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Wet Wood Still Burns

2021-04-18 | 🔗
To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/973/29 You’ve been drowning for far too long, struggling with your circumstances, suffering storms, winds, floods, and morebut you can still burn. You are a burnt offering to God, being rained on by life, but your fire cannot be doused or extinguished.
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Coming out, on the butter stead. no wait until they may think so, but look it's five pound in right. Now. You don't have to wait until the impasse says. You could start clarinet right now. You gotta. Let me know what would they all birds you'll get a letter by snow car smell the wise words of birth Barnes it still burns. I know you're drowning, but you can still burn. I know you lost, but you can still. First, I hear God damn fire could still come in your house since the prophet Elijah to Israel.
Because Israel needs representation of what is supposed to look like you see the problem. Taking on issue after issue. Is that sometimes you forget what it's supposed to look like? I forget what is looking like this
happened worse when everybody was in a room together. I could do it, but I forgot what it looks like to be on fire forgot. I forgot what it looks like a now that the God of Worry and the God of FEAR and the God of doubt, and I'm words- have been there more than are worse than the one and only true living God, and it's not that I didn't mean to worship. God says they got diluted from everything else that was happening and so godsends Eliza, because Israel needs to be reminded what it looks like we're like somebody needs to know that guy wants you to understand that, I'm that assisting spouses in you there's someone else's buyer so that you can feel bad about where you are, I'm exposing you there's someone else's by, so that you can remember what it looks like you better. Take note of what got shows you, because one that sells you something that is in contradiction to where you are. It's godfathers show you what is supposed to look like. You didn't see a growing that by God, exposed to southern to understand what is supposed to look like you, keep quiet over watching to see and hear goddamned, but what did ash show you along the way you want it, but I may show you works well with it along the way.
Make sure I exposed. your family, they have it, but I made sure I suppose no Mamma their know how to do it, but I may drugs policy, lady, without representation at only without someone who understood how to be a man. I didn't leave you with that. Someone who can understand how to be a woman. I didn't leave you. without representation. Why cause I'm not round here.
I'm not going let's went round here, I get excited one. I think God bless another people, because, as a reminder of amendments, do not let me round here, my god and man market me, my God is not handsome man. That dishonest show me that if I did it for them, I can do what you do. I need you to pay attention. I don't know whose word that is, but I hear that same leads you to pay attention to what I've been. So when you I need you to pay attention, and sometimes we can't get over being jealous to see the goddess time show us. Oh you jealous over what God was to give you, but I can
Give it to you as long as you're jealous I can given. So you, and one was a mad that I didn't give it to you when you wanted. It does, because I didn't give it to you when you wanted. It doesn't mean that it's not somewhere along the way. I feel like someone these understand that you ve been upset what God Cosy, saw it over and over and over again, and it looks like got. Mistrust has, and I hear Gaza and I believe, as do the clean up your house before, I could bless your house, because if I gave it to your white now, you'd have too much pride and eager, but if I gave it to you in the middle of the trap, you would understand that it wasn't you and it wasn't, because everything went so whale was because the only thing you can rely on me, godsends Elijah cause my people drowned. I believe goggles
This work has somebody's been drowned. I believe God gave me this where, because somebody lost their seat, I believe that guy. In this way, because someone had then been operating in authority. I put my god, That's why? Because the principalities gotta stronghold, open your life, and I pay my God sends you don't need any one else to pray for you. What you need is a reminder where you're supposed to be seated, I can feel the devil timing
my voice away and that's all right cause, I'm teenage daughter at we increase and buildings, wouldn't let them go and no one at all- and I won't bring this word because I understand that I made a service somebody's reminder that was headed in heavenly places. Inquire. Why has the bee representation for the children of Israel and because he has to be representation for the children of Israel? Got sets him apart from them when they are in the middle of the drought? If I could give you the whole text that was started first, King seventeen- and I will tell you how God tales Eliza, that there's gonna be a drought, and then he calls him away from where the drought is. He calls him away from where the drought is, because it is important that a larger states focused on who he's supposed to be in the middle of the drought. You see sometimes were so busy trying to supper with people in trying to prove that we can hang out and drought with people that we missed the opportunity to be called a way to die, because when you get called away they got you become the person who can deliver. Those who are in the draft lies gives called away man because he's gotta be somebody in this.
That he cannot be if he stays in the draft. Who are you who are you? Who are you? Who are you guys been calling you away? Who are you who are you guys been calling you hire? Who are you? Who are you guys been say? I wish you would spend a little bit more time with me. I wish you would give me a chance to be your gotta do and who are you? Who are you? Who are you you ve been and drought but, alas, ass to shift its bulk is from the drought to being called away with God. I didn't mean that the draft stop. It has meant that his focus wasn't on the draft. The one who was supposed to be, in God my focuses on the work. It didn't mean that the water was run and everywhere. I just meant that there was a born met. Only acts have been too and I hear that same everyone else around you could be in a drought, but there is a report that only you can tap into and it only when you get called away it only
happens when you get called away, it only happens when you set aside set aside time, forgot to start ministering to who you are. I hear Gaza and who you are going to be it's going to require a level of consecration is going to require a level of separation is going to require for you to come to a place where you are willing to trust God again. Oh I see I see you, I see you see, I'm not insensitive to the fact that you're in a draft I'm just saying that the drought can't be your guy. Worshipping the draft worshipping agree, so I see it's all I think about God knows
I know you and drought nor does it hurt in Gaza. I can get down into drought with you, but I was she would bear. Don't look at me in the middle of the trapped lies Lazarus gotta, look at God in the middle of the drought. Because he's gotta become somebody for what happens in this moment in the text I gotta
come somebody when I'm called away who can handle the White Cottage Stern put on me, I gotta become somebody one. I'm called away to hand a rise in this chap. I hear godsend you're not gonna, be able to raise this baby by reading all the books and articles you'll have to raise this baby by getting down on your knees. This marriage is now can be saved by you pretended like everything is ok. You're gonna have to come to a place where you drag that broken this answer, that secret place gases that view what just get caught up with me. You would just let me call you, will wake up. They'll say I'm worried Bible has come of this somebody's house revival of common does somebody's. So I hear Gaza, we don't have to rip apples anymore, but you can have a half revival. Do what just get cowed away come right down in the living room? If you, let me come right down in that office. If here, let me somebody better pull up the car over cassettes revival. Time in your house gets rid of ham and your soul.
It could happen anywhere. Happen anywhere you're willing to get carried away Because when I finally comes gown pace up with the profits, he is, By who they're, not paid to believe that we can still burn you, gotta be a crisis. Somebody took only that you can draw water, open wood and it was still burn, but I hear got saying I know you ve been around, but I call Sarah come the Dallas so tat she could. Let you know that what would still bar you don't have to wait until they may think. So you can stop pound and right now you don't have to wait until the seas and pass says you can stop Byron and right now you gotta, let Hale know their whack words fail burns, you gotta, let a genuine snow personnel there when I was still burn its Dilber Is
Barnes is still Barnes you'd rather but Lucas Bill Berne and not your love books. You can still fired. I hear got by. You could still come in your house, like you Jesus. He is absolutely marvellous appeal. The presence of the Lord there's just a glory that comes from being in his presence in Warsaw, began lifting up and while we're in his presence, we set about appear before him empty handed.
We come before him not only to receive giving Jesus give it does everybody got that give me Jesus, but you can't just receive a lot of you can't just reap about, so you cannot just be a tanker in the kingdom of God. You may do so until the kingdom of that's what we're gonna. Give you an opportunity to wash the Lord in your giving to offer up your sacrifice before this is so personal. This is this is an expression of your love and adoration forgot and your financial covenant the two here, because this is a personal. They can't nobody do it for you, but you everything else we can do for. You will pray for you, we'd Saint, for you, we clap for you. We do, but when it comes to giving this is your personal sacrifice between you got what you think about Jesus? What is it worth to you? What is it
for you. This is our opportunity to be like the man who walked away and say that they are the one who came back to say. Thank you. Wouldn t think a moment still. God. I didn't think I could be or by your game that I didn't think I could love again got. I didn't think that I can be restored. What are you doing? God? You took that thing from me and I didn't think I. I burn again you allows that thing that happened to me. I didn't ever think that I could burn again. I used to burn when I was younger, but life knocks me out of my seat. The wind knocked me out of my seat and I don't think I could burn again and I
you're gonna say, and there is no, since there is no shame there was no experience that you have gone through TAT could keep my failure from reaching you. I hear got saying that I've got you want to rescue mission, that your name is next in line, and you gotta get yourself in position, because when the fire is unleashed, you want to make sure that your house is represented. Eyelashes gets tat what those profits and hate bills that alter before the profits, and he never once ass God that alter on fire. What he says instead, as show on watch working with got shut up while we ve been talking about gas show on the whole, I am what I walk in you I hear got Santa your breakthrough depend on do come into a place.
what your relationship with God can be on display and cause of fire Holger alleges that I got enough fire for the nation. I got.
Fire for the generations? One man got called away and came back with enough fire for the generations. I hear somebody saying that you could be old fire, but until you fire consumes the generations thing you'll find it hasn't been breathe torn by God. But I hear guessing at this moment is in just about you. This moment is about the generations connected to you and I hear godsend. I may never walk into the church, but they will experience your fire and that's why he wants you to believe that, because you been drowned and you're never gonna get back up again but grab one. It made its hell. You if you don't take nothing now sat at this method. Where would still Barnes? I want you to know, I may a bench ran, but I can still burn. I may have been strengthened land, but I can still bird. How do I know that I can still burn solid right here in the scripture and on what a little bit of thanks from my life and, as I was steady, got told me that he wants to send revive how one is in fire back. I want to give you your file, your back. Some of you have never been on fire Gus, as you was on fire. One
created you in your mother's womb- I just want you to reconnect that version of you you'd started on fire and I'm no life tribe. They extinguish that fire, but I hear Gus say in life, could never extinguished my breath down on the inside of you if you're still here, there's still a flame connected to your name, and I know that the world has changed, and I know your life may look a lot different, but one thing that has not changed is the fire of God. The prophet Jeremiah said it's like fire shut up in my bones, and I feel like there s some dry bones somewhere, they got wants to send some fire for because a passing some fire for you, the world one. to go back to the way it was
has been new will emerge with no problem, as I was the one word I kept here over and over again is revival revival. Revival revival nobody's Hungary for revival, because all we want to do is survive at this point that we can even be hungry for revival anymore, but cuts as I just need. One person who beliefs. But we could burn again. I just need one person who could believe that the churches go until the next dimension. How could the church We go on to the next dimension and we can't even gather I just made one person who would believe that what was still burns.
One person to believe that that's how I wanna be addicted forever. How could I believe that one addiction is all they say, you're, not the one thing I know you're, not the one by how you talk back to God and that's why you gotta get called away, because sometimes just I speak in someone else's disappointment over we're gonna tell Judah have paid a move away from you. Gotta watch my language in this season. I'm China becomes somebody who believes that what was still Barnes I'm trying to become somebody who believes that girl, like us, can start businesses I'm trying to become someone who believes that by families, not one experience broken home after broken home, I'm trying to become somebody I gotta get caught away, so I can get set on fire again via down and must now that I can contain bad at Cancun round one body, one more. I can't hear you, Came here you, if you want more, if you want more,
We should really have found you one boy, that you want to start building and olives and drag your when would further data Jesus, I say and Frank when would drag stricken, would grant that Dublin Press in a blanket semi know what to do with that man sex it away, giraffe pull it away. I know what to do. I want to pay. You listen, listen for their faith. There, what was still burns is it in this room with it in this role That then, is wrongly that in Israel
send anywhere in the truth of anyone have faith that God still does miracles. Anybody have faith that all things work together for our good. How do you get your face off at CNN? Do you get your face off of Instagram? If there's anybody can be delivered your house fire Fire Fire fire type it in the comments Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire fire fire
Fire Fire prize like Robin Sticks together, I'm China's Strada prior, I'm kind of start a fire again. I gotta turn my worship musical cause. I'm China start a fire again, let it let it burn, let it let it Brian. Let apparent let a bird everywhere. You pick sperience Creek everywhere. You makes various disappointment everywhere. You are questioning God, let apparent, but apparently India so apparent until it takes all ethnic becomes contagious. Let a bird let em up fired, let it might have led a light, a fire and let it Brian band that point and the children of Israel come back and take their seat the most
acknowledge who their god really is. You are it's you, as you. If you wish you it's not my highnesses, it's you, not the relationship is you are here, God saying that you can take your seat, but you're gonna have to move some things out of the way, fear a system where your faith is supposed to be. That is seen where your strength is supposed to be that debt repayments sin where your purpose is supposed to be. My one mission was to convince you to take your seat in Heaven,
They place not consumed by the things that are happening in this area in the world, but I'm not other cause, I'm seated in heavenly place. Now I know you ve been in a job, and now you ve been worried and concern. Just like the rest of us are now has been. And yet, in order for Eliza to become this person, who can listen, he doesn't even ass God Profile, He had fire in his relationship with got an order for him to become that person. He had to be willing to be called away, I'm done, but for thirty seconds
I want to give you an opportunity to accept the invitation to be called away wholly wholly wholly wholly. Oh, glory close call me away. And bring everything you got when you come. I can handle it. I can take you down, you don't have, Become the way you used to be just I'm the where you are right. Now I'm come an uncommon uncommon Come on, I'm come and I'm coming Man I'm come on come on, come on back to who I used to do I'm coming the fire I'm coming
I'm fine, I'm comin back said the faint somebody's been away from the fate I hear got saying come on back baby, I gotta say: what's your name on it, I've got an assignment of which in name only come on, come on carbon, come an uncommon and bring much. They don't know, but they come in to operate in my business. They don't know about that common to operate in my parish. They don't know, but they come into our common. I'm carbon, I'm common common problem back common path.
From this place? Being called away, I dare you ass God, for fine God, I'm hungry. God, I'm desperate. For God, I've been depressed too long got up incomes. Too long,
I refer to lock up and dropped to lull up and had long, I'm comin back, I'm come and bad guy fires starts like a flame until the wind blows It becomes a wound. Fine, don't miss the moment when the wind blows, don't miss. But when the one starts blowin again and I God made no one's gonna blow again. You won't care for your message behind what I've done. Nothing shall you maps. Shall you not know it? Nothing has happened.
you don't have to have it altogether to be a part of tat. I believe.
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