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Trusting Beyond Knowing

2022-08-07 | 🔗
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Coming out. and the potter. Instead, trust me. Before the vote. trust me when I make a? U turn to trust me what you thought I was going to do something one way, and I did it another way to trust me when you understand that you think of earthly kingdoms? And my kingdom is not of this world, and sometimes I have to disappoint you to celebrate the importance of balancing the extremes. He is the lord of glory But he is sitting on a horse
strings of the donkey waiting and the masters urgency. Awaiting donkey at an urgent master, this this text is for Extremes, the core. hosanna to the son of David, the crucifix crucify. Praise is here, poems, are on the ground. Resistance semi so mission at the village. It is up board of life.
The higher the load, the north and the south, the east and the west- everybody in here has polarities in your life. If you show me this side, I think you're amazing, if your show read bedside out, think you need to be said. Don't you sit there with your holy self and don't act like you? Don't have a side, you don't want nobody to see, because everybody in here has got a side that contradicts the other side and how you balance. Those two sides is: how well you do it live. You can't feel either sad, but you can control the other side so that you can be the best version of yourself who are bad talk to do it here. They think he is headed to be their tree. After all, he sweated until blood has come through the pores of his skin.
He knows he is headed to the cross. And they are all experiencing it together he has to fulfil what is called a scapegoat. the Bible escape good. Is into the wilderness after the jewish priest has symbolically lay the sins of the people upon him. When John saw him and said behold, the lap of god who take at the way this, the world he is both
I love god and the scapegoat of god. It was supposed to be the book of leviticus to pray. The seasons on the saves, go and sit him into the wilderness. That's why, after that, the holy ghosts had fallen upon Jesus in the Jordan river. They sent him in the wilderness because he gives us tape gold and he carried away our sins. Jesus going into the wilderness is a shadow of Jesus going to the graves, so he's ride a lot of goat because he is carrying away the sins of the world to god, be the globe. Look at how much god carried away out of your life. He carried away step out of your life that you have been guilty about that you're a bit worried about that through a bit of turmoil about god has carried away, since god has carried it away. Why are you still carrying it as you over here, since god has carried it away? Why are you still carrying the
there are three levels given there are those gave their coats, some put them on Promptly and some put them on the ground, dave, something that they had an investment in the kingdom of god you don't invest in the kingdom, they're! U s! Kingdom too! best thing to do, if you're not willing to give something that costs something- that's swell for better, took you months to make that you had to be fitted for that was made for you, but you gave it to him. That's sacrifice it sacrifice when you buy something a sacrifice. When you give me some, you wanted the giving The code is something that was for you.
But when you saw him you counted, it is dog and you threw it down for him. The second level is the cutting of the palm tree, which costs you nothing, but she wanted to do something. So the only effort you expended was cutting down what was easy. Some of you have never given an offer Oh you ve ever give it was palm trees. You does risa cut down some that was close anyway- rested in it. Cause you're nothing, but a look good in the crowd. You you you, you. the palm tree. At least down at his feet- and you thought you
b, but to the folks who dropped their coat Driven made about that, because you knew you now what did you need you cut through what you cared nothing about you gave it to. God is, if you were throwing some big Oh bruce, what's It was gonna, do for you, you down the palm trees because let's go, get double for your problem, you could. down the palm trees, pursuit have a look at the start of David. I do not call causes HU. We was to be greater than what would be if you don't do it. For me,
If I could do that, to make you more comfortable, if I had to give you something I'll, give you the shirt off my back, because I love who you are not what shoot there. If you go download dad with you notice, most of the coke givers were disciples. they knew he was going to that most Brian cutters. What people who live under the illusion that. we're going to set up his kingdom because I love you only serve god for what he can do for you,
you will want something, but it will cost you nothing, but when you have fallen in love with the car and when you esteem above your cheapest joy, it changes the way you live, because your value changes so what you head, coach, trippers cetera. Secondly, you had palm cutters and then you had lips Huh you're. Nothing. You ain't, nothing.
You just make a noise. I have learned over the years. The loudest folk in the church do the least, given the people that gets out of control and runs all over the place that you can't do nothing with them, and their parents break their shoe and a holiday have fallen all over the top. Everybody don't give ten dollars the people who make all that noise hosanna Sarah day that holds van, had to take a clean way, so brands way is no coat ways of sacrifice way and a heads up. Man rob god with your mouth to draw down for me, but with your heart far from me, just what so lip service he was so sacrifice somebody's sap yeah that was cute but asset saftey. So this is my appointment. I'm closer.
Baby. All of that, given the three levels have given because the palm trees to praise- and it was good with it till you got- to this end. Court till he was apprehended by power. A man he was apprehended by that puts they thought he was going to apprehend So the same people who, because you get in Now that I see, do what I thought she was gonna. Do. Nah. I no more useful for the for people who go your way, stop crying! Oh, do you away. cause you to lose, not the first. Let's go. thomas. You really. because you have seen
all the worse believe truss because of what you know those who have not see
At David is already the law, sir blessing hosanna turn to crucify her, but there were a few people left on the cross. That said, though, he slay me the shallot trusted if the Thamel trusted bury him. I will trust him if I put him in a grave, I'm going to bring frankincense sutton baffle feel free to this word. Then. I want to hear this word so I asked us since they did not start celebrating palm sunday. until the fourth century after the early church. And it didn't get back to the eighth century,
hundred years after the resurrection. Before palm sunday became read it in the christian theology, some reform was a tradition Why did you spend so much time? I take the text to me. He said- because I want my people to have fasting beyond knowing. Two to trust me. Will you don't know how things are going turn out? This is important, please, god This is important is that I want somebody to trust me before knowing. Trust me: what I'll make a? U turn.
trust me When I had some among different from what you have. For us, we wouldn't have bad theology. Trust me when you thought I was gonna, do something one way. and I did the another way. Trust me? Would you understand that you think of earthly kingdoms, and my kingdom is not of this world. Sometimes I have to disappoint you, Our great another word, worship, maize, worth sure, but we think of water. We always think of raising. I hear the copy. Guy has a leg, prostrated, applaud and that's an aspect to worship but is rooted in the letter. The word that means worth ship. How much you are worth.
Now my tab, nor by offering all put together by empty my sacred cow, couldn't really It's worse! but your worth, but I refuse to turn my back only opportunity like here, that thing in my life, like you zero in my life Everything I got two gave it to be love to must stop my breath, My energy strip, For the above limbs, michael sponsored by heart, really well, I'm asleep he has supplied all about, leaves. What shall I unto the lord for all of its benefits toward me The
Here is. Our great challenge is to not do like the pomp and the lip service. People. To realize the disciples means they gave their coat to save you tat. I was gonna die. Now, that's wash. To trust beyond knowing. That means I give you my coat if you dont restore the king. That means I give you my coat if I keep on leave them out. My say more normal routine. As long as I got you. That means one phrase of you.
Mary them out. Boy for him or not. The house about for funds. Robots means a priority issue job or not, Stop growing appraisal football. That turns wider points. You opens a model that means it's been building is empty, asked your brain. So there is no crowd, are still praise already. If I have to preach at the jail house still preacher worthy because it's not about dollars and since its about purpose- and I want to raise up somebody who trusts beyond knowledge, stand to free up close with this
The ways of the lower had lifted up even the people who pose to know what he's doing don't know. Even people, who think they know don't know All the princes all do What team did you won't leads down here? The books you alright go here. There will be no bookstores in Heaven. Professor press. Have you, presumably not professors and there will be no universities in heaven- all of our knowledge about. Foolishness what will be set up There are none of us treating again, please How many papa merits, all of these man made names, no mythology, we, while they teach it lapses,
yeah man is saying that it will soon. I love you because you trust me. Beyond knowing. now there are people in this room that, ideally with all kinds of stuff- and you do with the stress of not knowing how Don't turn out we wanted the home by together about you, don't know the kids go to school You don't know they're not blow your hard earned money smoking up there to it. You don't know the covenant pregnant or iter, Positive
I don't know for sure, if you won't get laid off tomorrow, you cannot have faith- Based on knowing I will tell you to do. I don't know the dismal broker. I don't know how to cry. I don't know how to say goodbye to although this is the last time I don't know. I don't know markets gordon market's Well, my house is all about. I don't know. if our early summer strategy or drop When I walk off the streets-
I don't know, but the beauty, panes I can trust We are moving. To all my brothers and sisters who have to know everything, Where we go stay, where we got me, what we go, we what we shall do What are we gonna? Let me see habit. We going pay, let me see if it makes sense to me to all You people had to know everything you are cancelling out. a chance to walk with god, because to walk with god is. with uncertainty. To be cool with us. You know what your prayer, whether your pay,
Tell me about you: everything you know how to do a new pray. You saw what you and your doctors, but you don't know No, but god. You look at all this and make a decision as a judge. What you don't know. We all know It's to not no stop trying to everything. Saw a coat of mail it was, but the king was not of this world. And the reason they could with such venom say cross. The file is because they were disappointed. and the reason they were disappointed is because a expected something that was about him.
What have you expected. that is not in god's, and you got the nerve to tell god he let down how their say he It's too bad, like is his job to fulfill your desire, god to work for you, god doesn't work for you, you work for god, god does it work for you, It is not his job to fulfil your desires. You carry that boss thing too far. You don't run upon the real balls debris boss. The ruler of the universe and thoughts are bogged down. His ways are above our ways, edit, Tell you about all know with Adam.
What what did you read the rule or in the bag? Third, the balcony: god. All your mouth door, but god says he's not gonna, let you know so stop asking to make you know. He said he requires a view that she trusts. Beyond that very close, He won't stop talking. He talked abraham? How get up early in the morning and take the sun Then he waited a hundred years to take it a place. I will show you. abraham loads, up the wagon and
it's a son. And I saw where we go on- I don't know, but I know at what I see That's how you move your life, You wanna know, you know. You had to follow on to know you have to choose Where do we go about it? I'm not sure. He's somewhere. I'll our boy, when I see first. We are no one. I wouldn't The partisan withdrew that result from the place where they live But he saw the words he said: that's it. Now I know the place and swords that's up to you addressed. The servants.
you're me and the latter are going hundred have wash, and he starts up on the heel to go from I'm not goin to another, not knowing the voices to hear daddy. I see the knife And I see the wood where is the sacrifice This is, I don't know. I don't know where do I just know that god himself provide the sacrifice. Who's got word to you is god's word to you. Workers it'll, be: There were Abraham goes up the mountain top raises up his life. to slay, to have a son to state. This is for. this is just something like bridges.
To lay my out. raise live. serve as a good, even breach. as it is, to slay his son all of a sudden. I was there. behold: the ticket You didn't know it you didn't know it, God says you don't know what he has a story for you. You have to for us. We are known. cause you don't know, what's come and on the other side of the heel, while Abraham was covered up. This sad dance was covered up on that and freight is not about what you know is about.
you don't know breast the doll baby who That's it
Not what you said not what the circumstances in my life look like. I am, I am who god says. I experience the breakthrough. That comes when you know the truth about yourself and all the guide says about you for your gift of any amount, discover who you are and reveal your true purpose with a td Jakes groundbreaking book identity. He said everybody else is wrong. When the wolf is up to you, I will fight for you. Gift of one hundred dollars or more you'll receive the. I am collection, including the identity and destiny books. I am sixteen by twenty poster and the I am method series on cd and dvd the stand firmly in your identity and purpose through Christ call or click today.
You ash have not seen, nor your ears heard the things that god has in store that that that that and you have worths the generational curses for generational blessing. The I want to talk to some real women. The way you are going to the.
feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on the part of the the.
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