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Coming up on the matters TAT, the Bible says they were he'll as with this is something that I want to work with a little bit because a lot of us what got to do it so we can go, but God is teaching Here I will do it as you did. Take the chance of going and showing hours fatal proves sales about who you pretend to be viable. If you would like to be baffled, you want me to thank you go show yours, sell your ribs of authentic south to the priests and makes for centuries. It said you must go to this. Priest could be declared,
All the blood rabbis said greater. Priest is behind me and I want it I ask you this Sunday morning, which one are you going to follow and then Jesus says to them the statement that causes me to really get microscopic understanding of a really scrutinising the continuity of the state. Because Jesus says to them go show. self to the priests way way way way way. We feel it is Oh, he didn't say it burst shoe. he didn't Southwick Shoe.
He didn't say anything to them, but told them to go so yourself to the pre like this with boils on my skin and fingers falling of financing and fixes saws. You want me to go into the crowd of a whole steel, broken God will often challenges to get out of our social logical constructs to get out of our circle of comfortable. to get away from that which is familiar to take the chance of going and showing hours?
sales are proved sales about who you pretend to be that you would like to be man who you want me to think you're go. Show yourself, you're a regional thin to serve to the priests, and the people said that they turn to goes show themselves to the priest to stop and and knowledge what faith it took to turn around the
steel, infected steel, losing it would have been good if I was heel and then I went to the priests, but I had to go Raymond Cripple and I had to walk as if Jesus at not touch me. It doesn't look like they. Ve had a big counter with God. It doesn't look like they are better than a dozen look like things have changed at all, yet they were called to walk by faith. My brothers and sisters hear me good God. The poor, who is to challenge you to take a walk. You ve got to be willing to step out of faith even what it looks like things about getting better, and sometimes it looks like things are getting worse, but in spite of the fact that it looks like things are getting worse, you got to be willing to go. Show myself to the police Jesus. This calling for authenticity. Jesus is causing us
two too to be transparent. Jesus is asking us to show ourselves to the priests, but there's something wrong with myself and there's something broken with myself. There's something wrong with my home and there's something wrong with my married into something wrong With my time. This is like telling me to go by the house, and I know a guy bad credit. How can I go house shop and when my credit is a bit too, the priest go so that to the priest and begin
wonder why did Jesus in them to the priest? What was it about the priest? What was it about the press that he comes into this sea? He comes into this circumstance. It comes into this situation. Why would Jesus Simba lepers to the priests? Of course they were separated. Of course they were alienated and then, of course, according to the scriptures, they were unclean untouchable undesirable. This
like today. Lyonnais that asked us ass, rejected, scored alienated from the Commonwealth of Israel. They were separated and Visa says: go South Bass, have the priest. What what would the priest do with ten leprous priesthood he'll priestess he'll priest on perform miracles, priestess sacraments? What sacrament, with the priest offer that would help the lepers recover
alas, tumbled up on the mystery of the red. Have you won't find it in the story? You have to go into numbers to really dig it out and begin to understand, but if you go into members like t, you hear that early on in the experience of Moses God introduces Errand and Ellie Asia to a concept that is centred around the red, have not anybody but the red. To be offered up. Generally. Most of the sacrifices were mail id species, but this was a red half the Red Doran have had to be completely where no white, no other color, no strange hairs could not have ever been written on, could could not have had sex of any kind.
It had to be a pure red pepper about three years old. That specificity with which the commission is given is overwhelming. Let me tell you why, because the red pepper was use to claims the unclean, when the red for was offered up? She had to be burn completely burn with scarlet would toss Dan and hits a house there was created and after the fire had completely dissolve every part of the perfect pure red pepper, been the command it was made to early Asia, to show the red pepper ashes to arid and to take those ashes and place them in water.
And tat makes the ashes with water so that if everybody touched anything that the FAO them but made them unclean, this would be the purification but the priest, what use not to clear words but to the nuclear is one thing Collins is another thing to be declared clean, see. It could be that you are plans, but you still need a declaration, for example,
if we ignore the one before job pointed out, but he still needed a declaration at the Jordan River John says: behold, the love of God, so he gets a declaration from it and did the Heavens opened up and the boys once it. This is my beloved son, so I guess a declaration from God. You cannot do this without declaration the mystery of the Rio Conference, what sanctified them and officially declared them clean, and so they were going guilty to the priest to be declared clean. They were going in fact it to the priest to be declared clean, no scars of mass, no covering no she'll, know disinfected. They were going fail. We praise.
Well anyway. The message I want you to get the message I want you to understand quite clearly is sometimes you have to go anyway. See the mystery you have to realise about this is that if they went to the priest and the priests head ashes from the red pepper, it would so clients them that they could be communal again, they could be connected again, they could be released. They could be authenticated, they could be validated it. It set them into a category. That was you me, and this was rare, because from the days of Moses to the building of the second temple, there have only been nine red heifers that were used and in a fish
Ceremony of cleansing this is so rare, not only because it is difficult to find a proper that meets the stiff qualification, but it's so rare, because the ashes of the water of the hamper would lead a long long time. Even to this day, there have only been man red heifers been used, and when I talk to my jewish scholars and friends, they say they are waiting on the Tipp. However, they cannot begin to bill the typical which which will bring back the Messiah until they have found the right red. That's. What's underlying this tax, nine red heifers will be offered up and we are at this moment looking for the tenth so that they become cleaner mill of
to rebuild the temple that provokes? According to my hebrew brothers, that coming up the Messiah, but in those days there was no shortage of ash and he tells us to go. Show yourself to the priests go go and as they turn to go, the Bible says they were healed ass. It went. This is something that I want to work on a little bit because a lot of us what got to do it so we can go, but God is teaching us here. I will do it as you go. You been privileged
So I can go look fixed, so you can use my Lord here. So I could be delivered, but God is say my heel, you so you can go. I will heal, you should go. Look, it submits a keyboard, walk it all right but keep on working. It didn't look like the one that works, but keep on working. It does not like your faith, has been legitimize but sometimes got the keyboard woke. You might be improved, but you gotta keep on work. you like me, but you gotta, keep on walking. But you gotta keep on working.
And there they were some with two taboos: some with ten men, some with two fingers and some with oozing infectious diseases, but they Capone walking. You can walk with it they have to be all right for you to be able to walk what'd, you gotta be able what was done, problem in the world. Right now is that we give up all things because they are broken own label heard, and we all understand how to walk with less than what we wanted. The tin leprous walking with less than what they wanted less than what they had less than what they were born with less than what they expected less than what, believe me, but they couple on walking one look you and your base and tell you you can walk with it. You can walk with it. We
That's right! We ve just read the moon. How well the Bosman, who performed a big black, all of those streets and all of those eyes. He did it with cancer in the form of state aid and between people. He was superhero because you want with it might not be better. What with you my wife, oh my god, I feel the morning of the holy ghost, but you get what with no the devil's been telling you, you can't take it anymore. You can't stand it. You got abroad and you gotta get away and you gotta fight by, but God is fair, Of course show yourself to the priests. How can I go like this? You can walk with it.
This moment this is where warship becomes real as you prioritize and recognise the relevance of God you're alive by reaching the yours stuff. It's not our thinking is not our preaching is not our technology, but what will you read? The lowered fall This benefits toward me: the information on the screen, how you can become a contributor to the Ministry of the work of the Lord, but more important than just that. How you can solve got that you a grateful that in times like these, still made away four times like these used to your guts up the like these, your field as well as you are at times like these, you still got a place to lay your head or I'll. Take this for credit card has been good to you. You can't stand it
It may be less than the saddles at about recognize him all of your ways. So do what you got to do to be a part of this healed cleansed and whole he'll cleansed and hold the Bible said they were healed ass. They went and that, but that didn't work cleansed, but one of them so that he was he'll one out of ten one out of this. One guy has revelation and revelation can create frustrates. He has a rebel Mason number one that he is not only claims but bet he's heal
And then what do you do with this revelation? Do you still keep walking in what God has said, because the revelation that I'm healed does not necessarily Get me permission to disobey the Euro. But one of them- I don't know this- is risky, but going to turn around and glorify now the other man kept going to the priests it many interesting, therein rid hapless, offered up from the days of Moses. Until now that wouldn't lepers that kept walking toward the priests. All one of
got a revelation that challenge that tradition I want you to see is not which one of the ten but which one of the priest, because none of them kept walking toward the priests that they were familiar with, but one of them perceived tat. The real Greece was behind the great season, but they had to make worse, which, which one to go with the former or the latter.
Do I do I go with tradition or do I go of revelation? Have a decision to make, because I'm stuck between that Which was at that, which is only one of them, decided I don't have to go there to get to the priests the priest is behind. You can appreciate the priest, the one who spoke. The word is my priests and he turns around and goes with. It Elation over information may sit for centuries. They said you must go to this process could be declared oh and deliberate, but rather, I said said:
hurried, a priest is behind me I want to ask you this Sunday morning, which one are you going to follow the traditions of your father or the revelation of this moment? What you gotta decision to make your keyboard going up the provisions. Will you have the capacity to Wall kid? Your revelation to arrive at the Bible City cried with boys, glorified. God was his body that what a hollow does not think about a shout provokes a victory that about us out. Maids deliverance, Sal break out he's
shouting because he finally decided which one man chose the other one, but one out of ten came by to Jesus wait a minute one out of ten is tat. The turn back to over. If I got the man walking when was the last time that you brought the time back to call refined, Will you bring the tat back to glorify God? You are bishop. made hole, They worry all and they
but we don't see whole until the tab came back to the priest. The path glorified got the path laid prostrate in the floor, the recognize who the real priests were. The tab recognise who was the author and finish of our faith, and it was exemplified through the tenth and the typical cannot be built in Jerusalem and we get to the tenth because it provokes the Messiah solely about tax, for they got this repressive. Who understands the principle of the tenth want that tenth one. Turning back to God problem,
the preaching about Yoke but tearing down of a system the release of a pattern, a change of circumstance and he fell on Jesus feet and clover because he had the sad which one and in he's us ass, this very complicated question where but wait a minute lower their walking in what you told them to do. Yes, but their walking in all revelation. They walked in what I had said you walked in what I am saying.
where are the man, so the expectation was for Jesus to give them a command, and while they were walking in their less command for them to receive a revelation. Revelation that was so overwhelming that they knew that they would not be justified to below
but be saved by grace and Jesus says where the man I'm wondering if you're walking in tradition or you walking in present day revelation I'm wondering if you can connect the dots between getting better angry covering and who you all the glory to which priest which place. What shall I render unto the Lord Fawn,
of its benefits toward me. Can I keep on asking God bless me, while all the TIM is walking away, do have the courage to move away from the red hair who is only a shadow of what Christ is in reality, the Red have her head to be pure. The red have had to be set apart. The red have her head to be mixed with murmur highlighted, the red pepper had to be burned with wood. The way it, however,
clients, trespasses of sin and Jesus was crucified. Would he was mail to a cross? He hits spotless sacrifice that was offered up for not only the sense that we have committed, but lady, that store enough. Efficacious power in his blood could deal with everything that we will ever run into and who still standing here, arguing lulled, grace and love to grace, which won the man kept born working. they were clans. There's no doubt about it. The Bible says they were cleansed and they were heel and, above all, since they were here, but only one of them was made. How you wanna be whole
wanna keep at one hundred. You wanna be whole so that the point that you are no longer fragmented and meetings, body to pick you up to make up the distance between where you left off and what is still a void vacant spot in your life. If you wanna be whole, you gotta go to the right place. If you wanna be whole, you cannot make people YO priest if you wanna be whole. You cannot things your priest. They become your idols. If you wanna be whole, you gotta go back to the one. They spoke the word over you to begin with.
lay your tat lay yourself and lay your burdens and LEO needs down at his feet, and there you will have glorify the Bible says: let the routine of the large say so dont be redeemed, keep it a secret. We were deemed to be an undercover agent for the Lord God. Don't leave US secret agent. He leads you to say so. He gave me a gift of any amount. You re thinking, audio boldly to the throne, Bishop Tv Jake's, dynamic message on receiving at that the gods, mercy and grace for you give to ninety dollars. More you'll also receive Bishop Jake's book Fund, the star, as well as watch night, a dvd collection of bishops, powerful new yours,
services. Will you give to one hundred and fifty dollars a more you'll receive our? I am seeing throw blanket deluxe, journal, glass, ornament and hope it Christmas collection, in addition to five the star. Why tonight and boldly to the throne got says to what got says I could do. I could be what got says. Call me: go online to receive your bundle today. Our father purpose, that's bigger than you got up, our internal problem. You ever find a purpose this bigger than you, God will help you
God is not your manager he's not here. That promotes you need not here to make. You feel important. God is here to help you find your progress that is bigger than you, and if you can find something, that's big enough to pray about. Half of the southern army were pregnant about is not big enough to play about stopping at ease the fairy any request, so mad level stop such Charlotte, something that's better than you Peter. He can't do a sensation media and share your story of how God is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time,
on the Pakistan.
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