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Unfinished Business

2021-10-24 | 🔗
To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/973/29 God has equipped us to reign victorious. Jesus was given to the disciples as a marker of what should become May this unfinished business drive us to hunger again for God.
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Coming up. On the butter stage. This fear can fall until I go back to look like who could blame I've gotta go back to me in that person. He just wanted to be in your presence at any time. You any question at any time. What's gonna happen tomorrow to lay down had short, and thank God fail me. I've got to recall word over my wife, Gaza loudly one minute. You well in your house. He deserves, while waiting on what Jesus it's gonna, do. Let's work, what Jesus said: Anne I work what Jesus said I'll find that there's a vacancy somewhere that I'm
I didn't position yet that I haven't gone back to what I mean it should be an order to manifest what God was going to do. Next, God help me. I know in a culture where we often talk about just pressing forward in moving forward. That it sounds almost counter intuitive. What I'm about to say, but what of the most powerful thing you can do is not go forward, but go back to who used to be not talking about the version of you, the guy saved. about who you were after you got saves, I'm talking about who you were when he first bestowed that promise I'm talking about getting back in position where
We can look at you and say I want to give you a throne to sit on. Sometimes the only thing that's waiting for you in your marriage is for you to go back to the person who was excited to see your husband Wendy. home sometimes the only thing that's gonna help you deal with that job is to go back to the person who was excited to just have somewhere to. up and go in the morning. I know that its counter intuitive, because you're ready to move on to the next, but next Does not arrive now so if next has not arrived now, I gotta work. What I'm workin with right now and I gotta go back to look like the person that God bless. I gotta start lived in my hands and worship mad ass can doubt. When is the next time you gonna give me and
cut the deal I gotta start acting like their parts, lose their god. If you don't do anything else, be satisfied and no one need another car, I'm no one need another house and no one need some help. What this tab I gotta do. Don't do anything else. Thank you for not taking me back so who are you to pay? I was glad when they said unto me. I could come and see how the Lord sphere can form until were totally in formation This report can't fall until I go back to look like who he said he could bless. I gotta go back to being,
That person who just wanted to be in your present. I didn't need to ask you any questions. I didn't need to understand what was going to happen tomorrow. I just wanted to lay down at your feet and say: God still me speak a word over my life got just. Allow me one minute to swell in your house got to go back to MIKE or some unfinished business that I got to take care of, because if the Spirit Ball falls on this version of who I am, I can't be totally restored if the Spirit false
Me am, I use this spirit of God to help me manipulate people have disappeared, falls on this version of who I am. I may use it to make my name great if this very far. This version of who I am I may make it. IBM when it's really about you got restore me through the person who didn't need, any validation got restore made to the person who have confidence in you and not in what I had in their bank account category. storm made to the person who just want to be in the will of God. Gotta restore me the way, the way the disciples had to be restored, where I didn't get bored when I was present When I did wonder who was preach and when I did wonder whether or not I could could not get up and go to church, because I was just so glad to be in your presence, guy
I want to go back to be in that Y got. I want to go back. be in that mother, I want to go back should be in that it has been that one that could really forgive.
But one that really had joy and led to much bitterness did them on the inside of me. I don't know who you are I'm ready to move on to my next point, but God wants you to know that he is talking to you and that I am calling you back to the position where you had all of yourselves together. Were you know who I was working with stalwart kingdom upon you so Peterson's in the middle of this waiting season, we gotta get back to look like what Jesus had in mind. He's the only one sensitive enough to understand that they don't look like what Jesus blessed and I love this because it stands to reason that if they do not get that one vacancy field that there would be a tribe that would not be judged properly, and I thought my God was saying, as I was studying that if one of us, I don't know who you are. Maybe it's all of us, don't kid in position that there is a tribe of people who
can that be judged properly, because you didn't get in your position if you didn't shake off the feelings of unworthiness, if you didn't shake off the feelings of inadequacy, if you didn't shake up those notions of I'm not qualified to You gotta call me to be, then there is a tribe that will be that would not be judged properly and therefore cannot be restored, and this is bigger than what you did Who you were this is about creating an environment for everything that Jesus set out to do to be fully manifested. You see, Jesus started it, but he left it to the disciples to finish it had been. The disciples left it the apostles than the apostles left it to us. To finish, I wonder if you,
while realise that this is not just about us living our own individual lives and is trying to figure out what we can do to make sure that we pay. something down to our family, that thou harder
why we are here is because I'm here to finish what Jesus started, I'm here to finish what he started on the cross, I'm here to make sure that every year has heard and every I have seen the power of God working through the earth column- Jesus, I don't know, what's your column but I've column, Saviour and now column, healer, and if this spirit has gone on far on this earth. Every time I see a nose haired lab. I recognise that there is still more work for the spirits of do not match praying for anybody else to do when I wake up every morning and make Hale nervous, because I'm gonna finish what Jesus started. I'm gonna finish what he's shrouded in my family, I'm gonna finish what he started in the criminal justice system and finish what he's starting. I got to finish. It and if one can change one thousand and two
ten thousand, I wonder what a few things nobody in the potter's half it doubtless due to finish what she's it started, I'm not plan for a politician. I do it, I'm not. Why and for somebody else given position I wake up every morning saying Jesus says: let me do my part to finish what she started so that when this spirit falls, much rob will be represented. That's why I got in position That's why I got my mind's together. That's why I stop drinking. That's why I've smoking, because when this current powers. I want my tribe to be represented. I messed around and heard that Dylan the miracle work in business and I looked back all my life. Follow the generational cars is an act of God of yours
When the miracle workin business, I want you to account. My family has a lot of what your do. Women inside out one much rather be weaponry I wish I had some people in this room who, at a tribe that shoot a man's, be represented one, that's where it falls. I beg you to start lifted up that tribe right now, when the name of jesus- and I came here to tell you that there's gonna be a sound like a mighty russian awaited and you better make sure your tribe is covered in that sound. Every team mother, every divorce. every child, every business. That's my tribe! I don't know who your trouble, but you better make sure your trap is represented. threerd power,
I want to feel that number expected increase in your life. Now I don't know it sounds crazy. How can you be talking about increase when everybody in the world is talk about decrease everybody set about downsizing everybody stuff about the economy? Everybody says about the that's. What sets us, apart from them, Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, because we have a card that will bless. The Bible said that in the days of lady mother, all the leprous died but maybe recovered. You wanna be that exceptions to the rule that beats the rises. It gets adversity just cause, it happens. Next door does not know what has happened to you and I want you Keep your faith. Parliament,
because we're gonna work, that's what we're gonna walk out, that we're gonna walk it by prayed at it's, not gonna, be best site that it's not gonna bring about freely without walking. According to the press, was a newspaper for the stock market, a Wall Street we'll walking according to the word of God, because we all the people of burma- and I wanted to make the sizes promotion decipher preaching point about how he waited in silence and follow Jesus through everything, with no title and now he's gone, Gideon Promotion. You got good to me when I was standing ass it. This is it. This is a word for somebody who has been a weighting in the background. God is gonna. Pull you to the forefront.
wanted to preach that word, for you so good, and maybe if they let me come back, I'm going to preach it again somewhere else. But in order for me to say that I would have to lift this moment out of the context of the times, because the truth is. Therefore my size to be promoted to disciple meant that guy that's putting him in a position of persecution. Because Matthias to be disciple in that time meant that you could be killed. They'll do this for talking I bet Messiah foolishness, but here the tools, someone who can handle the persecution connect so the promotion there, some promotions. We don't throw parties for.
some promotions. We get on our knees for because we recognise that you allow me to do then there's Pompey somehow come on my way. Maybe get promoted through their level. I'm gonna need some power that I don't have right now. There are some proposes that we don't need no war with only nine percent. For the only thing I need right now and the power of the holy ghost make it through the seas. In my life, a lot of my friends are walking away from me. Got Baghdad is losing their mind. Onawandah promoted. On the other hand, how persecuting guy? Why would you would you promote Meta persecution. God I wanted to be promoted to something cute. I wanted to be.
Come out to something that would make my bank account, then. You mean to tell me: I got. To persecution. Gonna become as a result of this promotion. Who am I gonna become As a result of who you ve called me to be guy, I got promoted, and now it's like there's a target on my back.
I said I wanted to finish your business, but I didn't know that that meant that it's almost better that I wasn't known. As a person in position I bet you did in the background, but now that everybody knows the seed filler persecution, is come in come in from everyone is now. One thing is another. Congratulations, You got promoted gotta, like I'm, losing my my congratulations. You got promoted you.
Many congratulations. Can you imagine how much more hungry Matthias was for the Holy Spirit to his promotion? I needed you sphere before, but now that I've been promoted made: did more than anybody in the room. I had a cue libraries before, but now that you put me into this position.
Now that I've been placed on this job, that's it I've been plays in this marriage. Now that I'm raising this chattel, my out, I thought I needed you to save my marriage, but now I need you to show me who I am on the other side of this divorce got. I thought I made you then, but what I really know was that I really need you now, but before the persecution can come for me the day most comes because God will never called you to persecution that he's not giving you the power to face and overcome.
But you have to that: has long been a movement in order to create a space where you're Hungary and to wait on the power. I can imagine being Matthias in that room with this new responsibility. On his shoulders now, I've gotta be a witness now got a walk. The right way now Talk the right way: somebody's been handed some new responsibilities. On their shoulders in this room, calling them to a version of themselves that they only witness happen and other people. I hear God saying. I will now Matthias to win I sit in Jesus so that here
They have a marker for who he was to become. Here, guy's name that I set you and certain rooms where you could witness what I was calling you too, so that you. can have a marker on how you needed to move and navigate in this season and Mathias knew what I am learning and continuing to grow and evolve in. Is that I'm going to need the power in a way that I didn't even know I was going to need it. Can I tell you that I feel, like God, gave me a responsibility on this Sunday to make you hungry again to make you stop worrying about the persecution just for a minute
And start asking down, his power start asking God for his sphere. Brighton when the persecution is on the throne. The persecution is what you worship, but if you would,
DE thrown the persecution if you what these round the worry, if you won T round that repression, as you will see, thrown the suicide of fast, and I gotta put the power of God back on the throne of my life, I gotta put the power of them. I gotta get hungry again for this thing, I'm not hungry for their things, move this world, I'm not hungry, for the things that make you like me, I'm hungry for their sphere of God, and you can I'm too weak affluent secured a billion. This position by God put me in this position. Anyway, I made the holy ghost like never before and they all legal secure. My body only goes to cure and I have to tell you
That I hear godsend, that's the only piece of unfinished business that is gonna. That equation makes sense. Is when you return to your hunger. when you get your heart back in the right position,. Are they disappointed you wanna know they broke you, but you gotta get your heart back. You gotta get your heart back in the right position, because we knew we have some unfinished business. I need you to get hungry for me again, you so hungry for them that you can't be hungry for me, you're, so hungry forth and backs that you can't be hungry for what I can do right now. In this moment I can send a sound right now, like a mighty our single way, and that would bring clarity. Everything you ve been fighting sentence out right now that get quite surprised and all, but your accusations.
Right now,. I can do it right now. I remember. sitting all wearing their sex. And I was hungry. I was hungry for the holy ghost. But not because I really wanted to adjust. It gives everyone else heading. the lifeguard finish with me. And I got hungry for real. I got the kind of hungry you get when you realise that this blessin this need that I have man can't fix this thing. Man can't feel me the way I need to be filled up. I tried all of these different paths. Another these different avenues, never no one that all all I needed do was hit the ground
Because I want to show the spirit of that little girl who used to be hungry for all of the wrong things. She finally met me for real you got hungry, for them only goes and that our radically changed your lie there. While you were now we're there playing wholly goals that I had a plan that you want to use down the road, you would be leading people into the presence of the holy ghost and got me if you want every ever get hungry for my power now the way you back then miracles. What brick. And that diseases would go running out of the door. That Hale would get nervous. And so as much as this is about celebrating my father, I want you to know that the real reason I'm here I have to be honest.
Because man, the enemy, had some unfinished business to take Kara because they want their church where he thought he would have my mind's eye. Maybe that's why he thought than he would have muddling what they charge. That is always the one that was the only way out, and I came back the no vote in Ireland now. What about then Paypal will ask them what the enemy I'm not like. You want word, I'm not quite sure what experience I'm gonna back soon. The whole legal wanna know what I'm gonna do. What were the only difference.
Between the girl who sat there. And the woman who stands here. Is that got hungry and the only difference between the woman? I am now the woman I am colleagues have become needs. My hunger, your hunger is gonna, make the difference every single time go to school study that the glass is due on those things that man things, but the difference between you want someone out rules that aid is now hungry. You work for the holy ghost, the difference between you and someone. I got the longer you were here from
I can make you hungry. I can tell you about one hundred did for me, but I can't Craig you bring added you look, you charge thing. Grab your hands and say I'm no one, no one whose hungry again raising the word, but I can't make you come down to evolve, I can get you to the house, but I can make you open your mouth. If you really get hungry you'll, do it on your home. If you really get a hungry, you gotta your comfort zone. Megan loud excuse me, but I really have to do a little bit. But excuse me, I'm hungry.
Success is getting what you see all against the man for us only answer. When I'm fighting we will you give to be the amount you will receive woman now at last and ninety day, devotional journey. This is foreseen for preparation for you gifted eighty five dollars more. You will also receive the woman now I'd lose legacy collection from the already alarming generation to generation, for you give to one hundred and twenty dollars a more. He will also receive the woman. Now I'd lose Bible and powerful woman three book election. This is for people who are serious about stubborn until another round of rape don't wait. Collar goin line in this incredible bundle can be yours today.
social media to extremism is like oxygen to fire. We ve created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of society. I see fading away, generous Goin home ever be replaced with foreign top tweeted, so you walk away with cliches, but no wisdom. I don't want to leave this work without making sure that what our fathers, Paris is passed, two hundred hours, that media uploaded permit five hundred million tweets per day, no civil discourse of cooperation, this information. How did we get to this point? I want to say something about moves.
I want to say something that becomes a for the next two hundred years and lives on in your mouth and the mouth. Feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how God is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing next time on Pakistan.
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