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2020-01-05 | 🔗
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Coming up on this Interstate, it is not the word of the lord in your mouth. Just going to say me is the word of the lord in my mouth to him as a man the show is, I cannot step into the future and still take my path. I cannot let the waivers at the stade what they said about me. The reject the
we leave it to the life of the tax at a moment that we have caught David at the intersection of his life. Is that a crossroads moment in his life He has been annoying to be king over Israel has been endowed with grace and power to do exploits in the kingdom of god. He had been mighty in battle. He have pull the wrath, the philistines rendered them helpless. Over and over again, he has left the dead. Conscious of a delay of living flesh. Put it in a feel cuddies head office. Shoulders marked, is maybe ruined his reputation as a giant and walked away a little boy can a big head. He had done so great things moved into the palace changed his entire life and yet, on the other hand, the head some of the greatest failure she could ever imagine more. Freight is character. Failures bad choices, bad decisions fell in love with somebody else's wife and wanted her so bad. He had them, kill.
To get her. She is now brigman. and we find david praying after the word has been delivered him from Nathan, saying that god has pronounced dead over the child. David is trying to reverse the curse and we at the intersection of life asked in god except David knows that god is merciful, he has experienced the mercies of god over and over again he's seen. God forgive you could not beat david for repenting. David is one of those people that get him so much mess that you don't know what they're going to get into the mix and you get ready to just knock them out, but they repent so good. You can't you David would fall out in the floor and cry until there was a puddle of mudd up under his feet and you'd have to just drop your arms and say: oh hi, David though don't you do that anymore. But this time when he prayed there was no answer. So he lay flat out on the floor
the modern man of valor who brought to their means. is now lying flat out on the floor, face down in the bird in the presence of those who follow him. How the mighty fallen is one day to be on the ground to stay on the ground, but is another thing to be up and fall to the ground?. To a was headed and lasted. Two was known it and camp to have touched. It can't. Tasted is a painful thing. He came so close to rising up and now the mighty king. misery lay flat down on the floor hid in the dirt crying before. For seven days, seven days these crimes God working free regime without food or water. You fast for seven days face
The dirt to somehow somehow save this nameless baby. Say this now now we we have seen people clapham babies before, but David is the first man to my recollection in all of this shows that we see crying over. We've seen how to cry over a baby. We've saved right to flower bed. What you're saying now require a baby, but we have never said I'm mad and cry. for a baby he has said even touch not even main than he is on his face crime for the baby. The man cried the man cries for the little baby, god save the baby
Oh, the stress seven days crying out before god is real hard when you're trying to save something that god is trying to kill Tell us something that is planned. Try again. and before you disrespected, it is hard. Sometimes, when you're at the intersection of your life, there are some things that come along that knock you to your knees.
The preachers up here might not tell you, the preachers might not tell you and all your heroes might not tell you but APA. Quite man, a great woman goes a time in your life that something that suits your needs. It makes you doubt yourself, you want a lot. Is this a big one, will come back from this, I wish I had a witness as somebody who knows what it is to go through something like. The ones you ones Is this pray. something. God is trying to take but Are we to do not at all He will not allow the apostle Paul playing for something that
was not going to do tat the storm, for my first does not even take on bulgaria. Graced occur. yeah. Do you do what you are asking for? Something that's going this way and god's answer is going that way you're trying to save what god is trying to kill and you're trying to keep what god is trying to take? The judge don't judge, because even cheese which The god of the law said that if it passes the award go through this to get to where you're trying to take me, I don't wanna go to this. I want to know you are here, but I don't wanna be sick
I want to know your makeup, but I don't want to be at a jam. I want to know that your provider, but I don't want to be brave. I want to have a blood test about it, staggered on it, like the people I see upset, but I don't want to go through the hell that I went through that hour. Let me buy you a bottle, and somebody said me: thou withal. Wake me up like a pizza. Ok, I've seen I can apply, will passes. Better come from me? Is there a way? I can be what I need to be without going to what I is a way that I can come to power without going through this terrible moment. David s rustly anyway, so worse, fight,.
It was good as fighting external sites Give me much: given that he destroyed give him a handle it, but what would your weight as there is not. Yeah I wish I had some real people. That would admit I'm not mad at you. I will fight you every day, but the fight that threatens to jail me is what I have to fight mad. I sites
well he's fighting the fight of his life with his face down in the dirt because of real is india is never in. Your circumstance is Always in your head, you Mighty, in your circumstance, be many mouse you can have it fights for everybody else's situation, and when it comes to your head, you can get it together to save your life, you could tell everybody about it and then go home and eat dirt, because you can't figure out.
Everyone that this is about is not a geographical location. It's my bed is not money is not haters is not enemies. It's not liars is not backed by that's, not the battleground stop wasting your weapons on what people say, because it is not what they say about that matters. It is. Sale. I that threatens your destiny You will never be defeated by what they say about you. You will be the freedom by what you say about. Why is David crimes This job- he is the only man we see in scriptures, crying over a baby, perhaps the truth,
lies in the fact that some historian, suggests that David, worse was questionable. So what is this? in saying my mother conceived I was born in service shapen iniquity. Some suggest that he said that, because just looked at someone said molly, baby? I possible that questionable Saddle over David's life might be the reason why I just it does not really point to him as one of his sons with samuel comes looking for somebody to became. Could it be that it is more than a statue, or could it be that jesse wasn't really? Wasn't really sure about him.
And why do we have this mighty man of valor crying over a baby if we did not see him. in the debate and don't really work twice as hard to save people who are troubled with your kind of trouble. You want a job that motivated to fight for people who reminded you of you the David Lam all plays eaten that the baby, but probably perhaps relates to a baby for seven days bodied and all the men around him came and saw him. The bible says that the plan to raise them up, but he would not be raised,
have you ever been so low that nobody could raise nobody. Miss you nothing. They said nothing, they did not think that they can also. You may think that it better for you, because you were going to pass on this- that what you are trying to say is something that you all related to connected to. Sometimes history determines the fierceness with which to fight against what is in front of. Who is awful he is the man think her So, as the viruses Transform
while the renewing of our mind a new mind. What I'm trying to tell you beloved is that you can buy a new car, but if you put the old man in a new car, you still want to have the all experience. I'm telling you that a new house doesn't make a new marriage. I'm talking about a new outfit, doesn't make you a new person, and if you think that when the clock strikes twelve, you are magically going to be a new person. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, because life doesn't combat the taking of attacks on a wall live, come from a new man and have no way of looking at. I cannot step into the future and still take in my past. I cannot let the rivers at the stade what they said about me this time I free drink to the. If you can kill it in your head,
I think, chilling in your life, but if that thing is still living in your head is going to still be living in your life. If you're still bitter in your head, you're going to be bitter in your life, but something flipped said you're mad you'll say wait a minute. That is the job of flaw that somebody's gotta get it by the
get in trouble. You have an x ray areas with you about. Well he's. Never you never can tell you about value. The way may come again. Somebody's left fallow land, Visit the world's next doctors teachers pastors president's rest in the hearts of our children to proper education. They can have the necessary tools to reach their destiny by connecting, with
gps, you can help young people around the world receive school supplies. Uniform and computer training visit gps partner, dot org. So together we can fulfil gods mandate to be his hand and provide compassion to others. I started questioning. he's all. We ve done everything that we normally do to bring them up it hadn't worked. We said all the things we normally say It has not worked. Some time ever hear you used to be in trouble in normal. You do certain things in it, fixes it this
does not work the people who normally come to your rescue. They didn't come the things that normally live here. They didn't come through. Oh I'm talking to somebody, then I take that knowledge of your power and passion they didn't come to that. Where we to try to lift him, but we couldn't with two and now we have the truth from him, because we all think he can handle the truth. cause, he's really call us about If he finds out that it has got worse.
he's tripping over bad. If we tell him babe, it's gotten worse, he's gonna go Absolutely bananas, Sir while they were wistfully David up and saw the whispering and I said I am a he perceived. People say that the child was perceived leans. His in since then the child was tat unless what changed every your perception. Has everything to do with how this year's gonna work. It is not what you perceive about me,
is what I perceive about when I don't. I don't need you to come. Profits are set up to leave our forgot to shut up, it is not. The word of the lord in your mouth. Just going to save me is the word of the lord in my mouth to as a man so is here comes the child is and what burma. Was his relax? It did not bother their that the child was, did it was kings reaction to the child being did that blew burma. See he was on a downward trajectory. He collapsed. He had fallen on the ground. He had stopped eating he
rent is garments, he cried and screen. The logical next step For him, going down was too further down. Then he was before what makes this tax radiated. Is that for no logical reason in spite of natural evidence in spite of the stench of death?
In spite of his childhood insecurities, in spite of the arch beings, tat the din steam, what makes this text powerful is women. Everybody around him, expected them to give up and suddenly got. I feel like breach of robert slabman prophesied us suddenly slap your neighbor say. Suddenly, I know they're bedding against. You know they said you'd never get up. I know they said you'd never go on with your life. I know they said. You'd never bring nothing, but the lord sent me here to tell you to night now believe just what they dug a way for you about tat everything about it is about a further round. You are about to be planned. Knowing I want you to suck it give way that way them about the play them like that led the big do it. Why am I know about the mega? You re always somebody until this is my gotta turn it around this. This double your you tried to kill me. You do this. You drive me crazy, you guys, but the devil that I get. That applies not five got. Somebody does make a! U turn and say all bag with me, give it as long as people thought that all you except it now, but every time they planted cover you up. If you just look at every time, you thought you were never you. Can we get out of my way good out of our way out of our way out of my way to get ready to move about it, I'm gonna be amounted to about it. I'm gonna be about it to plan and not going nowhere.
I cannot stand the past it's time to start twenty twenty strong, it doesn't matter which sets itself against you. We've created to rise above today for your gift of any amount. You will receive a twenty twenty one calendar and rise above the powerful to dvd teaching or as in people, whereas in canada and rise above bishop jakes will teach you how to achieve your greatest victory by defying the urge to quit, feel the urge and still defy, and by leaving the past behind you that the don't wait, call or go online today, it's time for you to rise above that say about that. Thank you.
Sell match, we listen to the bishop, almost every day every morning early and he's he's on our television, The house, we love it. Thank you. the vision
Thank you so much for being obedient to what god has called you to do. The. free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life will afford. This
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