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When God Is Up To Something

2023-06-11 | 🔗
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The put me at the place that you want me to be because god has a place for you where the blessed things will flow. After the blessing is only that place, if you forsake, please please don't leave where our puts, because what's up put you in a place, put your prove. This If the place like Hagar, ran away from sir that's the only reason you in a desert and your baby is crime have about. Tibet is because you left the place.
Provision could put you here. stay right here. The inn he is trying to woo you this way and that way stay right here. when you move With when I moved so by someone When we got booze, I'm not gonna, move to when God moves, build a house. Even the tent. They really for change, I stay ready for transition now this makes a lot of people uncomfortable because you don't lodgings. but change is inevitable.
Saying is inevitable this whole texas, nothing, but the whole thing is relative to change now that there are three patriarchal characters from which god will establish himself and the earth generally when one sets out to build the first team to be considered is the bill when one sets out to build. The first thing to be considered is the bill. Nobody gets ready to build a house without asking how much it cost to walk with god, his expense. If you are going to be there but always be a bill. You Don't start building
asked about the deal unless less stupid about cars, because some people do that. Let me say that about no man go to bill without coming up the course. So, is a correlation between building and billy. What I'm trying to say is called costs you something is always gonna cost something you shout about the harvests, but to ignore the sea. You? U shout about increase. but you don't understand that in order to increase you got to decrease. You sound about being insulted, but you resist being humble. Because you refuse to be humble. God resisted the proud. God will pick you up cause you already active
the slew riverbeds, an original back that I've been. We called it a pity. She acted uppity, see we thought uppity. We because we want to improve, people, but if you really want to go up, humble yourself. And the more you yourself, the oh god will exults oh god exultant, you gotta, be careful, success. Gotta be successful, successful Brok said will go to your that make you start talking silly, the people that are the same people you meet on your way up. You don't meet them now. You understand here that isaac is
experiencing a blessing because he sold a seed in that land. The battle is careful to say, that land now the land. That begin, because, because as it is a hebrew the land, but the felicity gave him wasn't particularly good, lay at he's kind of leasing the land he that known, but god bless him something that he doesn't know all around. The people have the best land. He has we get the soil and the greatest harvests. When the soil is weak and the harvest is abundant, best showing you, the cod is with you. because wherever god is he'll take less do bore with it.
Do you know what I'm talking about Talking about your dad, you oughta be to your daddy on I'm sorry about your. There. Caprice of three weeks ago. You have permission, You remember that you remember you have Today we are looking at. You have provision this long enough to have permission have provision. Permission to go to france. But if I give you provision- and you don't have provision. permissiveness. You excited, but get your france you. I have to have some provision. With your permission. but don't worry about it. God's got a cup of god's got it covered god's got it covered god's got it covered god's got. It
What god's got it covered god's got a cupboard, god's got it covered god. What ever you have permission for god's got, provision for permission and provision will always hold hands. They hang out together. They run around together. When god give permission here, always provide the provision. Now this time he has provided it is wrong. So he says quota gerard, don't go to Egypt, right in drawer, because I had put your provision there they give him. It's a soil. Spiralling has regularly soil. He has it. increased powers. some people in this room. Have had really the harbours, out of bad soil. Wait wait, wait, wait a minute
There are some people in this room that don't look like where they came from I want to break it down. I will break it down then get it. Then lots of people
against all odds, but all right, you should leave be where you are right. Now people went back and saw where you came from. It would absolutely blow their. You didn't come from good soil needed for good start. You didn't come from a good neighbour who you didn't come from a completed environment. You didn't come from. The best situation suddenly started out with most of processed situated, but because god, what's with you, let me remind you, had appraisal of the two is: did its fight where you came from go to start acting all funny, like you got here by yourself with you, the first one in your family debris, a doctor, you, the prince, what'd, you probably have a degree you to persuade your family took break through all the barriers and all the obstacle you'd. Only one out of your clear, not locked up in jail, locked up in prison. You lost your mind, you could I had a nervous breakdown. You could do enough stuff, that's gonna, be in a mental institution to on a piece of dogs cats. You out of here sit at me. You worried about you, oughta be sad about so we set about so you oughta be about so you ought to be about to peace. You oughta be where you have a question for you.
Does it have the provision to go. the permission. Does god have the provision to go with the burmese The question is absolutely: yes and there remains a question- are you willing to take forward. Are you willing to Four are you willing to sweat, for it? You know, god has it, but just because god has it that meanest gonna fall within your convenience. This still gotta be something required, a view in order. What god heads for you look like this. I know you got a problem, I may not have it right now. But I know it's got it for me.
I may not look like it right now, but I know he's got it for me. I may not even know where it is yet, but I know he's got it for me. God bless me. I know he's got misery across. He swore he swore he was. God bless me he gave me are all he gave me a promise, knowing scope. I don't know who I'm talking to today, but I'm talking to somebody in this room. You got a covenant with god. You've got a covenant with god. God bless you in bad soil. You came from bad background. You were born on the wrong side of the tracks. The odds work this from the beginning. They really black school. Looking god look what the lord has done. Look where god has brought through from less take up thirty seconds. Fraser progress, the body right into the attack. Somebody speak a word that came from bad soul, came from a disruptive phablet that came out about this pucks. Sarah out still the ira spent some time talking about what to go to arab. You need to stop as president, but what do the suckers? The? If you about to mentality with god, you don't want,
Mr Mugabe is you have. I want to mention three with god, nomadic about what will happen to kiss you. We still Mary, whether tissue about had no, you don't have to budgets both the wont do because is about giving love is about soy, and laws about love is about understanding. Reciprocity is not just give me, god give me, god give you got into my asked me for any they,
Real love makes you want to give something that makes you want to do something makes you want to say something as well. Little kids come up with their baba, drawing and don't nobody know what it is, but mama and god, but she pins it up on the refrigerator, because love will find something to gear, it must express itself or it's not legitimate. If everybody tells you they love you and they don't ever give you any day be suspicious. Today, focus on Ozzy, because I wasn't considerably not really talked about a whole lot. He's not really talked about a bull. But, as it has a grown man is standing, in the middle of a famine flourishing, It's very means laughter.
Lord told me to tell you he's gone.
make you laugh the he's going to make. You laugh he's not just going to make your mama laugh. He made sara layer, he's gonna, make you laugh. He make you laugh he's going to make. You laugh because god's going to take the literal you so he's going to give you such increase out of it that people are either gonna understand how you got the blessing that you've got. God said he's gonna make you laugh a laugh laugh like the laugh you have when you by yourself. Nobody else is around. You pick us up. My first thought is there anybody here that have been in a house by yourself just burst out and started laughing the other day. At the start, I thought about a sub at the start of lap, it up on a paper company they're, going to think I'm crazy what national tv, what nothing on the radio, but what I thought of the goodness of Jesus at all that he put me through that sprouted, laugh at whatever grateful person in this room could just take a moment to start. Thank god. The arctic is laughter.
Mayer report bravely obey breath survey of abrams raw. He is absolutely his joy complete, he is accomplishment and yet he is complicated sees complicated. For this reason, there is no question that it is a good man he's already proven that, while his father was living in the fact that here ro when Abraham walked him up to that he was not a little billy boy. He was not a little billy boy. Availability boys couldn't carry the wood. He is old enough to resist the will of his father, but Become obedient to the willow, his father, because, as it gives a type of price,
and, as has become obedient even if it means So as it lays down the altar, black sees us lay down on the cross and became obedient unto death, knowing that his father had raised his hand to smite with the knife, as this is? Jesus was smitten of god? Do you hear what I'm saying to you? Do you hear what I'm saying to you? Is that obedient josephus the historian says somebody s, why did he becomes, albeit it he said it would have been better that I'm not be born there for me to be born I'm not do the will of my father,
so there is no question, but I think he's a good man, but the complication is. He is also a selfish narcissistic liar. I love you. I lost it because you think there are good people and they are bad. And as long as you can categorize people, you feel comfortable The problem is, you can build Good man. You'll do bad things. You can be a good man we'll, be flaw: let all the very people say man used, say man, because he said you have been over here,
we read over there and Abraham isaac is complicated, because, in spite of the fact that these totally devoted to his father, and submitted himself even unto death when it comes down to being gerard, he lies about his way to keep Self, from being keel, he told the bible at the reason that lad is it? Had I told me she was my wife, you might kill made the hidden this also means she was, You know a woman is ban when used to admit I don't mean to I don't know, look as he will kill me for. bear mad. He is Phyllis philistine.
They have a different code of ethics, he's the king, the key gets what it wants. As the sumac system, The. The weird thing is. People say that he did exactly what his father did, but it is an unmitigated lie. when Abraham save that, sir. I was his sister who he was really lie. Because she was his sister and his, why half sister so they have left, As this was our whole rebecca was at best his curse, he come.
That's fine, but it's alive he endanger the woman. He should have protected. He insulted cod with Islam. Because god had promised to be with him in jerusalem,. I got. It promised him that his seed would be blessed so. Do you believed god? Why should you lie Like most lies, his deception was rooted in terror and fear and fear has torment most people because the us care. oh, I had somebody at least two people went completely choir.
the supermarket. Talking about me. Every you're scared about will lie about. So the next time somebody laws to ask: what are you scared? Probably you, it's probably you throw. You ought to see privilege way. Every light look shut up I If I'm to, Women lot better than us
Couple says: don't come on problems to be real, come on be real. in the midst of this complicated person, things right. Are about ic, he has tenacity. He has to I'm sure you in a minute. He has even keel temperament, Even has a favour that cannot be ignored, even though he has flaws. You want to put people in boxes because boxes make you comfortable. He's nice she's mass Sees hateful. See my sister friend. So that's why you keep didn't hurt.
because you expect people to stay in your boss. In reality, everybody here is complicated,
I scared or not allowed with tat everyone. I'm six. If you complicated, you complicate you what complicated when you was dagon, but now you may you you know you complicated your wife. No, you complicated your husband. No you complicated! You look all good on outside, but everybody gave here is complicated. Not if you can love your complicated sales. How come you paid love my complicated, so you want to put me over in a box, and now you have added live up to be a sum that you would
and you're allowed to dissipate because they can't handle is my church can handle it. I know the world can handle it. I hope there's somebody streaming that saying: hey man, what I'm saying the truth of the matter. Even good people have flaws. Leaps over top of his flowers As blesses him anyway right After the law, as he had and he still got there, it was wrong, I'm not minimizing it, it was wrong, it was evil, it was selfish, it was narcissistic, but it was also over house river diction on your inconsistency, you won't be out of focus You don't have time to be You're, so god
we'll get you to a place of increase goddess To something everything- did what was too small. Open your mouth wide everything that what was too small everything that didn't work was too small. Everything that didn't work was too small. Everything that didn't open was too small. Would you get to the large place? It's gonna open one. Oh god, just told me the ten year up to some for something
don't be distracted by the philistines. Don't be distracted by pebble leg, don't be distracted by your haters got totally up to something. I've got a plan for your life. I set the end from the beginning. I've already said the bullshit that I've already said in the devotion. You're right on course, for your blessing, continue right down the path. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the things of your life? God is getting ready to blow your mind. God is getting ready to blow your mind
I wanna talk to some people who have been there. I want you to get ready to rebuild. I want you to understand that a latter day, sadly greater than your former life may seem pull the trials and tribulations, but never forget that. God has a plan for you for every night you build for every night. You also to sleep was watching you watch your gift of any amount experienced. The fullness of your purpose with tv jake's life in reaching devotional. Sixty six baneful blessings from genesis revelation, puts flows to replace the be renewed like with faith call or click. Today. Disruptive disrupted,
bob are essential for such a time, as is shattered experiences, fresh ideas. Genesis is where we first are introduced to our god. He was supporter and we where the first part- and I thank god, it may have got the big, because that now that the vessel but the threads,
it'll reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on the part of the. the.
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