had amazement beings gazing up at the President, God almost in a daze experiencing the power of God coming from the presence of God, but what they did not see. they saw the globe seldom labour. They saw the altar they saw the building. They saw the pillars. They the foundations They even saw the wailing wall that I stood in front of walking back and forth. They saw that buddy not now. Best Solomons Temple was built
where organs threshing floor was. Organs threshing floor is what happened in the previous generation. You remember when David had counted the people and cod That's too many. Since I got let us please come upon his people. Disaster and pestilence and sees everywhere and David was trying to break the courage that was home, malaria and he came to the pressing floor of organ and pressing for you see is the place where wheat is separated from check. It was pressing it wants a place of separation. in all the books. Babies in this place.
This place so that I could offer up a sacrifice toward God and he wants to know what will it cost an online, and I presume you know whenever you want to give me whatever you want to do you want to do is at all gives a nominal will pay the full price, the full price. That's that bridge between Greatness Everybody wants it Many people want to pay full price that it wants to be acknowledged, but they don't want to pay full price about. It was an opportunity, but they don't want to pay full price about. It wants to do so, the money, but they can't pay the full price, for they don't give it. They don't understand a little real as Biddle. They don't know that on the state that they recognise, how much does it cost and even paid the full price.
Are you willing to pay the full price of faith? You just go talk. The talk play the game Gold digger religious colloquialisms, but would you faith comes down to the? Why are you willing to pay twice, to walk, To this mix rail to walk in this material to walk into the next opportunity to walk into this next move of God to walk into the princess, to walk into what God s for you to walk into the promotion of God is giving you a good. Will you want charity, you wanna, hear me: does what God give assent of another David said will not offer the got something that causes me. Nothing Offer him that Portuguese, I won't tribute Blackie the busboy I've only been changed lacking the waiter
I won't leave him a couple of Bellows lackeys made. I will pay the price Blood and make sure it makes you wonder if paper recognise when he was pay and the full price did we recognise that his son build on what he bought He was paying a multi generational price that would change the trajectory for generations to come. It makes so how could bring the blessing out of a mess how God could bring Sing out of a curse, how, could bring a blessing out of a plague. How could move in the middle of covert nineteen Some people they see is the problem. but they don't see the opportunity.
All day but was trying to do was tat the sort of the angel, Then he bought the threshing floor of honor. He burn up the threshing floor of orange and he offered up sacrifice unto God added a fit me what I was really about Solomons Temple and they were talking about how elaborately it was. Maybe and hopefully buoyantly. It was decorated and they were talking about the opulence and that the core- and they were talking about the worship and the protocol and the service and the excellence and there's excellence of their men wondered. Did they not see that it was built. On ashes.
And when I thought about that, I thought about life itself. People ways talking about a global, but they know nothing about you still ways way in which it, but they don't know what it cause. I thought about what you're, probably with little or no, what you will do it made me want to pieces messy. They don't see
there s this moment. This is war. Warship becomes real as you prioritize and recognise the relevance of God. Save your life by reaching it yours stuff is not our thinking is not our preaching is not our technology, but what will you render unto the Lord of all of its benefits toward me? The information is all this green. How you can become a contributor to the Ministry of the work of the Lord, but more important than just that. How you could show got that you a grateful that, in times like these got his steel made away four times like these, you still got somebody like these, you feel it as well as you are at times like these, you still got a place to lay your here. Don't take this for credit card has been good to you. You can't stand their bit nebulous added the shadows of not recognize him all over your ways. So do what you got to do to be a part of this. They run their mouths, but they don't see the s they
the nose, but they don't see there s the jealous and envious, but they don't see they ask me all my alabaster Botz thing than Solomon built was built. there s the David Byrne. out of the ashes and despair, His father's failures came his sons ago. I want There were some who had a fail fall out of the ashes of Braille Father. Came The glory of the next generation stop despising. Fathers ashes because everything you gonna be is gonna, be built on the ashes. Your father left behind you.
Only delay, because food price was firstly with his old sin, is fins and placing rustled became the place. Who are Solomon erected? The first temple? That's your success is built of. U S. If I could go back in time and do it all over again, what would I change the first? I start thinking all the things I would change and then I said nothing
I wouldn't change anything. I wouldn't change my mistakes. I wouldn't change my failure. I wouldn't change my weakness. I wouldn't change my problems. I wouldn't tradesmen, Miss Hale. I wouldn't change my aid us. I wouldn't change my enemies. Why? Because it had not been full of it. There would be this stated here right now. People say they ass. I feel I praise of right now too much clad to minimize to love myself to let tat those gave up the people. They don't see the ash. They also there s all that goal? that was so strong, The Solomon have kill the sheep, just two God on the space and people, didn't
Recognize that the magnitude of his sacrifice, his giving his flowing his soy provoked. The presence of cod and guards glorious, sat down, on the sacrifices of Solomon Who could see Solomon sacrifice, you could see, you can hear the blurring of the sheep. You can hear the sound of the arts and it makes sense that God would sit bowed of Solomon sacrifice. The reason you can get got to sit down. You don't have no sacrifice. If I've got a prize. You sit down moment. Sacrifice. Look at it ass it. Oh god, I see you. Signal Solomon sacrifice I got to hear. Not only am I sitting all Solomon sacrifice. I am also sitting on David says I wanted Able to know that Germany
They were not in vain. Your failure was in the play, I knew you would myself, I know, Without chasing you, because your Massa It will drive you to the pressing flow of on. I knew you'd have to watch integrity to lead. Give you something for nothing. I knew you would pay for price. Because you paid full price, that's spot that you paid for. I will allow yours sought to reap a blessing. You have been talking about generational crisis. Wanna talk to you about generational bliss. I want to tell you how God will cause blessing to overtake Run up behind you and tackle you,
The one you down and they'll come upon you and you don't even know where the king from you look around. You won't even wretched man, so sad because a blessing was Cynthia and what you were parliament, stumbling veil and method of it will fail. what shape hollered Michalek me I'll, admit it. You got some traces, hollered, Michalek holiday. You got some covered up all the blessing overtook. and all of solomons people saw the glow. And the queen of Shiva. So are they all. all of Solomon people. The sheep. the bleeding the lamps, but they did not see the ashes
Solomon didn't get there by himself. It was not just His father strengths, but it was so his weakness. Solomon wouldn't have been born. If it, or not for his father's weaknesses. Parliament's mama was that is weak us. Parliament's was Bathsheba. Solomons mama was somebody else's wife. had not been for his others wrongs, Solomon, would not have had right about what went wrong, because God will take wrong and make it right. God will take pain and make it power,
God will take, problems bill solutions How did the ashes of his father look up under your feet somewhere police feet? Are the ashes of your pants. Mistakes as well as their miracles. Created an opportunity. for you to hunger, like you hungry, If you feel that everything giving that when you needed you wouldn't had enough hunger, who you are right. I say that they d always did it to bliss buddy but if they minute free for cod made, it.
So we come to the cause of this message. We can there were no regrets. Not one regret. apology for ever Stick but our regret any other. because my miracles made out a man mistakes. Lemme successes are made about failures. Jewish made out of balance. It was for me, but I will split. So you go ahead and talk about my columns, talk about the goal And the labour and the owner and the orthodoxy do which ass structured everything I d. But my feet a flat on the ground.
And I know everything I was built on ashes. if you have no, you got no praise, but I want to people to the people watching me right now, spending on ashes, standing all sorrows. Spending all secrets who are standing all pain. family won't trauma, standing or broken homes, broken dreams are broken promises and a tough childhood is for you. They see your job, They don't see ass. They see how little cigarettes law. they don't see your asses guy? has a habit of constructing mass of monuments.
tough of dirty ass. He covered. Don't praise of unless you ve been covered, hee hee he covered anyway recovered. recovered. Have you ever covered you, he asked, but dont Bilbil got built. They stood on this purpose. He brought you up and he brought you out just in case area about it. My see them he said is right on top of it, so that women are they Thank you. Thank you. Law.
They will see the ashes. There has resolved between me and you there. So, while I raised my ass, I won t you come down my face. That's why club the ashes of why worshipping the asses, while nothing that you give me become able to me, because I know everything you gave me was built on. Thank you. Came suddenly called without pain.
Thank you for ever. Thank you rarity es. Thank you very much. Thank you for your reply and I went to sleep pulled in a pillar ma. Thank you. Thank you for the rejection of the misunderstand regular further and thank you for the stones at the trauma and they adversity. Thank you for the moment. I thank you for the growing. Thank you for the time. They could not see you about it. What have you got to go? drive The thing aware, the place,
It has built a rash. I guess I was. Other MAX sixty seconds, I want everything, that's got breath in your body. Ass. She suddenly your feet to just watch? They can only feel in any kind of when you express any cut away. You want express adjusted. Statistics is coming when you got forty five seconds to just suggests
there are moments in your life, for you steal counting at home, and I can tell you: don't you can walk in everything I have for you in twenty twenty one today for your gift of any amount, you received the twenty twenty one, heavenly royalty, counter and tone it all up. A revolutionary teaching from Bishop teenage hangs on how gods glory surpasses all of our troubles barriers between what what what god ass for you. If you keep county seeking an trusting, you will give all they got as promised. In addition for your gift of ninety dollars, more you'll receive the one hundred bull prayers guided journal. The God was supplied, my needs where box and cards they twenty twenty one heavenly royalty wall, calendar and counting all up by Bishop TV, Jake's start the new year S strong by remembering all they got has done for you take a long life changing step in your face today.
as we can that as much as we can to whatever means we can. We will continue here at the part of this house to get the word of God to you in your house. It you're alive. We have this stopped Jesus weak everywhere, where these coming to Europe. What is your tv set is feel the word of God. He said I am the Lord God. It's not the face of low boatyard change, not face up to say it's not the face of pull out above and start. You can change sides that God besides me, there is no other that I wanted to right now. Your soul is something that is not stable, solid. That's absolutely sure that universal it won't break away. Is the word of God in freedom.
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